Session 23 March 2019


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Session Date: March 23rd 2019

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, Gaby, PoB, Scottie, Niall, Princess Leia

Q: (L) Let us tomato! Today is March 23, 2019. [Review of those present] Alright...

A: Good evening children. Cassiopaea calling.

Q: (L) And do we have a name for vibratory frequency this evening?

A: Xyneaea.

Q: (L) I have some questions about shapes. The shapes that I have in mind are folded proteins. I was reading that proteins fold because of the order of the amino acids and how they're attached. These amino acid molecules or bits have little appendages on them. They are either water-loving or water-hating, oil-loving or oil-hating, positive charge or negative charge, and various combinations of those options. It's those qualities of these appendages that cause the protein to naturally fold into the shape that it needs to be in order to do the job that it does. That in itself is pretty fascinating: for DNA to give the instructions, to attach different amino acid molecules one after the other in specific order for it to fold to make a very, very specific shape. The shape is quite important because it's the shape of the folded protein that then enables it to interact with other molecules within the living system in order to do its work. A certain shape that still has a few hanging appendages in a very specific configuration can then pick up other molecules and transport them or combine with them or any of various activities... Ya know, it's just a mind-boggling complicated thing! That's one thing about proteins. The other thing I was reading was about photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is like the foundational event of life: that is, taking light or photons, and transforming light into sugar, oxygen, and water. To me, that is like an astonishing event: to transform ephemeral light into matter! I was reading about the ways this is done. The proteins that are involved in photosynthesis once again have appendages. These little things that stick out have a very particular configuration. They can literally capture and channel and move things. The work is so precise that proteins can move a single electron along very complicated pathways and make it do what they want it to do. So, this is all leading up to a question because if at the foundation of life there is light, photosynthesis, and proteins, and proteins are what do EVERYTHING, and they do it because they have certain shapes, is it possible as part of the natural law of how things are done that larger structures take the shapes that they do because it's more conducive to their functioning? For example, a heart... That's the first question. Is it possible that these larger structures that are formed by different kinds of proteins take their shapes because it follows a certain natural law in the same way that the folding of proteins follows the laws of the different molecules that naturally induce the folding?

A: Indeed. And notice that it can appear as if "life" exists in the individual organs when in fact it is merely the antenna-like function of the protein.

Q: (L) Okay, so there are some proteins that can fold and jiggle, let's call it. They fold and then part of their function is to move in a certain way regularly or rhythmically. Does that relate to the idea that a heart can continue beating after it's been removed from the body, that it's a function of the ensemble of proteins that are making up the organ? It can continue to function as long as there is some... Some ability to receive some information?

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) If it was just the action of the raw materials, the amino acids or whatever, why couldn't it function forever? Why does it stop?

A: Antenna! Attracts more than light! Life energy or what you might call "soul" is bound by antenna of a sort.

Q: (L) So if the soul so to speak leaves the body, there is some residual function that can continue kind of like a battery that's been charged, and then when that energy runs out, there's no more incoming? Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) In other words, the trillions of these little appendages or little antennae on proteins are sort of like the anchors for the soul? Like the little antenna that collect photons?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Does that also go for all parts of the human body? Every cell of your body?

A: Yes

Q: (Gaby) So then how is there terminal lucidity when the brain is not working anymore? Like when a person is dying and they have brain damage, but then they wake up and say goodbye as if nothing is wrong right before they die?

A: When the soul or life force is in the process of separating, it is in a position to escape the restrictions of damaged physiology.

Q: (Joe) Pierre asked about that in a previous session not too long ago. How people have a burst of energy before they die...

(L) What did they say?

(Joe) Pierre threw out the idea and they agreed. Something about information. Do you remember?Artemis(Pierre) Yeah...

(L) Here I think they're saying that when it releases, it can override the restrictions. In fact, probably what the person is experiencing is NOT a revival of the brain, but the manifestation of...

(Joe) There are some crazy examples of that. People who are old and ill and didn't speak for a period of time before they died. And then suddenly they woke up and spoke. But there are other cases of young people who died relatively young who'd never spoken a word in their lives who are more or less in a coma or severely handicapped. They never spoke a coherent word, and then just before they die they speak for the first time in their lives in full, proper language that they never used from the day they were born.

