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(L) They have NOT learned their lesson...

A: Nature will also intervene. Watch for it!

Q: (Ark) I have a question. I have a certain vision and I would like to know if this is my wishful thinking, or a good thing that I have envisioned. My vision is the following: As a response to pollution and industrialization and so on, we have this emergence of the "Green Parties". Now, my vision is that there will be very soon the beginning of a social movement like Green Peace but AGAINST all these lies. This will explode. People will go into parties fighting against these lies, okay? And it will lead even to social unrest and I see it not in the distant future. Now, is it my wishful thinking, or something like this is going to happen?

A: Expect it.

Q: (L) So in other words, it's like Łobaczewski said: psychopaths always think that they can impose their distorted way of thinking on normal human beings, and it may work under tactics of terror for a period of time. But eventually the terror will wear off, and the anger will replace it. It's going to be basically the villagers with the pitchforks and firebrands.

(Pierre) The trigger of the Yellow Vest movement was a "green" measure. So we already have a taste of that.

(Joe) In terms of populations' reactions to this, it seems to be kinda split. You have a lot of the authoritarian follower types who say to wear your mask and they call the police on people they see walking outside twice a day. And then there are quite a number of other people who maybe normally would be "authoritarian follower" types who seem to be calling BS on this situation because it's SO blatant. So, I was just wondering if a majority of people can actually see through the lies?

A: Not yet. Wait for it!

Q: (Andromeda) Any minute...

(L) So in others words, they really do have to suffer more before they wake up?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And there has to be a lot more death before they wake up?

A: Yes

Joe made this post:

Hypnotherapists use different techniques to get people to do specific things. Here are a few examples:


You get a person to do something not once, but again and again, increasing the level of intensity each time. Usually you do it 3 times.
This increases compliance - you're much more likely to get them to do whatever you want, like accept multiple lockdowns.

A 'Yes' set:
Get a person to say 'Yes' to something small at first (two weeks to "flatten the curve" for example) then gradually increase the request. For example, increase two weeks to months of lockdown and cancel Christmas. In this way the person is much more likely to keep saying yes.

Keep the person in a constant state of uncertainty. The conscious mind responds to this by 'going offline' as it searches for the appropriate response for something it has no precedent for. Then it's much easier for the manipulator to gain access to the unconscious mind and change belief systems. For example, lockdown rules change on an almost day-to-day basis; we're living in a world we've never lived in before, everyone's stumbling about with no idea how to behave. As a result, there's little coherent energy to figure out what's really going on and push back.

Repeat the same information over and over (the media, need I say more?)

Illusion of Choice
Make a person believe they're in control by giving them 2 choices, both of which lead to the same result. For example: 'you can choose to be good or bad. Bad = more lockdown. Good = more lockdown.'

"Social Proof"
"Look, all these great celebrities are backing it!"
"You'll have to wait your turn for the vaccine... we might be running out!"

And so many more... All classic psychological control techniques. Once you see it, you can't unsee it!
Check out the book 'Influence', The Power of Persuasion' by Robert Cialdini - all the methods he talks about are being used daily in the news and other media.'

The list is kind of reminiscent of classical/pavlovian conditioning - the pairing of an unconditioned stimuli (which can be intrinsic - like an instinct) with a neutral or conditioned stimuli and which influences internal states and involuntary reactions.

A trainer that I worked with whose foundational training programs relied heavily on classical conditioning and the use of positive instinctive drives (those drives where one feels good and relaxed, yet still aware at the completion of the drive sequence providing an intrinsic reward) had this to say about the process - The command triggers an adrenaline based subconscious reaction to stimuli producing fast, accurate and enthusiastic compliance.

So here's where all that breaks down - flooding - exposure to a trigger until the dog just gets over it and adapts to it and relaxes. The pro trainers I know and respect don't use flooding in behavioural modification unless the circumstances are extreme because they know that it has high potential to cause too much training or stress fall out that are going to have to be addressed later. It can undo or reverse previous conditioning as addressed in this article on Transmarginal Inhibition.

I don't know if it works the same way in hypnosis as it does in classical conditioning. If it does, then what could happen as the PTB get more desperate is that the flooding of the population will undo the hypnotic effect that the PTB is subjecting the population to. If flooding is to be used as a training tool in an attempt to help reduce reactivity to a trigger the major key to it's success is that the subject can really relax and maintain awareness during exposure to the trigger. And real relaxation is different to either dissociation or shut down that signifies trying to ignore or shut out the trigger.

Edited to add: Perhaps this is one of the ways that nature will intervene.


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Thank you for your response. For several years I have been militating with my companion for the return to food autonomy of the territories through the production of healthy, unpolluted food that respects the living, in order to have more resilience through short circuits. We are also working on the networking of people to move in the same direction by helping each other, organizing ourselves and sharing knowledge. The C have always maintained that knowledge protects and that bringing people together in networks makes it possible to better deal with trans-dimensional attacks.
This is why I asked the question that could be addressed to the C. of whether this citizen mobilization was really useful in the face of what will come as changes in many countries in terms of solutions to food shortages.

Hey Bluenote, thanks for your post. It is a complex topic.

Regarding citizen mobilization - it depends in part on the nature and character of the people you are associating with, and whether or not you can actually truly trust them. Some relevant questions may be - can you trust them with your life? If you say yes, what is the evidence of that? Are you actually able to SEE that? Or is it simply a belief on your part? Wishful thinking? What is there real proof?

Historically, in horrific crisis, people who have nice ideas (including about 'community' and food autonomy, peace and love, etc.) often break apart from the stress. Their nice ideas count for nothing. They haven't spent time contemplating the actual reality (in our current time, the reality psychopaths in power, or an ice age, comets). When reality arrives, they are unprepared. The terror of the situation sends them fleeing directly towards the nearest, biggest merchant of security - the State. Nice people suddenly turn into Mr. Smith in the Matrix.

One key clue given to us by the Cassiopaeans is that inner preparedness is of utmost importance. Often, humans decide to focus on material, external preparedness, and also 'saving others', and gathering out of fear of the unknown.

To paraphrase the C's:
"It will not matter so much where you are, but who you are and what you see."

Who you are and what you see - these are gained through internal development. This means doing the foundational work (as described by Gurdjieff, Castaneda, the Stoics, and numerous threads in this forum, such as EE, iodine, keto diet, growing in knowledge, etc.). This work is to create an unwavering, resilient inner self that is guarded by Knowledge and Awareness. The work is also to get rid of the egoic self-importance, the criminal or predator mind that is entitled, lazy, arrogant, and vain. This work is long, slow, and often very painful. There are no shortcuts.

'Militating' for community without this foundational Work seems like a shortcut - and a recipe for disaster. That's how it's been in my own difficult experience. I've realized that only people who have reached a high degree of maturity are capable of living in a REAL reality-based community. And there aren't that many people like that around.

I'm curious - have you read The Wave?
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