Session 30 August 2009


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Background to this session:

The reader who wants to understand some of the remarks made in this session will want to read the exchange between Ark and I and the "Health Food Millionaire" that I have posted here: This will give some idea of what was going on leading up to the sudden, tragic death of one of our forum moderators, Victoria Ridout AKA Pepperfritz. This session also goes into the circumstances surrounding her death in some detail.

Pause while everyone goes to read the linked thread...

Okay, if you now have the HFM - Ark & Laura exchange under your belt (you can skim a lot of it - it is mind-numbing, but do try to get the gist of it, especially the last few exchanges that led to the final termination of the interaction), let me describe a bit more of what transpired next.

On August 24, 2009, I wrote an announcement of Victoria’s death. This news came at the tail end of a very strange period. I added at the end of that message:

“There have been some very unusual things happening here over the past week that I haven't really talked about with the group here, and whether they are related or not, I don't know, but I do feel as if there is some kind of active energy directed against us and all of you need to be extra cautious.”

Later that day, I wrote a bit about the strange events as follows:

First of all, we have been in the midst of a heat wave here. Then, we were working on getting our space issues sorted out here since we are really kinda crowded and don't have enough room anymore and have to deal with that – that was hard physical labor reorganizing stuff. Added to that, there were some complex emotional issues going on with several members that we were dealing with. (I'm reviewing via my emails of the time) I noted in one email that I had not slept well the night before and I just attributed it to the concern over the issues just mentioned.

I had a brief private exchange with QFS member, forum moderator, Anart. At the end of her last message of the exchange, on the 13th, she wrote:

Seems like something is up this morning, by the way, but I don't know what - that 'watch out' feeling is in the air... weird.

The 14th was a pretty normal day for me judging by my email files. I was VERY busy. Lots of correspondence all over the place. Apparently, this was the day Victoria was killed. She was killed late in the day her time, I think, which would put it early in the morning of the 15th our time. The 15th was actually a VERY interesting day because we found something locally that I really can't talk about now, but it really had us talking here in the house about some unlimited possibilities. In fact, now that I think about it, it was kind of a Jack in the Beanstalk bean seed kind of thing. I'll be able to explain more about that after things develop, but suffice it to say that this was going in a positive direction even if it was only hours after Victoria had been killed.

Then, we had the session that Saturday, the 15th, published it on Sunday, the 16th, (I think) and that was - apparently - two days after Victoria died. It makes me feel very funny that she never got a chance to read it.

What was odd was the beginning of that session when it took two tries to get the board oriented properly. This has NEVER happened before. I was just NOT firing on all pistons! There was nothing particular in the session itself, though, except that the Cs were pretty cranky about all the "silly" questions that people wanted me to ask them when, from their point of view, we were in a dire situation. There was a feeling of oppression, but we couldn't place it. I was even hesitant to publish those remarks because I didn't want people to be disappointed that the Cs weren't going to indulge their curiosity. (After the session, I was just wired and could not sleep!)

The 18th was my daughter's birthday and we had a quiet celebration. (Stayed on the diet except there were eggs in the healthy cake and that inflamed me just a tad.) The previous night, I finally got a good night's sleep after several days of not sleeping as well as I should have, but the 18th was hotter than hades – I think it got up to 100 F at least.

On that same day, the 18th, in an email to the Red Pill Press crew, I had included a session transcript clip about an incident we had a few months ago when someone had cut through our fence in back and all our goose eggs had gone missing, and one of our geese was killed. At about the same time as our break-in through the fence, and death of the goose here, a store belonging to one of our group members had been broken into, though nothing was stolen. AND, at about the same time, another group member had to deal with putting her sick dogs down. All of that was mentioned in the same session: geese, sick dogs, break-ins, danger. Here is the unpublished excerpt about that:

30 May 2009

Q: (J) Who broke in to ________’s store?

A: In this instance it was just cabin fever craziness. But beware in the future. {The owner} should also be aware of his emotional vulnerability to "break in". He should read Pinkola Estes...

Q: (L) Women Who Run With the Wolves. But that's for women.

A: It also applies to men.


Q: (J) I was going to ask what happened to our goose eggs and who made the hole in the fence?

A: Outsider.

Q: (A***) Did the outsider also kill our goose?

A: No.

Q: (Ark) Outsider can be animal or human, right? (L) When you say outsider, do you mean animal or human?

A: Human.

Q: (L) So what happened to the goose?

A: Fox. She was weak. Just as {Store owner mentioned above} is.