(Pierre) The human being is the marriage of the soul and the physical. Especially people dying, the physiology is impaired. But they're married together, so the physical restricts the soul. But just before death, the soul gets freed from the body. It's not restricted anymore.

(L) And it can turn around and control the body that it wasn't able to do before because it was so tied to it, embedded in it, so to say.

(Pierre) So when you hear someone saying unexpected words, it's not a revival of the body or brain. It's the death of the body and the free soul that finally expresses itself.

(L) And still using the instrument in the same way that, say, mediums do. Only you're using your own body in the way a spirit would use it.

(Joe) While that person was in the body, their brain might have been damaged where they couldn't speak at all.

(L) It's mediumistic use of your own body.

(Andromeda) You're self-possessed! [laughter]

(Pierre) It's a shift from symbiosis of soul and body to channeling.

(L) You're channeling your own soul.

(Chu) It's also more proof that the brain is just an antenna. If you can produce actual speech and your brain is damaged?

(L) It's not all there is. There's something else happening.

(Chu) And the brain is not essential for stuff like speech.

A: You are all on a good way to exploring with faith.

Q: (L) Well, I have to say that for 20 years I always held the C's suspect.

(Artemis) Poor C's!

(L) You think I didn't? I couldn't quite get over that gap where you question whether all we experience is matter-based and we are just a byproduct of the left half of the brain talking to the right half, or whether there truly is something beyond. I mean, I could have psychic experiences, but I could also explain them as something created by my mind. If I hear something or see something, did I not manifest that? Is that not some normal physical law of energy, action at a distance? But it could all be explained by physics...

(Joe) It's the old question of subjectivity vs. objectivity. IS there anything objective?

(Artemis) Well, it's good to be skeptical.

(L) The thing is, all of the research into genetics and cellular biology and all of that stuff...

A: How do you think we feel?!

Q: [laughter] (L) I'm SORRY! I'm sorry, but I'm just made that way.

A: It is actually good. Coming to knowledge that is sure by your own efforts locks it in at the belief center, and thus gives added power. All who seek to graduate to 4th density must seek knowledge. In 4D, eventually it will be your job to engineer lifeforms on new worlds.

Q: (L) Well, from what I've been reading about the engineering of the lifeforms on this world, that gives me the idea that 4th density intelligence and abilities are so...

A: Stupendous is the term.

Q: (L) Yeah, stupendous. Reading these books has just blown me away.

(Pierre) You mean the level of engineering?

(L) The level of engineering, the level of intelligence, I mean... Obviously, there have been experiments. Look at the book, Prehistoric Life. You can SEE minds working on engineering creatures. Then they decide, oh, we don't like that one. They wipe out the whole planet and then a whole new bunch appear. That's engineering. They didn't like the old design. There were some of the old designs that REALLY were bad, I'm tellin' you! [laughter] I swear, you can see in that book. There were some really BAD ideas! Serious design flaws.

(Joe) You said in the forum that every single species was individually engineered out of the experimental parts that were previously engineered through billions of years of Earth's history. So, I was wondering... They said in a previous session that life here was seeded. First, primitive life was given. But to what extent was the progress of all the species on Earth directly created?

A: As Behe suggests, at the family level.

Q: (L) Like family Canis. You can get wolves, dogs, etc.

(Joe) So all of the constituent parts of dogs were directly created somewhere else, and then...

(L) Look at the book. You can see where they started. It shows you how they started with the most basic organisms. They played around with those, and then they built on it. It's just like amazing to look at those pictures and see what they've uncovered in the fossil record. You can see they tried doing this, then they added that to it, then they used a part from this and part from that, engineered a new part or two, and so on. Every species has a certain number of genes or parts of them that no other species has.

(Joe) In the previous session they said it was more or less like a thought in 4th density of a dog. Then that's transferred to 3D and matter accretes to that.

(L) Well, I'm sure that happens the same way they were describing abductions.

(Joe) No, but is that... So there is an evolutionary process where the component parts of a dog...

