Session 22 September 2018


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Session Date: September 22nd 2018

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Niall, Joe, Chu, Ark, Scottie, Approaching Infinity, The Lunar Module, Princess Leia, The Dread Pirate Wilhelmina Bubbybeard (the sparrow)

Q: (L) Today is the 22nd of September, 2018. It's the equinox. [Review of those present] Let us begin!

A: Hello. NRG good tonight.

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Koeliaea of Cassiopaea at your service!

Q: (Joe) Is that name in honor of Approaching Infinity?

(L) That's practically Approaching Infinity's name, isn't it?

A: We are all of you in the future that is rapidly becoming the present.

Q: (L) I guess we'll lead off with our most EXCITING questions, yes? [laughter]

(Joe) No doubt!

(L) Well, as a result of my genealogical exercise, I encountered one of my forebears who was named Bell. I was curious about the line. I followed it up, and then across, and then down again. I discovered that it landed on Betsy Bell of the famous Bell Witch case. So, I remembered reading something about it in an article years ago. I decided to get the book – an eye-witness account - and read it. There are actually two little books. There's one written by the son of the family, the brother of Betsy Bell who was the eyewitness. Then there's another book written by this guy M.V. Ingram called An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch which was written in 1894. I was just absolutely astonished by the details of this case. It's like Skinwalker Ranch and Mothman rolled into one! It's the creepiest thing I've ever read. So, we were wanting to ask a few questions about the Bell Witch case. Is that okay?

A: Ask away.

Q: (L) Okay, let me read a little passage, this is in 1817.

Mr. Bell, while walking through his corn field, was confronted by a strange animal, unlike any he had ever seen, sitting in a corn row, gazing steadfastly at him as he approached nearer. He concluded that it was probably a dog, and having his gun in hand, shot at it when the animal ran off.

Some days after, in the late afternoon, Drew Bell {the son} observed a very large fowl, which he supposed to be a wild turkey, as it perched upon the fence, and ran in the house for a gun to kill it. As he approached within shooting distance, the bird flapped its wings and sailed off, and then he was mystified in discovering that it was not a turkey, but some unknown bird of extraordinary size. [...]

Betsy walked out one evening soon after this with the children, among the big forest trees near the house, and saw something which she described as a pretty little girl dressed in green, swinging to a limb of a tall oak.

Then came Dean, the servant, reporting that a large black dog came in the road in front of him at a certain place, every night that he visited his wife Kate, who belonged to Alex Gunn, and trotted along before him to the cabin door and then disappeared.

These strange apparitions, however, passed for the time unnoticed, exciting no apprehensions whatever.

(L) Well, right there at the very beginning it sounds like classic Mothman almost. Window fallers.

( Artemis) And in a corn field? How creepy!

(L) Children of the Corn! So, what were these people witnessing when these manifestations began?

A: Fourth density window fallers.

Q: (L) Well, if they're 4th density window fallers, that suggests that there was a window that had opened up for them to fall through - right?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I asked Niall to check on any possible geological or any other kind of events at the time. What were the results? The New Madrid Earthquake was when?

(Niall) 1811 or 1812. Then there was a cholera outbreak in the Bell Witch region in the 1820s and again in the 1830s.

(L) What about the comets you mentioned?

(Niall) There were three comets, two of which were called Great Comets: 1830 and 1831. Another one might have been seen in 1825.

(L) So, it doesn't really look like anything is necessarily connected. What was the impetus for the opening of the window?

A: The Earth was still settling and did so for many years after. This creates good EM conditions for breaching of the curtain. In this case there were also some astral elements piggybacked on the faller phenomenon.

Q: (L) So when you say, "astral elements"...

(Joe) Hang on... I think the earthquake happened...

(L) When was the eruption of Krakatoa?

(Pierre) I think it was 1813?

(L) So Krakatoa I think was in 1818 or something? You gonna go check? There was possibly a lot going on then!

A: Indeed. The Earth was in stress!

Q: [Pierre returns] (Pierre) It's not 1818, Krakatoa erupted in 1883.

(L) There were probably other things happening, but we don’t know what they were because there weren't many people living around there to observe or record them. Okay, let's come back to the astral thing. You said, "astral elements piggybacked". What are these astral elements?

