Session 18 December 2021


A Disturbance in the Force
Thanks to everyone for helping to bring this session together. Here are a few thoughts jamming through my head:
3) Circumstantial evidence: A work colleague of my wife has a friend who works for the Swiss Post. She said that they had been told to open the postal votes and if it was a 'NO' vote, then to destroy them. That is hard to believe in a country like Switzerland that it could happen, but it does not mean that it didn't happen in some places. One would counter by saying that this couldn't happen as it would be leaked, yet the way things are, most people would not believe such people or simply claim that such people are conspiracy theorists. The mass psychosis is still too entrenched at this point.
4) Circumstantial evidence: A few people remarked how they heard a lot of sirens from ambulance in the time up to the election but a noticeably drop afterwards. Whether this is in fact the case is hard to verify. Sirens can work in producing fear and to remind people that the 'pandemic' is real.

So the usual tactics sounds about right. This vote was another one of those which was too important to actually reflect reality.
It's kind of a weird circumstance that alarm bells would be ringing off as NO votes were supposedly being destroyed.
This vaccine had unexpected effects and in some cases did the opposite of what was intended. The strain escaped into a population and further mutated.

In the meantime further mutations have occurred, some engineered via STO forces by virtue of the virus taking hold in certain persons whose spiritual force was able to direct the progression. At this point, there are two major strains. The elite need to stop the spread of that which they "created"." Q: Omicron is the strain that the elite created and they need to stop its spread since it is a danger to their plans?

Many years ago it was asked about the state of Hitler and was answered that he was in a suspended state. I would like to know the update of this question. Q: What is the state of Hitler?
I would think that if people reincarnated then even someone like Hitler could be alive again today. If the virus has unintended effects outside the plans of the elite's control, what would it mean for the personality or other characteristics of a person like that if they got infected with a positive variant of the virus. He or she might not be the same kind of person he or she was. Hopefully there was room for improvement.
A: Soul in transit.

Q: To where? Does that mean he isn't at 5th density?

A: No.

Q: He's already been there?

A: Floater.

Q: What's a floater?

A: Returnee.

Q: He is floating around and waiting to come into a body?

A: Yes.

Q: You mean he's already done 5th density and is ready to incarnate again?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, that's a scary thought! Just so we know, does it happen to be here on earth?

A: Wait and see.
And they have suggested that possibility, too. Although the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the word "floater" is this:

From Session 20 August 2001

One can ask, what comes first, awareness or resistance? Whatever the answer, it would explain why a serious pushback against politicians and governments might not be imminent:
Inasmuch as people do things without thinking, resistance often comes first until they become aware of why they are doing it.
From what I research with TCM, it looks like heat accumulates Qi and cold disperses Qi. Could anyone comment on this ?
Reminds me of electrical voltage and currents. Electrons flow from the negative side to the positive side of a voltage differential. A higher amperage means there are more electrons flowing through the circuit. Resistance gives off heat from the electrical medium. I don't know if "Qi" is analogous.
Who "made" Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general is not as important as who is promoting them and what the goal is. The answer in the session appears to be pointing out something rather obvious: that cryptocurrencies are a bridge to a 'cashless society' which obviously deprives people of independence and agency. Based on my close observation of how this world has developed over the past 20 years, I suspect that some kind of a major financial crisis may occur in the near future, after which the global economy will be 'rebuilt' on the basis of cryptos.
Bitcoin was designed as a form of "trustless" currency. The people using BTC often wish to avoid using other forms of currency, like state-backed fiat dollars. No one really calls them greenbacks these days.
I was in a bad mood. When a person is in a bad mood, he wants pain to happen, to clear the bad mood. So I was more rude, than I am normally. I did write honestly what I think. To me, the answer of "Digitize, and then deprive common man of resource." is only invitation for you to ask more, about how this whole system works, but you stop and are happy to hear only that Bitcoin is evil.

It does not matter if it is evil or good, only what matters how it works and how can you use it to your needs.

Knowledge protects.

Does it ?
I'm not sure passing pain around as a currency has the intended effect of resolving a bad mood. Seems like it would cause a few more bad moods.
Hi there I have a doctorate in Chinese medicine and I'm a practicing acupuncturist so I can comment on it based on my training and experience. IMO Chinese medicine is generally talking about the same flesh and blood physiology as modern biomedicine, it just uses different language that is effected by translation and cultural differences. Chinese language is very contextual so "Qi" can mean different things in different contexts. In this case "Qi" refers to "circulation/blood/warmth" so "heat accumulates Qi and cold disperses Qi" means that local heat like a heating pad opens the blood vessels and improves circulation in the area, while cold closes down blood vessels and impedes circulation.

