Some thoughts on Alice Miller/psychopathy

Thanks for sharing Aiming. Astounding. From her son's account, Alice Miller was a perpetrator of severe emotional abuse. If her actions and her words had this level of disconnect, it is logical to speculate that she herself had some mental pathology.

I read one of her books several years ago. While the case she made was emphatic, there was something about the writing that did not sit well with me. I could not at the time understand why and swept that feeling under the rug. It wasn't just that she seemed to harp on the same theme - that I believe is sometimes necessary when trying to establish a relatively new approach. Anyway, reading the summary of her son's account made me remember the uneasy feeling I had.
I finished For Your Own Good by Alice Miller, and think it is an absolute must read for parents/caregivers of minor children and anyone considering having children. But I thought it was strange that throughout the book, she kept saying that she wasn't judging or moralizing the parents who had abused their children. I never agreed with that part. Then I read here how she abused her own son, and it made sense to me why she couldn't judge abusive parents, for she would be judging herself and she could not face it.
I finished Drama of the Gifted Child, and it really is a must read book, like Healing Developmental Trauma. I liked the part that discussed children needing unconditional love from parents, but that adults do not love other adults unconditionally. This insight was from a patient in an alcoholics program.

Another part of the book discussed that in the minds of many abused children who repress their childhood abuse, the childhood home is a pure place and it is the children's acts that ruin the purity of the childhood home. At this point, I had the following speculation:

Original sin or the fall is the wrong conceptual framework. We were just 3D children in 3rd grade and we were tricked into sex by 4D STS adults. We speak of free will and responsibility; however those mean different things when applied to children manipulated by adults. We would never hold a child accountable for being seduced by an adult. The idea of the fall or original sin is a form of gaslighting by 4D STS pedophiles against human victims.

Eden or paradise was a not a pure house sullied by human children. The human children were not wicked and depraved. The human child sees the childhood home as a pure and unsullied place. But that is a childish view. The childhood home is not paradise, and the lose of paradise is not the child's fault.
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