Session 30 January 2021

Afghanistan, Israel, and prophecy
In this post, I explore the possibility that the invasion in Afghanistan may have been in part motivated by people who were influenced by prophecies about the future of Israel.

Recently I listened to some minutes from a video Afghanistan -- The Way Forward with Sheik Imran Hosein, a Muslim scholar and specialist in Islamic eschatology which concerns the last days, the day of resurrection. He made some comments on Afghanistan and connected the invasion of the country following 9/11 to Israel and prophecies that Israel will be destroyed by forces coming from the East. At first I thought this is too far out, but then the Cs did mention, "Preparation for war in Palestine.", and "It is the ultimate objective of Israel." in Session 24 September 2001 also quoted in a previous post, but here it is again:
Q: (L)[...] What is going to happen with the Middle-eastern situation; this Afghanistan or whatever?
A: Herding of population to much finer order of control.
Q: (L) What is the purpose of this control; this increasing control.
A: Preparation for war in Palestine.
Q: (L) But nobody has said anything about having a war in Palestine. They're all talking about having a war in Afghanistan. How does Palestine fit in here?
A: It is the ultimate objective of Israel.

Q: (L) Why would they want to have war in their own country? Well, aside from the fact that they've been having a war in their own country for a long time. I guess they want to bring it to a final conclusion. What is going to be the result of this plan?
A: Destruction of Jews.
Q: (L) Well obviously this is not what THEY are planning, is it?
A: No.
Q:(L) They are planning destruction of Palestinians, right?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) It seems that through out history whenever the Jews have plotted and planned to destroy somebody, they are the ones who have ended up being destroyed themselves. Or am I misreading my history here?
A: No.
Why would they prepare for a war? If one looks to session 14 September 2001, it is suggested that it was a deep level orthodox bunch that promoted the plan for 9/11:
Q: So the infiltrator did not know the specific plan. So, they overstepped. Hubris. (A) Which part of Israel government was behind it? (L) Probably some deep level orthodox bunch like Kochav.
A: Yes.

Q: (A) But they killed a lot of Jews. (L) They don't care. Jews killed a lot of Jews in WW II. Hubris.
A: Greed.
An orthodox group would be informed about various prophecies, beginning with those in the old books, and maybe also some updated ones of their own.

Prophecies about Israel
In a book published in Russian, with the title, if translated is 2012. The Great Encyclopedia of the Apocalypse. The future of Russia and the world by Vitaly Aleksandrovich Simonov. It contains various prophecies related to Israel, though most is vague or contradictory. What would qualify as valid in the opinion of an orthodox group is difficult to determine. Anyway, here is one:
The famous American seer Jean Dixon (1918-1997), many of whose prophecies have already been fulfilled, said that in the next century global tectonic cataclysms will begin on our planet, then terrible wars will break out: "A strong earthquake in the East will serve as a sign for an Arab attack on Israel. This fight will continue for eight years.
The above warning of war overlaps what Imran Hosein claims in a short section of the transcript from Afghanistan -- The Way Forward. I have crossed out one word that make no sense, in English at least:
50:06 in the early 90s the islamic emirate emerged in Afghanistan the only country in the world of islam which was making a credible effort to become a khilafah state the only country in the world of islam which was making incredible effort to become a hilar state they never achieved it but they had their heart in the right place and the gogan magog world order the modern western world,
number one could not tolerate the existence of any part of the world of islam seeking to restore a killer question and so that was one of the reasons why after the islamic emirates had been in
existence for a few years they had to concoct some reason for invading afghanistan
9 11 was planned primarily primarily to deal with the islamic emirate to destroy this to ensure that no part of the world of islam should ever have a chance to try to establish and maintain achilles
52:12 the second reason for 9 11 was because the prophet sallallahu ta'ala he was prophesied that an army will come from khorasan [...]
52:45 the emergence of an islamic emirate in afghanistan was causing terror in israel because of that prophecy a prophet muhammad islam
The above Khorasan area has a Wiki, Greater Khorasan which gives the "Early Islamic usage" that may be relevant to the way Imran Hosein is using it:
Early Islamic usage often regarded everywhere east of Jibal or what was subsequently termed Iraq Ajami (Persian Iraq), as being included in a vast and loosely-defined region of Khorasan, which might even extend to the Indus Valley and the Pamir Mountains. The boundary between these two was the region surrounding the cities of Gurgan and Qumis. In particular, the Ghaznavids, Seljuqs and Timurids divided their empires into Iraqi and Khorasani regions. Khorasan is believed to have been bounded in the southwest by desert and the town of Tabas, known as "the Gate of Khorasan",[13]: 562  from which it extended eastward to the mountains of central Afghanistan.[9][10] Sources from the 10th century onwards refer to areas in the south of the Hindu Kush as the Khorasan Marches, forming a frontier region between Khorasan and Hindustan.[14][15]
The above town, Tabas, is located in eastern Iran, while the mountains of central Afghanistan lead to Hindu Kush, close and parallel to the Kabul — Kandahar highway. With this idea a map can show the distance between Afghanistan and Israel.
Israel-Afghanistan .png
Imran Hosein possibly only sees what he wants to see, Islam and Israel, but then it is possible the Orthodox group referred to in the session also it that way.

