Session 19 July 2014


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Session Date: July 19th 2014

Laura, Ark, and Andromeda at the board
Pierre, Perceval, PoB, Chu, Kniall, Bubbles, Oxajil, Terran, Alana, Timotheos, Parallel, Athena, Data

A: Hello

Q: (L) That's what they said. They pointed at "Hello". And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Jeriponea of Cassiopaea

Q: (L) Okay, let me ask a few preliminary questions before we launch onto the topics of the evening. First question: What was going on last session when we were communicating with Julius Caesar, allegedly, when Ark was having a feeling of the hair moving on the side of his and then his glasses went all wonky? What was going on there?

A: Ark is closest in frequency to Caesar; thus the EM bursts upon connection.

Q: (L) Okay, that kind of leads to my other question. I think you once told us something along the line that it's not so easy... maybe it wasn't that it's not so easy, but that you couldn't really connect with people in 5D unless there was some kind of a strong tie or a binding element that connected you to them - in other words, to be able to get them on the phone, so to speak. So, what was it that made it possible for us to allegedly contact Julius Caesar?

A: Frequency of entire group was conducive to contact.

Q: (L) And why was that?

A: Strong psychic connection and long focus period in advance of attempt. Plus, as previously indicated, Caesar volunteered to be accessible. It is a sacrifice at that level. By the way, it WAS Caesar.

Q: (Bubbles) He was insulted by your "allegedly"!

(L) Is it advisable to continue to try to communicate directly with Caesar?

A: Occasionally is okay.

Q: (L) Why only occasionally?

A: Note what we just said.

Q: (Perceval) It's a sacrifice at that level.

(L) Oh, so does that mean that spirits or souls at that level are really getting into contemplation?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what was it that induced Caesar to volunteer for that service?

A: The many cries of grief and need for succor at the time of his death. It could be said that this immense need and sense of loss was the foundation of the beginnings of what became Christianity.

Q: (L) "The foundation of the beginnings of what became Christianity..." So was the calling for their lost leader that actually...

(Perceval) In one sense, you can see there might have been a sense of responsibility to this hope, and the idea for a different type of world and a different type of living that he created in people. And then when he died, I mean, people were just cut off, left adrift, got lost... It was premature. It didn't last. It only lasted part of his life.

(L) Is that kind of close, that he created this great hope in the hearts of so many people that when he was gone, they just couldn't accept it, believe it, or deal with it? Is that part of it?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) There was nobody to replace him.

(L) Yeah.

(Bubbles) Kind of like JFK.

(L) Worse. I was reading some things about different opinions about Caesar from the period when he lived, and immediately after - I think a couple of generations. It's pretty clear that in spite of the defamation and propaganda by the oligarchy that killed him, he was absolutely famed for his gentle nature, for his compassion, his mercy, his forgiveness, and his courtesy. I mean, he was literally famous for them. It's only defamers who have tried to blot that out, but it survives in some written texts that we still have. Okay, anybody else? I mean, we don't want to talk to Caesar right now because we have other questions. I guess we don't want to bother him unless we have really important questions. And I'm assuming we can ask questions about Caesar through this source, through the Cassiopaeans, without having to necessarily disturb Caesar on too many occasions. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, while we're on the topic, let me get in a couple of questions... [laughter] First of all, we didn't ask about Caesarion, did we?

(Pierre) Caesarion? Oh, no.

(L) Did Caesar and Cleopatra have a child together?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who was the father of her child that she named Caesarion?

A: Anthony.

Q: (L) Alright then. Was Caesar in love with Cleopatra?

A: No.

Q: (Pierre) But he had interactions with her.

(L) Did he have... What do you mean interactions, Pierre? [laughter]

(Pierre) English is not my native language! The monkey dance, I dunno. [laughter]

(L) What do you mean English is not your native language?! [laughter] Inquiring minds want to know...

(Athena) Oh lord...

(Pierre) It's an essential point of history!

(L) Inquiring minds want to know if he was having the hanky-panky with her? [laughter]

A: Once or twice...

Q: (Pierre) Or three times, or four times...

