Session 27 June 1998


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June 27, 1998
Frank, Ark, Laura

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Honnorah.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: C___ was here last week and suggested that we should try to make arrangements to go to North Carolina and do some sessions there. I would like to ask if this would be advisable?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: This is where your energy is.

Q: Is there any other reason why this would not be advisable other than that?

A: Logistics.

Q: Well, yeah. Speaking of North Carolina, I want to ask, regarding T___'s passing (C___’s late husband), if there was any relationship between their moving there and his subsequent demise? I mean, no sooner had they gotten everything set up and organized, the house built and so forth, he passed. What was the relationship, since you mentioned once that there was an indirect relationship between the move there and his passing?

A: Once he had fulfilled his wish, it was the end of the line.

Q: Is there any other connection, other than the fulfillment of his wishes?

A: No.

Q: Okay. So, once he had what he wanted, that was it. Well, I can't think of anything else on that subject...

A: She is disbanded there.

Q: She is disbanded there? What does that mean?

A: To locator she clings for closeness to the one to whom she was banded, who is no longer there. So what is accomplished by this? Inner rupturing of the subsensate band.

Q: What is this 'subsensate band?'

A: Research for learning.

Q: What is the general outcome of a rupturing of a 'subsensate band?'

A: One turns inward until as a "spinster in waiting."

Q: Is this detrimental?

A: Yes. Why do you think she keeps returning here? Does it not seem to you an inordinate amount of returns for someone supposedly so "settled?"

Q: But she has reasons for returning. She has business to take care of, she has family here. So, this means that she frequently comes down here for a variety of reasons. But she wants to live there - that is her home base.

A: Unless this changes, it will be nothing less than her total undoing.

Q: Well, that is a bizarre thing to say! You said that about Sue...

A: And...?

Q: Well, yeah... okay. Point taken. Well, C___ prefers the mountains because she was born in the mountains, she spent her early formative years in the mountains, and it is just that, to her, mountains are the natural way the land should look! That's why. It seems natural to her. It is peaceful, cool, calm, leafy and green and there are all these nice, loving people all around - just a lot of reasons.

A: Mountains are the way the land should look?

Q: Well, to her... that's what she was familiar with as a child. She feels more at home there. And, there is nothing anyone can say against such a thing.

A: No.

Q: Okay, why did she sleep so long and heavily after attending last Saturday night's session. Was this related to being here for the session? If so, why?

A: Yes and vibratory frequency alignment.

Q: Was this beneficial?

A: Yes.

Q: Would it be beneficial for her to attend more sessions?

A: Sure.

Q: Well, let me cover...

A: Fate will intercede.

Q: That brings this up: if a person has a life plan and do not seem to be following it because they are distracted for one reason or another, do dire things happen in such cases?

A: Yes.

Q: If C___ had been more in the direct seeking mode while she was married to T___ - is it possible that he would not have died so soon? I mean, was she supposed to be moving in a different direction and all these things happened to stop her, turn her around, make her think and so forth?

A: Marriage was not right to begin with.

Q: Well, T___ was the love of her life.

A: Cancer is evidence of this. How many instances can you think of where husband and wife, relatively young, are each subsequently stricken with such potentially deadly strains?

Q: In that sense, I would say that the bodies are definitely speaking loudly and clearly about something that the conscious minds are not even admitting. But, that is her issue. She would have to dig pretty deep for that. Why is she so stubborn about not looking at her own issues? Why does she prefer the 'personal myth,' as she calls it?

A: Some souls persistently chase ideals, even when totally detrimental to their chosen path. Check natal chart for substantiating clues there.

Q: Go back to the remark 'fate will intercede.' Can I have a clue?

A: Do you really want to know?

Q: Yeah! But, I am sure you are not going to tell me. I'm not greedy, I won't ask for the whole answer - just a crumb. I can figure it out - a crumb is all I ask!

A: Crunch.

Q: What?! That's the clue?!

A: Yes.

Q: You guys are bad to me! What kind of clue is that?

A: Can mean many things, yes?

Q: Yeah! That's why you are bad to me! It could mean 5,000 things. Well, no more on this subject. Now, I have forgotten to ask this the past couple of times... I have such a screwy metabolism. Now, I know that you once told me that my thyroid had been tampered with from other densities in an effort to dissuade me or prevent me from doing my work. The result of this is that I can go for days and eat almost nothing, and still gain weight! Why?

A: Because you have changed your third density frequency.

Q: What am I supposed to do now? Just stop eating altogether?

A: Lost. Altered your chosen balancing mechanism.

Q: What altered my chosen balancing mechanism?

A: First: what is your chosen balancing mechanism?

Q: Do you mean something physical in my body?

A: Close.

Q: I don't know. Going to the gym?

A: No.

Q: Something about the way I work or function?

A: No. Something you, or one, takes into the body.

Q: Thyroid pills?

A: This substance raises hemoglobin levels.

Q: What?! I quit smoking?!

A: Yes.

Q: How can smoking be a balancing mechanism?

A: Speeds up metabolism, thus allowing greater food intake.

Q: Well, all it did for me was allow me to eat at all! I guess that now I will have to quit eating completely forever!

A: Or bring nicotine back.

Q: Well, that's not gonna happen! Isn't there something else that would work?

A: No.

Q: So, you are saying that nicotine is actually good for me?

A: Yes. Without it, you will remain with weight problems, because you will not be able to lower food intake enough to compensate. Why do you think you had the inkling to start smoking in the first place?

Q: Well, I just was going along with my friends, I thought.

A: No.

Q: What other things does nicotine do?

A: Raises defences.

Q: What kind?

A: Immunological.

Q: Anything else?

A: Excites neurotransmitters. You require less sleep.