(L) I don't think they were talking about the dog.

(Joe) So some evolution happens naturally? Ya know what I mean?

(Pierre) I think what Joe means is that... Joe is reconciling intelligent design and evolution somehow by saying that yes, at our level...

(L) There is no evolution.

(Pierre) But the ideas in the mind of the engineer of the mind in 4D DOES evolve...

(Joe) Like you send a blueprint down, and the matter accretes around that blueprint and produces a dog quite quickly.

(Pierre) And then you learn from it, your thinking gets better, and you design a Dog 2.0.

(Joe) No, a dog evolves from something.

(L) No, a dog doesn't evolve from anything. A dog is created.

(Joe) And it appears out of thin air?

(L) No, it doesn't appear out of thin air. It gets... I think what they were saying was that the idea of the different small like proteins or other building blocks. But how do they get put together? And I don’t think it was exactly like the thought of a “dog” but they were talking more about basic life forms to begin with, and the engineering via DNA. If there is a “thought” that is transferred to 3D, it would be in the DNA. If you look at the book, you see how it starts off with very basic structures, like slime molds. Cyanobacteria. Then, you get things where groups of different kinds of organisms form tubes. Then they form stalks. Then they learn how to do photosynthesis. Then they make leaves. Then, somewhere along the way, sexual reproduction comes into the picture. Once sexual reproduction has entered the picture, then the door is open for seeding other things via sexual reproduction. Then, what you can do is make a code and plant it in literally by sending viruses or something through the realm curtain or even just thoughts, or something like abductions. You can plant it in an egg and it's born. It's not like something just accretes out of the air. It happens in a very practical way...

A: Following the idea there is a certain amount of experimentation and even gestation of some "parts" in other lifeforms or in other realities before transference to this one.

Q: (Joe) What I was trying to say was it's kinda like a blueprint is transferred to these lifeforms, and they follow a preprogrammed blueprint...

A: No. There is no evolution as you are thinking.

Q: (Joe) I thought you were saying that basically there IS evolution, but then these small organisms...

(L) No, that's not what I'm saying! I'm saying if you look, you can see where they created parts. And every time you can see where they did something and then it went along. If you look at the book, you see each world of... There was the Slime World. It came to an end. When the slime world ended, then there was another world. Okay, still some slime survived, but the new world had tube creatures. Then that world ended, and another one started that was plant creatures.

(Joe) Okay, so there's no development from one to the next.

(Pierre) I have an analogy, and I'd like to know if it's correct. You see in the history of the planet these cycles of mass extinctions, and bursts of life. Recurring. An analogy between those cosmic cycles and engineering at a human level is toss the old blueprint, and start a new one.

(Joe) So each stage is discrete.

(Pierre) Is it a correct analogy?

A: Yes but that does not mean that all designs are useless.

Q: (L) It's like...

(Pierre) You have some parts that go through a lot of different animals that are more and more evolved, but the part stays more or less the same.

A: Here is an analogy: You could use a horse drawn wagon as a chassis for an automobile.

(Pierre) Ah, okay...

A: It isn't perfect, but it is a step.

(Pierre) Yes.

A: Human souls were put into Neanderthal to incubate and induce direct DNA changes. There is so much to this topic that it could take a very long time to explain it all. Best to continue to study and think and network. Look at the book. It is all there for those with eyes to see. Love is the human manifestation of creative energy.

Q: (L) Okay, take a break!

(Artemis) Wait, I'm alone!

(L) Take your hand off! [laughter]

(Artemis) They're like, "No, we're not done talking!"

(Scottie) [Review of previous answer] So, what that means is that it's not like dogs evolved from wolves. It's like they designed wolves, and then they said, "Hmm, let's design dogs!" And then they designed dogs.

(L) And they put it into somebody's mind to start breeding certain traits...

(Scottie) Yeah, and that could happen in various ways.

(L) Or the natural variation of the wolves produced a dog one day.

(Chu) Well, if you have all the parts and you just adapt them like a bicycle... To the human eye, it looks like an improved bicycle, but you did two projects at once. Behe says that microevolution can be justified, and I'm not even sure about that. Like a color that changes in the species could be another...