(L) Well, you know it's an interesting thing, because when you read his Continuators, those who followed the Gallic Wars and the civil wars... There was the African war, and the Spanish war, and so forth... but you see they make no mention of any affair with Cleopatra. And some others I think made no mention of her, and they would have been likely to have known. The assumption of scholars is that they "passed over" this in silence because Caesar never mentioned it. They were honoring his silence. But my thought is that they passed over it in silence because there was nothing to report. If anything happened of a hanky panky nature, it was so fleeting and unimportant... and only the defamers blew it up and made a big deal out of it...

(Pierre) Was Cleopatra in love with Caesar?

A: No.

Q: (Chu) Did he know that Caesarion wasn't his?

(L) Caesarion wasn't born until after he was dead.

(Athena) That's a no.

(L) Okay, so any other Caesar questions at the moment? Well, we can always ask more Caesar questions later.

(Alana) I've got a question. I'm wondering if like where he is in the contemplation plane, does he see what we're doing as a group, and is he interested?

(Perceval) Too busy contemplating.

A: When thoughts about him are intense and focused, he "hears".

Q: (Pierre) And that might be one key for the prayers. To reach him, the prayer of the person must be intense and focused to go through.

A: It helps also to eliminate lies, illusions and so forth.

Q: (L) So, it helps to know that it IS Caesar, to know something about Caesar, to know the reality of his life and what he really did, and what he really meant...

(Perceval) So he gets VERY little e-mail, then...

(L) Yeah, obviously, he gets very few e-mails. At this point in time, few people know.

(Pierre) Less and less.

(L) So, if more people became aware of the truth of Caesar, and thought about him more intently and would focus on the truth, would that have any effect on receiving information or strength or... What would you say? Almost like answers to prayers, or communication, or being in tune or connected, or something like that?

A: Something like that, yes.

Q: (PoB) Would it also help him in his contemplation state?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay. We're going to change topics here. As you know, we just had this plane fall out of the sky over the Ukraine. Immediately the US blamed Russia, and then it started blaming the Russian-aided freedom fighters in East Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russians say it was clearly the Ukrainians in conjunction with US/NATO/UK/Whoever. So, I guess the first thing we ought to ask is: What brought the plane down?

A: [Spiraling] Bomb on the plane placed there prior to departure.

Q: (Pierre) Schiphol airport, again! The famous Underwear Bomber place! So, MOSSAD?

(L) Who was involved?

A: Note change in altitude for "signature".

Q: (Perceval) From 35 to 33...

(L) 33. Is 33 the clue?

A: Yes. Consortium. And who is at the top of this STS pyramid??

Q: (Perceval) Figures.

(L) Who is at the top of this pyramid? And who is at the top?

(Perceval) MOSSAD.

(L) MOSSAD? The Israelis?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) It seems the goal was to further demonize Putin and Russia. But was it also to distract from what's happening in Palestine?

A: Absolutely!

Q: (Pierre) Is it only coincidence... before MH 17, there was MH 370, this plane that disappeared from the same company. Is it just coincidence that the two incidents involve the same airline company?

A: Another "signature".

Q: (Data) Why did the plane deviate from its usual course?

A: Instructed by ATC.

Q: (Perceval) Air traffic control at Schiphol?

A: Kiev.

Q: (Perceval) So, some agent...

(L) There was some control by MOSSAD in Kiev, and that whole Nazi business going on there...

(Kniall) They've been there for DECADES!

A: Yes!

Q: (L) I think that was answering Kniall there.

(Data) Why was it necessary to change the course with a bomb on board?

(L) So it would fall where it did. They had to change the course to put it in the middle of the war zone.

(Ark) The Russians were saying that the timing was a little bit miscalculated because it was supposed to come down closer to the Russian territory so that it would be easier to blame Russia.

A: Yes.

Q: (Pierre) It exploded too early.

(L) Yeah, they're so lazy, they never get anything perfect.

(Chu) Or too impatient.

A: But most people are so gullible it doesn't matter.

Q: (Perceval) You can say that again.

(Kniall) Another signature. That suggests some planning at a level behind the first Malaysian plane...

(L) No it doesn't. It's just like answering back to what happened to that first one.

(Pierre) It's like, "They removed the 370, so we'll bring down the 17!"

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Which is really screwed up when you think about it. The signal is strong, ya know? Okay, we make MH 370 disappear. And the only answer they have instead of behaving better is, "Okay, we bring down MH 17, and we increase even more the lies and suffering!"

