Shape shifting creature found in the bottom of the ocean


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I'm sorry but it looks like fake, if you look closely at the near end of the video, there are some problem with the shadow, color, contrast and displacement on the video letting me think it's a CGI

I thought it was fake too. It seemed possibly real until it started to do "barrel rolls". The movement seemed too unnatural. But watching Joe's videos clarifies that these things are real. There's something about when they do any wiggly motion that it looks like 3D to me. Perhaps it's the lighting and their smooth skin that creates lots of lumps of shadows that is unfamiliar.

Now, what color are they at that depth, red or black? ;-):-P


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It does make you wonder what else might be down there in the depths of the oceans.

A whole lot we don't know anything about. Many creatures from the oceans (especially those living in the deep parts of the ocean) look just stunningly "strange" and "Alien" and often downright scary to us. So be warned:

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