A: Semi-demonic creatures.

Q: (L) How can you be semi-demonic?!

( Artemis) They just don't go full-on demonic! [laughter]

(Joe) They’re only demonic at night time.

A: Loosely coagulated consciousness units.

Q: (L) So you mean what I always call elementals or thought forms?

A: Yes. But in this case, the elemental collected much energy and condensed to a greater degree.

Q: (L) Well, let me go to my little book again here... So, they gave it a name: Kate. And I'm sure that by giving it a name, they helped it condense even more and gave it energy. So, it says:

Mr. Bell now felt a strange affliction coming on him, which he could not account for. It was stiffness of the tongue, which came suddenly, and for a time, when these spells were on, he could not eat. He described it as feeling like a small stick of wood crosswise in his mouth, pressing out both cheeks, and when he attempted to eat it would push the victuals out of his mouth.

John Bell endured such things for a long time, perhaps a year or more, hoping that the disturbance would cease, charging his family to keep the matter a profound secret, and they were loyal in their obedience. As frightful as were the demonstrations, not a single neighbor or friend outside of the family had any knowledge of the facts until the affliction became insufferable, when Mr. Bell, in strict confidence, laid the matter before James Johnson and wife, narrating circumstances, insisting that they should spend a night at his house, hoping that Mr. Johnson could throw some light on the mystery. The wish was very cordially acceded to, and at the hour of retirement Mr. Johnson led in family worship, as was his custom, reading a chapter, singing a hymn, and then offering prayer. He prayed very earnestly and fervently for a revelation of the cause, or that the Lord would remove the disturbance. As soon as all were in bed and the lights extinguished, the frightful racket commenced, and presently entered Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's room with increased demonstrations, stripping the cover from their bed. Mr. Johnson was astounded and sat upright in bed in wild amazement; but he was a man of strong faith and cool courage, and recovering from the confusion he collected his wits and commenced talking to the spectre, adjuring it to reveal itself and tell for what purpose it was there. The effect of the entreaty convinced Mr. Johnson that the demonstrations came from an intelligent source of some character, but beyond this he had no conception whatever. He however insisted that Mr. Bell should let the matter be known, and call in other friends to assist in the further investigation. This was agreed to, and there was no end to the number of visitors and investigations. Kate, however, developed more rapidly, and soon in answer to the many entreaties, commenced talking, and among the first vocal demonstrations, repeated Mr. Johnson's song and prayer offered on the night of the first visit, referred to, word for word, personating the old gentleman, assimilating his character so perfectly that no one could distinguish it from his voice and prayer.

Kate... made great pretensions for religion taking Mr. Johnson for a model of Christianity, calling him "Old Sugar Mouth," frequently observing, "Lord Jesus, how sweet Old Sugar Mouth prays; how I do love to hear him." Kate delighted in Scriptural controversies, could quote any text or passage in the Bible, and was able to maintain a discussion with the ablest of theologians, excelling in fervency of prayer and devotional songs - no human voice was so sweet. Kate made frequent visits to North Carolina, John Bell's old neighborhood, never absent longer than a day or an hour, but always reporting correctly the news or events of the day in that vicinity. With all of these excellent traits of character, Kate behaved badly toward visitors and all members of the family except Mrs. Lucy Bell, to whom the witch was devoted, declaring that "Old Luce" was a good woman, but manifesting very great aversion for "Old Jack" - John Bell, Sr. He was most detestable and loathsome in the eyes of Kate, for which no cause was ever assigned. But the witch often declared its purpose of killing him before leaving the place.

(L) Alright, so why was this creature/elemental so averse to John Bell and favorable towards his wife? And why did it determine to kill him?

A: The elemental fed on the suffering of both, but more particularly the wife.

Q: (Joe) That's interesting. It's out for the husband, but what about the effects on everyone in the family as a result of him being tormented and it getting worse and worse. Everybody's suffering!

(L) Yeah, the wife was suffering terribly. She even got sick at one point and almost died.

(Joe) The part when they said that after many entreaties to speak, eventually it did... What the hell did they want it to speak for? If something is running around slapping you and gnawing on the bedposts, I don't want to hear from it, ya know?