(Perceval) So these signatures are used for what? Just for fun? For whose benefit?

A: Pride, hubris, warnings to those who know.

Q: (Chu) On the session when we talked about the interpreters and stuff, the plane {that disappeared, Flight 370}, if I understood correctly, was a message...

(L) It was a warning...

(Chu) To not go too far.

(L) And they've basically answered by saying, "Up yours!"

A: Yes.

Q: (Chu) So would that mean that there really is a "law" that can prevent them from really going full-blown and starting a war?

(L) There's no law that can prevent them, no.

(Chu) They can go to war if they want to. It's just not in their interest to go too far.

(L) I don't think they think about what's in their interest. I think they're too far gone.

(Perceval) Well, hang on... The original idea was that it was some kind of bleedthrough. So, it was a natural thing. It wasn't necessarily a warning from anybody. They just interpreted it that way. They didn't see it as something was telling them, "Don't you dare!"

(L) Yeah, they don't see it that way. But it SHOULD have been a warning IF they had been paying attention.

(Perceval) As in a cause and effect kind of way. If you keep going like this, you're gonna...

(Chu) But the effect would have been that they would have seen it as, "You can't go too far here..."

(L) IF they had understood it. If they had understood that the conditions that were causing bleedthroughs and so on and so forth were a result of their actions and their behaviors globally speaking... If they had understood that, they would have said, "Hmm, weird things are happening. Let's rethink what's going on and what we're doing!" But instead, they interpreted it...

(Pierre) And they did the opposite, and they're raising the ante. They're worsening the situation.

(Perceval) What I was thinking earlier on was that, if the original idea was that they couldn't go too far, as in spark a major war with Russia by sending NATO into the Ukraine or whatever, they backed off from that because of their interpretation of the {disappearance of Flight 370}... As in, a plane went missing, it's a bit dodgy, we don't know what's going on, let's just cool it a bit...

(L) Somebody backed off...

(Perceval) Somebody backed off. So if that's true in that sense, shooting down a plane was like a Plan B or a second option that wasn't the full-scale kind of war {they may have been planning; it was on the level of mass emotional manipulation; an information war as opposed to an actual war. Because it's an all-out information war going on now because of this.

(L) Well, let me ask this: 20 years ago, on 3rd December 1994, you gave a series of short little prophecies. Being so long ago, they kind of hit to the side, but one of the first was, "Ukraine explosion; chemical or nuclear". The second one was: "Hawaii crash; aviation, possibly involving military." And those two were juxtaposed next to each other, and there was a semicolon and period, and then the next sequence began. The next sequence was a series of earthquakes in California, destruction of California, Mount Lassen, several other volcanoes along the west coast of the US erupting, the sea floor subsiding, and so forth.

{3 Dec 1004: Ukraine explosion; chemical or nuclear. Hawaii crash; aviation, possibly involving military. More California seismic activity after 1st of year: San Diego, San Bernardino, North Bakersfield, Barstow: all are fracture points. Hollister, Palo Alto, Imperial, Ukiah, Eureka, Point Mendocino, Monterrey, Offshore San Luis Obispo, Capistrano, Carmel: these are all stress points of fracture in sequence. “Time” is indefinite. Expect gradual destruction of California economy as people begin mass exodus. Also, Shasta erupts; Lassen activity. Ocean floor begins to subside.

Getting to my question: Was that “Hawaii crash” a reference to what has happened here recently, like for example with MH 370 and MH 17? Even though the original was Hawaii, I would say Malaysia is in the Pacific more or less, so it's kind of sideways... Was that a reference to these events, even that far in advance?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) So that was seen that far in advance as a marker, as a major event. There's been a lot of stuff that has happened since then that they didn't mention. So, why did that one stand out 20 years ago? Why did this event stand out so strongly? Are we all screwed?

A: Interpretation is key. The elements here are metaphoric. That far in advance it can only be approximate. However, note the confluence of major elements in terms of similarity.

Q: (L) So, Ukraine obviously has been known in advance as a flashpoint, and there is some awareness of... Could it be said that these sorts of things were already in the minds of some planners that far in advance?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, they change or shift their plans...

(Perceval) When you say planners...

(L) Do you mean human planners?

A: And 4D STS.