(L) Yeah, there's not too much that can be done even by microevolution. It can refine something, but it usually just breaks things. In order to give it a little more clarity, my thought was that in the beginning, somebody was experimenting on this planet. And if you look there are these vast ages of one thing, or just one type of thing, and then the next age of something a little more advanced... For a period of time, the whole planet was covered with whatever it was, and then, BOOM! Extinction. Then for a period, it was covered with another thing then BOOM! Extinction. At each level, you can see that everything is increasing in complexity and variety. So yes, it gives the impression of evolution, and in a way, it is: it is evolving in the minds of the 4D creators/engineers and they keep trying new things. And yes, there is the appearance of common descent because, in fact, there is “common descent” in that when the engineers find something that works, they use the template, even the DNA, again and again. So, somebody was learning how to build things. Somebody was freakin' practicing! Then they say, "Oh, that was handy! Let's use that for this!" Remember, the Cs said that human beings lead the DNA smorgasbord parade of all that exists on this planet. We've got genes that are in worms and flies and fish and apes and whatever. That used to really upset me when they would say stuff like that. It would really gross me out. But it's true. We share many genes with so many other families and species. That's because those parts worked in a certain way and did certain things that were wanted, and the 4D engineers used them again and again, modifying this or that, but basically, the DNA instructions have to be the same because it’s an information code.

(Joe) We're the most complex organism on the planet that is a product of many attempts... many iterations of life.

(L) Because the same control genes that make a leg in a frog make a leg in a human. But there are other things that make a human leg different from a frog leg – that’s the engineering, the tweaking of the instructions.

(Chu) Ew!! [laughter]

(L) Sorry, Chu, but it's true: You have frog legs! [laughter]

(Joe) There's a comment there about how human souls were put into Neanderthals to incubate and induce direct DNA changes. That's different.

(L) That's a bit different because here you're talking about something that's more conscious and you're talking about an organism that's already developed to a very advanced stage. So that particular kind of inducing changes could possibly work. The Cs said that STS took over about 300KYA, and by then, all the major creating and engineering of life forms as we know them now was a done deal. If Love is the power of creation, that’s why 4D STS can’t create; they can only modify or interfere, suppress, etc. So in a real sense, our world was created by Love and is truly, jaw-droppingly amazing.

(Scottie) That's still a type of engineering. If you take a "super doggie-type soul" and put it in a wolf, maybe you get a dog.

(Joe) Well, that's the question. Is that only for human beings? There's no soul or essence that can go into animals that can change them?

(L) Does that thing about the Neanderthals only work for humans, or is that something that also could work for animals?

A: In some cases, yes.

Q: (Artemis) What did they want to say before when we stopped them? They wanted to say something. So, continue.

A: Learning how to think has been a big part of the destiny. Now, it must be combined with belief of a particular kind. Belief that is based on subjective wishful thinking is entropic. Belief that is based on firm knowledge of nature is empowering. This is what your grouping has lacked. You now have the opportunity and tools to change that.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah, that's a big change. If I correctly remembered, we were about knowledge is good, belief is bad. Now, they introduce a distinction: there is bad belief based on wishful thinking, and there is good belief based on objective assessment of reality and knowledge. They already mentioned Belief Center earlier, and I was thinking, "Belief Center? Power?" I think they allude to the fact that when knowledge is taken a step further and used to fuel a strong belief in this truth, it has a different effect on you. Not only you know, but...

(L) It unlocks something. Years ago, the Cs talked about needing to have the wrong locks removed. They also said something about faith… “When you have found something of truth you will receive demonstrations which locks in your faith. “

(Pierre) You KNOW in your belief center, and that's empowering. I think they even allude to some of the steps in 4th density where this creative thinking is due to the fact of a knowledge-based belief center.

(L) Well, what did they say? Life is Religion. Paying close and careful attention to objective reality... I don't think there is anything in the world that is more akin to paying close and careful attention to objective reality than studying how DNA works, cell biology, the machines of the cell, how bodies are built, how bodies work... that is the most intensive act of studying Nature possible, I think... For me, it's been the most powerful... This is stuff that has come up since I was in science classes; we didn’t have this information then though I strongly suspected something was up when I read what was then known about ribosomes!

