Session 23 April 2022

Q: (Ark) What about ancient terminology? Were there such concepts that have been forgotten?
A: Possibly.
Q: (Arky) No clue? What concepts would do? If not ancient, if not modern, then what? No hope? Hmm. Okay, I am done.
I frequently encounter a state in my work, standing before the next task and going around I'm looking at it from different angles and I absolutely have no clue, how to solve it. I only know I'm capable and that in the past I have carried out similar impossible seeming tasks successfully. This certainty gives me the force to move forward. Then I just complete the task frequently more by intuition and instinct than by any intelligently pre-formed plan.

Octonions, the introduction - how they were discovered, I found a fun read!
Before getting up, the creativity crystals under my pillow frequently cause a mind-boost and switch me to an advanced thinking state-trance. My brain works supercharged.. Unfortunately I lose this faculty as soon as I get up.. but some of the gist / ideas I retain. In this state I'm transported to face current problem-situations - both in life and in my work - where I receive advanced ideas & use new methods with help of suddenly emerged complex knowledge: to find an answer to creative-technical problems I'm tackling at any given time.

Recently in this state I did a Past Review: I'm in school. The teacher calls me to the blackboard and gives me an equation to solve. But instead of using the normal 10-base system, I solved the equation by using the old 8-base octal number system. To the great annoyance of poor teacher. :) Now there are octanions mentioned in the sessions: it feels our reality is shifting upward.

(Pierre) Our meditations... To me, it seemed like it's raising the FRV of planet Earth.
(Joe) Things are getting better, yeah. [laughter]
A: Needs more application.
Important finding, I think! I mentioned this two times at least. As a result of Laura's workshop videos, I developed a hypothesis about a multi-level parallel timeline-system, akin to a 10 storey railways structure representing better and worse timelines vertically. The Free Will respecting structure in the Universe: allows everybody to orient towards Above or Below, as per choice.

In the above system, using abstinence and meditation-prayer one is able to lift oneself to 'better going' versions of a single central timeline, I think.
Or vice versa for the Rockefeller-types, as per free will.

Then at critical junctions the fate of the world is decided for the worse or the better for the individual - depending on FRV level. For the pious-abstinent-positive peeps they get a better timeline / reality to inhabit. For the chaotic-sinner Rockefellers the timeline turns for the worse and they get to inhabit a Twilight Zone reality / timeline.

When following the above idea and becoming aware of how things can get better, it also gives renewed energy, I think. Becomes a 'mode of existence' day by day: following the method alluded above [I have to publish the diagram and the hypothesis].
I get more prepared and accomplished ahead of things. It feels I have more integrity, more certainty, preparedness for the future that I'm handling better the difficulties ahead.
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Thank you for the interesting new session, lots to think about as usual, and the HBOT sure sounds like it could be a game changer. The warning at the end was a little bit worrying, but I'm confident that the Chateau team can and will navigate anything that comes along with knowledge, networking and caring for each other. Good advice for everyone!
The exercise I mentioned is what we do in EE during the round breathing or BaHa breathing as Laurs mentioned. The only difference is that I suggested it as a separate exercise, like 20 connected breaths which takes 5 minutes. It was back then called conscious connected breathing and I think the conscious aspect is a good idea. The exercise is thus something which can be done anytime but do it slowly like the first phase of the round breathing. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Slow deep breaths... in and out.

Yes, that is it.

This is not hyperventilation which is suggested and it is not advised as has been discussed in the EE thread. For releasing repressed emotions, then the EE method is a safe and gentle method which has a powerful effect. Emotions and past traumas can appear in subtle ways which doesn't overwhelm the person. For those not familiar with the EE method developed by Laura and the chateau, check it out here, where there are full demonstration and guidance how to do it.
Wim Hof has this type of exercise and it is really good.

Here an interview by the team of Catherine Austin, really interesting to know more about this amazing man and his technique of breathing and cold.

Wim Hof has this type of exercise and it is really good.
I think I unintentionally opened a can of worms with the suggestion of breathing as a way to get more oxygen. Wim Hof type breathing is very energetic, and I wouldn't suggest it here. There is a reason why EE has been suggested in general on the forum and it because it is a safe and effective way to use breath for detoxification, relaxation and meditation regardless of age and state of health. Even then sometimes the round breathing is advised against for some with certain medical conditions.

Wim Hof has a specific aim in mind, It is not to say it doesn't have merit, but I don't think it is what is to be recommended here. Rapid breathing in and out for 30 breaths and then holding the breaths for a minute as the video shows it not for everyone and it can have adverse reactions depending on the state of the body and emotional/mental health of the person doing it.

