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This is about the warning and the possible venues of attack. I was lying down, breathing, and thinking about Shungite, at first. On the EMF thread, Shungite was mentioned. Keeping this short and simple... in the last few months I have found that my Shungite doesn't work anymore. I cleansed. No improvement. I have a way of checking by touch if something balances my immune system or not. The Shungite became negative, after years of being positive including checking it's very real effect reducing EMF shown with a Trifield Metre.

This next is simply something I investigated and the Big Grain of Salt is called for, or verification from anyone who can, if at all... Now, over the last months, Shungite feels strengthening for the vaccinated people, the gene-therapy recipients. It seems to me to be negative for unvaccinated. I didn't stumble on this myself. My pracitioner had found that something had a negative influence on a client, and with some detective work found it seemed to be the Shungite by the bed. I've learned from my practitioner (who was mentored by a well known naturopath in Ontario), to check the Armour Body or Wei Chi (TCM description of the immune system, different in some regards from all the Western descriptions). It is a field that one can learn to sense.

I suggest that attacks can come from sources that we've relied on as helpful, creating collinearity, that it requires taking nothing for granted as positive because it always has been. I recently used my CD of Eiriu-Eolas and had a negative reaction, never before felt. I am not suggesting that this would be the case for anyone other than myself and I don't know what to do about it yet. Re-do the E-E program is one thing. It wasn't that the practice brought anything up, it usually clears my energy system of the subtle types of minor attacks, or whatever you'd call them. Others have mentioned the thoughts not one's own dropping in, that's the best way I can describe intrusions. Also, a kind of brain addlement that takes you by surprise, doesn't make sense for any other reason. I will see what I find when I do E-E soon and report if I learn more. And of course, this could all just be my own lessons!

It completely breaks my heart to write this, but it seems things don't necessarily stay the same and can be hijacked, or some mega-environmental program or vibe changes.

I spin everyday, meditate and did the Eiriu-Eolas practice sometimes more regularly and sometimes not for months. This shift in Shungite then the E-E change told me a bit more about possible subterfuges. Imagine, 4DSTS figuring how to tinker with the things that have been so helpful and thinking we wouldn't check.... Setting up energy drains, or whatever else as part of an attack plan.

I triple check if I should post this. Darn it, it seems like it is worth posting..... Just a kind of heads up to be vigilant in ways we may not have expected necessary.

I've also had a shift with my last EE session, although somewhat different than your experience. For the first time, I totally zoned out and woke up drooling.

Maybe as a fundraiser the Chateau crew could design and sell a stylish Eiriu Eolas bib for large-sized babies like myself?


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Makes me think of how those who protected Putin from those witches, the 'many more guardians and protectors' were able to help. I would like to understand more about how such guardians and protectors succeeded. I do tune into friends to stand with them if things get rough, aware of non-interference with free will, as aware as I can be at this level.... i.e., I ask for permission to simply stand with them or send Reiki.

That's pretty close IMO. The intention behind such things carries more weight than we think, and the rituals or specific routine is less important.

MK Scarlett

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Thank you very much much for sharing this tremendous session. About the final warning words and as aimarok nailed it:

A good reminder that we all play our part in this cosmic play and nobody is nobody.

Kudos for Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board and everyone at the Chateau. :flowers:

I hope the hyperbaric chamber will do its best for all those who need it!

I wonder too if the space virus isn’t already here... As it would take some time to disseminate from upper atmopshere to the ground of the planet and living creatures. The ongoing Pierre's book about the Black Death is very helpful in that manner:

Mass Extinctions, Evolutionary Leaps, and the Virus-Information Connection

This is a good time (maybe the most important one) to arm ourselves with everything we have learned so far and to pursue our lessons while preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Take good care everyone!


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Wow! That sounds powerful. Here it is on Youtube:

Note that they are moving in several concentric circles which reminds me of this:
(Galatea) On the David Attenborough documentary, he shows some fish swimming along a stream and just going around in circles. They don't do it to mate or to do anything else like feed. There's a mouse crawling up the wall behind that painting!

