Session 20 August 2011


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Session Date: August 20th 2011

Laura, Ark, Perceval, Andromeda, Bubbles, PoB, Ailen, Burma, Kniall, Ottershrew, Psyche, Mr. Scott, Belibaste

[Laura and Andromeda at the board]

Q: (L) Hello?

A: Hello

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Jofora

Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea

Q: (L) Let me ask one of the questions that's on our minds first. Hopefully it will be a quick question. We are a bit curious about the activities of our forum group members {name redacted} and {name redacted} and their channeling experiment. They claim that they were channeling Cassiopaea Leo? (Bubbles) 6 Leo. (L) I guess that was because you had made remarks about, "Next stop, Leo". Who or what exactly are they channeling?

A: Not channeling per se, more like being toyed with.

Q: (L) Being toyed with by who or what?

A: Elementals reading bits of emotion/thoughts.

Q: (L) Well, why are they not responding to the thread about these issues?

A: Shame drives defense.

Q: (L) What do you mean by "defense"?

A: Convincing themselves.

Q: (L) Convincing themselves that they are channeling, that they can channel, or that they did make legitimate contact... Is that what you're saying?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Anybody else have a question on that topic? (PoB) Who was the initiator of the channeling?

A: {name redacted}

Q: (PoB) What is the role of this {name redacted}?

A: {name redacted} planted the idea seed in a fertile ego.

Q: (L) Anything else?

A: {name redacted} is in for a very painful lesson.

Q: (L) I guess that's enough on that. Next question: We have this question from {name redacted}. (Psyche) {name redacted} says, "It's about my difficulty with mammalian meat. Is there some reason besides leaky gut?"

A: Incorrect formulation of the question.

Q: (Perceval) That's assuming that she has a problem with mammalian meat. (Ailen) Or with leaky gut.

A: She does, but that is not a feature of leaky gut. It is a feature of multiple system breakdown.

Q: (L) Okay. Psyche? (Psyche) Does {name redacted} have a brain chemical imbalance due to her food choices? (L) Well, why don't we get to the multiple system breakdown? What systems? Uh... Maybe that's the wrong question. They're trying to tell us to get to some really basic things here. (Psyche) Epigenetics?

A: Yes mainly, but also specific genetic line problems.

Q: (L) Let's try to ask some real simple questions and get through this. What are the primary parts of the systems that are broken down?

A: First, the gene expression has been altered after many years of abuse of the system design.

Q: (L) Is this something like what Gedgaudas writes about that once you’ve been eating carbs and grains and things for so many years, your body gets conditioned to it and it's very very difficult to switch over? Is that part of what it is?

A: Yes and more.

Q: (Ailen) Does your DNA get atrophied or something? (L) I don't know. I think it shuts down certain DNA. (Ailen) Because they're saying that the gene expression has been altered after many years of abuse of the system. (PoB) Is it reversible?

A: It is mostly reversible for {name redacted}, but more difficult for her child who is third generation.

Q: (L) So you're saying that her mother has also put her system through improper use of the natural genetic profile?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. What's the next question? (Psyche) We were checking some statistics and we realized that full siblings of schizophrenics are nine times more likely than the general population to have schizophrenia, and four times more likely to have bipolar disorder. Is {name redacted} affected by this genetic tendency?

A: Oh indeed! However this requires explanation. First of all, the genetics that are associated with schizophrenia can be either a doorway or a barrier. Second, the manifestation of schizophrenia can take non-ordinary pathways. That is to say that diet can activate the pathway without the concomitant benefits.

Q: (Burma) I think that they're saying that schizophrenia could essentially be a way to be open to seeing other aspects of reality but diet can make it so it basically just makes you crazy without actually seeing anything.

A: Primitive societies that eat according to the normal diet for human beings do not have "schizophrenics", but they do have shamans who can "see".

Q: (Perceval) So a schizophrenic on animal fat is a shaman. (L) Well, wait a minute. There's something real subtle here. What I think you're saying is that when these genetic pathways are activated through wrong diet, it screws up the shamanic capacity?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, schizophrenia as we understand it or have witnessed it is a screw-up of something that could or might manifest in a completely different way on a different diet? Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And that's what you meant by not only a doorway, but also a barrier because the person who is on the wrong diet and has schizophrenia is barred from being able to be a bridge between the worlds. They kind of get lost. They're barred from having a normal life, and they're also barred from coming back from their delusions or whatever they're seeing even if they're not delusions. Maybe they’re seeing, but they're unable to help or do anything.