Q: (L) So, somebody broke in, stole the eggs, and then the weak goose attracted the fox. Is that the principle we're talking about here? (Parallel events that are not apparently related on the surface, but both represent the same kind of energy symbolically.)

A: Yes.

Q: (J) So, what advice do you have for {store owner}?

A: He will be fine if he admits his weakness and networks. The analogy can only go so far.

Q: (L) Yeah, like L**** and the dogs. The analogy of being an old dog and taking medicine being equivalent to a human being who is old and taking medicine, just doesn't fly. A goose can attract a fox and {Store Owner} can attract a break in. He has qualities and capabilities that a goose doesn't have just as L**** has qualities and capabilities that her dogs don't have.

So, anyway, all that was mentioned in an email to the RPP crew on the 18th. I only include this because of what happened next.

It was the NEXT DAY, on the 19th (five days after Victoria’s death, apparently, though we did not yet know it), that things really got weird. On that day, the crew here made a run to Andorra for tobacco. While they were gone, I decided to make some Dahl. I was feeling inflamed from the birthday cake and I wanted something anti-inflammatory to eat. I had everything arranged to add my spices and went to the fridge to get some mustard. I didn't see it, so was going to move a covered dish to look in back. The dish was stuck, so I gave it a tug. It was apparently full of the liquid sauce that had mussels cooked in it several days earlier. Someone had filled this dish to the brim (such a liquid should be put in a jar, not a dish with just a lid that sits on top), and some of it had spilled and made it stick.

So, when I tugged on it, it naturally sloshed all over the fridge and floor... and I had a mess to clean up.

Well, no sooner was I about done cleaning up that mess (with everything taken out of the fridge and sitting on the counter), I turned around to get something and knocked a jar off onto the floor. Of course, such things do not bounce... it shattered and some of the glass went into my foot. What was worse was what was IN the jar: preserved goose hearts that our neighbor had given to us! Three of them, in fact.

Gaaaaah! Having to clean up glass mixed up with fat and disgusting meat juice and goose hearts!

I did a little pipe breathing to bring my blood pressure down and it all got cleaned up with help from my son who heard me ranting about what kind of crazy person would want to eat goose hearts and what kind of crazier person would think to can them...

Finally, I'm back to putting the dahl together and then, I went to get the coffee grinder to grind up some of the spices... and there was a big jar of cocoa powder in front of it. I picked it up to move it and... yup... it was put away without the lid being screwed on tight. It went flying across the floor, distributing cocoa powder all the way.

Have you ever cleaned up cocoa powder?

Thankfully, my son heard me shrieking and came to the rescue again.

I finally got the dahl made and decided I had better park myself before I did some serious damage.

The day continued, unbearably hot and I thought it was terrible for the crew to have to drive to Andorra in this heat. Apparently, during the trip up the mountain, there WAS a problem with the van overheating. That was unusual, but resolved itself. I later learned it was the hottest day this year - like 102 or 103 F.

Meanwhile, P**** stayed home with me and Ark and was putzing about in the yard most of the day. All the shutters and windows in the house were closed against the unbearable heat.

Right after the crew got back from Andorra, it was almost dark, P**** went to put the geese away for the night. He discovered that 7 of them were missing. He found a number of them on the other side of the fence in back, trying like crazy to get back in, and two of them were dead. I mean, just dead. Not a mark on them. No shot, no wounds, nothing. The two biggest, healthiest, too. And a third one was completely missing. This was a deformed goose that we had named Quasimodo and we were all rather fond of him. He was a game little guy!

It took a little doing to get around to the back of the fence and catch the others and give them a toss over the fence and retrieve the dead ones. They were still warm.

At the time, we were all just flabbergasted about it. The geese do NOT fly (too fat and they never tried it) so there is no way they just decided to break out over the 6 foot fence. They LOVE their yard and pond.

The only thing we can think is that it may have been some of the migrant workers in the orchards. The apple picking is about to begin and they are congregating in the area. There was a bunch of them walking on the road when the crew was heading out to Andorra, so they must have seen a van full of people leaving... and then, they came up behind the house later in the day. All the windows and shutters were closed in the back to keep the heat out, so Ark and I (and P***) heard nothing, really. The dogs were also all inside, so they noticed nothing either. It must have looked like no one was home.