(Pierre) And actually you described it. This process of accumulating knowledge to absorb it in your belief center. You described the process of learning about Intelligent Design a month ago. You said something like you learned so much about it, you were intimately convinced about it.

(L) For me, it was like being reborn. Like having locks on my mind just blown off.

(Pierre) What I say, is it correct, or is it off?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) To be fair to them, the Cs said years ago that all the power to change reality is contained in the belief center of the mind.

(L) Yeah. For 20 years, I couldn't BELIEVE in anything!

(Pierre) You wanted to know. It's not mutually exclusive what the Cs said. You can believe AND know. You can believe BECAUSE you know. That's a big step.

(L) Well, it's what the Apostle Paul said: Faith is confidence in things not seen, and he also said that we can KNOW all about God by observing what has been created, that is, things that CAN be seen. If I can see the freakin' images of the images of the microscopic machines in the cell, and we're talking about... These are machines that convert light into sugar, water, and oxygen. 15 MILLION of them can fit on an area the size of an I-phone pixel!! [laughter]

(Andromeda) That's crazy!

(L) That... That is the most astonishing engineering...

(Joe) It's so obtuse of human beings to not accept that. Human beings' conscious experience of the development of technology has been precisely that: being able to engineer things at a smaller and smaller level. So if you see the same thing in nature, how can you not say it was designed? If I designed it, how could it not be in another mind to design that? It's massively more complex, and it takes a lot of engineering and thought and design to make a microchip. Then you look at the body and you see things that are massively more complex, and you go, "No! That happened by accident!" Did the microchip happen by accident? Why would you even think it happened by accident?

(Ark) Something occurred to me when I was on my bike today. So, I am riding, right? And there is a butterfly in front of me. I ride, and the butterfly just flies in front of me. Probably it has some fun for doing that. Now, there is this road, and there is this butterfly flying. And we were both going against the wind. And then I am thinking: Okay, we have these Boeings with AI that are crashing. I've never seen a butterfly that crashed! [laughter] And then it goes against the wind! There is a software somewhere in the butterfly which is SO ADVANCED that it is... It cannot consciously compute anything, but something is doing it! So, how it can fly against the wind with almost no power?

(L) And that tiny little butterfly has a tiny little brain... it's so small!

(Ark) What I want to know is: Where is the software which is SO powerful and so universal?! It's crash-proof! Where does it come from? Is it in the genes? Or after the butterfly is born, it downloads from somewhere this software? Where is it?

(Pierre) It's the information field [makes patented Pierre Information Field Gesture].

(L) Information field. So, your question is: Where does the butterfly's software come from?

(Ark) Yes.

A: As Pierre said, it is information fully and freely given/received via the antenna of the proteins.

Q: (Scottie) So, can I fly like a butterfly if I have a different antenna? I've always wanted to fly, so...

(PoB) Why we cannot fly?

(L) Because we don't have the right antenna!

(Ark) We don't have the hardware for flying.

A: When you get enough knowledge, sure!

Q: (L) In other words, what they're saying is that when you get enough knowledge that you can engineer a living creature, then you can engineer yourself to fly. But first you need the knowledge to engineer a butterfly - at least! And based on what I’ve been studying, we have a ways to go yet!

(Scottie) At the moment, we can't even engineer a robot that flies like a butterfly.

(L) Other questions?

(Artemis) Yes, everybody has many questions. Pierre's getting out his questions.

(Andromeda) Uh-oh!

(Joe) I wanted to ask about Sebastian's health issues. He wanted us to ask about his health.

(Pierre) He had this problem where he lost taste, smell, and some hearing, and some eyesight. He also had some memory problems. He would like to have some advice for his health.

A: Sebastian needs to lighten up in more ways than one! Knowledge protects.

Q: (L) Other questions?

(Joe) Ya know the Seneca guns?

(L) Yeah...

(Artemis) Are they trying to say something else?

A: He is too rigid and afraid.

Q: (Artemis) Of what?

A: Death.