Q: (Perceval) The ones who jump around in time and stuff.

(L) So they change things to confuse things. Well, they once said something about how they can change things. They specifically said something about that: moving back and forth in time.

{7 Jan 1996: The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures.}

(Perceval) Can I ask how long in advance this bombing of MH 17 was planned? Like in a practical sense?

(L) Practical sense like right now?

(Perceval) As in today? How long ago did they decide on it?

A: 3 weeks.

Q: (PoB) It was well organized with Kiev moving the ground to air missile launchers closer...

(L) Yeah, they made a plan, and they moved those launchers in place to confuse the issue. They turned them on so that the radar would be read by the Russian detectors, they planted the bomb... That was probably the easiest part: getting the bomb on the plane. The Israelis run that airport. It could have been a timed bomb, or it could have been a triggered bomb. It could have been triggered by the accompanying jets that were seen flying alongside it, assuming they were there.

(Perceval) I wouldn't think that would even be necessary.

(L) It could be just a timer. Hell, it could be set off by dialing a telephone or something.

(Pierre) You know, it's roughly three weeks before... It's roughly the beginning of the Gaza invasion. They're starting to bomb Gaza, and they already know, "Okay, we are going to bomb and kill all those civilians, and there'll be this international uproar. So in two or three weeks, we need to create a diversion. Let’s bring down a plane!"

(Perceval) Or they see how it goes. It's part of the plan...

(Pierre) Yeah, and if necessary, we bring it down.

(Perceval) Were the Israelis or someone working for the Israelis responsible for the murder of those three Israeli teenagers?

A: Yes. How else to get a conflict going?

Q: (Perceval) That's what they've always done.

(Timotheos) Is there any significance to the fact that there were a hundred or so AIDS researchers on board that plane?

(Perceval) Were there that many?

A: Not as many as that.

Q: (Perceval) Yeah, apparently there weren't that many.

A: And, no.

Q: (L) They just were there.

(Perceval) It was just a random plane in the sense that it fit the bill.

(L) And they made sure they didn't have anybody they didn't want to kill on there.

(Perceval) In terms of the propaganda war and the kind of lower-level conflict, I suppose you would say that it is between the US and Russia...

(Kniall) Is there some understanding between the US and Russia that Israel is the wildcard?

(Perceval) No, that's not what I'm thinking of. In terms of these people at the top of the pyramid, do they feel threatened in any way by what Putin and Russia is doing, or is that merely at the lower level of geopolitical chessboard nonsense?

A: They are incapable of seeing outcomes other than what they wish.

Q: (Perceval) I think way back just after 9/11, there was a reference made to the "Russians" having some evidence about 9/11? Is that true, or am I...?

(L) No, that wasn't in the sessions.

(Perceval) Do the Russians have any data on the truth of the 9/11 attacks?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) Would it ever be in the realm of possibility, or within Putin's power to release that kind of information just to mix things up in the information war?

A: Strong possibility if the tide of public perception can be adjusted.

Q: (Pierre) And does that evidence involve the US and/or Israel?

(L) Well, since we have a pretty good idea of who did it, we know the answer to that. Okay, so that leads me to a question that's been on my mind for the last day or so. I noticed that the "Black Hats", the bad guys, the whole pathological community seem to be quite well-organized and unified to some extent in their public activities. For example, Israel is able to get all these students, the Hasbara program; the Pentagon has hired all of these people to engage in cyber warfare; there are trolls that go all over the internet swaying public opinion and writing commentary. Edward Snowden has come out and explained exactly how it's done. I mean, they have a HUGE, elaborate cyber warfare program and train people to get out there and work for the control of people's minds. It's just absolutely staggering. So, one thing about it that really gets me is that first of all, even with this revelation of Snowden that has hit all the major media, people don't stop and think that EVERYTHING that's going on could be part of that disinformation program! The second thing is, why is it that people with peaceful, world-benevolent opinions and approaches - people of conscience - can't get together in the same way that evil does? Evil seems to coalesce, and people of conscience seem to... it's almost like their conscience forces them to fight with each other! I mean, assuming they even have a conscience. What's the deal here? I want to know.

A: First of all notice that the STS side uses two hooks: money and promises of power. It is not so much "unity of purpose." Secondly, just as you have learned from your studies of psychology and from the work of Gurdjieff, people with the genetics for "soul" or conscience are very wounded by the programming of family and society.