I'm guessing that somebody was planning on killing all of them to have a barbecue and we may have interrupted them and they dropped two as they ran away when they saw the van returning and everyone getting out and making a racket. For sure, one of the geese is completely missing and we can assume that whoever it was, took that one with them. One of the dead ones was near the fence, the other down by the apple trees, as though they had dropped them as they ran.

We all thought it was really weird, considering the fact that I quoted that piece of a session in my earlier email about the previous loss of a goose and how it was symbolic. And then, this was followed by the spilling of the sauce, the breaking of the jar of goose hearts, and the spilling of cocoa, then followed by the attack on our living geese! I didn’t yet know that the dog connection was going to come into play too with the news about Pepperfritz.

Well, even not knowing everything at that point, we did I-Ching specifically about what happened to our geese. It was hexagram 56 with changing lines 1,2, 4.

"Lu indicates an exile or stranger, or traveling and wandering."

I had the impression that this indicated that the migrant workers were the guilty parties.

That wasn't the end of it, though.

On Saturday, the 22nd, first day of Ramadan, apparently, seven days after Victoria's death, only we don't yet know about it, I was preparing to make crepes. I have a little cast iron flat grill pan that we all like to use for making crepes and pancakes. I put it on the burner, turned the burner on low to heat the pan slowly while I finished stirring the batter. The batter was done quickly and I turned back to watch the pan for signs of getting warm. I even thought about putting it on the other burner that gets hot faster. Well, I had only looked at it for about a second when there was a loud cracking sound and it broke into two pieces right in front of my eyes. It wasn't even hot yet. The handle and a big chunk of the flat part of the pan just cracked loudly and fell off the burner.

I asked Ark to do I-Ching for me about the breaking of my pan and we got hexagram 2 with the first line changing.

"The Receptive: The receptive represents one who serves, one who takes second place, one who is yielding, devoted, moderate and correct." Etc.

I hope ya'll have access to I-Ching interpretation so you can read about hexagram 2, but here's the changing line bit:

"When hoarfrost is underfoot Solid ice is not far off. Be vigilant.

"Be warned. Do not minmise the beginnins of evil. Left to itself, evil grows as inevitably as ice follows the hoarfrost of autumn. So, take heed of the first signs of decay and check them in time."

Another version says: "Misfortune can be expected if one does not change his demeanor. Be wary of a vindictive attack; people with jobs should guard against gossip and slander, and students should guard against jealousy. During this time, however, a woman will be able to make her family prosperous."

And, of course, just two days later, we received the news about Victoria/Pepperfritz.

So, that's the background, let's get to the session:

Session Date: August 30th 2009

Laura, Ark, Joe, A***, P****, Allen, C***, Scottie, G***

Q: (L) Hello.

A: Hello!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us?

A: Groilla of Cassiopaea unified thought.

Q: (L) Why did you add the extra to the introduction?

A: You sometimes forget that a "name" is just a convention for your convenience. We thought a reminder was in order.

Q: (L) Okay, I think the big question on everyone's mind is this recent event with the death of one of our most active forum members: Victoria, aka PepperFritz, formerly known as QueenVee. Since it was suggested by a forum member, I would like to know was Victoria consciously trying to infiltrate our group for nefarious purposes?

A: No.

Q: (L) Was the change that we observed in her a real change in her approach to life, or her thinking, or her conscience – however it can be phrased?

A: Oh yes. You do not yet fully realize the power of spiritual truths given to those starving for them. For the first time in her life Victoria felt satisfied in her heart.

Q: (L) Well there does seem to be some evidence that she fudged a little bit … (Joe) The fact that she arrived two days after, not mentioning that she was banned from the forum as Queen Vee...

A: She changed her heart and mind in an instant!

Q: (L) Well, why was that?

A: She began with what she knew and thought would work based on past experience. It did not "fly" and she saw the "light" in her despair at almost losing the treasure she had found.

Q: (L) Well then, if she had such a flash of illumination, why didn't she change her MO completely and say, "Hey, I changed my MO! I used to be this person, I see the light, and now her I am and I want to try over again!" Why didn't she just come out and say that like on the forum or something?

A: Fear of rejection.

Q: (A***) Did it burden her? I mean, was she really bothered by the fact that this was secret from the forum?

A: Oh yes! In fact she had decided to "take the plunge" just before her death. You see, she knew that total sincerity involved revelations about others. It took some time for her to resolve this conflict of programmed trends to not share such data.

Q: (L) What others?

A: Her past associates.

Q: (Joe) Did that include Vincent Bridges?

A: Peripherally.

Q: (L) Was there anything unusual about her death?