As far as the C's question to Laura's comment, TCM teaches that many "external pathogens" are caused by cold, and the application of heat is generally helpful for treating "cold". Well "external pathogens caused by cold" are usually viruses and modern research has shown that the viral replication process is impeded by heat, which maybe why the body generates a fever in response to many viral infections. The viral vector vaccines like the J&J use a virus to deliver the COVID DNA snip into the cells, so immediate application of heat after the injection could help to deactivate and/or destroy some of the virons. OSIT.
Nice post.
So being in a bad mood justifies pain to happen to clear the bad mood?
To me this sounds like an angry child who destroys the tower of building blocks other kids made to abreact.
This is a common thing in regards to human psychology which is more or less the psychology of the machine.

Being far from perfect we all strive to become something better, less machine-like, more of our real self, more of an individual.
How can that happen when the way we communicate our 'honest thoughts' is stirring reactions that have got nothing to do with the 'honest thoughts' we asked about just because we choose to express ourselves in a rude way?
Reading your thoughts here reminded me of your last interaction in another thread and I wondered whether you must be in a bad mood in order to commune here.

Which leads me to the question whether I'm in a bad mood today (which I certainly am) so I can see what triggered my being triggered by you.... And voila, I can gain some insights for myself.
Thank you.
Knowledge protects!
Along the lines of what I was also thinking.

Have a good day!


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(primeaddict) Will there be sudden deaths of the pretty people, politicians and/or celebs that will shock the nation?

A: A few, for sure. And some celebs will get clued in.

Q: (L) And of course if some of these celebrities get clued in and start talking, they're gonna be celebrities no longer!
Seems to have just happened. Australian cricket player Shane Warne has just died from a suspected heart attack aged 52. He was double, perhaps triple jabbed and had covid in August last year. Will this awaken slumbering Australians? Maybe some. RIP Shane.


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Q: (Niall) What happened to Noah Donohoe? [14-year-old who disappeared in Belfast in June 2020 under strange circumstances. His naked body was found in a storm drain although it's a mystery how it got there...]

A: Underworld elements.

Q: (Andromeda) That was a really strange case.

(Niall) 'Underworld' as in organized crime?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) Why?

A: Grooming gone wrong.

This is another case that gives me the willies..:shock:

Local police and news outlets are trying to make this case disappear, but the family rallies for disclosure. But obviously it will be in vain.

A protest has been held at police headquarters over the PSNI's plans to withhold some information from the inquest into Noah Donohoe's death.
25 February
Noah, who was 14, was found dead in a storm drain in north Belfast in June 2020, six days after he went missing.

His mother Fiona has already lodged a complaint with the Police Ombudsman over the way officers investigated her son's disappearance and death.

A crowd of about 200 people attended the protest in east Belfast.

During it, ACC Bobby Singleton of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) accepted a petition demanding full disclosure from the Donohoe family and their supporters.

During a preliminary hearing at the inquest into Noah's death in December 2021, counsel for the PSNI indicated it would be likely to request a Public Interest Immunity certificate (PII certificate) on what it called a "limited amount" of material in three police evidence folders.

Speaking at the protest, Fiona Donohoe said: "Whatever it says, for Noah, we need to know - we're not going to give up."
"We will try everything to stop this public interest immunity going forward," she said.


Image caption,nPart of the protest outside PSNI headquarters in east Belfast on Friday
The campaigners believe that decision on whether to apply was to be taken on Friday.The PSNI has said no decision has been taken.
Noah's family and supporters have been demanding to know details of the evidence which could be held back from the inquest.
In the past, the police have used PII certificates to protect the identity of informants.

However, they can also be used more routinely as a way of protecting sensitive details of their own operational methods.
They are commonly applied for, and granted at inquests.

The PSNI has not indicated what its reasons for applying might be.

If the police apply for a PII certificate, the decision on whether to grant one lies with the coroner, Joe McCrisken.

South Belfast SDLP MP Claire Hanna and Strangford DUP MP Jim Shannon have written to the PSNI asking for full disclosure of relevant evidence about the case.