(L) So here... It says:

Kate the witch never slept, was never idle or confined to any place, but was here and there and everywhere, like the mist of night or the morning sunbeams, was everything and nothing, invisible yet present, spreading all over the neighborhood, prying into everybody's business and domestic affairs; caught on to every ludicrous thing that happened, and all of the sordid, avaricious meanness that transpired; divining the inmost secrets of the human heart, and withal, was a great blab mouth; getting neighbors by the ears, taunting people with their sins and short-comings, and laughing at their folly in trying to discover the identity of the mystery. Kate, however, held fast to Christianity, and was a regular fire-eating Methodist while associating with "Old Sugar Mouth" and his son, Calvin Johnson; was a regular attendant at Mr. Johnson's prayer meetings, calling the amens, thumping on the chairs, and uttering the exclamation "Lord Jesus."

People now concluded that a good spirit had been sent to the community to work wonders and prepare the good at heart for the second advent. Kate's influence was something like that exercised over a "whiskey-soaked town" by Rev. Sam Jones at the present day, only more forceful. [...]

Citizens of the community soon learned to respect Kate's presence and councils, as they feared and abominated the witch's scorpion tongue. Everybody got good; the wicked left off swearing, lying and whiskey drinking, just as people do now for Rev. Sam Jones. The avaricious were careful not to covet or lay hands on that which belonged to their neighbors, lest Kate might tell on them. [...]

No incident out of the regular routine of every day transactions occurred that the witch did not know all about the affair, and would tell the circumstance to someone in less than an hour.

What a great factor in politics this warlock would be at the present time?

(L) [laughter] Yeah... So, what the hell kind of a "thing" can... It was everywhere at once! It was telling on everybody! It's just insane.

( Artemis) It was like a 6-year-old gossipy kid.

A: As more people became involved, the elemental had more conduits of energy and information.

Q: (Pierre) Does it suggest that it was a 2-way street and that the involvement of people believing in it was a necessary condition for this entity to get this information?

A: Yes absolutely!

Q: (L) I don't think it was so much believing in it, but being attracted to it.

(Andromeda) Fascinated by it.

(L) If you really understood what it was, you'd be wanting to cut off the energy, assuming that that's even possible... When you're talking about a situation that's partially caused by environmental factors...

(Andromeda) What do you do?

(Joe) It can take off and harass someone else.

(L) Look at Mothman. Look at the Skinwalker business. Good grief!

(Pierre) I think there's another factor. Those window fallers take advantage of this Earth upheaval to enter 3rd density. Why did this entity go to this family? Because they were juicy?

A: Location was beneficial to the energies.

Q: (Pierre) So they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(L) Well, it's true that having that kind of... I mean, geez! If you could have that kind of information...

(Joe) No... It's not a one-way street in that respect. It's not free.

A: Remember free will and the necessity to choose from what is inside.

Q: (Joe) And I'm sure they have no problem lying to you.

(L) Yeah, that's true. It sure did lie! You'd never know.

(Joe) It could start telling the truth and then throw in lies once it has your trust.

(L) Well, have we had enough on the Bell Witch? We have a pretty good idea of what was going on. Wait, why did it end?

A: The energies of the location dissipated.

Q: ( Artemis) Andromeda was saying it could manifest physical objects?

(L) Oh, absolutely. It did everything! But then of course it was taking all that energy from those people. Okay, next question?

(Joe) What caused the shutdown of the solar observatory in New Mexico last week?

A: Funny you should ask.

Q: (Joe) Bell Witch Part 2: The Return? [laughter]

A: Not that severe, but similar and due to similar causes: unsettled EM energies. Precursor waves.

Q: (L) So they had some kind of phenomenon there, and it freaked people out. It could have even manifested something like Mothman or something similar. And then people freaked out and they called in the FBI. God knows what.

(Scottie) Ask the question...

(Joe) Scottie wants details!

(Scottie) Well, just generally.

A: Human looking creatures and various electronic anomalies creating panic among the few in the know.

Q: (Pierre) The Cs said "precursor waves", so it means the main wave is coming?

(L) Precursor wave... I mean, they were talking about earthquakes.

(Pierre) Precursor is before something, announcing something...

(L) Right, and they were talking about...

(Niall) So this means more of this kind of thing might be coming.

