Speculation on Laura's new book- Horns of Moses

I will add to that the two following extracts from a summary of Firstenberg's book (available in French HERE), translated via Deepl (bolded parts are mine).

The first one is about: You say you can hear the electricity?

In 1962, a woman contacted the University of Santa Barbara (CA, USA) for help in finding the source of the mysterious sound she heard everywhere in her home, in a quiet neighbourhood. It was keeping her awake at night and affecting her health. Measurements showed that particularly strong electromagnetic fields were emanating from all the electrical conductors, both from the mains and from radiators and other metal elements, but the stethoscope remained silent. The engineer conducted an experiment, recording the measured fields on tape and playing them back to the woman affected by the noise. She confirmed that this is what she was hearing. So the woman could hear the electromagnetic fields in her environment. Earthing facilities and electronic filters were installed to reduce the disturbance to an acceptable level.

But before that, among other researchers, Volta had already successfully experimented with the production of various sounds by applying a voltage to the ears. Much later, also in the 1960s, the biologist Allan Frey published papers on the ability of certain subjects to hear the emissions of a radar installation.

The mechanical model of the ear as taught in schools could not explain these observed phenomena. Noting this, the biochemist Lionel Naftalin developed a new model for the functioning of the human ear, taking into account the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, well known and used by electronics specialists, which he discovered in the gel covering the cilia of the inner ear. In this gel found nowhere else in the human body and having very particular electrical properties, a voltage of 100 to 120 millivolts was present, which is a lot in the field of bio-electronics. This piezoelectric gel transforms sound waves into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the cilia of the inner ear. This new revised model of the functioning of the human ear then makes it possible to explain that not only certain subjects under certain conditions manage to hear an electromagnetic signal, but also that so many contemporary citizens suffer from tinnitus, or that certain groups of citizens hear the Hum, almost everywhere around the planet at a rate of 2 to 11% of the population.

Today, about 44% of American adults have tinnitus at various levels of intensity, while in Sweden the number of young people affected was 12% in 1997 and 42% in 2006! These noises are largely the result of an environment heavily polluted with artificial electromagnetic fields of all kinds.

The second one is about: The transformation of diabetes:
Thomas Edison, who was involved in discoveries related to electrical technology and was therefore exposed to electromagnetic fields more than the rest of his fellow citizens at the time, was diagnosed with a very rare disease in 1882, diabetes. Another researcher, Graham Bell, who was active in the field of telegraphy and invented the telephone, was known to complain incessantly about his symptoms of neurasthenia, now called EHS. In 1915 he was also diagnosed with diabetes.

In 1876, the book Disease of Modern Times by Ward Richardson described diabetes as a rare modern disease, caused by exhaustion from mental work or shock to the nervous system.

Naturally, the excessive intake of toxic and addictive sugar in our modern diet has a lot to do with why diabetes, including pre-diabetes, affects more than half of all Americans today. But the explanation is simplistic.

Even Joslin showed that between 1900 and 1917, sugar intake increased by 17% while diabetes mortality doubled. Later, in 1987, a study of American Indians was conducted, showing radically different proportions of death by diabetes in different territories, ranging from 7 per thousand in the northwest to 380 per thousand in Arizona! During these years, neither lifestyle nor diet could justify such a difference. On the other hand, an environmental factor can explain such a difference. Indeed, the electrification of the Indian reservations was unevenly carried out and those of the northwest were electrified only much later. On the other hand, the Arizona reservation is located in the immediate vicinity of Phoenix. Moreover, this Indian community had its own electrical installation and telecommunication company.

Another example is the population of Brazil, a large sugar producer for centuries, which did not know about diabetes in 1870, although it was already emerging as a disease of civilisation in North America. Even today, Brazilians consume 70 kg of refined sugar per year per person, more than North Americans, and yet they have passed two and a half times fewer cases of diabetes than in the USA.

In Bhutan, diabetes was virtually non-existent until 2002, after electrification of the country began. In 2004, 634 new cases of diabetes were reported, in 2005 - 944, in - 2006 1,470, in 2007 - 2,540 with 15 deaths. In 2012 there were 91 deaths and diabetes was the eighth leading cause of death in the country, despite the fact that the diet had not changed!

The electronic smog acting on the mitochondria
, as we saw in the previous chapter, prevents the proper use of the sugar absorbed, i.e. the combustion of sugar. Since it cannot be converted into mechanical energy, the body stores it as fat.

The diagrams of the statistics on the number of deaths from diabetes according to the degree of electrification of the American states in 1931 and 1940 are also very explicit, leaving no doubt as to the involvement of electromagnetic fields in the appearance of diabetes on a large scale, exonerating the consumption of sugar, to a certain extent.

In 1997, there was a 31% increase in diabetes cases in the USA over one year. This corresponds exactly to the massive introduction of mobile phones in the USA.

I've almost finish the book (in French), and I reiterate what I already said in the EMF Exposure thread: It is trully fascinating!

We are all electrical beings, all living things are electrical, in an electric Universe. The author asks questions and shares a large number of scientific studies applied to humans and some animals. Beyond the effect of anthropogenic electromagnetism (which has been superimposed in multiple layers for more than 150 years), I wonder what effect it might have on the parasites, bacteria and viruses that make up the entire animal and plant kingdoms... Im' not sure that studies of that kind have been made.

What is the real impact of this change on our health, on top of everything else (toxic environment other than electromagnetic, vaccines, junk food, etc.)?
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