Session 29 June 1996


Joe said:
Again Leonel, we'd appreciate it if you could either write more intelligible posts, or refrain from making these kind of unintelligible posts.
Hi Joe,

Your post made me feel really bad, like I'm not able to communicate effectively. English is not my native language, so I do my best. Please let me explain.

On June 22 1996 V asked:

Q: (V) I am wondering about the significance of the quoted words. Is it some kind of code?
A: Maybe you should go back to the beginning, and arrange all our quoted statements in sequential order?
Q: (L) Do you mean ALL the transcripts?
A: Yup!

On June 29 Laura asked:

Q: (L) When we went through the transcript to get some of the quoted words, there was a sequence that came out: "Time caused alpha level suffering." Is there such a thing?
A: Maybe. Mix and match.
Q: (L) You mean in putting the words and phrases together?
A: Yes, but don't struggle with it! You try too hard when you feel upset with others, this is why see: ISCNI, LM, D4, and others...
Q: (L) So, you are saying that I should not do anything that makes something inside me feel compressed or denied...
A: Do without expectations. When you conform or change your behavior in the expectation of creating a change in others, then you are expecting something. So, do it. See what happens. But be patient and see what happens!

SO I did the exercise of “arrange the quoted statements because I wanted to know for myself and to have the personal experience in the meaning of the possible"code".

What I found was so amazing that I wanted to share it…. Maybe,,, maybe you have to have some state of mind to see this… effortless.

I posted the quoted statements So I could get some feedback i.e.

"BRINGERS OF THE DAWN" (says to) "DO" (that which is effortless)... and posted part of what Pleaidans said about it in BOTD:

“Do what excites you!” because that way it is going to be “effortless” and so you are going to affect your reality….”all you need do is think of how you want to be, and so you shall be”… Do without expectations said the C´s.

It seems my posts affected Solarmind and lara4unow (I know what you mean…) maybe i was just and instrument.

so, Joe please feel free to erase my posts, seems to have served their purpose. They did it for me when i needed an answer.

Thank you Joe.
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