Session 23 April 2022

Whoa, lots of important info in this session and reflective of my own thoughts/impressions of late. Like many here it seems that last part has my attention and concerning. Too many thoughts to share but seems it’s back to SETTM🤔 Hope to be more active again once things settle down. First, fam needs to get past this latest round of “flu” - feel “upgraded” though Thank you for sharing! Please, be vigilant everyone :hug2: :flowers:
Any space virus arriving on the scene will unleash another round of mask mandates, lockdowns and probably manipulated vaccines. Food rations doled out to people with vaccine passports...

Am I being too pessimistic?
Only time will tell. 😉

If a virus with 80% mortality rate is delivered to everyone at the same time (using alien technology), then I don't see how another round of lockdowns, mask mandates or manipulated vaccines could be possible. It would be too chaotic. There wouldn't be anybody to enforce the measures (unless a "backup", police-like, robotic population is suddenly sent to control people!).

However, if a virus with 80% mortality is delivered to a specific human population/area, then I would expect the PTB to go "full totalitarian" on the rest of population that hasn't yet been exposed to the virus.

I think it's a timing issue. With Covid, it was slow and soul-crushing. Maybe the next pandemic will be fast and deadly?
Thank you for the latest session. :-)

Any space virus arriving on the scene will unleash another round of mask mandates, lockdowns and probably manipulated vaccines. Food rations doled out to people with vaccine passports...

Am I being too pessimistic? :-/

I actually like Aeneas' idea of taking 20 consecutive breaths of air on a daily basis...
If there’s a 79% death rate as predicted by the C’s and if people who have been vaccinated are more susceptible, that means many many services will break down. Consider that roughly all government employees are vaxxed and it was mentioned that the vaccines had docking elements in them. Who will enforce anything?

Nothing is set in stone, but Covid would be very very mild compared to what could be coming. Covid was more of a mental pandemic than a real one, death rates really didn’t change much from historical averages. If the predicted space virus happens, the wheat will separate from the chaff pretty quickly IMO, and it’s worth mentally preparing yourself for what could happen since we are fortunate to receive forewarning from the C’s.
It was Pierre who said 79% death rate. Not the C’s.

The C’s said. RNA (virus), and most likely to be similar to primitive smallpox.

I can’t find the difference between “primitive” and regular smallpox. Only a reference that they believe smallpox originated in 10,000 BC and was found on Egyptian mummies from about 3 thousand years ago with the pox scares on their bodies. But nothing about what makes it different from regular smallpox.

In an effort to keep an eye open for a possible space virus. Here are some know symptoms of the know diseases, and remember they said “most likely” to be “similar” so, were not dealing with exactitudes here.

For smallpox: Initial symptoms,
symptoms seen before the rashes develop include:

Fever, chills
Body aches

For black death/bubonic plague. Initial symptoms:

Bubonic plague causes fever, fatigue, shivering, vomiting, headaches, giddiness, intolerance to light, pain in the back and limbs, sleeplessness, apathy, and delirium. It also causes buboes: one or more of the lymph nodes become tender and swollen, usually in the groin or armpits.

I thought small poxes was eradicated.

The last smallpox infection worldwide was documented in October 1977 in Somalia. Smallpox is the only human disease to be eradicated – here’s how the world achieved it - Our World in Data

But weirdly…. Big Pharma seems to be ready for smallpox? (This article sure talks about diseases like they are a business….)

Global Smallpox Treatment Market 2022-2026

Global Smallpox Treatment Market 2022-2026 (
Thank you for publishing the latest board session.

The warning at the end of the session reminds of splitting realities and in that case 'disputes or disagreements' could possibly be engineered where both parties are right and correct. Both things did happen. A very difficult event to navigate. Then I am sure there are many nefarious ways to attack - psychic, mental, health, emotional, family, physical accidents ...

I have a question for Ark, regarding Ark's questions in this board session.

Ark have you tried to read my paper that you asked of me, that I posted on April 2nd in the Information Theory thread?

I don't know if my recent paper is readable for you, but it is simple (high school math/algebra) and I think that I demonstrate the densities and more. The problem is that if you accept my conclusions on the 'Euler’s Product Formula' it kind of breaks the last 300 years of math and physics. I am not sure if my previous statement is true due to my lack of knowledge, but it is possible in that it breaks some of the definitions that are foundational to mathematics and everything that has been built upon those definitions since.

I thought maybe your questions in this session stemmed from you and 'Cleopatre VII' discussing my paper. 'Cleopatre VII' I am sure is very busy as is yourself, but her week to try to get back to me on the paper is now turning into a month. The more I re-read this session makes me think either you have read my paper and found it not readable once again (which is fine and I accept - I tried) or you are perhaps not even aware of it. Either way I thought I should at least mention it and ask you directly, especially with the C's admonishing us all to 'Communicate and listen'. I thought I should communicate even if it embarrasses me once again.
thank you chateau crew and c's for the recent session

i did not know, until later today, that hbot is used to many medical issues besides dsi (bends) ... when i read hbot also treats migraines - a thought jumped into my head 'you could build one' ... so i looked into it some more...and it appears not difficult at all imho !
i wonder if there anyone else on here had the same thought ?
: )
Fascinating session. I'm curious if the magnetic monopole mentioned here is the same referred to in the human design and genekeys system authors work describing cosmology and the processing of neutrinos? I've seen these mentioned in physics and by a character I encountered in a deep research project and character study of the "guru figure" Alan (Robert) Krakower who named himself Ra Uru Hu which he refers to this as in our human body near the sternum. I believe he hung out on Ibiza with Osho and some other guru's, quotes Gurdjieff and integrated i-ching and astrology into a new system of self-awareness and insight.
It was Pierre who said 79% death rate. Not the C’s.
I was referring to the session that occurred on the 30th of October 2021:

Session 30/10/2021
(Obi) What will be the death rate of the new space virus globally?
(L) In other words, if we get a new real genuine plague/pandemic/Black Death type of situation, what would the global death rate be?
A: 79%
Thank you for another timely session. It's certainly put everyone on high alert!
I hope we all can take the necessary precautions while continuing with our daily lives.
As always thank you to the group for all your work. Sometimes you don't realise what you have until you lose it :hug2:
Much love and protection to all the fellowship.
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