On the same Russian page, which carried Jane Dixon, there is a Jewish prophecy by Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri who became 103-108 years old, that does not mention conflict, but what we may call Earth changes.
Israeli Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri calls on all Jews scattered around the world to return to Israel to escape the natural disasters that threaten all of humanity.: "I am making this statement, and I want it to be heard all over the world. Jews must urgently return to Israel, as the world is threatened by terrible natural disasters. In the future, the Most Holy One, blessed be His Name, will send terrible natural disasters to the countries of the world in order to facilitate the judgment of the Land of Israel. I order that this statement be published as a warning so that Jews in other countries of the world will realize the impending danger and return to the Land of Israel to build the Temple and manifest our righteous Mashiach (Messiah)."
What Dixon and Kaduri have in common then is natural disasters. Maybe the war scenarios some see, are secondary to disasters. To predict an earthquake in the East as Dixon did is unsurprising, since Iran is one of the most active regions on the planet. Afghanistan less, but has still produced quakes 7+. But then if an area is destroyed by an earthquake, people may choose to migrate, and a sudden migration of many people may appear like an invasion.

Why one Jewish woman from Iraq did not wish to go to Israel
Somewhere there was a post from 2016, on a forum that publishes poems! It was written by a Jamal Musa. If we translate, he begins:
The End of Israel in 2022 Prophecies or digital happenings in the Koran
The study began when it came into the hands of Sheikh Bassam Jarar's legend of an old Jewish woman crying in Iraq in 1948 when Israel was created. Its Muslim Arab neighbors asked, " Why are you crying and all the Jews celebrating the creation of Israel in Palestine?"..she replied that this state was created for the slaughter of Jews and has been going on for only 76 years . And he decided to check it out through the Koran..! and the prophecy in the new testament in the bible of the book of the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 38.
Whether or not all the names listed in chapter 38 can be "deciphered" and identified with the countries and peoples we know, it is clear that in the mysterious prophecy about Gog (chapters 38-39) Ezekiel described the hordes of God-fighting forces that would descend on Israel. For with his eschatological knowledge, this prophet penetrated far beyond the limits of his own time and traced the fate of Israel to the final fulfillment of all the promises of God.)
Israel was created in 1948=1367 Hijri according to the lunar calendar that is
1367+76=1443 Hijri= 2022 AD according to our solar calendar the end of Israel
Comet Halley's cycle is known to be 76 years old.
Palestine was captured on 15-05-1948
When Halley's comet made its last flight was in 1986 and appeared in the sky from April 10 to April 26 and on 26-04-1986 the Chernobyl accident occurred and 5 years later the USSR dissolved in 1991 and the Jews of the former Soviet Union were allowed to immigrate to" Israel " millions left the USSR for Israel then
And on it goes, with the ingenious selection of numbers. The above post is from 2016, and now rather than looking to Israel in 2022, perhaps one should look to the remaining time of the Biden administration, which then brings one back to this session. If the US looses too much power, will it be able to help Israel out? There are some "prophecies" in the Russian list mentioned earlier that doubt it. Biden is connected with Afghanistan in terms of withdrawing. He and his family is connected with Ukraine, as is Israel, if one has followed what has happened in the country since 2014. What remains to be seen it what will happen in Israel in the period following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