A: Ah! The $64,000 question! Thought you would never ask!

Q: (L) So what was unusual about her death?

A: It demonstrates the power of your meditation and breathing program.

Q: (L) Well that's not a very positive demonstration!

A: Oh yes! There was much consternation in certain circles and this concerned Victoria as well! Imagine someone with her drive to DO fully armed with the power of this technique? More than that, her knowledge of some of her past connections and how they operate and who backs them! She had her eyes opened!

Q: (Ark) I don't understand how she had her eyes opened. If you have eyes opened, you DO see the train. (L) I don't think they were talking about the train, I think they were talking about... (Ark) Well, but the technique is supposed to make people more aware of their environment and not go to sleep.

A: Yes, but what actually happened was that measures were taken before she could fully actualize the potential. Additionally, the 2D friend was utilized as "bait".

Q: (P***) So they saw she was materializing a potential, becoming a very good asset, a very good ally, so they use her love for a pet...

A: Additionally, there was the previous accident that made her more vulnerable.

Q: (L) So you were saying something? (A***) Arky was saying, and I had the same question: Is this going to be happening to like everybody if they’re doing the breathing program and they have potential? Are they just going to be knocked off?

A: No. Special and extreme measures were taken in her case due to her special knowledge of others.

Q: (Joe) What measures were taken against her?

A: Did you not notice the strange turn in the weather in mid July?

Q: (L) Yes. What does the weather have to do with it? I just thought it was getting normal for summer – like oppressive and hot as Hades.

A: No not normal considering the overall trends. This was a result of 3D and 4D activity. Notice also how it affected others in less direct ways. Victoria still had gaps in her awareness. Ark, the remark about open eyes referred to her years observing those "others" and collecting information {Her eyes were “opened” regarding her former associates.} In other words, if her eyes were truly open at the time of the accident it would not have happened. It needed the cleansing of confession to erect that protective barrier. And that was her planned action. She was stopped in her "tracks" before that could occur.

Q: (Scottie) That was really bad... (Ark) Well, I'm not sure if I really understand what I want to ask. I understand that there were many factors that came together. But question is if such an end was somehow written in her karma? (Joe) Did she choose? You know, other sources always talk about people choosing to die - at some level there's a choice made. Is that the case here?

A: Too much credibility is given to the idea of "karma". Anybody can be "taken out" if their awareness is not sufficient to the situation. But as is the case, it follows the general rules of 3D reality. 4D STS can maneuver through agents mainly, environment, and that sort of thing.

Q: (L) So in other words, there are rules to the game, and her awareness just wasn't quite there yet. And there was also probably the block to her awareness due to the fact that she had not sincerely revealed things to everyone. I think that when a group of people are connected together that their mutual awareness is greater than the sum of its parts. (To Ark) Like you and I with our eyes open together and all of us here and the way we share and network. It increases the awareness, and she was still somewhat separated from that network because of this barrier that she hadn't come clean with everybody about everything. And I think it probably was working on her mind that she had information that she could have given everyone, and she probably struggled with it because everybody has a program about, "Well, I gave my word, have to keep a confidence, blah blah blah." And then she probably got to the point where she was willing to realize that she gave her word under manipulative conditions and it wasn't worth anything, and now was the time to take that final step of sincerity - in which case then she would have been completely connected into the network, and would have had the protection of networked awareness.

(Ark) So, in other words, if you decide to get faster car, you must also learn how to drive it.

(L) And also the thing about the dog being used as bait: I mean, maybe they weren't able to directly affect her mind with some of their beaming activities or their oppressive activities or the energies being transmitted, but maybe they could act on the dog so he became paralyzed on those train tracks, and she was trying to get him off, and he just simply wouldn't move, and she was completely occupied with that. (Joe) Was she in any way messed with psychologically to force dissociation or something to cause the accident, or was it just like you said?

A: Not exactly. But you can understand that she did have a great distracting mental burden. That was enough.

Q: (Joe) All I can say is that she must have had some seriously interesting information that she could have shared, as in like Godlike Productions sites, Nancy Leider, and who's financing them...

(L) I always wondered who was behind Nancy Leider. She came up with those fancy videos very early on.

(Joe) Victoria’s information wouldn't be anything new - if you know what I mean; probably what we have surmised - but she would be someone who could speak with authority as an insider and whose credentials couldn't be disputed which would be something more.

(L) She probably had the goods on a few people, no question about that.

(P***) You think that same entity is funding Godlike Productions and Zetatalk? Same founder?

