Session 20 September 2014

Dear Laura,
I had a feeling something is not right with you. I hope you feel better sooner than in 4 months. It is unbelievable what pain you experienced to get through the session that I am reading and learning from right now. Thank you very much for doing this. My prayers are with you. You are my greatest inspiration.
I'm sorry to hear about your fall. It does seem easy to miss those signs and slowing down is something I struggle with myself. Actually, I ran my foot into a threshold a few moments before reading this transcript because I was rushing around the kitchen. It does feel like so much to do and so little time but you really have done more than your fair share of work, so do slow down. The massage table idea seems like a good one.

From Session 16 August 2014

(L) Yeah, because clearly there are cases where if you have pain, you need to lay down and you need to rest. You need to wear a brace or something.

The vote count was quite surprising and the outcome left me puzzled, even a little angry. It'd be real depressing to think that they would have voted to stay in the union. William Wallace would be turning in his grave.
Thanks for another amazing session, and i wish you fast and painless recovery. Take care.
You probably do rest from time to time but does the brain? So many offered good advice , yet the C's said hot and col and LAY down, And maybe doing something that feels like completely slacking off. Like watching whatever might make you laugh. Just pick a flic or watch some comedian you haven't, see whats out there. There are some funny people who are aware and not just Russell Brand. I mean that could cause agitation on some level too. No, some others maybe. Just that you LAYING while doing it with an ice pack and a hot water bottle.

Of coarse I wish you well, and if there were any important addition to recovery the C's would off told you. Signs are hard to see when your working at that pace, so it's not unusual to not proclaim"aha!", a sign, and 3 of them!
Thank you everybody and esp Laura for your immense effort despite suffering the fall and for all the new enlightening info shared thru the session. Do lay back and let the crew take care of you for a change, Laura ;) Here's to more fat bombs and lights-up while you pore your way to a speedier recovery! :cool2:
Inquorate said:
Andromeda said:
Session Date: September 20th 2014

A: Bacterial overgrowth. Enough personal questions. Goodbye.


Anyone else notice that the c's / members lose energy when personal questions are asked (STS) and the session runs down..

So long as the energy has somewhere to go (STO), it can keep flowing and the channel is strong. Once it is restricted, everything closes down. I see the same thing in my spatial resonance (free energy) experiments; the more mass that is added (while still spatially resonant), the more energy is available to the system, so long as the flow is not restricted.

Interesting session, thanks for getting it out to us so quickly.

I certainly noticed it. It was an almost visceral sensation when they broke the connection. I have felt remorse about it ever since. I think the the Cs were also concerned with Laura's pain and fatigue. Having arrived late to the session, when everyone was already seated and ready to begin, I was unaware of the severity of her condition until after the session when it took two strong young fellows just to help her out of her chair. She is suffering greatly.
Thank C's team for your efforts to putting this information available to all.

Interesting reference to being aware of surroundings and note it to others. Being aware of the meanings and warnings.
I've recently started reading a book: Dreaming While Awake by Arnold Mindell which focus on daytime lucidity adding to the normal daily awareness, meaning seeing the bigger picture, scenario of the daily personal movie, where every event that calls and claims our attention is having its own consciouness and intention and purpose. The book presents, what I see as, very good, useful and revealing exercises in ways of perception analizing buddhism ideas and australian aboriginal concepts of the originis of reality.

These ideas seem to complement C's advice to pay attention, to be aware of our imediate surroundings, and gurdjieff self-awareness concept.
If you still feel as bad as you did, you don't have to do the sessions. Lay in the pool. At least it's not green, and even when it was it changed back in time for you to use it if I remember correctly. I know Laura you are who you are, however we can wait. This condition can be healed if you take directions because you're not only needed you're needed healthy. All else can wait if you can. I had to add this. You WILL get better sooner. Just my prediction. You have great love around you that you asked for since the beginning. and what work you did is beyond already. The pace will just change and its fine that it does. Again, what I feel.
One more thing. If you must and aren't willing to not do a session, do it lying down. The others can arrange themselves accordingly. It can be done at a time when there is less pain and not until.
"Trying to do too much" is an understatement...and suffering intense pain to boot. If that is not unconditional love I don't know what is...A HUGE THANK YOU! to Laura and the crew!
Thanks for the session. It was shocking to read that there isn't enough suffering on the planet and that there needs to be more...Wow. The Scottish vote being corrupted didn't surprise me but 73% did. I wish Laura well on her recovery as it sounds like it will take some time. Thanks again for the session...
Weller said:
Thanks for this transcript. The patterns of phrases is interesting in this one--certain words pertaining to Laura's physical trauma in conjunction with the question about stone (bone?) pestles that have hidden value in their tones/sound.

The power of sound...including words. The words in this transcript have multiple meanings--e.g. a "terrible fall" discussed on the day before the autumnal equinox. I couldn't help but wonder how much use of the phrases like "pain in the as@" or "pulled the rug out from under" or "fall of man" or "lay it all on the line" had been in use recently by the group, around the time of the accident--the fall as a physical manifestation of vulnerability of the group(?), associated with verbalization of inconvenience/frustration/obstacles, tripping up, being unseated, etc. Spoken words have power in a directly physical way, particularly in a negative or distracted frame of mind, when we may not be as mindful to consciously direct their meaning? Reminds me of the broken iron pan handle episode, only this one is obviously much more traumatic and painful. What a bummer, literally (sorry...couldn't resist). :/ Hope Laura is feeling much better soon!

No, none of those words are things we say on any regular basis as you suggest.

However.... what you wrote triggered a thought in my head that those phrases may exactly describe what is in store for humanity and that I sort of "acted it out" in microcosm.
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