(Pierre) Yeah, that's what I mean. And there was stuff in the sessions years ago about New Mexico going to 4th density first and curving roads looking like they are straight and vice versa.

A: Indeed, some of that was experienced.

Q: (L) And when they were seeing human looking creatures, what does that mean? Were they apparitions or creatures, or...?

( Artemis) What did they look like?

A: Visual and semi-solid manifestations of persons known to be elsewhere.

Q: (L) So like bilocation or something.

A: Similar.

Q: (L) So they were getting like time warp or density warp effects or something.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) It wasn't really a window faller type of phenomenon.

(L) It was like a foretaste... a foretaste of glory divine!


(Joe) We were just saying it's sort of like bleedthrough. If somebody in the solar observatory was talking to someone a thousand miles away, and then they were walking in the hallway just after and thinking about the person, they'd see the person - like a ghost. And the official story was that a janitor had child porn on his computer.

(L) And they evacuated a facility for that - for a WEEK!?!?

A: The story is as full of holes as the dimensional barrier!

Q: [laughter] (L) Okay. What's next?

(Pierre) I have a few questions. Recently, there was a scientific paper stating that sound waves go up, opposite to gravity. Why?

(L) Why? Do you even know it's true?

(Pierre) Is it true?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) What do you mean they go opposite to gravity?

(Pierre) If you have a sound wave traveling horizontally parallel with the ground, the sound wave travels upwards away from the ground - against gravity. I found it interesting because of the session when the Cs talk about how focused sound waves were used to levitate stones. Okay, next question: In a previous session, it was mentioned that chirality - the geometric pattern of molecules - was what matters more than the chemical composition of molecules. So, at a lower atomic scale for example, is it the same? That is, elements like nickel and cadmium, their protons are mostly related to their geometry?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so that's why in the Mendeleev table, you can have two elements next to each with only one neutron difference, and one is highly beneficial while the other is highly toxic. Okay, next question: Last session, it was mentioned that DNA is like a receiver device connecting our genetic bodies to the information field. Does the 3D spiral geometry of DNA play any role in the receivership capability of DNA?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) I have a hypothesis, and I'd like to know if it's true. The spiral shape of DNA connects it to the information field. And then the nucleotide sequences like TCAG for example, it doesn't directly decode this or that amino acid. TCAG connects to one specific set of information in the information field which is the instruction code for creating this or that amino acid. Is that true?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) During a past session, it was mentioned that a few minutes after death, there is a burst in genetic transcription that's related to the genetic body disconnecting from the information field. Also it has been noted by several witnesses that before people die, they have a sudden burst of energy. They're not sick anymore, and then they die. Why?

A: A shift in the internal EM field releasing bonds that constrict.

Q: (L) Ya know, it's funny. I noticed that same phenomenon before having each one of my babies. I would be suffering horribly during the pregnancy, and then all of a sudden I'd feel really, really good. Twelve hours later, BOOM!

(Pierre) Because on an informational level, it was done. It took a bit of time on the material level to translate into giving birth. Maybe.

(L) I dunno if it happens to all women, but it happened to me.

(Pierre) René Quinton hypothesized that the first living cells developed in sea water. Is that true?

A: More or less, yes.

Q: (Pierre) Why does Quinton plasma have such beneficial properties compared to ordinary saline solution?

A: Basic life energy imprint.

Q: (L) It's like water with memory?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) And the seawater is the basic life environment...

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) It's not because of chemistry or whatever, but it's the right environment for connection with the information field...

A: Conductive as well, in more ways than one!

Q: (Pierre) What are they alluding to here? That it's conductive in an informational way and also in an electrical way?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, I think we can move to Approaching Infinity's questions.

(Approaching Infinity) If the first cell more or less appeared in sea water, there's still the question of how that cell came about because it is irreducibly complex in the sense that the cell needs the insides of the cell, like the genome and the proteins, in order to create the cell through self-replication. And then within the cell, it's the same thing with DNA: the DNA needs proteins and enzymes to replicate and do all the stuff it does. But the proteins and enzymes need DNA in order to produce themselves. So, it seems like all of things needed to come about at the same time.

(Joe) The chicken and the egg.

(Approaching Infinity) Yeah.