In a statement, Asst Ch Con Singleton said: "The police service has deep and sincere sympathy with the Donohoe family for the unimaginable pain of their loss.

"I accepted copies of a petition today (25 February) and assured Fiona that we remain fully committed to finding answers for the Donohoe family.

"The disappearance and death of Noah Donohoe is subject to an ongoing coronial investigation.

"The police service continue to investigate under their Police (NI) Act 2000 duty, but also provide assistance to the coroner, so it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."




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(Alejo) How significant, in terms of increased cometary activity in the inner solar system in the short term, was the recent visit of comet Leonard?

A: It's a long term body, thus not particularly significant.
About the orbit of this comet, the Wiki has:
C/2021 A1 has been inside of the orbit of Neptune since May 2009.[17] Using an epoch of 1950 which is well before the comet entered the planetary region of the Solar System, a barycentric orbit solution suggests the comet had an approximately 80,000-year orbital period.[2] Thus, the comet has spent the last 40,000 years inbound from approximately 3,700 AU (550 billion km). After perihelion, the comet will be ejected from the Solar System. The barycentric orbit will remain hyperbolic after September 2022.[2]

On 12 December 2021 the comet was 0.233 AU (34.9 million km) from Earth and on 18 December 2021 it was 0.028 AU (4.2 million km) from Venus.[3] It made its closest approach to the Sun on 3 January 2022.
The Wiki on long-period comets has
The following list is of comets with very long orbital periods, defined as between 200 and 1000 years. These comets come from the Kuiper belt and scattered disk, beyond the orbit of Pluto, with possible origins in the Oort cloud for many. For comets with an orbital period of over 1000 years, see the List of near-parabolic comets.
An impression of the movement of the comets compared to the planets can be had from the following illustration from the Wiki on Apsis under Perihelion and aphelion

Distances of selected bodies of the Solar System from the Sun. The left and right edges of each bar correspond to the perihelion and aphelion of the body, respectively, hence long bars denote high orbital eccentricity. The radius of the Sun is 0.7 million km, and the radius of Jupiter (the largest planet) is 0.07 million km, both too small to resolve on this image.
From the List of near parabolic comets, there is one included with a period of 3600 years
Comet name
Inclination (°)​
Perihelion distance (AU)​
Perihelion date​
Period (√a3)
C/1999 K3LINEAR2350.991892.2741.9287812.01999/02/273600MPC·JPL
In geometry, the major axis of an ellipse is its longest diameter: a line segment that runs through the center and both foci, with ends at the two most widely separated points of the perimeter.
The semi-major (a) and semi-minor axis (b) of an ellipse.
Diagram of a body's direct orbit around the Sun with its nearest (perihelion) and farthest (aphelion) points.
When a comet has a semi major axis of 235 AU with a Perihelion of 2 AU, then it should get out to at more than 465 AU from the Sun. If half the journey through space is half of 3600 year or 1800 years, then comets with such long orbits due within the next few decades years would be comparatively close. The planet Neptune is situated around 30 AU from the Sun, or 30 times further out than the Earth.

The expected comet for 2022

The comet on April 20:
C/2021 O3 probably took millions of years to arrive from the outer Oort cloud and may be ejected from the Solar System.[2]
The comet on December 19:
C/2017 K2 is a near-parabolic comet with a very long period, they say inbound millions of years and outbound around 26,000 years, maybe because they figure the orbit will be changed.
The rest in the list below are short term comets.
Comets at Perihelion in 2022

Comets come and go, and often over- or under-perform versus predictions. In the past two years, we had two comets turn up and flirt with naked eye visibility: F3 NEOWISE in 2020, and A1 Leonard in 2021. You just never know when the next ‘great comet’ will turn up.
Here are the perihelion dates for periodic and known long-term comets inbound to watch for topping out over +10th magnitude in 2022:

-January 3rd: Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard (magnitude +4 in the constellation Piscis Austrinus, 37 degrees from the Sun).
-January 11th: Periodic Comet 104P/Kowal (magnitude +9 in Cetus, 79 degrees from the Sun).

-February 1st: Periodic Comet 19P/Borrelly (magnitude +9 in Pisces, 70 degrees from the Sun).

-April 20th: Comet C/2021 O3 PanSTARRS (magnitude +5, 17 degrees from the Sun).

-April 26th: Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova (magnitude +9 in Aries, 8 degrees from the Sun).