Q: (L) So, it's their wounds, their programming, their buffers as Gurdjieff says, that keeps them all pointing in dozens of different directions with different opinions, ideas, wounds, fears, and so on. And that prevents unity. Is there anything that can change that?

A: Sure!

Q: [laughter] (L) What?

A: Work or a huge shock!

Q: (Perceval) A huge shock like a giant fireball? Giant meteorite or an earthquake?

A: Some cosmic activity might do it provided the seeds of knowledge have been planted as you have been doing for years now. As we once said, from the fire comes light. There are several levels of meaning there.

Q: (L) Cosmic fire, maybe?

A: Yes!

Q: (Pierre) Cosmic activity can help this seed to grow?

(Chu) No, I don't think that's what they're saying.

(L) I think they're saying that that's the shock. And if there is a seed there, and if there is any potential in the individual, if the shock doesn't kill them, then...

(Pierre) So the shock due to cosmic activity is what will make the seed grow?

(Ark) No!

(Chu) The seed of knowledge has to be there for people to interpret it, right?

(L) I think they already have to have it inside them, then they get a shock, and then afterwards...

(Pierre) Yeah, the shock makes the seed of knowledge grow...

(Ark) No! The knowledge cannot grow by shock. The knowledge can grow only if you get more truth. Shock may only cause the seed to do some job.

(L) Like what?

(Ark) I mean, because you may know things, know things, know things... and do nothing! And then, there comes shock, and then you realize that your knowledge - you were not using your knowledge!

(Perceval) It seems to me that this might apply to a lot of forum members who have been just quietly absorbing the information, but unable to do anything with it because of all this programming and stuff. The seed of knowledge has been planted in those people, but they haven't actually done anything with it.

(L) But when it becomes real...

(Perceval) When they realize that, "Holy shit, this isn't just theoretical! A fireball just blew the crap out of Washington, DC!"... God willing... [laughter] Suddenly it's true for them, and it may activate the knowledge that they've been growing slowly inside.

(L) In other words, it will kind of like blow the fear away because what's really holding people back is fear: these programs, these buffers. That's what Caesar said last week. He said to be true to your inner nature, and fear nothing. You have to get to the point where you fear nothing. You have to get to the point where you can say “It’s a good day to die” like Black Elk said before going into battle.

(Chu) But there's also the other side of the coin in people who think that things don't apply to them, or they can learn that tomorrow, or...

(L) Or it's happening over there, and not here... That’s why working on SOTT is so important; it provides LOTS of shocks!

(Chu) I was telling people this morning in the kitchen that I watched a video. It's really shocking. It's a meteorite that fell in Argentina. People saw the light, the crater. The authorities covered it up really quick. And you see a hundred people at least, protesting that the authorities are lying, and that it wasn't a gas stove burning the house down. But NONE of them was able to say it was a meteorite because none of them had the frame of reference. And it was SO frustrating hearing these people saying, "People are lying to us! We want the truth!" They were shouting. But none of them, it never occurred to them... They thought it was like a missile, or an attack...

(L) Well, it's like the chemtrails issue. They KNOW that the government is lying to them, and so they create this elaborate conspiracy theory that the government is spraying masses of chemicals in the upper atmosphere. Every single plane that makes a contrail is automatically a chemtrail producer.

(Chu) And it's usually the cosmic connection that is not in people's minds. It has to be the government, it has to be some kind of force or whatever, so it seems to me they're saying it has to be...

(L) Aristotle still holds sway.

(Pierre) The question I wanted to answer is, those shocks due to cosmic activity... Is it because on the psychological level, there is this fear and people are thinking, "Oh, it's real!" And/or because cosmic activity might modify the electromagnetic environment and stimulate shifts in some people?

A: A little of both. And for now Goodbye.

(Perceval) They just took off?

(Ark) That was a shock! [laughter]

(Alana) 9/11 was a shock, right? And so many people like myself included, started... I remember being in Europe and thinking, "I haven't ever been watching the news. Why did this come? Why did this happen?" How many people started asking questions and trying to understand what happened? That's how many people found the forum. It took a shock.