(L) Well, I don't know because remember at one point we did all that research into Godlike Productions and we found out that they were hooked up with some really strange people. It was connected by a trail to the right wing fascist governmental types; some of the people who were funding George Bush; some of the big money behind them, and also people that were involved in pornography and sexual perversion. That's the article that I published making all those connections that we got the death threats over. And that led to that bizarre series of incidents, when I was down in the market and the guy was following me and taking pictures of me, making it obvious that somebody was watching me; and then the lug nuts on the car were removed, the fence was cut – all that - it was to send a message: “we are watching you and can get this close…”. So, that's who’s behind Godlike Productions – some really creepy folks.

Now, are Nancy and the Zetas funded by the same entity? Or related? Who knows? Probably. And, of course, that leads to the connection we made between the Victoria event and the very recent approach by this whacko millionaire who wanted to “buy the stairway to heaven.” When you start making some of those connections, like the CIA front people, and for all we know this K*** I*** was just another CIA front man and he was just waving his money around. He was probably deliberately acting stupid so that we would think that, "Oh, this guy's an easy mark. All we've gotta do is scare him and he'll give us a million bucks to build him a time machine!" So, it was probably deliberate for him to be selected for that job. Whether or not HE was aware of it, I don't know.

(Joe) The way he was talking, I don't know if it was him or not, but he did a convincing impersonation of a flake. (L) Yeah, anybody else in our position who was not us might have said, "Oh goodie! Here's a really rich guy and he's just ripe for the plucking!" And then of course Vinny Bridges blows the whole thing. That would have been designed to make us say, "Oh, they are really trying to break us apart so that we won't work together, so we become more determined to work together even in spite of Vinnie. Now you have to be very quiet K***! And we have to be very quiet!" That's how it was set up at the end, and I'm sure that they did not expect me to just terminate. (Ark) In fact you terminated before. (L) Yeah. That’s probably why they triggered Vinny, to try to scare me back into “the fold.” (Ark) And I terminated after few exchanges.

(Joe) You'd think they'd learn, ya know?

(L) But you've gotta understand, we've seen it over and over again. Pathologicals and the STS mentality; they do the same thing again and again and again. There's no creativity. People laugh at them and say it's stupid and so obvious. And it's easy to laugh and say it's stupid and obvious, except for the fact that over half the planet's population buys into their horse-hockey and believes their lies; and it's only us on our side of this great chasm between us and the rest of the world who can see that, and we say, "Oh that's so easy to see!" But it isn’t so easy for billions of people! We have to constantly remember how ignorant we once were and understand that opening your eyes is a process – and very often, a painful one at that.

(Joe) No, but what I mean is that you'd think they would get a bit wise to the fact that WE have been through this before, and they need to come up with something better after repeating it several times. Like tailor it more specifically for us, as in have someone who's a bit smarter and doesn't come across as a flake and shove money in your face. (A***n) Even if someone was smarter and didn't shove money in our face, they still wouldn't last very long. (Joe) That's the problem. They can't obviously use anybody who is in any way sincere. What's missing really is sincerity on the part of people like K***. He doesn't come across as sincere and level-headed. It's that age old kind of problem for intelligence agencies when they' trying to infiltrate somewhere. If they put someone in there who is very convincing, then he has to have something on the ball to begin with, and then that person joins in the group they are sent to infiltrate and really become one of them. If they send somebody who really has brains and can pass the test, then that agent might actually become one of us. So, how do you balance that? You can't.

(Ark) I could almost see what happened. I dunno if it is true, but I see what I think could have happened. There was a change of a supervisor. And the supervisor got these files on us and he was not as smart as the previous supervisor. And a new guy came, and he tried the old tricks, as stupid as possible, you know, “I have to revive this thing fast. You go, here is the scenario, blah blah blah.” But he was so stupid that it must have been done by someone new.

(A***n) The thing that keeps running through my head though is the way they would pick someone out. I don't think that someone like K*** I*** is necessarily a knowledgeable agent at all. It's like they have these guys on file, and they have emotional profiles on them and psychological profiles on them. And it's like, okay, beam some stuff into his head and he's gonna go nuts, and then send him over to Ark's web site, and he'll jump in and start waving his money around and say, "Please help me find out what's going on in my head."

(Joe) I don't even know if they need to beam stuff into their heads. There's a mutual interest thing going on there. They could just think that K*** may be genuinely interested, so give him this link, or...

