Session 18 July 2015


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Muxel said:
That is not the way I see it. What I see is that some people are born into better circumstances than others, and some worse off than others.
And I would not even know how "advancement" is measured.
There are many for whom life is a struggle and it is almost hubris if they were to think they could fight dragons.
That's true Muxel, AFAIK.
Suffering is most common, especially for the poorest, who may be very far from any "advancement", or so it seems.
And for those 'lucky' ones who are 'graduating', suffering and trials are more or less part of the process in this pathological world ('patho' comes from the Greek, meaning suffering)


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I think that I have just had an episode of "splitting reality" similar to ark's one. I have just read that the actor Gene Wild, famous for being the first actor who played the role of willy wonka died. I learned in facebook today but when I see that new I said to myself : but if he died many years ago!it is a joke? In fact I remembered when he died, I remembered people talking about that when they compared the new movie with the former one. It is not a vague memory is very strong! I swear!. I have no deja vu sensation, it is just that I remember when he died! I even remember that I researched some about its life bucause there is a lot of memes using his face on FB and I remember reading that he was died. :/


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Laura said:
(Ark) Did we really have as I think a reality split concerning differences in remembering of me seeing this girl who visited recently?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) So in one reality you did, but in one reality you didn't.

(Ark) So, the following question: Was this something unique, or we should expect more reality splits?

A: Expect more! Be aware and alert! Unify or some may be left behind!

Q: (Scottie) So maybe the splitting reality thing might also explain why I remembered the girl’s name as something completely different?

A: Yes

I stumbled upon the following story, that initially was recorded in 2009. The video is in Russian, but here's a short summary of the story. It seems like it has the basic elements of the reality split that was described above.

The story is about two sisters, one stayed at home to clean the house, another went to throw away the garbage in the garbage bucket. After throwing away the garbage the girl decided to go to her friend and left the bucket outside the house. After coming back with the friend she saw that the bucket was gone. Since they had many cases of theft, she thought the bucket was stolen. But when she entered the house her sister shouted at her that she left the bucket with the snow at the bottom in the middle of the kitchen, and now there is water on the floor there.

And then the sister that threw away the garbage "remembered" that indeed before going to her friend she put the bucket inside. But then, she also "remembered" the timeline where she left it outside and it was stolen. She had both memories in her mind, as if both happened.

Divide by Zero

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Interesting stuff, but it's so hard to tell what is objective. When I read the C's talking about timeline splits, I am confused as to what deep down they mean. Perhaps a split happens by our own subjective mind and the C's are warning us to notice these things so we can "debug" our own brains tendency to "make stories" or self confirm memories?

A: Expect more! Be aware and alert! Unify or some may be left behind!

When I think of Unify, my bias is to think of unify our thoughts. How else can we unify these splits. It's not like we have the technology or a known way of seeing and choosing what happens on alternate timelines. Maybe a stoic view would best suit this. We could think that either the split is out there or in us, but the wrong thing would be to assume one over the other because both cases have a feedback loop!

Our own minds can rewrite what we remember. Take for example the "Mandela Effect" which has become popular, even the butt of memes and jokes out there.
At some point it became more focused on the spelling of the Berenstain Bears books.
So many people recall it spelled BerenstEin. But it's named after the authors with last name BerenstAin.

But when we look at the only thing that can be sure is that there was a bias there. In this case, I remember growing up reading some of those books in school and kids would make fun of the Bears, calling them Berenstein Jewish Bears.

Of course memory can and will fight for even lies if there is an emotional attachment to the result. Perhaps in the case of the Mandela/Berenstain "effect", people want to think that some god, etc would waste their time shifting the name of some book or date of death of a man.
Meanwhile, I could only see that while they are fighting over that memory, in front of our faces we have the corruption of politics, business, and society which doesn't really need a boogeyman behind the curtain to do.

I'm not trying to dismiss the unknown, but how can personal memory be relied upon, even in a group setting- as our minds have "mirror neurons" which make us want to agree with others observations.

I guess the only way to objectively see the case from the session would be to follow journals written before sharing the information, to see if the impressions regarding the girl matched.

Sorry for sounding like a skeptic. I'm open to the ideas of alternate realities and such. It's just that it could be exactly the problem that makes people go nuts in these changing times, they start seeing what they expect. How do we know what we expect deep down?
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