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Last time I was wondering if there was any esoteric relationship regarding the overuse of the word black in high-power companies in the United States and Israel. I was quoting Blackstone, BlackRock, Blackwater and BlackCube. And it seems in fact that it is not the word black but the word stone, rock or cube.

When I was investigating further about BlackCube, the private branch of the Mossad, I found that in antiquity Planet Saturn was associated with a stone and with witchcraft and was represented by a black cube (for the medieval alchemists Saturn was associated with lead).

In Mythology Saturn is associated with Chronos, Dionysus, Hyperion, Hyperboria, Polaris, Atlas, Hercules and is the planet presiding over the dark arts or witchcraft and the melancholy, (maybe as reminiscent of a cosmic catastrophe)

Manly P. Hall explains that in antiquity the solar system was organized by forces inward from the great ring of Saturn's sphere which was called the Throne. So Saturn controls the beginning of all things, is the father of the gods, the lord of time and the Elder who live in the north pole.

The first forms of worship represented Saturn as the Stone: "the infrastructure that sustains creation" says Manly P. Hall and the Semitic civilizations referred to the god Saturn as "EL" the supreme deity. Greek and Arabic astrology considered Saturn as the most malignant of the seven "planets" and the planet with the most powerful influence in human life. Thus, the Jews, self-appointed children of Saturn, were considered contaminated by the evil nature of the planet.

According to Yair Davidiy:

“Ancient peoples identified the Israel Ten Lost Tribes with the mythological figure of Saturn whom they said had gone with his followers to live in Ireland and Britain. The Lost Ten Tribes were exiled by the Assyrians to different areas. At different timers and in various stages all descendants of Israel eventually moved to the west and congregated there. They emerged as participants in the Celtic Civilization of Western Europe and the British Isles, as the Bronze and Iron Age settlers of Scandinavia, and amongst the Gemanic-speaking nations headed by the Angles, Saxons, Franks, and other nations.

“The Exiled Israelites were equated with Saturn who was also known as Cronus, and as Typhon, and was identified with the baal god of Canaan whom the ancient Israelites also worshipped and identified with. Remember the northern Israelites were exiled for worshipping idols and following the customs of the peoples around them (2-Kings chs. 17 & 18).”

Cory, I.P. says "Eusebius informs us that El, a name used also in the Bible as a name for God, was the name of Saturn”. Some classical writers, among them Tacitus alleged that the Jews were worshippers of Saturn.

The Hebrew name for the planet Saturn, shabtai, comes from Shabbat, and the word "Satur" or "Saturn day", Saturday is dedicated to Saturn (Jupiter-Thursday, Mars-Tuesday, Sun-Sunday, Venus-Friday, Mercury-Wednesday and Moon-Monday)

Moshe Idel in his book, "Saturn's Jews: On the Witches' Sabbat and Sabbateanism" says that the name of the witches' sabbat, came from the Jewish holy day, the Sabbath. Idel does believe that witchcraft traced its roots in folkloric rituals and perhaps mystery traditions of Asian origins. Both Hellenistic and Arab astrology believed that peoples had their own presiding planet, and indicated Saturn as the planet of the Jews, the planet presiding over Israel.

Idel clarifies that witchcraft never represented the majority of Judaism but a group which remains a minority a "secondary elite" which exerts a long-lasting influence.

This is really interesting since the C's have mentioned on other occasions that the "Jews" are actually Aryans and that the drama that was performed off the planet and during the time of Atlantis is being staged once again.

One may wonder if the aforementioned "Sons of Belial", which had to do with the fall of the Atlantean civilization, are actually those Aryans: The sons of Baal / Saturn.

Now one can only imagine the power of the intelligence community, like Mossad, if it had the collaboration of a Semi-demonic creatures... But what if it is so? They would have that technology to spy, control or attack everyone!! A Global Big Brother no less.

Session Date: September 22nd 2018

(L) [laughter] Yeah... So, what the hell kind of a "thing" can... It was everywhere at once! It was telling on everybody! It's just insane.
( Artemis) It was like a 6-year-old gossipy kid.

A: As more people became involved, the elemental had more conduits of energy and information.

Q: (Pierre) Does it suggest that it was a 2-way street and that the involvement of people believing in it was a necessary condition for this entity to get this information?

A: Yes absolutely!