-September 1st: Periodic Comet 255P/Levy (magnitude +9 in Cancer, 30 degrees from the Sun).

-December 19th: Comet C/2017 K2 PanSTARRS (magnitude +6 in Pavo, 37 degrees from the Sun).


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(L) Well, we just got one suggestion: heat would be very useful. I suppose there are other ways to apply heat than far infrared. Is heat in general beneficial?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So it's not just infrared. Okay. We can do some research on that.

I just listened to Andrew Huberman's podcast about heat. I reccomend listening to the entire podcast, but here are some points:

Doing sauna once a week is good, but doing sauna more than once a week (like 2-3 times a week) has 27% increase of cardiovascular protection and reduction of all cause mortality. Heat and time depends on personal heat tolerance.

And the benefits of sauna have no connection to other factors, for example smoking or physical activity.

Which is interesting that this time there is no smoking bashing. Essentially, doing sauna more frequently is good.

The caveat is that he talks about very high temperatures. 80-100C. He says that these were the temperatures in the research, and that most blanket infrared saunas don't reach this kind of temperature range. And the point is specifically cardiovascular health.

But in my opinion using regular infrared sauna blanket in such a way is still valid, simply because we all have different heat sensitivity. Later he also mentioned that it has to do with increased heartbeat, as if doing cardio, and sauna in lower temperatures can also do the same. So perhaps you can still do it if you don't have access to dry sauna and only have the blanket.

He also talks about the way to lower cortisone or stress in general by alternating between hot and cold. For example, being in a very hot sauna and then directly go and do a cold, or cold like shower.

I guess that this is exactly like sitting in a dry sauna and then jumping into a snow pile!

There is also another research that talks about "uncomfortably hot" heat exposure of 57 minutes in total 2-3 times a week, and 11 minutes in total also 2-3 times a week of "uncomfortable" cold exposure.

Huberman again talks about 80-100 degrees, but I think the same can be tried with the regular hot temperatures infrasauna has to offer.

And it increases metabolism and brown fat.

But it seems like in some cases sauna once a week is enough if the goal is to increase growth hormone. And better not to eat 2-3 hours before that. More increased sauna sessions actually lower growth hormone. So it depends on the purpose.

Also in order to promote good sleep, sauna should be done later in the day, and afterwards do a short warm or hot shower. Not cold, because it will increase core temperature and will interfer with a circadian rhythm.

Cold showers better be done earlier in the day.

And just a note about sauna temperature, in case some may not know it. If the goal is to lose weight and/or detox, then the temperature of the sauna blanket doesn't have to be very high. We lose only a fraction of fat through sweat. Actually, lower infrared sauna temperatures promote detox, and since most toxins are fat soluble, removing toxins also assists with losing weight.
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(Mike) In general, who is the person (or people) that created Bitcoin?


Q: (L) Well, alright.

(Mike) For what purpose did they initially create Bitcoin?

A: Bridge to nowhere.

Q: (L) What do you mean, "Bridge to nowhere"?

A: Digitize, and then deprive common man of resource.

From top 10 cryptocurrency to zero, in less than a week.

These articles didn't age well.
The Top Ten Cryptocurrencies to Invest in for April 2022

1. Terra/LUNA (No Change)
April Update: Terra/LUNA continues to dominate in terms of growth. Given the fact an individual could have bought this asset for $5 less than a year ago and it’s already worth above $100 is a sign of its strong growth. March observed Terra making a number of positive investments for its platform, and the project is very clearly legitimate. Terra should be on your buy list sooner than later.

Terra is a unique coin that offers a wider variety of advantages and financial benefits to its users. One such advantage is the ability to invest in multiple stablecoins on its platform for up to 19% in returns. When this is coupled with the fact that the technology for the blockchain underlying this cryptocurrency is one of the most advanced, I see no reason you should not consider investing in this cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, Terra was worth about $74, and its price was increasing while others were decreasing in value. While I think Terra is a fantastic platform that offers stable and secure benefits, it is relatively obscure, and its technology can be difficult to navigate for newcomers. However, for long-term holders looking to cash in on a growing blockchain with stable passive income output, I highly recommend Terra.

10 Best Altcoins to Invest in April 2022

2. Terra (LUNA)
LUNA had a strong month in March as its price jumped to an all-time high. Analysts cited the strong performance of the Terra USD coin and its top DeFi platforms like Anchor Protocol and Lido as the reason for this performance.

