Session 18 July 2015

Muxel said:
That is not the way I see it. What I see is that some people are born into better circumstances than others, and some worse off than others.
And I would not even know how "advancement" is measured.
There are many for whom life is a struggle and it is almost hubris if they were to think they could fight dragons.
That's true Muxel, AFAIK.
Suffering is most common, especially for the poorest, who may be very far from any "advancement", or so it seems.
And for those 'lucky' ones who are 'graduating', suffering and trials are more or less part of the process in this pathological world ('patho' comes from the Greek, meaning suffering)
I think that I have just had an episode of "splitting reality" similar to ark's one. I have just read that the actor Gene Wild, famous for being the first actor who played the role of willy wonka died. I learned in facebook today but when I see that new I said to myself : but if he died many years ago!it is a joke? In fact I remembered when he died, I remembered people talking about that when they compared the new movie with the former one. It is not a vague memory is very strong! I swear!. I have no deja vu sensation, it is just that I remember when he died! I even remember that I researched some about its life bucause there is a lot of memes using his face on FB and I remember reading that he was died. :/
Laura said:
(Ark) Did we really have as I think a reality split concerning differences in remembering of me seeing this girl who visited recently?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) So in one reality you did, but in one reality you didn't.

(Ark) So, the following question: Was this something unique, or we should expect more reality splits?

A: Expect more! Be aware and alert! Unify or some may be left behind!

Q: (Scottie) So maybe the splitting reality thing might also explain why I remembered the girl’s name as something completely different?

A: Yes

I stumbled upon the following story, that initially was recorded in 2009. The video is in Russian, but here's a short summary of the story. It seems like it has the basic elements of the reality split that was described above.

The story is about two sisters, one stayed at home to clean the house, another went to throw away the garbage in the garbage bucket. After throwing away the garbage the girl decided to go to her friend and left the bucket outside the house. After coming back with the friend she saw that the bucket was gone. Since they had many cases of theft, she thought the bucket was stolen. But when she entered the house her sister shouted at her that she left the bucket with the snow at the bottom in the middle of the kitchen, and now there is water on the floor there.

And then the sister that threw away the garbage "remembered" that indeed before going to her friend she put the bucket inside. But then, she also "remembered" the timeline where she left it outside and it was stolen. She had both memories in her mind, as if both happened.
Interesting stuff, but it's so hard to tell what is objective. When I read the C's talking about timeline splits, I am confused as to what deep down they mean. Perhaps a split happens by our own subjective mind and the C's are warning us to notice these things so we can "debug" our own brains tendency to "make stories" or self confirm memories?

A: Expect more! Be aware and alert! Unify or some may be left behind!

When I think of Unify, my bias is to think of unify our thoughts. How else can we unify these splits. It's not like we have the technology or a known way of seeing and choosing what happens on alternate timelines. Maybe a stoic view would best suit this. We could think that either the split is out there or in us, but the wrong thing would be to assume one over the other because both cases have a feedback loop!

Our own minds can rewrite what we remember. Take for example the "Mandela Effect" which has become popular, even the butt of memes and jokes out there.
At some point it became more focused on the spelling of the Berenstain Bears books.
So many people recall it spelled BerenstEin. But it's named after the authors with last name BerenstAin.

But when we look at the only thing that can be sure is that there was a bias there. In this case, I remember growing up reading some of those books in school and kids would make fun of the Bears, calling them Berenstein Jewish Bears.

Of course memory can and will fight for even lies if there is an emotional attachment to the result. Perhaps in the case of the Mandela/Berenstain "effect", people want to think that some god, etc would waste their time shifting the name of some book or date of death of a man.
Meanwhile, I could only see that while they are fighting over that memory, in front of our faces we have the corruption of politics, business, and society which doesn't really need a boogeyman behind the curtain to do.

I'm not trying to dismiss the unknown, but how can personal memory be relied upon, even in a group setting- as our minds have "mirror neurons" which make us want to agree with others observations.

I guess the only way to objectively see the case from the session would be to follow journals written before sharing the information, to see if the impressions regarding the girl matched.

Sorry for sounding like a skeptic. I'm open to the ideas of alternate realities and such. It's just that it could be exactly the problem that makes people go nuts in these changing times, they start seeing what they expect. How do we know what we expect deep down?
A new study came out about rates of parasitical infection detected in Britons from the Bronze Age to the industrial revolution, and, with regards to the discussion in the session about same, the part that caught my eye was that the researchers noted sites where infection appeared to be much lower, and the peaks (probably obviously) were recorded during times such as the Roman Empire and Late Medieval period.

I haven't looked into the actual study but it'd be interesting to know which regions and periods where they recorded low levels and what we know about those societies and cultures.


Ancient Britons bedevilled by belly bugs

Amalyah Hart
Fri, 22 Apr 2022 12:00 UTC

© Ed Reschke/Getty Images
This particular worm is a dog-heart worm, but similar parasitic worms are found in the intestines of humans, spreading via faecal matter or undercooked food.
Analysis of skeletons bridging the Roman to the Victorian eras show ancients (unsurprisingly) carried parasitic stomach bugs, but patterns changed with the advent of sanitation.

