Star Wars: The Mandalorian


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Once upon the time I was filmophile, I could not live without TV. But everything changes, so did I, and the TV, and the movies. Looking back the last 10 years of my life, I watched perhaps one to two movies a year, and one of them was always V for Vendetta on a 5th of November, what can I say, love this movie, and it always "hit me". :v:

It's hard to find anything worthy to watch these days. I watched Star Trek: Discovery, but I was disappointed. Discovery is not New Generation, it's far from it, in a bad way. In a matter of fact it's not Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, and that is sad. Perhaps Picard will be better than Discovery, but we'll see. I watched Game of Thornes, and although it depicted psychopathy in fantasy world I'm disappointed, especially with last season, like most of people. Perhaps Witcher will be better, but I doubt it.

I digress, want to say that it is hard to find anything worthy of spending a time. OK, I like to watch documentaries, tech videos (tech nerds will relate to this), and most of all Sott videos, this things are real gems. :hug2:

But couple weeks ago I wached first episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. At first I was reluctand to do so, because Disney+ made it, but boy it's good.

First it's Star Wars, but not like last SW movies that lost all the original trilogy "force".

Second, it is space western, like it was "Firefly" with a magic of Akira Kurosawa's movies, especially Seven Samurai epic. Mandalorian is a bad guy - a merc bounty hunter but with a help of baby "Yoda" (just a 50 years old baby) he is getting in touch with his own "humanity" and some STO values. Space cowboy and baby with STO force in it - like it.

Perhaps the rest of the series will have some value. If not, well nothing new. It will be a real surprise if not disappointed with future episodes of Mandalorian.

May the force be with it.



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I was meaning to post a thread about this, but you beat me to it. I really was intrigued by the trailer. I thought Episode VII, The Force Awakens would be the best movie ever, and I was let down. Rogue One was a breath of fresh air, but the main series has been weak. I hope this can be the killer Star Wars story I was waiting for.

So I guess I'll watch it, the season being only 8 episodes. I saw a lot of posting of fan art of this "baby Yoda", but I guess it's not too much of a spoiler.


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I adore this TV-show, because I love all critters and this show is full of them. Amazing creature design! Congratulations for the team for best work in bringing them to life! :-D


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So far, so good. Hell, it's like the're still capable of producing good stuff in the Star Wars universe when they're not trying at the same time to push forward some kind of political agenda!


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After two episodes, it's surprisingly well made so far. Also symbolically, I would say. Mild spoilers: For example, this baby-yoda character is encountered first in this egg-like shaped busket. It's almost like a seed of some higher, spiritual (heavenly) truths, something completly new for our protagonist to discover. It is contrasted in a interesting way with actual egg, that Java's demanded from the Mandalorian as a part of a deal with him. They demanded an egg of an earthly beast (quite literally), what represents their materialistic approach to life. And when they got their egg, they just used it to imidietly satisfy their craving for it.

There is a potential for some good story-telling, it might be interesting to watch how protagonist will deal with his newly discovered potential.
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