Session 23 April 2022

Thank you for the session, lots if useful information in it! :wizard: :flowers:

The Cs have shared similar remarks at the end of a few sessions before and those were always very impactful words. But the above warning was much stronger in my opinion. When I read it, I got a mild version of the feeling similar to the spine-chilling and uneasy alertness one gets when one hears a sound while being home alone and there is no one else who could produce that sound.

I may be reading too much into it, but I got the impression that the Cs waited for an opportunity to say this. Normally, "Anything else from anybody?" indicates encouragement to ask any remaining questions, but in this instance the Cs counted themselves as part of that 'anybody' to say what needed to be said. Take a good care of yourselves guys, it really looks like things have heated up big time!
“You have been warned” seemed an unusually direct and emphatic statement to me.
Yakutsk shamans sending supportive energies to Putin and the Russian Army:
Wow! That sounds powerful. Here it is on Youtube:

Note that they are moving in several concentric circles which reminds me of this:

(Galatea) On the David Attenborough documentary, he shows some fish swimming along a stream and just going around in circles. They don't do it to mate or to do anything else like feed. There's a mouse crawling up the wall behind that painting!

(Perceval) Spidermouse!

(Pierre) It's a channeling mouse.

(Galatea) So, they just swim in a circle and they have absolutely no idea why they do it. So, I was wondering why do the fish go there to swim in a circle?

A: Generating energy.

Q: (Galatea) Oh, so they generate energy. Interesting. So the fish are like witches.
Laura and the Chateau Crew thank you so much for a wonderful and fantastic session, and a special thanks to Pikabu the cat who participated in the session. Laura listed him as a full participant in this session, which sounds quite funny and serious at the same time, although she always emphasized his presence during all sessions.
Q: (Ark) But algebra is using dimensions. It's not a human concept. It's an algebraic concept. And we need dimensions if we want to use algebra.

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) How many dimensions?

A: Infinite.

Q: (Ark) Are these dimensions related to space and time?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) But space is 3-dimensional. Where is the rest of the infinite dimensions?

A: Many iterations.

Q: (Ark) Many iterations... Iterations of what?

A: Space and time.
That reminded me of this:

(Ark) The problem is that once upon a time, we were talking about UFT. There was talk about Einstein and Bergmann and Kaluza and Klein and 5 dimensions and the “loop of the cylinder” (see session 2 Dec 95) and that was something Einstein started but was prevented from finishing. But recently, the talk was about infinite dimensions rather than 5, that there are universes floating as a brane in infinite dimensions. So, I have problem how to combine this 5 dimensions of standard UFT with infinite dimensions that was just in the last session.

A: Imagine a five dimensional "body" that replicates infinitely.
I've read through the session twice already, thank you all at the Chateau for sharing. The final message from the C's was of particular interest. I took it as advice on how to deal with disagreements with people in general, not just on here. I have a tendency to be argumentative when dealing with hot topics, but I remain mindful that I'm the only person in my personal/familial circle who has the added spice of the work done on here. It really does come down to what you see/understand, and a good grasp on psychology is a must-have weapon in your arsenal. A big number of friends on facebook think me a bit nuts, which infuriates me, but they are successful professionals who cannot conceive of people in positions of power being possibly psychopathic. They've been well rewarded working in the world system and have a slightly complacent attitude in this regard.

Nice to have a refresher on the subject of densities and dimensions, this particular "wave reading consciousness unit" is grateful for what is shared. If I understand correctly we are "multi-dimensional soul essences"and inhabit many realms simultaneously. How that manifests in our day to day lives is a bit vague in my mind however. My best guess is that personal, psychological cleansing is the way to go on this point.

The prospect of a smallpox infestation is sobering, as are the survival statistics. 79% death? 21% survival? Those are really harsh odds, it still feels slightly unreal in my mind, but we've had a primer with the covid pandemic. The heavy-handed responses from governments suggests we'll have more craziness to contend with, but this time the threat will be genuine. It may catch out a few people who think it's just more BS fear-mongering from the PTB.

Good to know that Putin is still robust, and long may that continue. That he's enduring stress at the moment is understandable. We are facing a battle on multiple fronts, there's never been a better time to be vigilant in all aspects of life.

Thank you for sharing another fascinating session!:-)
Thanks for the new session

As many have already told, what the Cs mention at the end of the session was a strong warning. I will be aware in my close relationships.