Okay. Now, you made a remark about the diet that is normal for the human being. And I know {name redacted} and a lot of people - not just {name redacted}, but a lot of people - have a problem with a diet that requires you to consume the flesh of other creatures. And I know that we've read what Lierre Keith has written about it, and it's a very moving statement about life and earth and so on and so forth. But I'd like to know if there's something a little more esoteric that we could understand about this? I mean, I don't understand why and how a person can achieve spiritual growth, which is what you seem to be implying throughout all of this stuff that we've been learning, from eating meat. How many other groups have taken a vegetarian pathway and said that this is... I mean, aside from the fact that we now know that agriculture and vegetables and the owning of the land is pure STS destruction... What about fruit? Well of course they didn't have fruit then. Like everybody, I'm having a little problem with this. So can you help me out here?

A: You know the saying: Only through the shedding of blood is there remission of sins?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: And what about: Take eat, this is my body?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: And: Take, drink, this is my blood?

Q: (L) Yes. (Burma) So it sounds like they're saying that there's a hidden thing in the whole resurrection or salvation by the blood thing. That agriculture is evil and we could return by going on an animal-based diet?

A: No not exactly. When humankind "fell" into gross matter, a way was needed to return. This way simply is a manifestation of the natural laws. Consciousness must "eat" also. This is a natural function of the life giving nature of the environment in balance. The Earth is the Great Mother who gives her body, literally, in the form of creatures with a certain level of consciousness for the sustenance of her children of the cosmos. This is the original meaning of those sayings.

Q: (L) So, eating flesh also means eating consciousness which accumulates, I'm assuming is what is being implied here, or what feeds our consciousness so that it grows in step with our bodies? Is that close?

A: Close enough.

Q: (Ailen) And when you eat veggies you're basically eating a much lower level of consciousness. (L) Not only that, but in a sense you're rejecting the gift and you're not feeding consciousness. And that means that all eating of meat should be a sacrament.

A: Yes

Q: (Burma) With agriculture, you're not only rejecting the gift, you're turning around and beating up the Mother. (L) Well that sure puts a whole different light on the whole Cain and Abel thing! {Interesting that the original “vegetarian” was the first murderer, too.}

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, meanwhile... Back to {name redacted}'s problem. Well, maybe not {name redacted}'s problem. What's the next question? (Psyche) Does {name redacted} have Morgellon's disease?

A: More or less!

Q: (L) What are they key elements to making a person susceptible to this? There are so many conflicting things about it.

A: Having "plastic" fats and high insulin.

Q: (Perceval) Has {name redacted} been eating a lot of processed oils and stuff? (L) Well it can take a long time to replace all the fats in your body. (Psyche) Two years. (L) It can take two years to replace the fats in your body, and you have to be really careful that whole time. I guess that whole time, you have to keep your insulin levels really low. (Psyche) I want to ask something about ketosis. Why is it so healing for the brain? It's been useful for cases of epilepsy, but now they're finding uses for bipolar disorder and other psychiatric and neurological diseases.

A: It reflects a balance. That is, no gluttony, respect for the gifts of the goddess blood.

Q: (L) So it's as much a spiritual balance as physical. [Comments about Kitty, who was reclined on the floor by the table] (Perceval) Does that answer about {name redacted} mean that if he continues with eating animal fats and protein only, more or less, that that would be a possible cure for Morgellons?

A: It will help his body to fight the invaders. But most important, it will remove their "cozy home".

Q: (Ailen) Well, what are these creatures? (Perceval) They said it was an "off planet plague". [July 29, 2006 transcript]

(PoB) Did {name redacted}'s Morgellons have something to do with {name redacted}'s resistance to the diet?

A: Oh! Now you have hit a sore spot, pun intended.

Q: (L) What do you mean that we've hit a sore spot?

A: Notice how many people around {name redacted} seem to suffer while she always manages to have the energy to accomplish what she wants?

Q: (Ailen) The whole career thing... (L) So are you saying that {name redacted} is taking energy from the people around her?

A: Not because it is her nature, but believing lies always needs extra energy.

Q: (L) And what lies are we talking about? Her lies about her health, her diet, what is good for her or not good for her? Is that what we're talking about here?

A: Mostly, though there are other things she has not shared.

Q: (L) I would say there are probably relationship things, I don't know. Career things, obsession with her career, things like that. So, in other words, her father, her mother, her sister, her daughter, and now her husband... And it seems like {name redacted} got worse after they moved away from her parents' home because she no longer had other people in the house for energy sources. Is that an accurate observation?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) It can summed up by, "Drama, drama, drama" towards a specific goal. (L) Yeah...

