Session 23 March 2019


The Force is Strong With This One
Thank you for the session,
I find it interesting and question myself wondering if these 4D bleedthroughs the C's have referred to lately in past sessions might have anything to do with DNA info, I mean engineering DNA info, and the ones that get it are antenna tuned to the vibrational info coming down as also the C's recommanded to get in tune with the right vibes. To add to it the Covid-19 that was also mentionned as a possible DNA unlocker. Lots to think about. Any enlighment will be welcomed!


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I wondered about this bit about the antennas in connection with Reiki. Especially when applying Reiki straight after an injury happens (like a bang on the head or getting a finger caught in a door or twisting an ankle), like immediately. It always astounds me how powerful Reiki is when applied immediately. This brings me to what Chu asked in a previous session:

Perry Marshall mentions in Evolution 2.0 as an example how bacteria that is stressed in the body due to antibiotics within 30 minutes can transfer genetic material and duplicate it so that it can survive.

In connection with Reiki, my thought is that perhaps when one injures a finger or bangs the head or similar, that the body's cells are sending out stress signals via these small antennas as those cells are suffering hardship. There could be a small window of time that is optimal for healing and the Reiki intensifies the antennas to be restored and/or to attract more light and thus to heal. Perhaps it restores the existing damaged cells to health again in a very short time and if Reiki is not applied, then the body has to recycle those cells and do a bigger repair job.

With refence to your comment regarding Evolution 2.0. Several years ago, when doing my own research regarding Lyme (I have the disease). I came across a physician, his name escapes me at this time, he helped develop the CD 49 test in HIV patients he was treating at that time, he also treated Lyme patients, he performed an experiment using doxycycline on Lyme bacteria from blood of patients that were in remission, the bacteria became reanimated. There is such a clamp down on Lyme information, almost all the links. with useful information I had are no longer available. For me I found botanicals and tinctures were far more effective.. could be the relationship between the light OSIT.


A lot of information in this session! It is interesting how there’s ALOT missing in cellular biology, anatomy, etc in what they teach in universities and in many books. They seem to not have the whole “deeper” part of the info and also don’t incorporate the spiritual parts. It’s no wonder why most people engage and have a strong belief in materialism.

I’ve noticed, that when when a person/ group of people want to spread good knowledge that could help out humanity, there’s always “evil” Kabbalist groups interfering and twisting the truth and inserting lies. STS is really afraid of the light and can’t even notice that they’re own darkness is literally eating them up!
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