Session 4 April 2015

Tracy Anne

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Thank you all for this interesting session. I never underestimate the hard work that you folks do and I am grateful.

Im so sorry that your Sebastian passed away, but reassuring that he is still around you.


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Thanks for the session! It's really jam-packed with the information.

Regarding divine will...Well, I think one should distinguish the divine will from STS\Programs influence( i.e. manifestation of divine will might be as for the entire population as for persons). Than it leads me to the thought that our being is likely managed with higher-level-concious (both orientations) being in some extent or another. And the fundamental question of the Work-what do you choose?


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Very much appreciating the more frequent sessions, many thanks to all involved!

The information regarding the possible comings and goings of the soul in the body related to changes in frequency I found most fascinating. I myself feel like I can identify periods of my life where I've come and then checked out for a period of several years (switched to "auto-pilot" as I refer to it) and then come back, each accompanied by significant changes in personality and emotional state.

The issue of when a soul first enters the body was also on my list of burning questions of late so I'm very glad it was raised. The note around vaccinations potentially changing the compatibility of the body to the soul was interesting too and makes me wonder if this is part of the reason they are pushed on us so much. Do the PTB not want our souls embodied? Better that they are empty so that other things may enter?


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Thank you all for another very interesting and informative session!
Hi all, Thanks for the excellent session!

(Pierre) Macro scale takes more time.

(L) Yes. A wave or a phase transition at the macrocosmic scale would take place over a period of time. So, that reminds me of the session back I think it was in 1995, because I just recently re-read it, and it was about the dying off of the frogs. We were talking about frogs dying off because somebody had reported that frogs were disappearing. We asked about this, and the answer was along the lines that that was a precursor or an effect of the Wave. In other words, what we're seeing from our perspective are incremental events that, in a larger perspective, would be more or less instantaneous.

A: Yes.
This reminds me of what G talked about in Be-Bub's tales. ( Paraphrasing here-read it online ) He spoke about the size of the various "cosmoses" and their time frames...their "life spans" so to speak, and that a sun lived 72 "years" like a just have to calculate from what is observable. In the case of our sun, one in-breath and one out-breath is a full 22 yr. solar cycle...I have not "done the math" but if you can estimate the number of in-out breath's a human would do in a 72 yr. life-span and multiply it by 22 yr's. you would come close to the life span of our type of star. This would explain the "larger perspective" mentioned above, and why its so hard for us to "see" above, so below,OSIT.

...also, thanks for the part about your dog, my heart is with you. It really helped me feel less "nutty" about this feeling that my beloved Sheltie that I lost 5 yrs ago is still with me. I think Openski in Terterium Organum (sorry about the spelling) mentioned about cats being able to "see" things we don't ...well, my cat seems to have a "playmate" that I can't see...pretty nutty i know, but many times when I'm working alone in my shop the sounds from my upstairs room are just too much for one petite black cat to make, even in "crazy cat" mode. It sounds VERY similar to a pair of pets I had 20 yrs ago..a full size collie and a black Manx, they were best bud's and chased each other around like kids on too much sugar....anyway, thank you for all your wonderful work.


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Thanks so much for this extremely interesting session!

Laura said:
A: Divine will manifests through humanity. Giving rise to many manifestations of your reality.

Q: (L) What is divine will?

A: Energy of information configurations of infinite permutations.

Q: (Pierre) That's funny cause several times we ask about the links between energy or electromagnetism and information. Here, they talk about energy of information.

(L) So are you saying that differing relationships between types of information units of some sort... um... interact and emanate and generate energy?

A: Close.

Q: (Perceval) It's probably better to put it the other way: Infinite permutations of energy of information configurations. Permutations of information energies.

(L) So, infinite permutations of information configurations produces energy? Is that it?

A: Yes
Fwiw, what came to mind while reading this was that the "infinite ways" information is gathered, applied, and fed back into the system can lead to all kinds of results, which in turn produce further information - maybe that's the way energy is created? For example, information is gathered here on the forum, people apply it which leads to an interaction between this new information and other "information fields", and the result is changes in their lives and the lives of others around them; those others in turn may do something different in a given situation based on the new information which the experience brought them, which in turn changes a whole lot of other things, and thus, there is an increase in energy / a decrease in entropy. And I think the ways in which "information fields" interact through the process of people applying knowledge can be infinite indeed when looked at it this way.

Q: (L) So in other words, in a sense that is kind of like a 1000 year process of the Wave. The creation of a totally new reality obviously, in cosmic terms, takes that strange process that doesn't exist called time to manifest. But obviously, they are now talking about the breaking down process, the chaos.

A: Yes. Now you begin to see what "time" really is: cosmic processes of almost infinite duration. But do not be complacent because some of these processes can be rather "quick" and devastating from your perspective.
A: For many, the transition in diet is either not possible due to epigenetic factors, or must be undertaken very, very slowly. For some, the requirements for carbohydrates is higher. They need to fulfill this need as safely as possible. In this case, the individual has intuited the relationship and should do some experimental adjustments adding root type vegetables and some greens and berries.
Even though the C's made it quite clear, I think it bears repeating that this does not mean that we can "relax for another 1000 years" and keep doing what we've always done. On the contrary, I think the Work and the possible transition require us to do things we have never done before, and never thought we could do - what Gurdjieff called "super efforts". And while there's no need to panic, I think, if we open our eyes it's quite clear that the Wave is there, all around us, and if we want to change things in ourselves, in our lives, to be better prepared and to align ourselves with the forces of creation, I think we better do it now.

