Shadow government documentary: "What they don't want you to see"


I watched it last night until I fell asleep, not cause it was boring but cause it was late. I didn't feel like there was much new in the first half of the documentary, however, and I don't remember the last half or so. Hopefully there is something new at the end because they rehash a lot of what they said in the first one, with really the only interesting thing I heard so far being that the websites of these big groups changed their financial data after the release of SG1 which is definitely tampering/altering public records but nothing really new for any of us here. Maybe someone else will have heard something I missed cause I was quite tired.

I hear there is to be a ShadowGate 3, though I'm thinking they're racing against time and without some really big news in it, I don't see it having the impact they hope.

From what I understand, Millie's husband is the editor and producer, and his work is pretty great, but my feeling is he needs to worry less about the production value and just get the information out there somehow. There was a lot of time between these two documentaries but not enough substance in the second, in my opinion.

On the topic of choppy internet, since I still do everything on my phone, I've noticed in the last few weeks for sure, but specifically the last few days, hardly anything works for me very well. Even regular sites like SoTT or other articles have difficulty loading, and most videos don't stand a chance. Then just a little later it's fine. Then it's not again. I've been wondering if it's something solar-related or if "they" are tampering with things. For those in the US, there was talk about an internet blackout before the (s)election so I rule nothing out of the realm of possibilities.
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