Terra is a good cryptocurrency to invest in April after the developers raised billions from investors and as more developers embrace the network. They also announced that they will spend $10 billion buy Bitcoin. At the same time, the daily chart shows that it managed to cross the key resistance at $106 in March. This was its previous all-time high. Therefore, a retest of its all-time high will lead to more gains.


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Q: (Niall) What happened to Noah Donohoe? [14-year-old who disappeared in Belfast in June 2020 under strange circumstances. His naked body was found in a storm drain although it's a mystery how it got there...]

A: Underworld elements.

Q: (Andromeda) That was a really strange case.

(Niall) 'Underworld' as in organized crime?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) Why?

A: Grooming gone wrong.

'Organized crime' has, in a roundabout way, come into focus in the case of Noah Donohoe's unsolved death.

Northern Ireland authorities (specifically, the British government's representative in Northern Ireland), in anticipation of an upcoming public inquiry into the case, recently decreed an unusual 'gag order':

Noah, a 14-year-old pupil at St Malachy’s College, was found dead in a storm drain in North Belfast in June 2020, six days after he went missing. Two years on, and his family are still seeking answers about his disappearance and death.

Within weeks of taking up the post as Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shailesh Vara signed off on the Public Interest Immunity (PII) certification. The move has sparked outrage, and calls for the decision to be reversed so that no material is redacted or information withheld during the inquest process.

The Donohoe family say they were given official notice by the NIO on July 27, that the PII had been signed off and was received by the PSNI and Crown Solicitors Office on July 19.
What is a 'PII Certification'?

From Wikipedia:

Public-interest immunity (PII), previously known as Crown privilege, is a principle of English common law under which the English courts can grant a court order allowing one litigant to refrain from disclosing evidence to the other litigants where disclosure would be damaging to the public interest. This is an exception to the usual rule that all parties in litigation must disclose any evidence that is relevant to the proceedings. In making a PII order, the court has to balance the public interest in the administration of justice (which demands that relevant material is available to the parties to litigation) and the public interest in maintaining the confidentiality of certain documents whose disclosure would be damaging. PII orders have been used in criminal law against large organised criminal outfits and drug dealers where the identity of paid police informants could be at risk.
The decision to 'not reveal something that authorities know' about how Noah Donohoe died has understandably caused outrage in Northern Ireland.


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Another hit for the C's as a fuller picture has emerged of the murder in Punggol.

(L), Well, was he attacked by a human?

A: Yes.

The accused has been sentenced to life in prison and caning. According to the article below, he left the house with a swiss army knife and wet wipes with the intention of harming himself - but after falling down while jogging, he decided impulsively to kill the person that was jogging by in the area he fell. Still a strange story.

One of the most famous haunted houses in Singapore is called the Matilda House, referenced here :

Matilda House in Punggol, rumoured to be Haunted.

Apparitions Caught on Photos at Old Matilda House in Punggol

This house was owned by an opium planting tycoon and his family were called the Cashin family. He built it for his wife who was named Matilda, hence Matilda house. Apparently nothing tragic happened in the house, but later on when they moved out, the house was a hotbed of paranormal encounters and hauntings, with a number of stories mentioning a woman being seen on the roof of the house. Some photographers have also taken photographs in the house where the entities have appeared on their pics. It is nicknamed the "White House" by paranormal investigators- and for some reason the government could never demolish the house when they redeveloped the whole area. Urban legends say that construction companies suffered mysterious worker deaths on site, or equipment refused to work when they tried to demolish it. In the end the Singapore government re-classified it as a "Heritage building"; meaning that it cant be demolished and any new development must incorporate the building into its design. The Matilda house is now part of a private condominium complex, interestingly named "A Treasure Trove" and the house is right in the middle of high rise residential buildings and functions as a clubhouse. Again urban legends say that a few Masters were brought in to "negotiate" with the entities and a compromise of sorts was reached. However in order to be safe, the management of the Treasure Trove complex keeps the lights on in Matilda House 24/7 and it is never in darkness.

5. The Matilda house is about 600-700m straight line distance from the site of the murder.

On another note - i didn't realize it then - although the haunted Matilda house was 700m away from the murder site - the murder actually occurred next to public housing blocks that were called The Verandah@Matilda & Matilda Sundeck. Map of murder site in the article below.

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