[Sinkholes] creating a google map pinpointing all of them for 2012.

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Poor guy was sitting on the bench, relaxing (Lovran, Croatia) and then a big sinkhole just swallowed him with the bench :scared:
But he managed to pull himself back out


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Savitri C said:

Poor guy was sitting on the bench, relaxing (Lovran, Croatia) and then a big sinkhole just swallowed him with the bench :scared:
But he managed to pull himself back out

Oh! after that i bet he wasn't that relaxed ... what a shock for him! it looks very deep!


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Uh it's getting more and more interesting over here (Mamma Mia :shock:)... And runaway sense is not so weak anymore :huh:


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Huh, another sinkhole from Croatia, this time report is from coastal town of Zadar, in city area called Bokanjac from Saturday 2nd of March, 39 y.o. man reported to police opening of the ground. Hole is 2x2m large (6,5x6,5ft), depth unknown. Police have secured the area. No additional informations are available at the moment.



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On the news reporter cited unknown source (local authorities - I guess) telling some word salad like:
"Oh you know, this is not so unusual here and since 'hole' is on private property terrain it's not in our jurisdiction - it is up to landowner to take care of it! :huh:

Does anybody know how i could purchase a solid BS meter? :halo:


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Huh, this is going on daily basis here, another one from Croatia. This time in Poljice near Imotski, Dalmatian inland. :O


Opening of the ground was reported by local resident guarding sheeps. Hole is 2,5m (6,5ft) wide and 1,5m deep. That's a bit confusing, because in the same report is stated that concrete pole, holding wires for grapevines support, along with few grapevines was swallowed and can't be seen in the pit. So depth is definitively undetermined.

Authorities are trying to blame karst terrain, explaining how all this is common with nothing to see here folks attitude.


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God, I don't know what to say, what to do in such cases?
Should we all move on some safer place or should we carry some rope
or some climbing equipment when we go for a walk ?:huh:
I live on such terrain so...???


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And another one this morning, from the city where I live (Zagreb). 1,5mx1m approx. 1,5m deep, with tendency of widening.
Big snows and snow melt from this winter are blamed, although snow is completely gone from surface for the last 10 days and with just few raindrops 'till today.


This is getting worrisome!


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Dalmatia is rockin' away!

Another sinkhole - rocky one, near city of Trogir (30km from Split) 1,5 m in diameter and 3 m deep.
Unusually torrential rains are blamed for frequent openings of holes in ground...


Hiker Mario who is walking there every day witnessed that this hole wasn't there yesterday - he also said that water rumbling below can be heard and that there is a number of smaller holes nearby around...


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Chicago, US


April 18, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A rainstorm pummeling the Chicago area ripped open a sinkhole that swallowed three cars on the South Side, injuring one driver badly enough that he had to be hospitalized.

The sinkhole swallowed three cars at 96th and Houston in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood. It started to open around 5:15 a.m.

•PHOTOS: Sinkhole swallows 3 cars on South Side


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April 11, 2013 - Bulurlino, Russia


You probably have already read our posts about the hot water geyser explosion in Smolensk and the sinkhole plague in the city of Samara. Well, on April 11 2013 another huge sinkhole measuring nearly 85 meters wide and 15 meters deep swallowed three houses in Buturlino, a little village just outside from Russia’s fifth-largest city Nizhny Novgorod. One of the building collapsed completely. Injuries were reported however nobody died since everybody could escape the building swallowed.

April 20, 2013 - Lowell, Vermont


A massive sinkhole opened up in the middle of a mountain road during a rainstorm. It suddenly formed and swallowed two full cars on Mines Road near Lowell on April 20 2013. The vehicles fell 5 feet straight down before sinking another 20 feet. The cause could be a violent flashflood that would have uprooted a plastic culvert and the asphalt on top, thus creating a 30 feet wide and about 25 feet deep sinkhole.