The ALEXA device would be child's play with Mossad playing 4D witchcraft… A true Cyber Bell Witch!


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I wounder how NASA's Advanced Supercomputing Division play's a part with your post Puma1974.

Published on May 4, 2018
2007 Lecture by Jacques Vallee on Remote Viewing, Early Internet Orgins, The Software of Consciousness, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) aka SRI International, Psychic Phenomena, & Parapsychology. Jacques Fabrice Vallée (French: [vale]; born September 24, 1939) is a computer scientist, venture capitalist, author, ufologist and former astronomer currently residing in San Francisco, California.

In mainstream science, Vallée co-developed the first computerized map of Mars for NASA in 1963. He later worked on the network information center for the ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet, as a staff member of SRI International's Augmentation Research Center (NASA), under Douglas Engelbart.

Vallée is also an important figure in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), first noted for a defense of the scientific legitimacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and later for promoting the interdimensional hypothesis.

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Christina Engelbart


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(Approaching Infinity) We did the Bell Witch, and speaking of taking information from people and telling them what they want to hear as well as mixing truth with lies, there has been a...

(Joe) That's a loaded question.

(L) BOY! What an intro! [laughter]

(Approaching Infinity) There's been this phenomenon on the internet: QAnon. It's an anonymous 4chan and 8chan poster who alleges to be an insider in some government structure who gives predictions and vague cryptic statements that are often then looked back on and confirmed by real events - at least in interpretation if not in actual fact. It has become a semi-popular phenomenon, but Google Analytics says it's not so popular. Then the Washington Post did a poll in Florida that found that 58% of Floridians were familiar with Q, and 25% held favorable opinions on the Q phenomenon. So, this gets back a question on forum as to the identity of Q. So, first question: Who is behind Q?

A: An "insider" of psyops.

Q: (Niall) It's a disinfo program.

(L) The very fact that the Washington Post is pushing it is a big red flag...

More Deep State disfo:

(Niall) It's like a Cyber Bell Witch!

(L) And truth and lies, truth and lies, truth and lies... Well, well, well. Next question.
QAnon adherents believe December 5 will be a major day for their conspiracy theory :phaser:
On 12/5/18 at 2:18 PM


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The same phenomenon that is described below happened again! They speculated that perhaps this time it has to do with smoke from wildfires, but the timing is rather curious.

There was no trace of light until after 8am local time over the Verkhoyansk district in the north of Yakutia.

Almost exactly a year ago - in July 2018 - there was another pitch black morning over three major areas of Yakutia, Eveno-Bytantaisky, Zhigansky and the same Verkhoyansky district.

Darkness which had a yellow tinge lasted for over three hours and was followed by drop in air temperature.

The territory impacted by the gloom was larger than Italy.

This time weather experts thought the blackout was caused by smoke from wildfires mixing with heavy rain clouds, and they didn’t register change in temperature.

The timing of the returning black skies puzzled the locals.

(Niall) What caused the sky to turn so dark that it was practically night for 3 hours in the middle of the day in Siberia on the 20th of July?

A: High level blockage of sunlight combined with particulates in atmosphere. Remember, there are things "out there" that are virtually undetectable!

Q: (L) You mean kinda like the way Mike Bailey described the Great Comet of the Black Death? It was so black that it like sucked up light. It absorbed it instead of reflecting it. So there could be things up in the sky – or space, rather - that are unreflective and they just... they're basically invisible as they pass. Is that what you're saying?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Was it a storm cloud?

(Niall) There were mad wildfires, but not there. I think they ruled out that it was smoke from the wildfires.

A: Earth is in a part of space that holds many anomalies and surprises.

Q: (L) Can some of that be like the comet flux that Victor Clube talks about?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, there could be comet dust too, like maybe clumps of it, unreflective?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Could that be part of what was going on there?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) But for 3 hours, on and then off. It began at 11:30 and ended at 2:00, and then went back to be sunny.

(Pierre) A cloud of comet dust.

(Approaching Infinity) But just for that one space? How high would it be?

(Joe) Maybe it landed.

(Approaching Infinity) It would have to be fairly close to Earth to just block out that one area. Even in 3 hours, the Earth moves quite a bit, so...

(L) It would have to move with it. So that's pretty anomalous, huh? Almost like an eclipse when no eclipse was scheduled.

A: Indeed! Stay tuned!
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