Q: (Joe) So, the Seneca Guns are heard off Seneca Lake area in New York. It's been going regularly for like decades. (L) I heard that they were offshore of North Carolina or South Carolina.

A: Tectonic movements exciting EM profile of the region.

Q: (L) Well, they didn't have earthquakes.

A: Undetectable usually.

{Online finding about Seneca Guns: The name originated in a short story that James Fennimore Cooper wrote during the 1800’s. The name refers to booms that have been heard on the shores of Lake Seneca and Lake Cayuga in New York State. The name has been applied to similar noises along the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Similar booms are called Barisol guns in coastal India. These phenomena have also occurred in three widely separated places around the world. That’s about all we know about the Seneca guns. Mystery Booms: Seneca guns and earthquake booms - Strange Sounds}

Q: (Pierre) About Earth Changes... A few months ago, there was this super-straight cloud that was 50 meters wide and connecting the North Pole and South Pole.

(L) Are we sure that wasn't just an artifact of the photography?

(Pierre) It even appeared on satellite pictures.

(L) Stitching satellite photos together often produces artefacts. Was it an artifact?

A: It was.

Q: (Pierre) Oh... Next question: The Cathars, just before surrendering in Montsegur, they negotiated this truce for a few days to realize a secret celebration. We don't know what it was about. It was around the 14th of March. Was it related to a celebration of Caesar's death?

A: Yes. The Last Supper is a commemoration of Caesar.

Q: (Joe) Why do starlings flock and move in the way they do in apparent instantaneous communication?

A: Love. Flowing and fluid movements are an expression of delight in life.

Q: (L) I would say that that doesn't mean in general, but...

A: Not always, but generally, yes.

Q: (L) Next question?

(Pierre) About the French Revolution: Behind it, was the main ideological force Frankish Cabalism?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Oh, Jesus. Did Frankish Cabalists infiltrate Weishaupt Illuminati and some Freemason lodges?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright, we'll say goodnight. I'm tired. Kissy kissy!

(Artemis) Alright, if you have anything to say... and if not, then goodnight and thank you!

A: Be aware that a new world will dawn! Be not oppressed by the death throes of the old world. Goodbye.

A: Be aware that a new world will dawn! Be not oppressed by the death throes of the old world. Goodbye.

This is slightly relieving and intriguing, hopefully in reference to something world-shifting happening sometime before we all die of old age:lol:

Interesting stuff, thanks for the session.
Thanks for this session! I found this bit particularly interesting because it reminds me of an occurrence from when I worked in hospice.

(Pierre) The human being is the marriage of the soul and the physical. Especially people dying, the physiology is impaired. But they're married together, so the physical restricts the soul. But just before death, the soul gets freed from the body. It's not restricted anymore.

(L) And it can turn around and control the body that it wasn't able to do before because it was so tied to it, embedded in it, so to say.

(Pierre) So when you hear someone saying unexpected words, it's not a revival of the body or brain. It's the death of the body and the free soul that finally expresses itself.

(L) And still using the instrument in the same way that, say, mediums do. Only you're using your own body in the way a spirit would use it.

I was visiting a guy who was dying of cancer and on visits I would usually check vitals signs. The guy seemed to be himself as far as mental functioning goes but I couldn't get a blood pressure reading. I felt for his pulse on the wrist and couldn't feel it and I couldn't hear his heartbeat with my stethoscope. It was the strangest thing but he was talking to me just as he had during other visits but he had no vital signs. He died later that night.

I guess this could qualify as a case of his soul on the way out being able to still control his body.
Many thanks to all for this fascinating session. In general, it appears that information, from different areas of knowledge that has been studied and discussed here over the years as separate items, is now found to be integrated and synthesized--connected and whole in ways that we could not know until enough of the forum accumulated and processed it all. It's thrilling really and I am very grateful to be here--thank you so much for this.
It has been quite a ride with discussion these past months and years, which a congealing of ideas and renewed faith have made it all the more poignant. And here you all are asking some of the question of questions in this session affirming same. "(L) For me, it was like being reborn. Like having locks on my mind just blown off."


Many thanks for the session and all your work! :flowers:
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