A comment on the mentioning of the 1986 Halley comet
In the quote above, I thought the 1986 passage of Halley as connected to Chernobyl, was creative, though I don't think the dates match as well as described. However, the above Wiki about the Halley 1986 passage mentions another coincidence, but not related to the Soviet Union or Israel, but to the USA.
Two Space Shuttle missions—the STS-51-L and the STS-61-E—had been scheduled to observe Halley's Comet from low Earth orbit. The STS-51-L mission carried the Shuttle-Pointed Tool for Astronomy (SPARTAN-203) satellite, also called the Halley's Comet Experiment Deployable (HCED).[126] The ill-fated mission was ended by the Challenger disaster.[127] Scheduled for March 1986, STS-61-E was a Columbia mission carrying the ASTRO-1 platform to study the comet.[128] Owing to the suspension of the American human spaceflight program after the Challenger explosion, the mission was canceled and ASTRO-1 would not fly until late 1990 on STS-35.[129]
A question is if the exit of the US from Afghanistan be a marker, like the Chernobyl accident was for the USSR? And if the Challenger disaster happened at the time of the passage of the Halley comet, then the Columbia disaster happened just prior to the 2003 war with Iraq.
Session 2 February 2003 where there was just following the disaster: "A: It is not so much that he needs to be reminded, as he needs to be stimulated to react." We wonder who stimultated and why. The context was:
Q: One of the first questions we want to ask tonight is about the event of the Space Shuttle that was lost. First, was it an explosion, or was it just disintegration, or breaking up?

A: It was a "direct hit."

Q: A direct hit by what?

A: EM pulse.

Q: (S) What was the source of the EM pulse?

A: 3/4th density Consortium.

Q: Well, I thought Bush was a puppet of the Consortium? (A) Well, we know that the military are scrambling planes to go after UFOs...there are even reports of firing on them and there have been reports of military jets being disintegrated by UFOs. The UFOs are, somehow, in cahoots with the consortium. It seems that Bush and the gang are not in control of the Consortium and maybe they needed to be "reminded?"

A: It is not so much that he needs to be reminded, as he needs to be stimulated to react.
Mentioning the war with Iraq, reminds us then of the old Jewish lady from Iraq that in 1948 was concerned for Israel in 2022. Prophecy or not, the situation appears to be shifting, the current headlines and the massive drive for control are symptoms.
Question: If the amount that the C's are or the frequency they are or the volvume of increased conversation between the C's and Laura means what? Its means something. Do their messages hold more importance are things moving quicker? Doesn't it take effort for the C's to communicate to the group? I know it takes effort for Laura to receive
Increased military intervention at all levels
We have certainly seen that, and it happened within a few months, first the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 21 seven months later, and then in February 22 the SMO in Ukraine.
Q: (L) Can you tell us any particular way that this chaos is going to manifest?

A: Increased military intervention at all levels.

Q: (L) So despite the fact that Trump was so friendly and always playing up to the military, they really still didn't want or like him because he wasn't a war monger. Is that correct?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And high mucky-muck military guys are basically war mongers.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) When they increase military intervention at all levels, is that a reference to it being not just foreign, but domestic?

A: Yes
During the war in Ukraine, hundreds of thousand of people have died, most of them men of military age, and millions of people have fled the country. In an older session, there is:
Inconspicuous replacement of gene pool - replacement of key personel
Session 4 May 1996
Q: (L) One of the things we talked about the last time Tom was here was about the underground bases and military interference in civilian affairs and civilian interface with military affairs. What further can you tell us about this?

A: Ask specific questions, please.

Q: (L) One of the questions we were dealing with was the use of warfare to create situations in which bodies could be taken...

A: Warfare has many "uses."

Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?

A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool. Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...