A: The saddest victim in this situation is the child.

Q: (L) Well, okay. What can {name redacted} do, assuming she wants to do anything about this, or to take any of this information on board?

A: It will take time and determination for her to make the physiological transition. The psychological one should not be as hard as some people might think. {name redacted} is super smart and can be very stubborn even when dealing with herself. She only needs the facts and data and logic.

Q: (L) Getting back to {name redacted}... (Perceval) We never asked, but is there a cure for Morgellons?

A: Yes. Multiple antibiotics from different protocols applied strategically to a body that is health optimized both physically and psychologically.

Q: (L) So I guess that Psyche would know what those antibiotics are. (Psyche) Yeah. (L) And not only internal, but externally applied... So, that's pretty cut and dried. (Burma) But it sounds like they're saying that you gotta get the health and psychology done before the antibiotics. (L) Yeah, you have to start working on that and then keep hitting it. It's only when the two things come together that it's going to work. (Psyche) Then there are {name redacted}'s questions. Okay. {name redacted} says:

Laura you wrote on the forum last year:

"Another thing to think about is that this sort of thing can happen with two individuals who would otherwise be normal, but who have injured systems, and their interaction together is detrimental to both. In such situations, it can be difficult to figure out who is draining whom. I think that it often occurs in relationships where there is no frequency match; each partner is trying to pull the other into their own reality, or trying to be what the other wants them to be when it is not a natural part of their being. So much energy gets used up in this dynamic that both suffer."

Is this possible that something similar is going on in our [{name redacted} and {name redacted}'s] relationship?

A: Not exactly. What is really at the root of the problems is a lack of feeling totally secure on both sides. For {name redacted}, security will only be felt over time. For {name redacted} security can be restored by careful attention to emotional needs and complete validation. That puts the active burden on {name redacted}. He should treat {name redacted} like the precious gem she is.

Q: (L) Next question. (Psyche) {name redacted} says:

"I sometimes have the feeling when I look at {name redacted} that I knew him from a past life, and he might have been a woman. Did {name redacted} and I have a past life together?"

A: More than one.

Q: (L) I don't think we're going to follow that. (Bubbles) Can I ask my quirky question real quick? (L) Well, wait a minute. Is there any more on {name redacted}? (Psyche) Well, she basically has more questions about advice on the relationship but it looks like the one answer covered it. So we're basically done with that. (Bubbles) Is it possible to enhance one's telepathy or psychic connection through Eiriu Eolas practice?

A: Absolutely as we have already said. Read the transcripts!

Q: (Bubbles) So would that mean that one could become more receptive to the frequency of feelings and thoughts of others?

A: SPA {See Previous Answer}

Q: (Burma) Can I ask real quickly what happened to my brain earlier today {Burma had a "blackout" while scraping paint off the floor in the upstairs hallway}

A: Blood pressure drop.

Q: (Ark) Why my work on my paper is going so slow lately? What's wrong?

A: Lack of energy due to weather and energetic wave factors.

Q: (Psyche) I wanted to ask about the strange sounds around the world, especially in Kiev? (L) Oh yeah, the strange sounds like a trumpet in the sky.

A: Mostly radio type waves due to increase of solar system energy input.

Q: (L) How can you hear radio waves? Why are people hearing these things?

A: Interaction with other EM factors on planet similar to amplification and wave conversion.

Q: (Ark) Something in the Earth changes the frequency and starts vibrating. (Mr. Scott) Or maybe like some kind of modulation where the frequencies add and subtract, and you end up with audible frequencies. (Ark) No, I think it's a secondary vibration. But then these radio waves should be detected by radio devices. And the question is, why there is nothing special? We have a lot of radio devices, and they do not detect these waves. (L) I wonder if those circles that people are always seeing on radar devices have anything to do with it? (L) Well, the question is, if they were detecting something, would they even tell us? But then there are radar devices at every airport. Surely people would say something. (Ark) Are these low frequency radio waves?

A: Yes. ELF.

Q: (L) Is there a ghost in our bedroom?

A: Yes.

Q: [Laughter] (L) What kind of a ghost?

A: Priest

Q: (L) And why does he hang around there?

A: More like an imprint that gets activated for "reruns" when the energies are right.

Q: (L) Is that what my dream was about last night? I was dreaming about the reality that happened to this priest? That his home was taken away brick by brick, all the furniture was removed, and he was left with nowhere to go?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Is it this ghost that is causing sleeping problems and other problems?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So how do we get rid of the ghost?

A: Change the energy.

Q: (L) How do you change the energy?

