Session 27 January 1996

Once again on questions . . .

from 28 Apr 1996
Q: (L) I am so tired now that I cannot formulate a legitimate, reasonable, intelligent or coherent question of global or universal significance, we will say goodnight.
A: Good Night.

Cs were being so quirky !!! we can only sympathise with Laura . . .
SeekinTruth said:
ctw5000 said:
Are they talking about organic portals???Am I correct when I assume they mean the ops that are closest to use in our daily lives (family,friends) are "activated" when needed , to distract us from our ultimate goals??

My understanding is that they could be OP's or just sleeping people close to us that function as OP's until they wake up. Without the Work to wake up, and until we do wake up, we are all the same as OP's except for the fact that non-OP's have a potential that can be realized that OP's do not have. But I could be wrong.

I don't think it's quite that complicated. Excerpted from the transcript,

Laura said:
A: Always watch all portals! Those around you are all portals always!

Q: (L) So, we are all portals. If everybody is a portal, it seems that you could spend all your time watching all of them and never get anything else done!

A: Incorrect, when portals are activated, you will know if you are watching!!! Your problem has been "falling down on the job," especially not being aware of the danger presented by those closest to you. You tend to expect attack to always come from more or less disassociated parties, and you frequently confuse issues: mode and source!

it sounds like anyone could potentially serve as a vector of attack, without exception, and at any time.

To clarify on the "portal" matter, they give a definition in another session:

Laura said:
A: Not a portal, it is a conduit. A portal is an opening allowing influences to manifest from higher density levels and downward. A conduit is a "two way street."

So if we're all some variety of portal, then wouldn't that mean that it's possible for either type of 4D influence to manifest through us (supposing we let our "buttons" be pushed in the wrong way at the wrong time in the STS case)?
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