(L) Yeah, so that's one kind of big shock. So, if there gets to be another big, humongous shock, there's going to be a whole different attitude about things; but only if people have the knowledge to parse it.

(Perceval) I think it has to be a shock that isn't selective. It has to be something that can't be dismissed as just happening to "those people over there”. It has to be something that threatens everybody. A visceral kind of "Oh my god! My ass is toast!"

(Chu) Problem with those is that it's usually too late, if it's threatening the entire world.

(L) Well, obviously there's going to be… well... a really big shock would necessarily include death on a massive scale.

(Perceval) But I'm talking here about only the people who, as they said, contained the seed of knowledge that has been planted. The vast majority of people don't even have that.

(Bubbles) Don't the C's have loads of free time? Where did they go?

(L) I think they perceived my tiredness.

(Perceval) They have to go to Intermarche. [laughter] They're out of eggs for their fatbombs.

(Ark) Speaking of these shocks... Okay, people after an earthquake: an earthquake is certainly a shock, but do they wake up in any way after an earthquake?

(L) Not if they don't know something.

(Chu) A lot of people didn't wake up after 9/11 either.

(L) Yeah. So, it's going to be only the people who've had the seeds of knowledge implanted already, and they have been taking root and growing slowly inside them. But they're not yet...

(Perceval) Look at the effects of this recent shock of the plane crashing. The vast majority of people felt it as a shock in some way or another, and it made them MORE authoritarian, more authoritarian followers. It threw them into the arms of the government. Ya know, "Get Putin! He's out to get us!" They basically bought the lie, and went further to the Dark Side just like so many people did on 9/11, buying the government conspiracy theory about 19 Arabs who couldn’t fly.

(Andromeda) They have different seeds.

(Perceval) Exactly. A few people, like on our forum and who read Sott and our work would have felt it as a shock as well. But, because they had the seeds of knowledge about how these things happen and who does them, and that it's all lies, that pushed them further in the direction of waking up and realizing that things are getting serious! It was confirmation that this kind of shit is real, there IS really a cabal, there IS really an STS pyramid, ya know... It's more confirmation for what they already know. And it's a shock.

(Ark) But, but... There is also another thing, because Pierre mentioned electromagnetic whatever. Now, such a shock, what it can do is, it can destroy the programming frequencies of the STS.

(L) Oh yeah.

(Perceval) The frequency fence?

(Ark) And then, because we are all the time blocked from knowing more at higher levels, those who have knowledge and those who don't, being beamed in many ways, by some kind of organized thing…

(L) A cosmic event could definitely destroy the frequency fence.

Explosive news, although not really a surprise to me. Thanks for asking and for sharing so quickly.

To reach unity in diversity a lot of healing seems a necessary precursor. Healing along the lines set out here, seems more productive to me in the long run than the always rather limited influence of shocks.

The quality of the available seed is also an important factor which can be diligently worked on, I presume.

All in all, much to digest in order to rework my proper perspective with these updates/upgrades just given.

So thanks again for asking, discussing and sharing. :rockon:
Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the shock! :cool2: Very interesting session.
Thanks for sharing this session and all the great questions.

During this bit,
Q: (Perceval) A huge shock like a giant fireball? Giant meteorite or an earthquake?

A: Some cosmic activity might do it provided the seeds of knowledge have been planted as you have been doing for years now. As we once said, from the fire comes light. There are several levels of meaning there.

Q: (L) Cosmic fire, maybe?

A: Yes!

I was wondering what the other levels could be besides the macro level as in cometary activity. For some reason I thought of fever when I read fire and thought of light being able to alter DNA. I'm sure a plague event, or getting sick and surviving, could wake people up as well. I read somewhere that after a child comes down with the typical childhood illness such as measles or chickenpox they leave behind a lot of their bratty childlike behavior and mature.

Just speculating. I'm curious as to what the other levels could be.
On the moving back and forth in time thing, there was also this from an early session


Q: (L) Well, if we are sources of food and labor for them, why don't they just breed us in pens on their own planet?

A: They do.

Q: (L) Well, since there is so many of us here, why don't they just move in and take over?

A: That is their intention. That has been their intention for quite some time. They have been traveling back and forth through time as you know it, to set things up so that they can absorb a maximum amount of negative energy with the transference from third level to fourth level that this planet is going to experience, in the hopes that they can overtake you on the fourth level and thereby accomplish several things.