It may come as no surprise to you that ancient humans played host to a smorgasbord of bugs and diseases, but science, as a rule, likes to tease out the details in the data.

So, in that spirit of curiosity, researchers from the University of Oxford have investigated the history of parasitic worm infections in Britons who lived between the Roman and Victorian eras - and the results aren't pretty.

Humans are infected with roundworms and whipworms through contact with contaminated faecal matter. In a society with poor hygiene practices, then, these nefarious critters can thrive on a virtual parade of poop that spreads, in tiny increments, from person to person. Other parasitic infections, like tapeworm, can come from eating undercooked meat or fish.

To test the prevalence of these infections over time, the research team analysed 464 human burials from 17 sites, dating from the Bronze Age to the Industrial Revolution. To identify the trace presence of parasitic worms in these long-degraded burials, the researchers hunted for worm eggs in the soil near the pelvises of the skeletons.

According to the results of the study, published today in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, people in the Roman and Late Medieval periods fared the worst, with the highest rates of parasitic worm infections of the time period studied. But, as the Industrial period dawned, worm infection rates - while still high - began to show spatial patterns of variation.

Some sites showed scarce evidence of parasitic eggs, while in others these orbs of intestinal doom were rampant. The researchers believe these patterns are linked to changes in sanitation and hygiene in some areas, during what's known as the Victorian "Sanitary Revolution".

"Defining the patterns of infection with intestinal worms can help us to understand the health, diet and habits of past populations," write the authors. "More than that, defining the factors that led to changes in infection levels (without modern drugs) can provide support for approaches to control these infections in modern populations."

Next, the team plan to use their array of parasite-based approaches to investigate other infections in the past, including larger-scale analyses.
Amalyah Hart is a science journalist based in Melbourne. She has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Oxford and an MA in Journalism from the University of Melbourne.

Also, this article may be of interest: Bronze Age Britons were riddled with parasites but had the finest of fabrics
A: The parasites act as receivers.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah. The parasites act as receivers. So when you are full of parasites, you are more under the influence of bad waves, or waves sent by bad entities. You're more susceptible to those messages. There's a bad influence on you beyond the parasites.

A: Getting free of parasitic microorganisms is one of the first orders of business for transformation.

(Perceval) When they said that the parasites act as receivers, receivers of what?

A: Waves of information.

(Galatea) So is there positive information we can acquire somehow to combat the negative information?

A: We have given you the data and clues. Knowledge must be acquired via efforts so as to make proper connections and pathways in the brain.

Q: (L) Why is it so important to make connections and pathways in the brain?

A: That is, quite simply, building your receiver!!!

Q: (L) So, it is important to acquire knowledge, information, and to do it in a way that builds your brain power because that's your receiver. Your receiver receives...

(Galatea) Cosmic information.

A: Higher energies!

It's interesting that the C's made a two important points about receivers. The first one is that we need to build a receiver of higher energies in our brains, and the second one is that the parasites are the receivers themselves. Does that mean that we can utilize the "parasites" as receivers of higher energies in our bodies?

Of course, when I say "parasites" I actually think about good "parasites", such as probiotics. We do know that probiotics have an effect on our brains in multiple ways, one of them is through vagus nerve. So perhaps the probiotics can act as receivers of waves of information, which can then be sent to our brains through vagus nerve?

And if that is true, such endeavor would also require adequate knowledge about the selection of the right probiotics because not all of them have an effect on vagus nerve, the knowledge about the right way to seed such probiotics in out intestines, and the knowledge about the right food for them. So lots of knowledge is needed in order to do it in a proper way. Thankfully, the science of probiotics has developed quite a bit in recent times. Perhaps enough to uncover the lost knowledge of ancient times?
Just a little detail that was confusing for me at first, there is no sign/stop in this session to when Laura stops reading from the August 9, 1997 session.

L reads from August 9, 1997 transcript:

Q: Next question: is there any relationship between the fact that Roger de Mortimer, the carrier of the last of the line of the Welsh kings, was the lover of Isabella of France, who was the daughter of Philip the Fair, the destroyer of the Templars, and the murder of Edward II, the first of the English Prince of Wales?

A: Templars are a setup, insofar as persecution is concerned. Remember your "historical records" can be distorted, in order to throw off future inquiries, such as your own.

Q: I know that. I have already figured that one out! But, it seems that no one else has made this connection. I mean, the bloodlines that converge in the Percys and the Mortimers are incredible!

A: You should know that these bloodlines become parasitically infected, harassed and tinkered with whenever a quantum leap of awareness is imminent.

Q: Whenever a quantum leap...

A: Such as "now."

Q: Did Isabella and Mortimer have a child while they were in hiding in France?

A: No. Here is something for you to digest: Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???

Q: And what is this obvious thing?

A: Even if speed of light travel, or "faster," were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space "ark," living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.

Transcript quote ending!