Q: (TH) Who or what in the gene pool is being replaced? (TK) Whoever they want replaced. (L) Well, you know how it is in the movies... everybody is indiscriminately making love before they go into battle... (F) Yes... they said 'factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity...' (L) 'Replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...' Okay: do you mean to say that war...

A: Creates "environment" for unnoticed genetic modifications because of greatly heightened exchange of both physical and ethereal factors.

Q: (L) What do you mean by "replacement of key personnel?" Key personnel according to whose definition?

A: 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Are these key personnel human?

A: Yes.
What is the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine from the perspective of these "unnoticed genetic modifications"?
In this session, there was:
What about on Earth? Is there anything that we can see nowadays from Kantek's explosion? Yes
Q: (Joe) Another question from the forum about Kantek: There's a generally held view by most people that the asteroid belt is a planet that exploded. The problem is that there isn't enough material in the asteroid belt to explain the mass of the planet. It's like only 2 or 3% of the planet. So people on the forum have been discussing how there could be so little material left. Where did the other 97% of the material go?

A: Much of it was disintegrated into dust and ejected from the solar system.

Q: (Joe) Somebody also did calculations on the amount of energy released from the explosion of a planet and it should have had catastrophic effects on most of the other planets in the solar system...

A: It did.

Q: (Joe) Okay.

(Artemis) What about on Earth? Is there anything that we can see nowadays from Kantek's explosion?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) What?

(L) I don't want to go through a list of that! It's going to take a long time. There are many craters. If you study the evidence... There's lot of evidence - even genetic evidence. The problem with craters on Earth is that they tend to get healed over because of tectonic plate movement, weather, erosion, etc.

(Joe) Anyway, this would be an energetic effect - more like a blast wave. If most of it was turned to dust, it wouldn't have bombarded the Earth with physical stuff. It would have been more of an energy blast wave.

A: It was also directional due to velocity and direction of planet's orbit and rotation.

Q: (L) So you can't just calculate something for an object that's sitting still. There also had to have been effects caused by the other planets like the gas giants. They would have had gravitational effects on whatever was going on. It's such a complex system that it's hard to do any calculations for it.

(Pierre) Especially a planet we don't know much about. [...]
It is said elsewhere that Kantek exploded about 79 kya - 80+kya, more on that later, so the match if one is occupied with a difference in time is not exact with the following that mentions significant geological changes about 70 kya, but is there still a good enough match?
Session 10 December 2022
(Joe) Ya know the maps... What was that book called? Laurasia and Gondwana? So, the maps that show that...

(L) You mean in Witzel's book, Origins of the World's Mythology?

(Joe) Yeah. So, that make-up of the land masses are said to be from the Triassic and Jurassic eras, 200 to 150 million years ago. They put these dates on them. But are those depictions of the land masses actually closer to how the land masses were in more recent times?

A: Yes. Also some landmasses sink and others rise. But for general understanding, those maps work well enough.

Q: (Joe) So we're talking about possibly that's the way the land masses were - close enough - pre-Younger Dryas? Pre the end of the last Ice Age?

A: Earlier. More like 70k years ago more or less. But with ongoing modifications between then and now. Also ongoing.


References to the time of the Kantek explosion are for instance:
79 thousand years ago approximately
Session 30 September 1994
Q: (L) Is the cluster of fragments in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter the remains of a planet?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was that planet known as?

A: Kantek.

Q: (L) When did that planet break apart into the asteroid belt.

A: 79 thousand years ago approximately.
Over 80,000
Session 31 May 1997
Q: Let's back up here. You said that the Celts came from Kantek. They were transported by the Lizzies... brought here, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: When the Lizzies did this, how many Celts were physically brought here?

A: Hundreds of millions.

Q: How long, in our terms, did it take to bring these Celts to this planet? Or, is this ongoing?

A: Well, in the sense that you measure it, let us say about a week.

Q: Did they transport them in ships, that is some sort of structure. That is, did they load them up, move them into 4th density, reemerge here in 3rd density, or something like that?

A: Close.

Q: And they unloaded them in the area of the Caucasus, is that correct?

A: And regions surrounding.