(Perceval) Spidermouse!

(Pierre) It's a channeling mouse.

(Galatea) So, they just swim in a circle and they have absolutely no idea why they do it. So, I was wondering why do the fish go there to swim in a circle?

A: Generating energy.

Q: (Galatea) Oh, so they generate energy. Interesting. So the fish are like witches.
I've been re-watching "The Power of Myth", an interview of Joseph Campbell by Bill Moyers and they discuss circles and their meaning starting about 15.55:

(Pierre) At the time on Kantek was there more oxygen than on Earth nowadays?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) That was a good question.

(Pierre) Does it explain partly...

A: There was also more oxygen on Earth at times in the past.
I assume this partly explains the problem of hemochromatosis? I mean there is more oxygen on the planet -> the body needs more hemoglobin -> the body consumes more iron.

Kari Baba

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Thank you for this insightful session. It is good to know that Putin and the Russian people are energetically supported and protected by many different networks, as are the shamans.

The warning at the end really got me thinking. For me it was primarily related to the core of the network and thus the chateau and the farm, but I wondered what the heck are they planning to attack that could not be immediately recognized as such? After all those years of really nasty attacks and the resulting increased attention. I have no idea as I'm not remotely evil enough to think about how I could theoretically destroy an entire network. So I think we have no choice but to be extremely vigilant, to examine our own thoughts and emotions every day and to continue to share.

(Gaby) In a prior session, they were saying it was not mostly the US experiments that were a threat to humanity, but instead a space virus. So, if that's the case, in theory if there's a 4th density STS virus coming up, will it be a DNA or an RNA virus?


Q: (Gaby) And what kind of disease will it produce?

A: Most likely to be similar to primitive smallpox.

Q: (Pierre) Primitive smallpox is nasty. It's a descendant of the Black Death.

(L) I think we decided that primitive smallpox was the Black Death.

(Gaby) Smallpox is a DNA virus. So if this is an RNA virus, it could be nastier I suppose.

(Pierre) With 79% death rate, it's nasty.

(Joe) What kind of treatments would be effective against such a critter?

A: Vit C and oxygen.

I am very grateful for the advice on vitamin C and oxygen (hyperbaric chamber). I would also be interested to know whether vaccination against smallpox offers a certain degree of protection. I am asking because there are some older people (including me) in different countries who have still got this vaccination. Unfortunately, I'm just a medical layman. If so, and there is at least some protection due to the similarity of the virus, there might still be the possibility of a homeopathic vaccination. I addressed this here in relation to smallpox. Or did the C's mean that it's a new virus that resembles smallpox only in the symptoms?

Even though I can't actively participate that often at the moment, you are all in my thoughts and prayers every day! :hug2: 💞


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I can’t find the difference between “primitive” and regular smallpox. Only a reference that they believe smallpox originated in 10,000 BC and was found on Egyptian mummies from about 3 thousand years ago with the pox scares on their bodies. But nothing about what makes it different from regular smallpox.
History doesn't recognize that the Black Death was caused by a virus. The official narrative is that it was caused by Yersinia Pestis.

We know from research that it could have only been a virus. The Black Death was a "primitive" smallpox, it was prior to the smallpox. That is, the Black Death ravaged Europe and when it winded down, the smallpox took its place.

Smallpox is caused by a complex DNA virus. According to the Cs, a theoretical comeback of the Black Death would be caused by an RNA virus. The incubation period might be long, but when it gives symptoms, there would be no doubt whatsoever.

Ursus Minor

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The incubation period might be long, but when it gives symptoms, there would be no doubt whatsoever.

The virus should strike high altitudes such as the Himalayas or Bolivia first, and when it arrives at mountain tourist resorts such as those in the European Alpes people will unknowingly take it home to their countries and cities, due to its long incubation period... :-(
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