1: retaining their race as a viable species;
2: increasing their numbers;
3: increasing their power;
4: expanding their race throughout the realm of fourth density.

To do all of this they have been interfering with events for what you would measure on your calendar as approximately 74 thousand years. And they have been doing so in a completely still state of space time traveling backward and forward at will during this work. Interestingly enough, though, all of this will fail.

Q: (L) How can you be so sure it will fail?

A: Because we see it. We are able to see all, not just what we want to see. Their failing is that they see only what they want to see. In other words, it's the highest manifestation possible of that which you would refer to as wishful thinking. And, wishful thinking represented on the fourth level of density becomes reality for that level. You know how you wishfully think? Well, it isn't quite reality for you because you are on the third level, but if you are on the fourth level and you were to perform the same function, it would indeed be your awareness of reality. Therefore they cannot see what we can see since we serve others as opposed to self, and since we are on sixth level, we can see all that is at all points as is, not as we would want it to be.
Oh this is getting interesting for me because events in my life are somehow mirroring what is going on with you guys. It is illustrating to me although my only connection in the physical realm is via the forum something else is connecting me in the world, something to do with truth and reality. I want to say thank you all for the seeding of knowledge. And how picking it up and running with it really takes one places to increased comprehension and understanding. The study is key, read and study. My husband and I met yesterday with an employment advocate in his fight to expose a workplace psychopath. The older gentleman was really fascinating, he is a child of two Russian intelligence officers, through our conversation after having attended to our business he pretty much confirmed what SOTT is reporting. He has many friends and family still in Russia and Ukraine. In addition to this my attention has been increasingly on learning about Caeser and the origins of Christianity. I read Secret History, quite overwhelming and have continued to research and read so that I can understand it.
A client of mine, who is an Emiritus Scientist with a Forestry Research company recently relayed to me about fire ecologies. And you cannot discuss with people the natural fire ecologies of forests, they become emotional and defiant if you mention it. He told me some of the fiercest and hottest fires that have swept through forests result in the next crop of seedlings being the strongest and finest genetic stock that will result in stand regeneration. Apparently some species only need a good fire every thousand years or so. Such a fitting analogy I thought.
My husband although not a forum member has been talking alot about how he thinks the universe will always deliver upon the humans that which they attract. It is interesting for me to observe his processing as it seems to be a out of the blue dialogue from him.

Its just all so interesting, I feel a resonating of truth and love (hope that doesn't sound corny) in regards to and for Caeser, that Jesus image always got my hackles up. Well thank you all so much, we are paying much attention, your work is permeating through.
Thank you, thank you.
Wow, once again: what an amazing session! Thank you very much for sharing it.

Btw, although the topic's date is ok (July 19th), at the beginning of the session there is written June 19th.

If it is OK, I would like to volunteer to translate this session into spanish and maybe that will be a shock for somebody out there (who knows). At least I know I will enjoy/learn/give doing it. I must say I will have a busy week and I hope to start and finish it next weekend so if somebody thinks it is necessary to do it earlier, please tell it to me.
A big thanks for the new session! I watched a video that supposedly showed Flight MA 17 as it descended toward the ground and given that just one wing was on fire, my first thought was that it looked like an onboard explosion. C's have confirmed this was the case. This consortium are truly evil b@$tards!

p.s. Hail Ceasar!!! It is awesome you have a direct line, Laura. :headbanger:
Wow thanks everyone for getting this up so quickly. I was counting the hours to find he truth about the Malaysian plane and following the thread nearly every minute. The crash in itself was such a shock but as they say people are sooooo gullible!

We are so fortunate to be able to get the truth from the C's whilst everyone still slumbers in their feel goo comfort zones. Though some people have been following and sharing my update posts on FB re the crash. It was too bizarre for any of the info to make sense. Shiphol was the key (from past episodes) as we suspected also the fact that no-one actually saw the plane get hit!

Good that we can also find out about Caesar without 'troubling' him too. Yet of all the people on the planet I don' think anyone deserves his time more that the Team who have unstintingly researched the truth to overturn the lies that have been propagated about him. Personally, although what goes on does not really concern them too much in their contemplation and learning in 5D , if it were me I sure would be happy that some folks had really bothered to take the time and effort to clear my name and elucidate on my true aims and life!