(Pierre) There is a solution to solve this paradox, but maybe it's wrong. My hypothesis is that there's a density shift from first to second density when you get a critical mass of 2nd density organisms (molecules for example) and then you reach a critical mass of information, so they're ripe for graduation into 3d. Is this hypothesis right?

(L) You haven't read enough yet. It's impossible without the first step, manifestation of basic cellular life.

(Approaching Infinity) So how does the first cell manifest?

A: Partly correct, pair.

Q: (L) Well, what is the other part of it?

A: Genome manufactured in 4th density and sent through realm curtain in a manner similar to how virii are transmitted.

Q: (L) So the elements were developing, were present, and jostling around together in the primordial soup or whatever... But then the genome was manufactured.

(Pierre) It goes both ways: downside up, molecules reaching critical mass, and from top down - from 4th density down to 3rd.

(L) So in a sense, that's the basic thing about intelligent design. There is a lot of parts to it that rely on the nature of the physical world itself and how all the different elements - which themselves come into being via information - accumulate or gather or interact. And then a direct intervention is added. That's what it amounts to.

A: Yes indeed!!!

Q: (Joe) Who sends it through the realm curtain from 4th density?

A: Transient passengers. Perhaps the term will have more meaning now?

Q: (Approaching Infinity) It's almost like in the Bell Witch case when there were direct manifestations of things. I would imagine that if there's this information being sent through the realm curtain into 3rd density, if you were an observer watching in the sea water with a microscope, it might appear as if the cell just manifests. It just takes form and looks like it came out of nowhere.

A: Very close indeed!

Q: (L) Has this sort of direct intervention happened more than once? Like when major changes of DNA have occurred, or when there were major changes in the so-called evolutionary record?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So basically we are indeed surrounded by an intelligence that is more than we can even comprehend.

A: Yes. We have been saying that!


Q: (L) Oh, the fact that science has completely discarded any idea that non-material intelligence exists and can act on matter reminds me of something in the Bell Witch book:

It would be a shameful display of one's ignorance to deny on general principles the existence of the thing or fact, in the face of such evidence, because he did not witness it, and cannot comprehend it.

(L) And yet this is what science basically is doing today. It denies on general principles or on scientific materialistic principles. And, apparently, religion, by denying the reality of the spirit world as it actually exists, has shot itself in the foot. The book says:

Dr. Bond, a distinguished Methodist divine and editor, who has most forcibly combatted the faith on the grounds that, that which cannot be explained is not to be believed, and for the best reason that many deeply pious minds have become involved in confusion and error in trying to exercise this discriminating faith, and he argues that all premonitions, omens and spectral appearances are a common phenomenon of disordered senses, and that the doctrine of the spirit world is unscriptural and dangerous in the extreme, and that theologians have no right to say that the spirits of the dead live about us, and commune with us, and minister to us. [...]

(L) That's what was happening at that time: rationalism was even taking hold within religious circles. I think that spiritualist phenomena were a threat to the mainstream religions and they thought that they could better their position by throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The author then points out that this was not the position of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

Mr. Wesley, however, was bold in speaking his sentiments and rather boasted of his belief in witchcraft. He wrote and spoke about the Epworth ghost that haunted the family some thirty years.

...[O]ne of the most striking features in Wesley's religious character was his deep rooted, intense, powerful and impelling convictions of the dread realities of an unseen world.

(L) And then he quotes Wesley:

"With my last breath, will I bear my testimony against giving up to infidels one great proof of the invisible world; I mean, that of witchcraft and apparitions, confirmed by the testimony of all ages. The English in general, and indeed, most of the men of learning in Europe, have given up all accounts of witches and apparitions as mere old wives' fables. I am sorry for it, and I willingly take this opportunity of entering my solemn protest against this violent compliment, which so many that believe the Bible pay to those who do not believe it."

(L) In other words, he's saying that people who are religious are giving up their belief in the invisible world under the pressure of the rationalism.