(L) Or maybe even it was totally conscious. I mean, he claimed to be friends with some big shots, and that institute... He was dropping names. So maybe they got together with him and said okay we'll let you in the club, but here's your job: you've gotta get this guy on board or find out what he knows. Then they turn him loose, conscious that it was his job to get Ark onboard, which was really a set-up.

(Joe) K*** schmoozed his way, he's manipulated and bullshitted his way to a $100 million company, so it was second nature to him to just, "Hey, ya know, I found your site and it was so synchronous, and I've got a $100 million company!" And in most cases in his life, that attitude worked with everybody he knows. It worked perfectly. "You and me, we're hermanos. I've got money. Wanna be my friend??" (laughter) (Joe) And everybody takes it because they think they're gonna manipulate each other. They thought that we would have the same attitude.

(L) Only we don’t. Okay, well... There's one thing I want to ask about, because, after Victoria's demise, we had the horrible incident with our geese, and I would really like to know what the deal was with the geese?

A: The I Ching did a good job, yes? A consequence of the forces set in motion by 3D sources against you in general and Victoria in specific.

Q: (L) I don't understand, exactly. Do you mean that there was some kind of beaming activity – some sort of transmission - and it was affected these people that came and tried to kidnap all our geese, and managed to get and kill three of them? (Ark) Or was it chupacabra? (laughter)

A: No chupacabra! Sorry!

Q: (Joe) It sounds almost like some kind of meme was put out there. (A***n) Were they beaming something to make people do things?

A: Yes!!! And there was a lot going on!

Q: (L) Why did you say 3D and not 4D?

A: Well, 4D has no problem influencing specific targets. 3D has to rely on more primitive technology and there is always "collateral damage."

Q: (L) So in other words, they have to send out some kind of waves or free formal imaging or something from some kind of location and it just kind of gets out there in the atmosphere and it affects anybody who is receptive to it. Whereas 4D can be more specific with their targeting. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, so... Where does this leave us with our breathing program?

A: The action taken should tell you how powerful it is! Carry on with awareness and networking! And, as always knowledge protects!! Finally, Victoria and others on that plane are adding their energies to yours in solidarity. This is possible due to the connections established in your realm.

Q: (L) So you're saying that people that have been connected to us who have gone over to the other side can add their energies to ours kind of in a more pure way, but only people who have been connected to us can do that? Is that more or less what you're saying?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it's not just anybody indiscriminately who could do that, it's people you have actually got a connection to. Didn't they say something about that once when you wanted to ask Maxwell a question and they said you didn't have a connection with him in real life so therefore there was no way to hook up? (Ark) I don't remember. (L) I remember there was something like that. Either Maxwell or Einstein or whoever it was. (Joe) You wanted to contact a dead scientist? (L) Yeah, he did, and the C's said they couldn't because there had been no connection in real life that would have given a bonding frequency. (A***) Is Geraldine there?

A: Oh yes!

Q: (A***n) So can we say hi to Victoria?

A: She is laughing!

Q: (Joe) She's too busy laughing. (laughter) (P***) Can she tell us the information she wanted to tell us now about...?

A: No dice! If that were possible, there would have been no purpose in her removal.

Q: (Joe) Kinda makes sense.

A: There are "rules" even if often it does not appear that way.

Q: (L) Any last questions? (Ark) Yes. I want to ask a question. Because like for two weeks, I am working on this certain math and it goes so slowly and I'm struggling with it. It's not difficult, but it goes to the very foundation. I have to rewrite what’s wrong in the books but in a different way. And I'm wondering why it goes so slowly? Is it because it is important, or something is stopping me? And what can I do to start doing something and not just building the foundations?

A: Let Laura guide your regimen for enhanced abilities. Don't be so stubborn. High octane fuel is needed!

Q: (laughter) (A***) You have to go on a diet. (A***n) Eat your veggies! (Ark) But I don't have time to go on a diet. (A***) And take your supplements. (Ark) I take supplements. (A***n) And eat your veggies... Ha! See? He didn't answer that one! (Joe) What's he missing? Do you know what he's missing? (L) Well, ya know, I only give him as many pills as I think he can tolerate, because he doesn't like them. (Joe) What would be high octane fuel? (L) And he doesn't like his veggies so much. (Ark) But I have problem with math, not with veggies! (laughter) (A***) They're connected. (Joe) Do you give him zinc? (L) Yeah. (Joe) I was reading about taking zinc to reestablish your veggie appetite. It's not normal not to like veggies. (A***n) They are connected. I remember in elementary school, you'd get two or three carrots...