A: Move the dressing table.

Q: [Laughter] (L) Why?!

A: Mirror faces window.

Q: (Bubbles) So when the mirror faces the window, that does what?

A: Bounces waves of light energy.

Q: (Bubbles) So if we wanted to have a haunted house, we'd just need to have a bunch of mirrors in facing the windows. (L) Not that simple! So these problems started after I moved the furniture around, didn't they? (Ark) It's possible. (L) After I put the dressing table where I put it. (Ark) What about the gravitational anomaly?

A: Imagination!

Q: (Ark) Because the bed feels like it’s at an angle and it isn’t. We measured. (L) I don't think they're saying that we imagined it. I think they're saying that our imagination creates it because the awareness of the energy.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Any other questions? (Psyche) I wanted to ask about cultures and countries. Do countries have an "essence" as described by Gurdjieff?

A: Yes

Q: (Psyche) So the question is, is there something essentially wrong with French culture? [Laughter]

A: Now, yes. Since the revolution was coopted by dark forces.

Q: (Perceval) That could be since Sarko came in... (Ailen) Or farther back.

A: Longer ago than that.

Q: (Ottershrew) Since 1789? (Ailen) The French Revolution.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it started out being a pretty good idea for a revolution, but then it got coopted. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is it as I think that the worst of this is manifested in the educational system?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Do we want to ask about the {name redacted} thing? (L) How is this {name redacted} business going to turn out if we're allowed to ask that question?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (L) Well, my night wouldn't have been complete without that. [Laughter] (Ailen) Is there anything we haven't done that we could do?

A: No

Q: (Bubbles) Which country on the whole planet has the best "essence"? (Perceval) From our perspective? (Bubbles) The least bad?

A: None at present. As we have said, there is already a one world government.

Q: (L) I don't think there is a country... If you think about any one country, they're all in bed together. I guess in a certain sense, we're already in the least bad place we can possibly be.

A: Yes

Q: [Moaning and Laughter] (Perceval) People should stop thinking about their own little country, and start thinking about the world as a whole. (L) Okay, I'm tired, and Andromeda's tired. So can we say goodnight? Anything that needs to be said?

A: More sleep for all! Goodbye.

Thanks for the new session! I've been planning to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, but will have to re-think that now, as the mirror would then face windows. And even though our home is relatively new construction, a woman died here in a house fire....last thing I need is a ghost!

Lots of interesting info packed into this session. Thanks again!
Thank you for the session, this part took my attention,

Q: (L) Let me ask one of the questions that's on our minds first. Hopefully it will be a quick question. We are a bit curious about the activities of our forum group members {name redacted} and {name redacted} and their channeling experiment. They claim that they were channeling Cassiopaea Leo? (Bubbles) 6 Leo. (L) I guess that was because you had made remarks about, "Next stop, Leo". Who or what exactly are they channeling?

A: Not channeling per se, more like being toyed with.

Q: (L) Being toyed with by who or what?

A: Elementals reading bits of emotion/thoughts.

Q: (L) Well, why are they not responding to the thread about these issues?

A: Shame drives defense.

Hope this experience of them, teach some of us many things about how dangerous this could be !!! :P
Thanks all the team for another great session. Oustanding for me the issue regarding schizophrenia. My mother is schizofrenic and sometimes she
states to see a little boy entering and getting out of her room. Maybe flashes of other realities. OSIT.
Thank you for the new session !
Very interesting !

I wonder if don't have a ghost as well in our room because we have had a few troubled nights and we have a mirror facing the window.
It could totally just be related to something else though.

I had a few very weird dreams were I woke up Mrs Tigersoap because I was trying to vocalize some words while sleeping which I haven't done in years.
A few nights ago I woke up again because I felt that someone was lifting up the bed sheets in my back while I was dreaming.
Exciting information here, for sure. The bits about schizophrenia and meat as a sacrament hit really deep. Fat energy = the gift mother earth intended for us as energy. It deeply enhances the eating experience to give thanks for the energy sacrifice, and when the weight of this exchange is given its due it is the best motivator to DO SOMETHING with the energy. There is no free lunch.

Thanks Chateau Crew!
Thanks for sharing and thanks to the fast transcriber(s)! :flowers:

SethianSeth said:
Exciting information here, for sure. The bits about schizophrenia and meat as a sacrament hit really deep. Fat energy = the gift mother earth intended for us as energy.

Yes, this is really interesting. Holy bacon ;)
Thank you for this great session. It puts the work on optimising our diet on a whole new level. And thank you for all the members' questions. The answers can help us all.

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