Session 3 February 1996


The Force is Strong With This One
Not necessarily closer to One (which is everything that exists ie "God" ) if one is STS ,be it of any level. Just think about it.
It is you versus everything else that is not you(the other, the "others").

STO philosophy is I serve other(s) (I serve that ,which is not me) ,so I'm closer to One. "I serve God"
STS is dark philosophy which states. I serve only that is me, (so other(s) should serve me). "God should serve me"

Legend of Lucifer states this very correctly. You just have to think that Lucifer is you(the human kind)
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[...] what this seems to imply is that a 4th-density STS being is in fact closer towards union with The One than a 3rd-density STO being.
They are closer because they have more information of The One, but it's only in reference to their selves. Maybe that's why there is a dead end. Because they don't allow for others, so they end up a black hole. It's like you can keep learning about yourself, and gathering, consuming and controlling parts of the Universe for yourself, but there are limits to that. Namely, that you're not the only one in the Universe!

[...] well what exactly IS union with The One?
I don't think it's "You becoming God." It's union with The One. So you're there, along with The One, and all the "others" that are there? Because we know that part of it can fall down to lower densities.

Once again, it is about knowledge. And it strips away the "I'm special and better because I am on the STO path" thing which is probably an STS hallmark anyway! Ahh, such a tangled web...
Yeah, there was something said that more intelligence does not necessarily equal STO polarity. An enlightened STS being would just use that knowledge for itself.

I think it is about possibilities. 4th-density STS may transform into STO entity.
I remember something like that mentioned. Not sure if it was from the C's or Ra. And I wonder how it works, because the Lizzies are said to be firmly entrenched in the STS polarity with very minuscule chances of changing to STO. I think it's something like the STS being would gather so much knowledge about the Universe that some kind of breakthrough insight comes to it and it switches to STO like a light bulb. Or maybe it learns nearly everything there is to know about STS (before becoming a black hole) and wants to know more, so it has no choice but to switch to STO?

Just my thoughts on these interesting questions.
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