Session 30 January 2021

Thank you all for another absolutely fascinating session, and the following discussion. It sure feels like we're entering the final stage of the great game now, and we had better get ourselves into good shape and sharpen our minds for what's coming next. As a UK resident I must admit I'm a little spooked by what could be lying in wait for us. Things are really shitty now, but then they can always get worse, and no doubt will....:-(

Ah well, here's to giving it our best shot at surviving and even thriving amidst the coming chaos!
Just so folks will know about my "missing time" thing, here's the story. Ark does a FAR IR sauna about every other day. Usually, once he is done, I do one too unless other things interfere. I usually read during the sauna. I was reading one of my favorite of the romance novels that are part of the current reading project. My eyes got heavy and I put the book down and closed them. I drifted near sleep for a bit, then opened my eyes to check how many minutes were left of my sauna. The timer said 16. I was a bit surprised because I hadn't actually slept, and it had been something like 37 minutes remaining when I put the book down. No biggie. I closed my eyes again at 16 minutes remaining. Then, I heard Ark; he had come to check how many minutes were remaining, so I looked again too. Timer said 10 minutes. I thought, wow, that was fast! 6 minutes just gone! I closed my eyes again, but was thinking that the time was a bit malleable so I quickly opened them again to look at the timer. Now it said 4 minutes. Just gone, like that! I closed my eyes again and suddenly the beeper announcing the time was up started. I was really startled at that point because I KNEW I had just closed my eyes. Ark came in and said "how did that happen? I just checked and went out, did three clicks on my computer, and now the time is up?!" So, he was surprised too; I wasn't the only one feeling like time was just a bit quirky. If it had just been me, I would have written it off as being more sleepy and in a semi-sleeping state and thus, subject to miscalculating time. But since Ark was also surprised I realized that something strange really did happen thought it was, of course, one of those things that you can never prove.
thank you so much for the new session. I think the C's saying to enjoy the show really hits home now. That it is a show and we have tickets to it whether we like it or not. but, it's up to us how we experience it!
O what a great session and after-discussion, so much to ponder! Thank you so very much for sharing

It sure gets handed out alright, one way or another, hang in there all of you in the UK!

We're being invited to rise above that and basically enjoy the show because we're seeing a BIG historical set of events transpiring right before our eyes.

Yes, this is one thing one can choose to do, i remind myself of that especially during the darker moments.

Thank Goodness for the Chateau Crew, C's and everyone in this wonderful network, keep strong ❤️
Thank you for another amazing session :flowers: - truly keeping us sane and grounded in these chaotic times.

No doubt they overstepped, what I'm not so sure about is that any blow back will be directly on the perps. It was mentioned in the past that when millions of people are prevented from expressing their creative free will, they 'create within' and that leads to earth change-type results.

I was thinking along the same lines as well - this kind free will suppression will only lead to accelerated earth changes and im not sure as well if the perps will get their direct blowback. Lets hope that whichever bunker they decide to hide in; that the x on their back will be the marker that makes it harder for them to escape karmic "retribution".
Thank you so much for the new session. It was a good reminder to make use of the front-row tickets to watch without getting too caught up in the craziness. The missing time is really weird. Take good care everyone! :flowers:
(Artemis) Oxajil wanted me to ask about her kitty. I was going to ask if there's anything you can say about her kitty that might help Oxajil?

A: Kitty is now a guard.

Q: (L) So her kitty has become a guard in the astral realms?

A: Yes.

Thank you for sharing another very interesting session, and thank you so much for asking about my kitty who sadly passed away last week. It's very reassuring to know where he is and what he's doing, and I'm so very proud of him and thankful for him. 🌷
(Joe) It's mostly in the West. That's a good question. Why are so many of the strongest control measures being imposed in Europe and America and other Western countries?

A: They were weakened by "good times" and "freedom" that permits the flourishing of pathology.
The quote reminds me of this picture.
Thank you so much for wonderful session. The part about the missing time was particularly curious.
I had a chaotic day Friday, I came to think about the Matrix movie and that scene with the two cats. Something was happening. Knowledge protects!:-)
Thanks for another amazing session. I really want to try and enjoy the show but finding it really hard. Being in the UK I’m gonna have a front row seat, a lot of karma coming our way. Must be why SO many people are queuing up for the “vaccine.” Tough watching loved ones fall for this madness, my wife is really thinking of getting the shot as she’s a nurse (under a lot of pressure as well.) I’ve spoke about the dangers and she read Gaby’s article but everyone else around her pro vaccine. Heart breaking.
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