When I suggested 20 connected breath in version of the slow round breathing, then it is because it is a safe and can be done anytime as separate from EE. Most people will not likely do the full EE everyday, whereas 20 connected breaths is very doable on a daily basis.
One way for more oxygen for those of us who don't have a Hyperbaric chamber is to breathe deeply. When I did a training in breath therapy some years back, the suggestion was to do 20 connective breaths a day, like in one setting.
Novak Djokovic's trainer Iceman Hof recommends the same. Vigorous breaths in the morning and a cold shower - he swears - jump-starts the body to have great energy for the day:
I see we created a full shower of Iceman Hof posts here! :D :D
Thanks for sharing Laura, Andromeda, Artemis, C's and everyone at the Chateau and to the Divine Creative Mind that despite the difficulties always brings light and hope.
Wow, what a strong message at the end!, may protection and all that is useful to you accompany you at all times!! to all at the Chateau, and may the strength of spirit accompany all of us who follow you, you are a great engine of light, hope and learning for all us.
how sad, we are in very difficult times, I guess that despite the differences that we may have between people, I guess one of the things that unites us strongly and makes us come back again and again to be united is the yearning for truth and happiness in the soul to share, serve and learn.
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Thank you. I’ve idly wondered whether the Chinese lockdowns may be connected to info the Russians (may have) captured from the Ukrainian biolabs. Maybe not - there are many possibilities. But I’ve noticed the increasingly blunt tone of Chinese statements re the US recently. I suppose Washington believes a bio-threat, if this is one, might pressure the Chinese govt into behaving as the US wishes. Like much going on these days, however, the effect is likely to be the exact opposite.

Oxygen, Vit. C, and let’s be careful out there.

Image of a 'unit' might be envisaged as inner circle/sphere (of integer radius) to which outer sphere/circle is attached at one direction/point. Then inner circle starts rotating around that point/direction from its inner side, thus creating an information envelope of outer part around itself.

When all directions around which one can reflect/rotate are covered, we get another circle/sphere around the inner one, effectively doubling our inner radius in the process. The charm of creation comes from the fact that there exist other (geometrical) ways of reaching stable integer inner radii except completely 'doubling' it in above described way.
Sounds loosely like a pencil of points which is a way to model travel through a complex spacetime. It does have an outer to inner progression of horocycles.

In that other thread you linked to, you said:

Ok, not to put the cart before the horse or jump right 'in medias res', some groundwork would probably be externally considerate, like laying out the framework through which this novel perspective is going to be presented. Also, before using Hamilton or nabla (change) operator on different types of objects (left around in my Forum posts) and starting to weave this quasi-electrodynamics that might encompass also gravity, in next post here I want to share a text written recently in effort to express some of my views about and understandings of quantum physics.

The idea of encompassing gravity with electrodynamics-like math (gauge theory) I think is what one of Ark's questions relates to. It's not the Electric Universe-like idea of gravity literally derived from electrodynamics. In a link from your given link you mention quasi-vectors and the quaternion/octonion questions could relate to that. Things do get "quasi" if you try to use math in less directly math related places. Quaternions have 4 dimensions and octonions 8 which relates to the idea that dimensions in math can be a different use than the parallel universe idea too.

Oxygen, Vit. C, and let’s be careful out there.
About 15 years ago our wholistic vet recommended Aerobic Oxygen for our dog with a soft tissue sarcoma. This most recent session twigged my memory of how I used it and what happened, to my surprise. I took some drops in water daily of the anerobic oxygen plus several sets of doses of the All-in-one Scheussler Tissue Salts, #12. After 3 weeks I notice --- big surprise -- all the lumpy cellulite on my legs was almost completely gone, and there had been a lot. Nothing else ever did that in all my adventures in wholistic medicine.

Health Canada has a serious warning out for this brand in particular, as allegedly there is sodium chlorite in it.

Link to the specific Aerobic oxygen I used years ago. I work with a sensitivity tester who also does therapeutic drainage and other practices, and I will ask her confirmation, my sense being that it is positive for me. She guages responses via heart rate and other methods. Anyone else with experience with a product like this? Maybe, possibly useful in context of oxygenation of blood?

Aerobic Oxygen Oral Cleanse Mouth Wash 60mL

I really thank everybody who's written about oxygenation of the blood, the breathing processes and the Wim Hoff breathing and cold showers. I subscribe to these protocols though sometimes the cold shower is an attenuated one. Walking barefoot in the snow is a great morning practice. It probably does make you gasp in more air after a minute or so walking around.
Thank you for the session! Frighting advice about the desperate forces! Is there a recommended dosage for vitamin C for young children and adults for that matter?

From what I understand, everyone has a different maximum Vitamin C dosage. It depends on what is going on with your body. Many recommendations suggests to take Vitamin C 'to bowel tolerance'. Are you familiar with this term?

As a personal example, when I was battling allergies (hay fever) while working outside, I was taking roughly 20,000 - 30,000 mg, or 20-30 capsules per day, throughout the day. My bowels were fine at this dosage. Along with the iodine protocol, this Vit C dosage helped me to be able - for the first time in my life - to breathe decently and work while the grass was blooming.

Now, on a regular day, it feels good to take between 7 to 12,000 mg Vit C.

I read that some parents gave their small children (5 yrs old) doses of up to 35,000 mg in order to counteract vaccine affects (this was not a Pfizer mRNA vaccine - the vaccine was required for their child to enter school in New York, if I remember correctly). This amount did not disrupt the child's bowels.

I don't know how much I will take when the ol' space virus shows up. But it definitely makes sense to stock up.
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