As for the diet, again, the C's are quite clear about it, but for the record: I think these remarks should not lead us to think that we can go back to some standard diet and be fine - there's a pile of research here that suggests that some form of keto diet/low carb paleo diet is probably the best option for most people. And so many people - including me - have found that it really makes all the difference when it comes to dealing with difficult situations that require energy, which of course will be plenty when doing the Work. But yes, the fine tuning is not easy and as always, black and white thinking doesn't cut it. Just some thoughts.

Thanks again for the session and all the hard work!


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Thank you very much for this session! Plenty of information indeed. While pondering about the session, the following came to my mind. It refers to the Germanwings crash being issued as warning sign by the PTB.
It led me thinking about Germany and France, who by mid-March have announced to join the new AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) which has just been founded by China. It might become a rival to the World Bank led by USA: _

article said:
The decision of the three European countries [Germany, France and Italy] comes after Britain last week became the first Western country to agree to become a founding member of the AIIB, FT reports. The UK government said the decision was in the country’s national interest, but it got a negative reaction from the United States.

The new China-led bank is expected to challenge the Washington-based World Bank, so the US is increasing pressure on its allies not to join the institution. The US’ concern is that the new investment bank might not have high standards of governance and environmental and social safeguards.

The new bank is expected to challenge the Western dominance of the US-led World Bank and IMF in global infrastructure projects, which experts believe will create healthy competition.
Russia will become member by April 14th (with the status of founding member), too: _

And they are also very keen to make that TTIP deal with Germany and other EU countries, while Russia has offered them to join into a customs union with it:

article said:
But now comes a surprise - an under-reported one, to say the least. Russia has just offered the EU a deal. If the EU refuses to join the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the US (which, by the way, would hurt it economically) then it can join the Customs Union with Russia. Why freeze yourselves out when we can all freeze out Washington instead?
In this light, the crash really seems like a warning: "Don't dare to move closer to Russia and China! You have to remain on our (financial-economic) ship", which is long overdue sinking already. "Else we crash you!" So it sounds to me.

While most people in my country, Germany, have been following the official stance of the news about Lubitz and connecting their opinion to this smear campaign, Fracking has been allowed by Merkel's cabinet just last Wednesday:

article said:
On Wednesday, April 1st, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet approved a measure to bring fracking (the patents for which are owned mainly by "large American companies, including Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger") into Germany. This is a prelude not only to U.S. President Obama's secret Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) pact with Europe to subordinate national laws and regulations to trans-national mega-corporate panels that will be dominated by U.S. firms and that will override the participating nations' environmental and labor regulations and consumer protections (and harm European economies generally), but it is also a major step toward removing Europe from Russia's energy-market, and bringing U.S. and European oil companies to dominate there instead.
And there, again, is the connection to TTIP as well. And also to Ukraine, as the following piece from the same article shows:

article said:
After the Cabinet meeting, a joint press conference was held with Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in which he said and she seconded, that Ukraine was ready to join the EU and was making the required progress toward rooting out corruption, and toward other matters. He said that the only barriers against that are Russian aggression, and a shortage of money from Germany and from other Western nations. The two leaders stated that the front-line against the threat from Russia is Ukraine, and Merkel promised to do what is needed in order to help.
While the second part of the bold sentence is just laughable (Ukrainian government is morally corrupted by nazi ideology, and that is just being ignored, downplayed or - if I dare to say it - even seems to be condoned by the German government), the first part shows to me, how much Germany just might have been brought back in line - they just asked Ukraine to go with them on the sinking ship and stonewalling there against that very country, which could show them a way out: Russia. I wonder, if that allowance of fracking in Germany and Merkel's concession towards Yatsenyuk regarding Ukraine joining EU would have happened that quickly, if that plane crash had not taken place. Also, I remember a connection to fracking and Eastern Ukraine as well. I remember having seen it on SOTT last year. But I can't find it now; hope to find it later and will then link it here.

As others have mentioned, if critical mass can be increased, such maneuvers might not be so easy for PTB anymore. I think, if even more people are being drawn to the network (SOTT, forum, etc.; can also be social media and real life networks of the respective members) and "bonding" to it, the more they might happen to open up to the formerly "impossible", to see it and accept it (this thought of mine is connected with the Cs mention, that Sebastian might skip 3D due to his bonding to a great loving family of 4D candidates). But that might just be wishful thinking on my part, as it does not look possible at this specific point in time. On the the other hand: we are already like many drops, and constant dripping wears the stone as the saying goes. Also, I have been thinking about a slogan I have read on a transparent, back in the days of "Occupy" demos: "We are the ones we have been waiting for!" In connection with the Wave: I remember that it has been stated, that it amplifies things like emotions, for ex. So, maybe it also amplifies possibilities, in the way, that more people might open up to other aspects of their reality, which were previously unseen by them - if they are being exposed to the respective venues. Maybe thus it becomes easier to reach critical mass? Just my thoughts.


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Thanks for the session... As usual there is much information to ponder.. Such as,

A: Yes. Now you begin to see what "time" really is: cosmic processes of almost infinite duration. But do not be complacent because some of these processes can be rather "quick" and devastating from your perspective.


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Wow...thanks a million Chateau Crew for another amazing session :)! Lots to ponder and reflect upon, thanks again :hug:
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