Reading this last warning came to mind the rare planetary alignment that is happening right now (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon) and the possible influences


When I was looking for information about the mentioned planetary alignment I found this published in the NYP

Eclipse season returns (Apr 30)

Destiny is calling your name! Eclipse season happens a couple times every year when our lives shift in profound and intense ways. Each day that we walk through April, you’ll notice a heightened level of synchronicity and intensity — as if a storm is approaching. Chance meetings, fated events and profound beginnings and endings could all start to occur in April, especially the closer that we get to the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30, 2022. Pay attention to what the universe is telling you as you are about to begin a new chapter in your story.
  • April 18, 2022: A highly chaotic — or exhilarating — day could arrive. This is because Uranus, the planet of the unknown and surprises, will unite with Mercury, bringing unexpected news, as well as link to Venus, bringing a need for spice and change in our relationships. Meeting new people or connecting with others could be appealing, but with the sun in a violent fight with Pluto, conflicts, challenges and power struggles may instead dominate our attention. Don’t do anything too impulsive or crazy, as it could be held against you and you’ll regret it later.
  • April 24, 2022: Ouch! Mercury steps into the ring to fight with Saturn today, bringing gloomy thoughts and bad news. Work independently rather than trying to connect with people too much now. Luckily, Mercury will get a pat on the head from Neptune, which will give you the chance to unplug and speak from the heart. Spend some time enjoying a good book, podcast or series.
  • April 26, 2022: Starting today, Mercury will begin to slow down in the sky. This is called its pre-shadow phase. In the weeks to come as we inch toward Mercury retrograde, you’ll notice little hiccups, challenges and frustrations pop up as the pace of life starts to slow down.
  • April 28, 2022: Get ready for powerful vibes in all of your communications! Mercury will link with Pluto, giving you the ability to speak and write with cunning. Debating and bargaining will go well if you use your persuasive mental energy now. If you are in the process of learning and digesting information, you’ll see especially deeply now.
  • April 29, 2022: Alas, our period free of retrogrades has come and gone. Sigh. Pluto will retrograde in Capricorn starting today. This will continue to revise global affairs around governments and big business. The structures in our lives are continuing to change. On a different note, Mercury enters Gemini today, too, bringing an extremely social and upbeat vibe in the weeks ahead! Enjoy yourself before we deal with a Mercury retrograde mid-May!

Now, with this last message,

Any disputes or disagreements can be easily blown out of proportion to your destruction. And then, when the negative energy is withdrawn, the devastation left will be amplified by the knowledge that it was all a deception

The issue of the April drop dead also came to mind.

Was the april drop dead averted in a personal way as far as relationships are concerned, because of this urgent warning?

What about on a global level politically and economically?

In my opinion (and if we keep this in mind, this warning and act appropriately), it will be so! Thanks Cs

Globally no. The divorce that happened between the Saudi royal house and the Biden Administration is already known, signaling the end of the petrodollar.

In the past the Cs warned about the astronomical phenomena

(L) Alright... Now let's go back to our intro. You said there were lots of interesting things in the last five months, and there's more to come. Last time, you said there are going to be weather issues.

A: Soon astronomical phenomena.

Q: (L) Hmm.

(Artemis) Astronomical phenomena... Didn't they recently broadcast that aliens or UFOs are now real or something like that? Is that related?

A: Yes. Clever you are!

And although this was said in the context of the diffusion of the UFO phenomenon by the American government, I think that they also referred to astronomical events such as those mentioned above and 4D STS forces seizing the opportunity, these planetary influences, to attack.

(Joe) So what was breaching the realm curtain? What was coming through in Los Angeles and France and wherever else at the same time?

A: Invisible to you as yet, but 4D STS energy beings.

Q: (Artemis) Yeah, so you can kind of see what's going to happen. Pandemic, aliens are real, celestial stuff, 4D STS beings... Put it all together and you know what's gonna happen.

(L) We're in deep doodoo!

We must be alert for events on a global and personal level.

