Session 23 March 2019


Padawan Learner
Yes, it can be as you describe it. Of course without a person operating it is the same as nothing. But mainly the idea that arose is by the similarities between the symbolic and its effects.

And the idea of connecting it to a computer, I never suggested it be without human intervention. In fact I would not mention neurofeedback if I think that the human touch is not needed.

On the other hand I rely on the premise of the Cs when they said:

Q: (T) One last question and I will be gone for now. Who sent me the information in the dream?
A: You don't have to "go". Complex.
Q: (T) Was the information sent by the good guys or the bad guys?
A: Different concept.
Q: (T) What race of beings? Did it come from a specific race?
A: Not exactly.
Q: (L) Can you give us just a few words on this?
A: Okay, Laura. Cosmic retrieval system.
Q: (L) What does the cosmic retrieval system retrieve?
A: Remember computer was inspired by cosmic forces and reflects universal intelligence system of retrieval of reality.
Q: (T) This is a computer network, yes or no?
A: Strange thought pattern.
Q: (T) What you have described, on a very large scale, sophisticated...
A: Grand scale, close.
Q: (T) Can I access it through our earthly computer system?
A: In a sense, but not directly as of yet. But just wait. [Break]


So there is no evolution as such, just plain engineering by higher sources through multiple interactions. Somehow it reminded me a concept of project methodology (waterfall or Agile) when a project team aims to create a new product or add some functionality or renew hardware/software. Legacy product or hardware may be left to run in parallel for short time just in case something goes wrong with the new one, but at later stage it's shut down completely if new one runs as expected. So a project team acts like Creator of IT System. Same with species and planet life just the main unseen actors are 4D residents. That's mind blowing.
And if you just look at various TV channels or mandatory school/university books - they are all suggesting that Evolution is the force which helps to adapt and prepare to live in changed environments.
I wonder why we are so manipulated, what would have changed in humanity behavior if we were told the truth about this... Or maybe who denied to tell us the truth - PTB on earth or our creators? Maybe both?
Farmers grow cattle, sheep, etc. My guess is that both species are aware of each other and what each party is able to do, at some sense, and still sheep graze next to farmer's home. Does that mean that sheep may be aware of what's going to happen in the end but they still accept that, OR that sheep have not been given that level of consciousness to realize what "the end" means for them. In any way sheep do not try to escape from farmer, except rare cases (those which are more intelligent?). I'm trying to make parallels with humanity and 4D creators.
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