Session 24 October 2009

Recently, my principal family members agreed to come together from across the nation to a farm to begin operations involving organic/biodynamic crops/garden, and animal rotation in such a way that a diverse, healthy environment is maintained for all, including the wildlife (see for Joel Salatin's example). The following is a portion of the Mission Statement I wrote that all family members have agreed to:

Our family has recognized that trying to "fix" things from the top down is not feasible due to the stranglehold that psychopathic institutions now hold. We have agreed that the bottoms up local approach through community is the only viable method to bring about lasting change (in other words, the change begins with you and the like-minded). It addresses the human element directly - not the institutions.

We are now on the farm (some still to arrive) and are forging community contacts and links to help get to production of nutrient-dense foods for local consumption - and support a thriving environment on the farm - from microbe in the soil to human in the pasture. No CAFOs (confined animal farm Ops) here - as Salatin says about his farm animals: "The animals here have only one bad day".

We also recognize that part of this service to community must involve education - folks must recognize that the choice in food is a major cause of chronic disease and poisoning of the body and the mind. Last week I got my haircut in a local salon in "Bumpkin", USA, where the salon-talk is focused on who has cancer and what their chemo schedule is. With the programs running in these folk, alternative treatments do not even register on the radar screen. But then the girl cutting my hair began to think and said that "it must be in the food ... all those chemicals and things". This gave me a huge shot of HOPE - that maybe there is a way through this with some specially targeted education. Anyway, we recognize that a key element of change is education - gently getting folks to begin to understand the nature of this reality.

Why did I post all of this? Because we would be happy and honored to associate our goals and operations with FOTCM.


This is a wonderful mission statement, LQB. You mentioned it was only a portion - I'd love to read more if that's okay with you and your family. Currently, in the small village where I live, there is a land-share initiative in the making. A few of us are coming together to grow corn, onions, and other foodstuffs on land that will be generously donated by local landowners. Some of the land includes a greenhouse, and a big variety of berry bushes and fruit and nut trees. I'm interested in your mission statement as a touchstone for conversations we are having here - I've noticed our talks touch the surface of what is at stake here on this earth, tending towards more vague notions of 'local food' and 'reducing impact' and not touching the larger predatory economics at play.
And so it begins! It’s funny, sometimes Ill read a certain session and it’ll really resonate with what I’m currently going through and serves as kind of a “guide”. Looking forward to getting more involved!
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