A: You will do it. Also consider that the attack of the past month has affected everyone in one way or another. Practice some breathing!

Q: (L) Pipe breathing. (A***n) You get to listen to Laura! (Ark) If I breathe and I listen, who will do the math? (P***) You can breathe and eat veggies at the same time. (laughter) (A***n) You'd blow them out your nose. (L) We're not talking about your whole day. We're talking about taking a break and doing a little breathing and resting and revitalizing the brain. (G***) It will speed you up! (L) And then you can work more efficiently and faster. (A***) Like instead of going for a walk. (L) Or go for a walk and breathe while you're walking. (A***) Yeah, that's a good idea: walking and breathing.

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) This I can accept. (L) See how stubborn he is? Unbelievable! (A***) Makes me look bad, man! I can't even be that stubborn. (A***n) So can I ask one question? So, eventually before too long I'm going to have to get back to the states to take care of business. Any particular dangers I have to be worried about, or just general vigilance? (Joe) Airplanes.

A: A bit more than "general" vigilance.

Q: (A***n) So, would I have to have my eyes peeled be an understatement, or...?

A: Very vigilant. Remember you will be walking into a frequency fence that may be hard to leave.

Q: (A***n) So, hard to leave because of the affect it will have on me, or hard to leave because they give me hassles about getting back out of the states?

A: Both.

Q: (A***n) So is there anything I can do in terms of the hassles they might give me to sort of mitigate that? Or what sort of things should I expect?

A: Knowledge protects only if applied.

Q: (A***n) I'm not sure I follow. Is it knowledge I have that I'm not applying?

A: Somewhat.

Q: (A***n) So any hints about what knowledge that I should be applying?

A: That you would be walking into such a condition.

Q: (A***n) Right. So, I'm taking it too lightly about going back there, and not really paying attention to how much it could affect me by being back there. Is that it?

A: Pretty much.

Q: (L) Okay guys, I'm tired.

A: What is of greatest importance right now? Always keep that thought and question in mind. Goodbye.


Q: (Ark) Where are my veggies? (L) Tomorrow dear, tomorrow. (Ark) Spinach! (L) I don't think you need to be having spinach. Carrots, green beans...

[More discussion about veggies and breathing]

(L) OH! I wanted to ask about my iron pan! You think they'll come back? Hello? Are you there? Are you back? I have one last question! Come back! Are you there?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I want to ask a question about my iron pan that broke on Ramadan, the 22nd of August. What caused my iron pan to break?

A: You.

Q: (L) Why did I break my iron pan?

A: A message to self.

Q: (L) Well, I haven't been able to figure out what the message was.

A: What part broke?

Q: (Joe) The handle. Does that mean Florida is going to break off? (L) Oh, the handle?

A: "Get a handle on things!"

Q: (L) Hmm. Get a handle on things. (A***) Any specific area? (L) Was there any special significance to the things I broke the day that the geese were killed?

A: Just the energies already discussed.

Q: (L) What am I supposed to get a handle on?

A: The whole operation. You have been relying on people inside a frequency fence. It will take diligent practice of the program, including networking, for those afflicted to rise above.

Q: (L) But they can do it, is that it?

A: Oh yes! Now goodnight! Goodbye.

A very intriguing and interesting session! I was wondering whether Victoria would be there or not; when I heard she was laughing I got a little emotional, I have to say (in a good way!).

I wonder if I may enquire who Geraldine is?

About the 3D influencing of events -- lately I have coincidentally been looking up the whole "Sound of Silence" technology which has been in development for decades now and was made commercially available back in 1992. In particular I was intrigued at two songs, one well known song by Simon and Garfunkel ("The Sound of Silence"), and another one by Kate Bush called "Experiment 4". The lyrics to both these songs are clearly about technology which can influence people's thoughts and which can these days no doubt influence whole events, and target people with pinpoint accuracy, just with 3D technology.

Good to hear that the breathing program is working well.
I am again deeply humbled by just how little I know and comprehend about this universe.

STS forces are active in so many ways. It seems that they can employ 4D forces if they wish, but tend to employ 3D forces mostly - I suppose that is because it takes less energy. And from reading the Wave, it is all about economics, and getting the maximum return for the least of their (STS lords of entropy's) own energy expenditure!

Then there is this whole poorly understood area of what happens to a person passing to the "other side" - going to 5D.

You people there handle these metphysical realities with such aplomb I have to struggle to not be overawed by you all and the things you go through!