(L) So... Are you suggesting that, for example, if there are people who get infectious diseases that cause atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, or any of these so-called autoimmune diseases, that these diseases are not genetically caused as they have been saying for the last 50 or 60 years, but that perhaps they were designed for people who carry certain genetic markers in their DNA, which then get labeled as the causative gene? Is that what we're getting at here?
So, the red text I added in the quote above is where and what I mean should have some kind of indication to not get carried away thinking that she is still chatting from the older session.

A: Getting free of parasitic microorganisms is one of the first orders of business for transformation.
Does this mean that one might not go to 4D when if the wave should have otherwise taken one up a level to 4D?

Q: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers. Okay, we have this book about health that claims to have the answer to all physical problems {Hulda Clark's book}. Is it in fact the case that parasites are the root cause of many illnesses such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue, migraines, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, etc. etc. which can be simply investigated and cured with her handy little zapper? Is this the case?

A: Partly.

Q: What part is she NOT talking about?

A: Not correct concept.

Q: (A) Which of these listed things are really caused by parasites and which not?

A: Not correct concept. All mentioned are often wholly or partially caused by various parasitical entities, but not always.

Q: Can this zapper that she describes, either home built or purchased from someone else, be effective in killing these parasites?

A: Yes.

Q: How often do you need to use it?

A: Varies according to individual circumstances. If you look closely to the text of that book, you will see the earmarks of channeling of STO NHI root basis.
This is from Session 21 February 1998. Are these the same parasites talked about in this session? And will the zapper work to eliminate them? I have a Bob Beck device; will that work too? I used one heavily around years 2011-2012.
Just a little detail that was confusing for me at first, there is no sign/stop in this session to when Laura stops reading from the August 9, 1997 session.

So, the red text I added in the quote above is where and what I mean should have some kind of indication to not get carried away thinking that she is still chatting from the older session.

Does this mean that one might not go to 4D when if the wave should have otherwise taken one up a level to 4D?

This is from Session 21 February 1998. Are these the same parasites talked about in this session? And will the zapper work to eliminate them? I have a Bob Beck device; will that work too? I used one heavily around years 2011-2012.
Your health in general is affected by your food intake, healthy environment and emotional health. You realize in ancient medicine, your emotion is associated with certain disease. Example if your element is fire you are quick to anger thus you will likely have a stomach acid related disease/cancer. Now the parasite is basically negative entities/spirit from dark realm that is attached to you according to your vices. Thus if you learn patience or moving away from things that trigger those vices (vices to virtue) those entities don't like leeching energy from you anymore as positive energy is toxic to them. Negative emotion on its own is already energy lost/inefficiency of use if you add more parasites your energy will be even lower creating more numbness. That is why most numb negative souls are likely to be lazy/sloth also.

The planet earth ascending to 4D/moving through high energy sector of our galaxy means that you will get higher frequency intake through your cakras. If your soul development is too low you will get ejected from the system/death as your soul negativity will not enable you to perform at high enough level to operate in 4DSTO realm. Kinda like having old hardware that is not compatible with your new shiny software. What? Not enough processor power and memory, sucks. Ideas require certain level of purity/ frequency to form or you will get a mental block.
Your health in general is affected by your food intake, healthy environment and emotional health...
I been thinking about it lately and am aware that diet is important. My diet is really bad. And I am kind of lazy with and not being much of a cook, usually making the same foods or go to the pizzeria on my street. Perhaps I just should do away drinking soda and candy, avoiding sugar in general to start with.

Some weeks ago, I thought of starting jogging again as I did as a teenager, but I think I overdid it now as I afterwards have pain in my kneecaps when I run. I am sure it will heal, and I can start again soon.

I vary between feeling really good and really bad quite often. Anxiety attacks with face sweating, stiff body and terror sensations from the belly. As I write this, I feel better than I have before. It goes between these states. These nasty states with anxiety accompanied with heavy shaking hands can last almost a day, but I can feel good for weeks at one round at times.

When I was younger, I felt this heavy tiredness but that resolved much better when I got older, but I still have had blocks and fell to the sofa watching movies and series endlessly. But I have better alertness overall the older I got.

I ordered a zapper (Hulda Clark) tonight. Some hours ago.

Recently this last week I have been reading parts of C's transcripts and listened to Jadoo audiobook by John Keel. I have felt before as if the pursue of knowledge is something I should undertake by force but never really doing that seeing it as exhausting activity, and not being sure about things or I was wrong and limited in what I had been reading (not getting all details necessary).

Now I tell myself: I should read what makes me curious and what comes naturally. I really have a hard time reading, so audiobooks, seems more suited for me energetically and I think that makes me remember better as I have trouble with remembering words I have read when there is too much data.

Even though I came across the Cassiopaean material in the 8th grade, it's as if I haven't read or known anything. I do however think it has been really helpful and that I learned/progressed much about myself.

I have enough phenomena happen to me to keep me convinced and keep going. So, there are no doubts - just critical doubts - by that I mean I like to think about reality in various ways and that gives me energy then I think of the other ideas presentable to me.
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