Q: And, that was what, 79 to 80 thousand years ago?

A: Over 80,000.

Q: As I understand it, Atlantis was already quite a developed civilization at that time, is that correct?

A: Yes, but regions change with waves of immigration, or conquest... witness your own lands.
In the same session, I quoted in the previous post, two more passages help to clarify what happened about 70,000 years ago.
Session 10 December 2022
Q: (whitecoast) The 70k years ago time for the continental shift of Laurasia/Gondwana coincides with the population collapse postulated to have been caused by the Lake Toba supervolcano eruption mentioned in the book Into Africa by Bruce R. Fenton. Were these continental shifts at least in part precipitated by the destruction of Kantek...?

A: Yes
(Ryan) Can major catastrophic events shift areas temporarily to fourth density?

A: Yes

Q: (Ryan) Would such shifts make the lithosphere more "plastic" and easily "reshape-able"?

A: Yes


Q: (whitecoast) I have a follow-up question about continental rearrangement from Kantek's destruction. Did more lands split apart to make more divergent human cultures to compensate for the loss of "real estate" caused by losing an entire planet?

A: Happened, compensated, but was natural effect.
Related to the above could be the excerpt from Session 13 January 2024:
(seek10) When did Indian plate get connected to Eurasian plate? Is it 70K years ago or after that?

A: Close enough.
About Lake Toba, the Wiki writes
Lake Toba (Indonesian: Danau Toba, Toba Batak: ᯖᯀᯬ ᯖᯬᯅ; romanized: Tao Toba) is a large natural lake in North Sumatra, Indonesia, occupying the caldera of a supervolcano. The lake is located in the middle of the northern part of the island of Sumatra, with a surface elevation of about 900 metres (2,953 ft), the lake stretches from 2.88°N 98.52°E to 2.35°N 99.1°E. The lake is about 100 kilometres (62 miles) long, 30 kilometres (19 mi) wide, and up to 505 metres (1,657 ft) deep. It is the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanic lake in the world.[1] Toba Caldera is one of twenty geoparks in Indonesia,[2] and was recognised in July 2020 as one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks.[3][4][5]

Lake Toba is the site of a supervolcanic eruption estimated at VEI 8 that occurred 69,000 to 77,000 years ago,[6][7][8] representing a climate-changing event. Recent advances in dating methods suggest a more accurate identification of 74,000 years ago as the date.[9] It is the largest-known explosive eruption on Earth in the last 25 million years.
In the Wiki for largest volcanic eruptions, there is:
Lake Toba Caldera—Youngest Toba Tuff0.073Sunda Arc, Indonesia2,000–13,200Largest known eruption on earth in at least the last million years, possibly responsible for a population bottleneck of the human species (see Toba catastrophe theory)
The number 2,000-13,200 denotes km3 For a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8, VEI 8, 1000 km3 of displaced material is needed. In other words, the Lake Toba supervolcano eruption was huge. Also on Sumatra, but on the southern part of the island, there is the Kerinchi-Seblat national park. This relates to the following excerpt:
Session 13 January 2024
Q: (Mr.Cyan) Have a question - it is related to beings sighted in the Kerinchi-Seblat national park in Sumatra Indonesia, There are many paranormal strange myths or legends about this park (Tiger men, hauntings, portals, and the Princess Guardian of the Glass Lake to name a few)– and one of them is the "Orang Pendek" – or Short Man in English. According to the locals (in my conversations with them) these are 4-5 foot bipedal creatures that look like a cross between a man and ape. Their feet are facing backwards – and they are very strong and able to lift large weights. The locals are afraid of them and call them cursed beings where if you encounter one (which is rare) – all sorts of strange things start to happen to you and your family. It sounds a lot like the bidensity Bigfoots (but they seem smaller in height). What exactly are these creatures? Do they come in through portals located near the Park?

A: Window fallers from both 4D and other dimensions including astral.

Q: (L) And then there was another part of the question. Do they come in through portals located near the park?

A: Yes. Volcanic regions generate portals.
A huge volcanic eruption would be a very unsettling experience in more ways than one.
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