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Sinkhole in China has swallowed five:



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Here are some reports of sinkholes that have opened up in Jackson, MS. The dates correspond to the articles, not necessarily the formation of the sinkholes themselves.

September 20, 2012- Burst waterline weakens road, which then collapses due to the weight of a truck, creating a sinkhole.

March 1, 2013- "Massive sinkhole" opens up, again blamed on burst waterline.

May 15, 2013- Sinkhole on busy street has been left unfixed for months, upsetting residents in the area.

July 2, 2013- 5 foot deep sinkhole formed on June 19, 2013, 6 year old boy fell in, but neighbors pulled him out and he is ok, though shaken up.


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August 12, 2013 - Clermont, Florida


A sinkhole cracked the foundation in a villa housing vacationers at a central Florida resort near Disney World on Sunday, causing the building to slowly sink and prompting the evacuation of the hotel, authorities said.

Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. James Vachon told WESH in Orlando the incident at the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont caused structural damage and firefighters and sheriff's deputies were working the scene together. No injuries were reported.

Witnesses told The Associated Press they could hear a cracking sound as the villa sank. A large crack was visible at the building's base.

Summer Bay Resort is about 10 miles west of Disney World.


A 50 to 60 foot sinkhole caused a section of a resort villa in Clermont, Fla., to collapse Aug. 12, 2013. The 24-unit villa at the Summer Bay Resort was evacuated and no injuries were reported. (ABC News)

A construction vehicle fell into a sinkhole in Montreal, Aug. 4, 2013. The sinkhole is about 26 feet long and 16 feet wide. (CTV/ABC News)

A large sinkhole has opened up in a pasture in Sharon Springs, Kansas, and continues to grow. (KAKE/ABC news)

A car sits at the bottom of a sinkhole caused by a broken water line in Toledo, Ohio, July 3, 2013. Police say the driver, 60-year-old Pamela Knox of Toledo, was shaken up and didn't appear hurt but was taken to a hospital as a precaution. (Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld/Toledo Fire and Rescue Department/AP Photo)

The grounds crew works to repair a sinkhole next to the pitcher's mound made by a busted pipe under the infield before the baseball game between the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers, June 11, 2013, in Arlington, Texas. On-field batting practice was canceled for both teams while workers tried to fix the problem before the night's scheduled game. (LM Otero/AP Photo)

A sinkhole covers a street intersection in downtown Guatemala City, May 31, 2010. A day earlier authorities blamed the heavy rains caused by tropical storm Agatha as the cause of the crater that swallowed a a three-story building. WATCH "20/20: HOUSES FROM HELL" FRIDAY AT 10 ET (Luis Echeverria/Guatemala's Presidency/AP Photo)

May 07, 2013 - Wrenshall, Minnesota


Members of the Wrenshall Fire and Rescue Squad could hardly believe their eyes when they responded to a call along the Munger Bike Trail on Tuesday, May 7. They had received an emergency page from Dispatch around 6:45 p.m. saying a horse had fallen into a sinkhole along an unpaved stretch of the trail.

“All of a sudden, Stormy started to sort of topple sideways,” related Melissa. “I thought maybe she had passed out or something. I was tossed off just as her back legs began to slip into the ground.”

“The horse was slowly sinking into the ground, like she was in quick sand,” said Melissa.

Zach grabbed the horse by the halter and tried to tow her out with his horse, but to no avail. Stormy went from sliding slowly into the hole to disappearing completely out of sight.

The rescue squad had shovels in their rig, so they shoveled for about 10 minutes to reposition the dirt around the edges of the sinkhole into a slope. The man in the hole hefted himself out, and with a bit of encouragement, the horse followed suit.


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October, 05, 2013 - Massive sinkhole expanding in Southeast Texas

First reported on May 8: A gigantic sinkhole has devoured vehicles, equipment and trees in Daisetta, Texas, and is now threatening to claim the homes of residents who live just a stone's throw away. NBC's Don Teague reports.
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