Session 31 December 2020

Thanks as always for keeping up the lighthouse. I just donated some money. I will budget it in to be doing it once a month now.

My dreams have been very vivid lately. Mostly war and dimensional travel. Two nights ago I had a dream that Laura and Ark stopped by my house and told me and my wife to pack up we have to go. Not sure where but it seemed like a long trip.

Things are getting more and more intense now. Everyone be safe and be extra vigilant as always.

For extra motivation for those who can help out here is a nice quote:

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi
Thanks for the session - most illuminating!

What I found interesting - and hadn’t thought about - is that the next pandemic could be a ’recombining’ of the SARS-Co2 virus (or any other virus we currently deal with, like the influenza virus) with some human endogenous retrovirus (HERV) that has been incorporated into our (so called junk) DNA throughout earth’s history.

Never thought about that in this way, even though - ironically - I am currently reading Virolution by Frank Ryan. BTW, I can recommend this book (which has been mentioned I think by Gabi in the CV thread), even if it is at times quite technical. And even though he is still a (Neo?)Darwinist, he brings a very interesting and compelling concept to the discussion about the Origin of Life, namely that viruses shaped our evolution in major ways, that they are not only devastating and fearsome, but that after their initial onslaught that may well eliminate a seizable portion of the population it infects, they enter into a beneficial symbiosis with the host (he calls it ‘aggressive symbiosis’).

Anyway, thanks again for the session!
Just donated and will be more conscious to do so regularly. Although there is no way to repay Laura and the crew for all the pearls of knowledge we've been given these past decades; being on top of helping to take some of the monetary concerns away is our duty. Thank you, as usual, for the amazing session.
Thanks for the session. It was very interesting and revealing session about what is ahead for many.

I doubled my donation, will redirect my finances from prepping to network more because this is of more importance and value, something can happen like earthquake or similar and you can lose everything material related, even your life, so this is one thing that only lasts and counts in the end, the least I can do when you take into account energy aka time aka effort involved in this project and knowledge given.

Situation in US is dire and on the brink of civil war, if Trump wins there is mass unrest and civil war and if he does not there is also that, but that was no suprise here for decades that it will turn something similar in the end, just the thing is in the details and many twists. Take care everyone and stay safe.
How to recognize an idea that has the right Path?
it’s often short on money - maybe it’s such a designed game in the devil’s world

There is money for all the nonsense of this world. For sports, for video games, meaningless YouTubers, unimaginable luxuries in Dubai, salaries of psychopathic bureaucrats, contemporary satanic art, overrated actors, for propaganda of every destruction ... for a thousand and one nonsense! Man, for many real things just crumbs of those sums would be enough. Maybe you JUST need to sign a contract with the devil ..?

It is useful to recall session where it is said that “money equals energy”.
and these valuable words
(L) Well, let's take it step by step. First of all, can promotion be considered an STO activity? Is it an STO approach to what we are doing or trying to do?

{All of the following answers were delivered very fast and very vigorously.}

A: Absolutely. It is giving the lie what is asked for: Truth.
I suggest just automating your donations monthly through PayPal or whatever else is available, had mine running for years and don't plan to pause it unless something really bad happens to my income.

The C's transcripts alone are reason enough for me personally and I'll never have to worry if its going towards something good.
A very sobering session, but it did make it obvious that it's time for people to step up individually in order to effect real change. I made a donation.

I will do so as I can in the future, but I'm looking at the very real possibility of losing my job because the head CEO of the county district I work for has said that he will mandate getting the vaccine as a condition of employment, and the lawyer I talked to said that here in California it would be folly to try to resist through the courts because there are already mandatory vaccination laws on the books for children and health workers. That will be the next inevitable step. And I will refuse that vaccine at all costs.

I have another way that I plan to contribute however, and that's with writing articles for SOTT. I have realized that if I do lose my job, the most saleable skills I have are my ability to research and write, so this seems the best way to get back into that groove, prove myself, and also help the community in the best (non-financial) way that I can. And what I plan to write about are subjects in the biological sciences where it can be proven that deliberate lies have been introduced into the literature and forced to be accepted as truth; and that such a series of lies over the last 220 + years has lead directly to our current dystopia.

It is also my intention to reveal how such untruths can be foisted upon people and accepted, even in the face of heated controversies about them during those times by scientific peers, simply by being able to control what does and does not get entered into the historical record and by attacking the character of any who stand for the truth. All it takes is teaching three successive generations lies for them to be accepted as true, even when those "truths" can be shown not to be when viewed through the lens of objective reality.

I have already started, BTW. This is what my desk looks like currently:

Work in progress.jpg

My first article I am titling, "The Exhumation And Trial of "Doctor" Edward Jenner", the supposed "father" of vaccines. How many people know that he actually paid a Scottish college that he never attended 15 pounds to put the initials "Ph. D" behind his name?! I hope to have it ready within a week or so, depending on outside events.

Thanks again for this forum, it remains a bastion of sanity and decency in a world that will need to remember those qualities if humanity is to survive.
Big thanks to all who took part in the session and made the transcript available for the New Years Day. A very sweet present to us, the forumites. Chock-full of information as always. Will set my monthly donations too. Little but steady flow to help keeping the lighthouse shine.

Merci! :wizard::flowers:
Timely session. I just finished rereading horns of moses, and I have to say it really hit me how close to home this coming crisis will be. I can't get my family to understand whats coming and it's sad to see them wearing a mask and generally going along with all the nonsense.
I certainly feel it to, that this is the last chance since everything is so clear to see for anyone willing to look, and I dread to think where I would be if I never found you guys through sott. Thank you for everything. I hope I can help keep the candle burning for as long as we still have the internet!
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