Session 20 August 2011

Re: Plastic fats

Loud John said:
About 15 or 20 years ago I visited Pelee island (a Canadian island in Lake Erie) while there talking to an amateur historian he related the story of the farmers on the island growing tobacco and one man held the marketing rights on the mainland. They were getting screwed and some time in the teens or twenties they stopped growing tobacco and started a crop reletively new to North America, soyabeans. The interesting part is who contracted the crop and why, it was Henry Ford because he needed it to make plastic for control knobs and steering wheels. Could this be a clue to plastic fats?

Brings to mind that Gluten=glue, and Pasta=paste!!

That weird noise identical to the sound in Kiev was heard in Western Canada a couple days is being heard in alot of places
Q: (Bubbles) Which country on the whole planet has the best "essence"? (Perceval) From our perspective? (Bubbles) The least bad?

A: None at present. As we have said, there is already a one world government.

Q: (L) I don't think there is a country... If you think about any one country, they're all in bed together. I guess in a certain sense, we're already in the least bad place we can possibly be.

A: Yes

Q: [Moaning and Laughter] (Perceval) People should stop thinking about their own little country, and start thinking about the world as a whole. (L) Okay, I'm tired, and Andromeda's tired. So can we say goodnight? Anything that needs to be said?

A: More sleep for all! Goodbye.


"Start thinking about the world as a whole" I couldn't agree more, Perceval. :thup:
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Session Date: August 20th 2011

Q: (L) I guess that's enough on that. Next question: We have this question from {name redacted}. (Psyche) {name redacted} says, "It's about my difficulty with mammalian meat. Is there some reason besides leaky gut?"

A: Incorrect formulation of the question.

Q: (Perceval) That's assuming that she has a problem with mammalian meat. (Ailen) Or with leaky gut.

A: She does, but that is not a feature of leaky gut. It is a feature of multiple system breakdown.

Q: (L) Okay. Psyche? (Psyche) Does {name redacted} have a brain chemical imbalance due to her food choices? (L) Well, why don't we get to the multiple system breakdown? What systems? Uh... Maybe that's the wrong question. They're trying to tell us to get to some really basic things here. (Psyche) Epigenetics?

A: Yes mainly, but also specific genetic line problems.

Q: (L) Let's try to ask some real simple questions and get through this. What are the primary parts of the systems that are broken down?

A: First, the gene expression has been altered after many years of abuse of the system design.

Q: (L) Is this something like what Gedgaudas writes about that once you’ve been eating carbs and grains and things for so many years, your body gets conditioned to it and it's very very difficult to switch over? Is that part of what it is?

A: Yes and more.

Q: (Ailen) Does your DNA get atrophied or something? (L) I don't know. I think it shuts down certain DNA. (Ailen) Because they're saying that the gene expression has been altered after many years of abuse of the system. (PoB) Is it reversible?

A: It is mostly reversible for {name redacted}, but more difficult for her child who is third generation.

Q: (L) So you're saying that her mother has also put her system through improper use of the natural genetic profile?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. What's the next question? (Psyche) We were checking some statistics and we realized that full siblings of schizophrenics are nine times more likely than the general population to have schizophrenia, and four times more likely to have bipolar disorder. Is {name redacted} affected by this genetic tendency?

A: Oh indeed! However this requires explanation. First of all, the genetics that are associated with schizophrenia can be either a doorway or a barrier. Second, the manifestation of schizophrenia can take non-ordinary pathways. That is to say that diet can activate the pathway without the concomitant benefits.

Q: (Burma) I think that they're saying that schizophrenia could essentially be a way to be open to seeing other aspects of reality but diet can make it so it basically just makes you crazy without actually seeing anything.

A: Primitive societies that eat according to the normal diet for human beings do not have "schizophrenics", but they do have shamans who can "see".