"I owe them no such service. I take knowledge these are at the bottom of the outcry which has been raised, and with such insolence spread throughout the nation in direct opposition not only to the Bible, but to the suffrage of the wisest and best of men in all ages and nations. They well know (whether Christians know or not) that the giving up of witchcraft is in effect giving up the Bible; and they know, on the other hand, that if but one account of the intercourse of men with separate spirits be admitted their whole castle in the air - deism, atheism, materialism - falls to the ground. I know no reason, therefore, why we should suffer even this weapon to be wrested out of our hands. Indeed, there are numerous arguments besides this, which abundantly confute their vain imaginations. But we need not be hooted out of one; neither reason nor religion requires this. One of the capital objections to all of these accounts is, 'Did you ever see an apparition yourself?' No, nor did I ever see a murder; yet I believe there is such a thing. The testimony of unexceptionable witnesses fully convince me both of the one and the other."

(L) So, that is part of the whole materialist thing, which is to deprive people of the knowledge and awareness of the other world: the intelligences, spirits, ancestors, 4th density beings, astrals, elementals, and so forth that surround us – a great cloud of witnesses, as the apostle Paul put it. The great intelligences that helped life to come into being, the Transient Passengers as the Cs put it! We see around us what the world has become because of denying the reality of it. Humanity is setting itself up to become a “dream in the past”. When the Cs say to pay close and careful attention to reality, right and left, they don’t just mean 3 D reality! Alright, next question.

(Chu) In the book Evolution 2.0, it talks about how the restructuring of DNA and recoding in order to rearrange the code and create something new happens mainly in response to heat shock, pollution, hazardous chemicals, absence of food, or presence of food that's harmful – that is, under hardship conditions and extreme conditions - and it happens all in a few hours. I was wondering if this is an explanation for why suffering is conducive to learning?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) And is this the reason why nowadays when times are "good" as Łobaczewski defined it, for certain segments of the population, that part of humanity seems to be devolving?

A: Yes

Q: ( Artemis) People avoid suffering at all costs.

(L) Alright, are we done with DNA questions?

(Approaching Infinity) We did the Bell Witch, and speaking of taking information from people and telling them what they want to hear as well as mixing truth with lies, there has been a...

(Joe) That's a loaded question.

(L) BOY! What an intro! [laughter]

(Approaching Infinity) There's been this phenomenon on the internet: QAnon. It's an anonymous 4chan and 8chan poster who alleges to be an insider in some government structure who gives predictions and vague cryptic statements that are often then looked back on and confirmed by real events - at least in interpretation if not in actual fact. It has become a semi-popular phenomenon, but Google Analytics says it's not so popular. Then the Washington Post did a poll in Florida that found that 58% of Floridians were familiar with Q, and 25% held favorable opinions on the Q phenomenon. So, this gets back a question on forum as to the identity of Q. So, first question: Who is behind Q?

A: An "insider" of psyops.

Q: (Niall) It's a disinfo program.

(L) The very fact that the Washington Post is pushing it is a big red flag...

(Niall) It's like a Cyber Bell Witch!

(L) And truth and lies, truth and lies, truth and lies... Well, well, well. Next question.

(Approaching Infinity) During the attack on Syria recently, at first there was a report that a French naval vessel had launched 4 cruise missiles...

(Niall) Maybe there's a question before that: Was the Russian plane downed deliberately or by accident?

A: It was a definite setup.

Q: (Approaching Infinity) Did the French frigate actually launch missiles on Syria?

A: Yes

Q: (Approaching Infinity) Why hasn't anyone commented on that attack since the initial reports?

A: Why do you think?

Q: (Joe) They did comment on it.

(Approaching Infinity) Well, initially they did, but then there was no word on where the missiles hit or anything else after that.

A: It is not seen as useful to call Macron on the carpet yet.

Q: (L) They said YET...

(Approaching Infinity) Maybe Russia wants to maintain a semi-decent relationship with France at this point...

A: Yes

Q: (Approaching Infinity) What were Petrov and Boshirov, the two alleged GRU assassins, doing in Salisbury?

A: Making "business" connections.

Q: (Joe) Involving illegal or shady deals?

A: More or less.

Q: (Niall) They probably don't want to tell us.

(Approaching Infinity) Did they meet with the Skripals?

A: No

Q: (Joe) Were they deliberately manipulated and setup to be in that area at that time?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright, are we done? Honey?

(Ark) Well, okay... I have a problem with Unified Field Theory.

(L) Everybody else does, too! It's such a bothersome thing. Everyday you get up and UFT just drives you crazy! [laughter]

(Andromeda) You too?!