Today I find myself looking inward and trying to consider ways in which I can contribute to the workings of the network. For now, I will breathe, I will study, and I will donate as I can, and in my own life just be vigilant and aware of the times when I can offer the truth to counter the lies in our world in my own small circles of influence, all the while practising external consideration and strategic enclosure. Most of all, I will continue to work on myself to be a more useful tool on the side of Truth. Maybe then I can be more useful to this network.

Hang in there, all of you in QFG! Be vigilant! Please know I love and support you all!

Thank you, Laura, Ark, Joe and other members of the SOTT-team.
It was very instructive!

...the 2D friend was utilized as "bait".

As I suspected Victoria was distracted by her 2D friend, before she was sharing more info about her past associates.


I can't express my gratitude enough for Laura an the Team, I'll try not to think driven by my emotions, but the work what you do is remarkable and it can attract danger to your life. :shock:

I'll go and breath a bit.
I made a mistake!
I posted in a wrong place!
Sorry! May I ask a Moderator help me move it in the right place?
It just happened, when I wrote it, the computer logged out automatically and I couldn't finished.

Thank you in advance. :)

Moderator's note: Done
Finally the doubt has dispelled, She was going to open herself to us and was prevented.
She had become so great..
These last days I had doubts about her and now I feel bad for that... :cry:
It is a great lesson
Wow. I'm just relieved about Pepperfritz. I'm just glad the month of August is *history*. Spring is in the air! ... although I don't smell any jasmine yet! :flowers:

Now I'm gonna listen to "Say A Little Prayer" by Aretha Frankin just to drink in this session. So corny ... I know ...
I can't believe you broke a cast iron pan! :shock: Assuming it is similar to the one I have, I use them quite often and I had come to regard them as virtually indestructible!

Can you post pictures of this?
RyanX said:
I can't believe you broke a cast iron pan! :shock: Assuming it is similar to the one I have, I use them quite often and I had come to regard them as virtually indestructible!

Can you post pictures of this?

Yup. Joe is gonna take a photo and post it. Damndest thing I ever saw. And it was really bizarre to see it break with my eyes fixed on it. It wasn't one of those "turn your eyes away for a second and it happens" things. I actually felt an energetic connection between my eyes and the pan.
Breton said:
STS forces are active in so many ways. It seems that they can employ 4D forces if they wish, but tend to employ 3D forces mostly - I suppose that is because it takes less energy.

It may also have something to do with the "rules" mentioned above. They seem to operate largely based on deception of humanity so that we screw ourselves up in a particular direction rather than direct involvement. It might seem that the prevelance of UFOs, for example, is direct involvement, but if you read Keel's books, you get the strong impression that the whole thing is designed to implant erroneous beliefs in the human mind/consciousness. Lead by the nose rather than dragged by the heels, so to speak.
RyanX said:
I can't believe you broke a cast iron pan! :shock: Assuming it is similar to the one I have, I use them quite often and I had come to regard them as virtually indestructible!

Can you post pictures of this?

Here it is. You reckon we'd get much for it on ebay? ;D

3D Resident said:
I wonder if I may enquire who Geraldine is?

Geraldine was a friend of Laura and Ark and family, who passed away not so long ago. She died in a "hit and run" incident, so it was sort of like being hit by a train too.
Thank you for the session Laura, Ark, and QFS team. It was nice to hear that Pepperfritz was laughing. I didn't know that she was also QueenVee; I remember seeing that name and didn't know it was her as well. I'm definitely one of those that needs to continue with breathing and the Work and break through the frequency fence.

I usually find all of the sessions very interesting but this one has completely boggled my mind! It really seems that this breathing program has got the ball rolling and I think I, like many others, have been underestimating the potential it must have for changing our environment and awareness. I had the notion that I was doing work just on my self and was surprised at how much is affecting my family. I have noticed in my own experience that even though I would like to do the program every day, my family and I cannot handle the onslaught of negative events (illnesses, snakes!, electronics breaking, more illnesses and on and on) so I've slowed down to once a week in order to deal and digest it all. Now that I've read the transcripts, I see that it's not just my energy that has changed things around me but everyone's all added together is changing everything! My thought was that if I slowed down a bit, maybe everything else would too and there would be a small reprieve but now I'm not so sure. There seems to be much momentum gathering and my intuition tells me that it will's all very exciting and SCARY!

Thank you for providing the additional background info. The things that you deal with day to day....YEESH!

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