Q: (Perceval) So a schizophrenic on animal fat is a shaman. (L) Well, wait a minute. There's something real subtle here. What I think you're saying is that when these genetic pathways are activated through wrong diet, it screws up the shamanic capacity?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, schizophrenia as we understand it or have witnessed it is a screw-up of something that could or might manifest in a completely different way on a different diet? Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And that's what you meant by not only a doorway, but also a barrier because the person who is on the wrong diet and has schizophrenia is barred from being able to be a bridge between the worlds. They kind of get lost. They're barred from having a normal life, and they're also barred from coming back from their delusions or whatever they're seeing even if they're not delusions. Maybe they’re seeing, but they're unable to help or do anything.

Okay. Now, you made a remark about the diet that is normal for the human being. And I know {name redacted} and a lot of people - not just {name redacted}, but a lot of people - have a problem with a diet that requires you to consume the flesh of other creatures. And I know that we've read what Lierre Keith has written about it, and it's a very moving statement about life and earth and so on and so forth. But I'd like to know if there's something a little more esoteric that we could understand about this? I mean, I don't understand why and how a person can achieve spiritual growth, which is what you seem to be implying throughout all of this stuff that we've been learning, from eating meat. How many other groups have taken a vegetarian pathway and said that this is... I mean, aside from the fact that we now know that agriculture and vegetables and the owning of the land is pure STS destruction... What about fruit? Well of course they didn't have fruit then. Like everybody, I'm having a little problem with this. So can you help me out here?

A: You know the saying: Only through the shedding of blood is there remission of sins?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: And what about: Take eat, this is my body?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: And: Take, drink, this is my blood?

Q: (L) Yes. (Burma) So it sounds like they're saying that there's a hidden thing in the whole resurrection or salvation by the blood thing. That agriculture is evil and we could return by going on an animal-based diet?

A: No not exactly. When humankind "fell" into gross matter, a way was needed to return. This way simply is a manifestation of the natural laws. Consciousness must "eat" also. This is a natural function of the life giving nature of the environment in balance. The Earth is the Great Mother who gives her body, literally, in the form of creatures with a certain level of consciousness for the sustenance of her children of the cosmos. This is the original meaning of those sayings.

Q: (L) So, eating flesh also means eating consciousness which accumulates, I'm assuming is what is being implied here, or what feeds our consciousness so that it grows in step with our bodies? Is that close?

A: Close enough.

Q: (Ailen) And when you eat veggies you're basically eating a much lower level of consciousness. (L) Not only that, but in a sense you're rejecting the gift and you're not feeding consciousness. And that means that all eating of meat should be a sacrament.

A: Yes

Q: (Burma) With agriculture, you're not only rejecting the gift, you're turning around and beating up the Mother. (L) Well that sure puts a whole different light on the whole Cain and Abel thing! {Interesting that the original “vegetarian” was the first murderer, too.}

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, meanwhile... Back to {name redacted}'s problem. Well, maybe not {name redacted}'s problem. What's the next question? (Psyche) Does {name redacted} have Morgellon's disease?

A: More or less!

Q: (L) What are they key elements to making a person susceptible to this? There are so many conflicting things about it.

A: Having "plastic" fats and high insulin.

Q: (Perceval) Has {name redacted} been eating a lot of processed oils and stuff? (L) Well it can take a long time to replace all the fats in your body. (Psyche) Two years. (L) It can take two years to replace the fats in your body, and you have to be really careful that whole time. I guess that whole time, you have to keep your insulin levels really low. (Psyche) I want to ask something about ketosis. Why is it so healing for the brain? It's been useful for cases of epilepsy, but now they're finding uses for bipolar disorder and other psychiatric and neurological diseases.

A: It reflects a balance. That is, no gluttony, respect for the gifts of the goddess blood.

Q: (L) So it's as much a spiritual balance as physical. [Comments about Kitty, who was reclined on the floor by the table] (Perceval) Does that answer about {name redacted} mean that if he continues with eating animal fats and protein only, more or less, that that would be a possible cure for Morgellons?

A: It will help his body to fight the invaders. But most important, it will remove their "cozy home".

A: More sleep for all! Goodbye.


A: It reflects a balance. That is, no gluttony, respect for the gifts of the goddess blood.


mean that if he continues with eating animal fats and protein only, more or less, that that would be a possible cure for Morgellons?

A: It will help his body to fight the invaders. But most important, it will remove their "cozy home".