Well, regarding a little more on dimensions and ‘window fallers,’ it seems that a meteor rain, or else, a comet rain can literally come from everywhere —such as from other 3D dimensions— and then converging to this 3D world/dimension —and according to Cs, the 3rd density aggregates infinite (horizontal) 3D dimensions. I mean, a ‘density transition’ from 3D to 4D (because of the Wave) should not potentially also ‘spiral’ (or ‘swirl’) multiple parallel 3D realities into a vertical 4D reality!?

Also is notable that along with the presence of the earlier (re-)cyclical wave, i.e. last time occurring 309,000 years ago (the wave period), there were the comets:

And maybe we should get used to ‘watch’ these comets since:
It is also possible that the twin sun could also use a window to appear in our reality... 🤔
Thank you for the informative session! It certainly looks like we’re on the verge of a whole new level of chaos. It’s been building and building and you wonder when that domino is going to fall. Get strapped in for the roller coaster ride! Thanks to you all for all of your efforts.
Not sure whether the warning at the end of the Session was for everyone, or everyone at the Chateau. I hope you all can stay safe, and ride the storm, thankfully, with the advance warn

I would say my first impression for this warning was for everyone at the Chateau. But today the general Sergei Lavrov warns of risk of nuclear conflict, so this make me think the warning was made for everyone on the Planet or at least a UE region, I remember the last session before this one somenone ask if the posibilty of UK conflict would extent to UE and C's said : Not yet. So yeah, I feel this should not be taken lightly. Takecare everyone and be safe!

... something happened where the Moskva's impressive anti-missile defenses did not work, or did not work well enough.

two or more, fired consecutively, in the event one is downed, the odds of the second or third making impact are greater with
ecm or chaff to distract too - likely we will not know the whole story - had it not been for the rough sea they may have made port : (

wrt the boeing / meteor comment - i had a mental image of a vacuum or negative pressure being created similar to a shock wave bubble being created in the forward vicinity of the plane thus cancelling instrument readings thus instant lawn dart ... which reminded me of a story about an ocean going ship falling into a giant air bubble that was created in deep water, and as it surface the vessel was no longer buoyant and sank (fell) into the bubble without any wreckage found.
This is about the warning and the possible venues of attack. I was lying down, breathing, and thinking about Shungite, at first. On the EMF thread, Shungite was mentioned. Keeping this short and simple... in the last few months I have found that my Shungite doesn't work anymore. I cleansed. No improvement. I have a way of checking by touch if something balances my immune system or not. The Shungite became negative, after years of being positive including checking it's very real effect reducing EMF shown with a Trifield Metre.

This next is simply something I investigated and the Big Grain of Salt is called for, or verification from anyone who can, if at all... Now, over the last months, Shungite feels strengthening for the vaccinated people, the gene-therapy recipients. It seems to me to be negative for unvaccinated. I didn't stumble on this myself. My pracitioner had found that something had a negative influence on a client, and with some detective work found it seemed to be the Shungite by the bed. I've learned from my practitioner (who was mentored by a well known naturopath in Ontario), to check the Armour Body or Wei Chi (TCM description of the immune system, different in some regards from all the Western descriptions). It is a field that one can learn to sense.

I suggest that attacks can come from sources that we've relied on as helpful, creating collinearity, that it requires taking nothing for granted as positive because it always has been. I recently used my CD of Eiriu-Eolas and had a negative reaction, never before felt. I am not suggesting that this would be the case for anyone other than myself and I don't know what to do about it yet. Re-do the E-E program is one thing. It wasn't that the practice brought anything up, it usually clears my energy system of the subtle types of minor attacks, or whatever you'd call them. Others have mentioned the thoughts not one's own dropping in, that's the best way I can describe intrusions. Also, a kind of brain addlement that takes you by surprise, doesn't make sense for any other reason. I will see what I find when I do E-E soon and report if I learn more. And of course, this could all just be my own lessons!

It completely breaks my heart to write this, but it seems things don't necessarily stay the same and can be hijacked, or some mega-environmental program or vibe changes.

I spin everyday, meditate and did the Eiriu-Eolas practice sometimes more regularly and sometimes not for months. This shift in Shungite then the E-E change told me a bit more about possible subterfuges. Imagine, 4DSTS figuring how to tinker with the things that have been so helpful and thinking we wouldn't check.... Setting up energy drains, or whatever else as part of an attack plan.

I triple check if I should post this. Darn it, it seems like it is worth posting..... Just a kind of heads up to be vigilant in ways we may not have expected necessary.
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