Plus Laura was spot on with her hunches about the predictions from over 20 years ago now playing out at this time! Incredible!

I think apart from the Truth that we were all wanting to know re the planes, the Highlight and Hope for humanity from the whole transcript is the fact that - as in the Law of 7 - it is the shocks that ultimately sort out the wheat from the chaff.

(Ark) But, but... There is also another thing, because Pierre mentioned electromagnetic whatever. Now, such a shock, what it can do is, it can destroy the programming frequencies of the STS.

(L) Oh yeah.

(Perceval) The frequency fence?

(Ark) And then, because we are all the time blocked from knowing more at higher levels, those who have knowledge and those who don't, being beamed in many ways, by some kind of organized thing…

(L) A cosmic event could definitely destroy the frequency fence.

The fact that Ark picked up on the fact that shocks can destroy programming frequencies (and maybe implants as well) that is so important here. That we have the possibility to be free of the frequency fence and all the childhood programming etc as well leaves a lot more room to operate for the sake of humanity - to be of immense benefit to those that are left hopefully. This is huge if it is possible!

Thanks again - I have been on the edge of my seat this week since he last communication -continually in awe that we had Caesar's true thoughts. Plus the truth behind the lies of the airline crash. They are upping the anti as usual and REALLY killing like there is no tomorrow for them now.
Thank you for another fascinating session!

The seeds being planted here and the constant shocks we receive from SOTT will provide many butterfly wings to spread around the world.
(Perceval) It seems to me that this might apply to a lot of forum members who have been just quietly absorbing the information, but unable to do anything with it because of all this programming and stuff. The seed of knowledge has been planted in those people, but they haven't actually done anything with it.

Much of what has been said in this session reminded me of the chapter where G mentioned the different circles
"The next circle is called the 'mesoteric,' that is to say, the middle. People who belong to this circle possess all the qualities possessed by the members of the esoteric circle with the sole difference that their knowledge is of a more theoretical character.' This refers, of course, to knowledge of a cosmic character. They know and understand many things which have not yet found expression in their actions. They know more than they do. But their understanding is precisely as exact as, and therefore precisely identical with, the understanding of the people of the esoteric circle. Between them there can be, no discord, there can be no misunderstanding. One understands in the way they all understand, and all understand in the way one understands. But as was said before, this understanding compared with the understanding of the esoteric circle is somewhat more theoretical.

Also he spoke about some critical mass figure of people
"How many people could there be in this conscious group?" someone asked.
"Only they themselves know this," said G.
"Does it mean that they all know each other?" asked the same person again.
"How could it be otherwise?" asked G. "Imagine that there are two or three people who are awake in the midst of a multitude of sleeping people. They will certainly know each other. But those who are asleep cannot know them. How many are they? We do not know and we cannot know until we become like them. It has been clearly said before that each man can only see on the level of his own being. But two hundred conscious people, if they existed and if they found it necessary and legitimate, could change the whole of life on the earth. But either there are not enough of them, or they do not want to, or perhaps the time has not yet come, or perhaps other people are sleeping too soundly.
"We have approached the problems of esotericism.
"It was pointed out before when we spoke about the history of humanity that the life of humanity to which we belong is governed by forces proceeding from two different sources: first, planetary influences which act entirely mechanically and are received by the human masses as well as by individual people quite involuntarily and unconsciously; and then, influences proceeding from inner circles of humanity whose existence and significance the vast majority of people do not suspect any more than they suspect planetary influences.
"The humanity to which we belong, namely, the whole of historic and prehistoric humanity known to science and civilization, in reality constitutes only the outer circle of humanity, within which there are several other circles.

:cool2: :umm: :rockon: Thank you again for this excellent work
You are transcribing with warp 10, Laura. Thank you very much for sharing.

So we have nothing to loose except our fear? The whole situation reminds me of Germany in 1989/1990. A lot of previously unthinkable things happend very fast. Another turning point now or very soon maybe. The elites carried the things to extremes and soon too far and the pendulum swings back. Prepared or not we will be thrown into cold water and have to swim then.

Session Date: June 20th 2009
A: 5 more years! 2 go! 0 new year!
A: This is not "day" specific but close enough for horseshoes.
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