(L) Yeah!

(Ark) The problem is that once upon a time, we were talking about UFT. There was talk about Einstein and Bergmann and Kaluza and Klein and 5 dimensions and the “loop of the cylinder” (see session 2 Dec 95) and that was something Einstein started but was prevented from finishing. But recently, the talk was about infinite dimensions rather than 5, that there are universes floating as a brane in infinite dimensions. So, I have problem how to combine this 5 dimensions of standard UFT with infinite dimensions that was just in the last session.

A: Imagine a five dimensional "body" that replicates infinitely.

Q: (Ark) Okay, so I will try to imagine, yes... Ah! And the second question: I'm looking for a structure that's related to geometry of thoughts. So, it came to my attention that there is one exceptional structure that may be good for it. It's called Exceptional Jordan Algebra M38. Is it an atom from which mathematics of thoughts should be built?

A: Good avenue to travel. But remember that "thoughts" are similar to proteins made by DNA: there is as much information transmitted by the shape as by the string of amino acids and other components. There is more than one basic "structure" for thoughts.

Q: (L) Any last questions?

(Niall) What caused the bridge to collapse in Genoa, Italy on the 14th of August?

A: Prior land slippage that was unnoticed by most and ignored.

Q: (L) Well, we've been noticing... Railroad tracks. They have these train wrecks because the railroad tracks have literally moved!

(Niall) In less than 1 week!

(L) Yeah.

(Niall) What caused the sky to turn so dark that it was practically night for 3 hours in the middle of the day in Siberia on the 20th of July?

A: High level blockage of sunlight combined with particulates in atmosphere. Remember, there are things "out there" that are virtually undetectable!

Q: (L) You mean kinda like the way Mike Bailey described the Great Comet of the Black Death? It was so black that it like sucked up light. It absorbed it instead of reflecting it. So there could be things up in the sky – or space, rather - that are unreflective and they just... they're basically invisible as they pass. Is that what you're saying?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Was it a storm cloud?

(Niall) There were mad wildfires, but not there. I think they ruled out that it was smoke from the wildfires.

A: Earth is in a part of space that holds many anomalies and surprises.

Q: (L) Can some of that be like the comet flux that Victor Clube talks about?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, there could be comet dust too, like maybe clumps of it, unreflective?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Could that be part of what was going on there?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) But for 3 hours, on and then off. It began at 11:30 and ended at 2:00, and then went back to be sunny.

(Pierre) A cloud of comet dust.

(Approaching Infinity) But just for that one space? How high would it be?

(Joe) Maybe it landed.

(Approaching Infinity) It would have to be fairly close to Earth to just block out that one area. Even in 3 hours, the Earth moves quite a bit, so...

(L) It would have to move with it. So that's pretty anomalous, huh? Almost like an eclipse when no eclipse was scheduled.

A: Indeed! Stay tuned!

Q: (Niall) What caused all those houses in the suburbs of Boston last week to either blow up or catch fire?

A: Gas emanations. Things are "opening up".

Q: (Joe) I'm not surprised. It's happening all over the place.

(Ark) I just need one number. Between 1970 and today, which year was I closest to opening the window to UFT?

A: 1984

Q: (L) Alright then. We thank you very much for being with us. We're tired!

( Artemis) Did you want to...

(L) Oh! Let me ask. Chloe passed away. Is she around trying to communicate?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is there something she wants to say, or can you convey to me, or... I mean...

A: She says that you were right and she was stubbornly wrong.

Q: (L) Did she suffer?

A: No

Q: (L) Well, just tell her to enjoy herself and talk to me in dreams or send me little signs. I'll enjoy that. But only if she's inclined to. And I guess she knows things now that she didn't know before. Alright. Kissy kissy, Chloe. And goodnight.

A: Goodbye.

Many thanks for the session! Fascinating stuff about the Bell Witch. And the New Mexico observatory, wow! Would be great to get some first-hand accounts from those present, or video if any of them tried to document it and see how that turned out.

