Session 20 August 2011


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Re: Plastic fats

Loud John said:
About 15 or 20 years ago I visited Pelee island (a Canadian island in Lake Erie) while there talking to an amateur historian he related the story of the farmers on the island growing tobacco and one man held the marketing rights on the mainland. They were getting screwed and some time in the teens or twenties they stopped growing tobacco and started a crop reletively new to North America, soyabeans. The interesting part is who contracted the crop and why, it was Henry Ford because he needed it to make plastic for control knobs and steering wheels. Could this be a clue to plastic fats?
Brings to mind that Gluten=glue, and Pasta=paste!!



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That weird noise identical to the sound in Kiev was heard in Western Canada a couple days is being heard in alot of places


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Q: (Bubbles) Which country on the whole planet has the best "essence"? (Perceval) From our perspective? (Bubbles) The least bad?

A: None at present. As we have said, there is already a one world government.

Q: (L) I don't think there is a country... If you think about any one country, they're all in bed together. I guess in a certain sense, we're already in the least bad place we can possibly be.

A: Yes

Q: [Moaning and Laughter] (Perceval) People should stop thinking about their own little country, and start thinking about the world as a whole. (L) Okay, I'm tired, and Andromeda's tired. So can we say goodnight? Anything that needs to be said?

A: More sleep for all! Goodbye.

"Start thinking about the world as a whole" I couldn't agree more, Perceval. :thup:
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