Bipolar, schizforenia isn't just about the brain.
Who says bipolar, schizophrenia and epilepsy are brain related?
all metabolic diseases

please see

we should eat meat

Take care of yourselves
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A: It reflects a balance. That is, no gluttony, respect for the gifts of the goddess blood.


mean that if he continues with eating animal fats and protein only, more or less, that that would be a possible cure for Morgellons?

A: It will help his body to fight the invaders. But most important, it will remove their "cozy home".

Bipolar, schizforenia isn't just about the brain.
Who says bipolar, schizophrenia and epilepsy are brain related?
all metabolic diseases

please see

we should eat meat

Take care of yourselves


microRNAs from plants can cross into the blood and alter gene expression and the translational level!

Plant miRNA affet human gene expression! "plant miRNAs present in sera and tissues...acquired orally...bind to human low-density lipoprotein receptor adapter protein 1 mRNA, inhibit LDLRAP1 expression in liver, and decrease LDL removal from mouse plasma."

Wheat germ agglutinin (and other #lectins) bind to #insulin receptors and inhibit lipolysis (fat burning)

"The small intestine shields the liver from otherwise toxic fructose exposure."

#sugar A bowl of cereal with a chopped banana has far more fructose than is required to overwhlem the small intestine and toxify the liver

In 2005, American Inst of Med and the Food Nutrition Board acknowledged that carbohydrates are a non-essential dietary nutrient and that ZERO carbohydrates in the diet are needed for life

When mice are deprived of food, BHB levels increase more in normal mice than mice who had been adapted to #intermittentFasting, but the normal mice get stressed and the IF adapted mice don’t.

Brain needs to learn to use BHB?

Ketones increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels (by relieving inhibition by HDACs), but only when glucose is low. The best way to boost your BDNF for the brain may be fasted exercise.

Ketone body molecule, BHB, itself binds to proteins around which DNA is wrapped, changing expression genes including those involved in mitochondrial metabolism and circadian rhythm.

Thank you for this interesting session and since i'm portuguese this caught my attention:

Q: (Psyche) So the question is, is there something essentially wrong with French culture? [Laughter]

A: Now, yes. Since the revolution was coopted by dark forces.

Is it true that the 1755 Lisbon(Portugal) earthquake was the catalyst for the french revolution? and if so, was it the origin of this unnatural?
Thank you very much for this session! :love::flowers:

Actually, all of the phenomena going on in the solar system and on earth over the past however many years makes me think of the following:

Also, there is the following posted in another thread:

This introduction to cometary hazards tells us that the real problem on the timescale of civilization is the debris associated with a 'close pass' comet, irrespective of whether the comet was dead or alive. As we will see, the comet would fairly certainly blow your mind. [...]

What, I asked myself, would actually happen in a close approach? I sought out Gerry McCormac, a colleague who had trained and worked as an atmospheric physicist. [...] When asked what he thought would happen if a comet approached very close to the earth, his reply was startling:

If it came within the earth's magnetosphere it would probably be spectacular ... the sky would go purple or green, particles from the comet would spiral down the lines of force and it is likely that you would have amazing auroral displays and coloured streamers...

Suddenly a new series of possibilities had opened up. One had to try to imagine a cometary body, or associated debris, passing within the Earth's magnetosphere and possibly producing a fabulous, moving, coloured display. So I asked if there would be any other associated phenomena - noise maybe? He replied: "Well, the Eskimos say that at the time of aurora they sometimes hear a hissing noise ... but! ...scientists who took up sensitive listening equipment did not manage to record anything.' [...]

{Back in 1989 when Aurora's were seen in Florida, there was, indeed, this hissing sound witnessed by myself and my children. There was also a cinnamon smell in the air. }

There is a whole literature on auroral sounds and, indeed, sounds heard directly from bolides, even comets. Colin Keay has written extensively on these phenomena. [...]