Much appreciated asking the question about QAnon. I liken it to confirmation that an apparent tip of an iceberg spotted is in fact an iceberg and not some well-crafted styrofoam theme park structure or floaty toy.
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The russians just presented a minute by minute chronology of the downing of the IL-20 plane in which they pretty much confirm the C's statement that it was an Israeli set up. They even go as far as saying that there was a deliberate wrong/deceptive statement delivered to the russian military right before the downing, by the woman representative of the chief of staff of the Israeli air-force, that created this dangerous situation for the plane in the first place. They then go as far as saying that also the pilot of the Israeli Jet must have known that his action of hiding behind the russian plane will provoke the syrian missile system to fire at it. They also make it clear that in the aftermath, the Israelis behaved suspiciously shall we say, in the way of not responding to the russians in their efforts to secure the area where they plane came down for aid for over 50 minutes. What sneaky/bloody bastards they are! Incredible.

Moscow to present minute-by-minute account of Russian Il-20 downing in Syria

While the Israelis still blame others for it:

‘We didn’t hide behind any aircraft’: Israel insists its jets not to blame for downing Russian Il-20
WOW! That was quite a session! Thank you everyone. It's just fascinating!
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Thanks for the new session! Funny that the about Approaching Infinity's name! Pretty cool actually. :cool2:
Еще не прочитал, только приступаю с нетерпением. Каждая сессия, как глоток чистой, родниковой воды. Спасибо Вам за Ваш труд.


I haven't read it yet, but I'm starting to look forward to it. Each session is like a SIP of pure spring water. Thank You for Your work.
Thanks very much for the latest session and getting it online so quickly! :-)

I think I'll have to let it all sink in... I'll be doing some short excerpts for my diary tonight.
That's an old habit of mine which helps me memorizing the main points of the sessions.

"We are surrounded by an intelligence."

Somehow that sounds comforting to me. Good night... ;-)
Thank you sharing this session; it is a great unvealing of the mechanics of the creation of life and the wonders of the Universe that surrounds us

I looked up the earth activity in the early 19th century and there was Mount Tambora in 1815, Mount Tambora - Wikipedia that led to a drop in temperature. This eruption is also mentioned here List of known large volcanic eruptions - Wikipedia

The New Madrid Fault had three strong earth quackes within a few months during 1811-1812. Close to the same period there were also two in California List of historical earthquakes - Wikipedia
Thank you for such a long and information packed session, I hope you weren't too tired by the end of it! :flowers::wizard:

The story about Kate the Elemental really gave me the creeps!

(Niall) Maybe there's a question before that: Was the Russian plane downed deliberately or by accident?

A: It was a definite setup.

They used to say that some banks and financial institutions were too big to fail. And then 2008 credit crunch happened. Downing the Russian plane may have come with a massive price tag for Israel and I'm curious to see if "too big to fail" will apply to them in the end.
Thank you for another fascinating session.

It is interesting how cells operate, using the information field. I suppose it is a safeguard to keep things moving in a orderly fashion along an intended path.

But then I think of all the tinkering, and genetic engineering going on. Think GMO's. I wonder if this was a problem for the scientists working on them. It could be that you can bypass the information field for one generation, but that the information field would over time, and generations bring things back to normal. I know that they patented the seeds, and they do not allow the use of the crop seeds to be used by the farmer. New seeds must be bought. Maybe that is the reason for that. Over time, the seeds would normalize and not be GMO seeds any more.
That was a fascinating session! Thank you!

The info about DNA is amazing. It all starts to finally make sense.

(L) So, that is part of the whole materialist thing, which is to deprive people of the knowledge and awareness of the other world: the intelligences, spirits, ancestors, 4th density beings, astrals, elementals, and so forth that surround us – a great cloud of witnesses, as the apostle Paul put it. The great intelligences that helped life to come into being, the Transient Passengers as the Cs put it! We see around us what the world has become because of denying the reality of it. Humanity is setting itself up to become a “dream in the past”. When the Cs say to pay close and careful attention to reality, right and left, they don’t just mean 3 D reality!

There's so much around us and yet humanity is programmed to be so willfully blind: it makes better puppets.

Anyhow, we certainly live in very exciting times!
Wow, what a session! I was glad to read that you asked about the observatory and the Siberian event. Those stories were really bizarre.

And Q had all the signs of being Cointelpro, so I'm glad the C's confirmed it.

Thanks for another truly fascinating session. :flowers:
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