Q: Is this true for everyone?

A: No.

Q: (A) How much nicotine is necessary?

A: 100 mg per day.

Q: (A) Can it be in pill form?

A: Cigarettes infuse it to brain tissues most effectively.

Q: Well, I am certainly relieved! Now I know that I do not have a 'smoking demon' possessing me! I was really getting worried!

A: Those who fit this profile find it nearly impossible to "quit" completely.

Q: So, there are people who are actually benefitted by smoking?

A: Genetics will offer proof of this.

Q: You mean that one can see changes in DNA before and after smoking?

A: Close

Q: Is this also true for Frank?

A: Yes.

Q: Why us?

A: It is simply part of your "profiles."

Q: Is that also why I have been having more stomach problems than usual?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, I always noticed that smoking could settle my stomach. It also stimulated my bowels... (F) Yes.

A: (A) What is serious here is the number. How many milligrams... (L) How many cigarettes does the number translate into?

A: 20.

Q: Well, I never smoked that much! Only about 15...

A: No.

Q: Well, I told myself 15!

A: It was not.

Q: Ark doesn't need to smoke, does he?

A: No. He does not fit the profile. He actually had to "work" to start smoking.

Q: (L) Did you? (A) Yeah, probably. (L) Well, then why did you? (A) Well, it was somewhat self-annihilating. (L) Ark is NOT happy with this explanation you guys have given.

A: Life contains unhappy explanations at 3rd density, sometimes.

Q: Well, I was really beginning to think I was possessed...

A: No.

Q: Well, that is not unheard of, you know! Okay, I have been having this sensation of an electrical charge building up in my legs and I would like to know what I can do to discharge this. All the muscles are hard and uncomfortable.

A: Molecular changes due to DNA evolving.

Q: We got a genealogy program and I have been loading all this data into it thinking that I am going to find something. You told me to investigate the Knight line and I have gotten back to Willielmo Knyght back in 1325, but I need to know what it is I am looking for. I have all these other lines, and it is a crazy bunch of people and strange events...

A: You have dug up the figures, now analyze.

Q: Analyze. What am I supposed to see in seeing these figures?

A: The figures are the people.

Q: Well, the thing about this Knyght guy is that I think a)he took the name because he was a child of a Templar who decided to call himself "Knyght" because he was a Knight of the Temple who had blended into the landscape, so to speak, after the disbanding of the Templars, or b) that he was incognito. Why would a person take this name? I mean, there were so many knights, functionally speaking, so why would a person take this name unless they were trying to be incognito and not use their true name?

A: Right.

Q: So, which direction should I go? Who was this guy? Who was he really? He sort of appeared out of the blue?

A: Search.

Q: Okay, I will keep searching. Ark is mad at you guys, you know {about the smoking responses}. So, I would like to know what is the advantage, if any, of this profile you have described - what is the evolutionary advantage of having this sick metabolism?

A: Who says this is "sick?"

Q: Well, I am saying this loosely. I mean, it's not normal, it's not natural, it's highly unusual... nearly everyone I have ever met who has a weight problem also has an eating problem and I can promise you that I don't!

A: Better metabolism for cat... Sorry, that was our attempt at an abbreviation!

Q: What were you attempting to abbreviate?

A: Guess.

Q: {Laughter} Is channeling the first word?


Q: Next letter?

A: How about post cat-a-clysmic world.

Q: Well, Ark doesn't have that metabolism... I don't want to be in a post-cataclysmic world without him...

A: Then give him the food.

Q: What food?

A: What food you have, if... confronted with the situation.

Q: Are you saying that we are gonna be hanging out on a post-cataclysmic planet?

A: That is always a possibility.

Q: There are some people who have written me on the web who are telling me that they have a reliable report that there was a huge UFO seen sinking into the Pacific Ocean. Supposedly the Navy is watching it and there is a whole bunch of stuff going on. Is this story true?

A: Get the web data yourself, print and analyze for answer.

Q: They say that this is inside info and that it is not anywhere on the web...

A: If they have it, they can mail it. If not, they cannot, yes.

Q: So, if they don't have a source... hmmm... if, in fact, such a UFO does exist, and did, in fact, submerge itself in the Pacific Ocean, theoretically speaking, what group of aliens would it belong to?

A: Orion STS.

Q: And, if such a UFO did, theoretically, submerge itself in the ocean, how large a craft would this have been?

A: 20 Kilometers in diameter.

Q: And, how many alien beings might inhabit such a UFO?

A: 60,000.

Q: If such a UFO did submerge itself in the Pacific, where would it be at the present time? Still sitting on the bottom of the Pacific?

A: Underneath the floor.

Q: And if it was, in fact, under the ocean floor, what are the plans of said craft? What are the plans of the beings operating said craft?

A: Too complex.

Q: Well. If such a craft was there, is the Navy, or other agencies aware that it is there?

A: Maybe.

Q: Is it being monitored?

A: Maybe.

Q: Has there been any contact?

A: Ask for further data.

Q: Recently Johan had a real awakening. He did a lot of praying and was going to get a job, and he was doing all that the 'New Age' teachers advise, and everything fell through, and now he has decided that there is no providence, there is no God, and that he is basically cast adrift in an uncaring universe. I know that this is a start in the right direction, but is there anything you can say in this situation?

A: All there is is lessons. When one understands this, one no longer searches for the non-existent and unnecessary, safety net.

Q: One final question: I have to start scheduling time for the psychomantium. Can you suggest the optimum time or optimum schedule?

A: Mid-evening and nearer to full moon and new moon.

Q: Well, that is helpful... good night.

A: Good night.

End of Session


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Internalizing the concept that all there is are lessons has given me a lot more peace. I now accept things much better and in fact, do seek a safety net as often.
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