People have claimed that they have heard an incoming fireball and in fact heard it and turned around to see it. There is the contradiction: the flash of light from the fireball is travelling much faster than any related sound.
{Remember the flash of light in the one video???}

Traditional wisdom holds that we cannot actually hear fireballs coming in, we may hear the rumble and explosion only some time later, usually after we have seen them. Keay has accumulated information showing that some people genuinely do hear fireballs as they come in and before they see them: how? The plasma trail from a large fireball may generate Extra Low or Very Low Frequency radio emissions; if an observer happens to be standing beside a suitable object (or perhaps if he is wearing a suitable object like glasses or headgear, that object can act as a transducer for the electromagnetic signal - thus the observer actually 'hears' the incoming fireball as it enters the atmosphere, before seeing it.

The technical name for this phenomenon is 'geophysical electrophonics.' {Baillie, Exodus to Arthur, Batsford; London, 1999}

Notice this: Extra Low or Very Low Frequency radio emissions

Well, if the comet is alive then its surface is (probably highly) charged and glowing as it moves around in high speed. It's also acting like a sort of 'magnetic flow director', creating its own magnetic field by movement and disrupting/directing the flow of surrounding magnetic field(s) by breaking their lines (and reconnecting them in various ways). On the other side of possibility phase space of what can happen when a plasma/charge system finds itself in a magnetic field, is the situation where external field is strong enough and charge/plasma system is slow moving in relation to it. In those cases, magnetic field lines (flow directions) grab the system making it start to follow them wherever/however they move, basically generating electrical current with that action, creating sort of a 'current flow'.

In a scenario where actual cometary disruptions of geomagnetic field reach our lower atmosphere, they would probably produce "a fabulous, moving, coloured display" looking like a divine coming down from the skies. In reality, they would be pulling who knows how much of negatively charged (plasma) stuff on their way through the Earth's atmosphere towards positively charged (living) world on the surface. For those unfortunate to find themselves around the places where this hypothetical cometary created 'current flow' (magnetic lines pulling charge/plasma with them) would come closer to the ground, divine display would probably rapidly turn into that of wrath of gods coming down upon them, with electrical discharges (lightning) virtually electrocuting/frying every little (living) thing on Mother Earth.

In such hypothetical scenario, seeing natural lightning rods and Faraday's cages (wiki) in act would probably be perceived as a connection to gods and protection from their punishment. In reality, such structures would be grounding the 'current flow' and so discharging the Earth's surface-atmosphere capacitor, according to my understanding of what Pierre and Laura say in ECHCC.
Since (attracting) force between plates in a capacitor is proportional to amount of charge on them (link), would it be possible to discharge so much of negative charge from the atmosphere that living beings on the ground sense like Earth's gravity increased?
Well, that's perhaps a bit too much of a stretch. :-)
Exchange from 7-5-2016 session where C's talk about connection between positive electric charge and living beings in context of charging the C's crystals.

Q: (Andromeda,) And why is it that they can't be charged in the moonlight?
A: Reverses the positive charge.

Q: (L) What kind of charge comes from the sun to the Earth? Is it like negative, or...
(Pierre) Positive overall.
(L) So the overall charge from the sun to the Earth is positive?
(Pierre) I'm not sure they're talking about electric charge here. Maybe we should ask.
A: Yes
Q: (Galatea) So what would the reverse charge do, take everything out or what?
A: Counter to the living energy of the being.

If really positively charged, living world eventually all around the globe would probably feel hypothetical large electrical discharge from the atmosphere following close enough cometary fly-by that Earth ends up in comet's (electromagnetically active) tail, for instance. Since a discharge or a breach of a capacitor in one place between its plates reduces the charge of the complete plate (after rearrangement of the remaining charge on the plate), the effects of hypothetical discharge somewhere above Europe would be felt by living beings like weakened electrical force in Earth's atmosphere on the whole surface of the planet.

Remembering that the C's said guys on Kantek had blown up their planet by developing highly negatively charged atmosphere there, which in context of planetary surface-atmosphere capacitor might be viewed as planet being ripped apart by attractive electrical force between the plates of the capacitor, I wonder if hypothetical discharge before (or maybe even causing) real fall of the Roman Empire could also actually increase Earth's surface gravity, for example for 4.6%?

If there would interest in others and if these hypothesis above make sense to others, maybe they could be chatted about with the C's?
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