Still Life With Woodpecker, or, electric piggybacking and 21st-century computing applied to an old method



This conspiracy theory posits that there is in operation a negativistic chatter-bot AI that is able to piggyback audio suggestions or commentary onto other environmental power sources, and/or electromagnetic signals, or can be amplified underneath, and discerned riding other sounds and noises (e.g. electric static, or running motors).

Furthermore, this signals' "piggybacking" is facilitated by a kind-of skin or environmental accumulation of a sensitizer: a film or organism, dust, particles, fibers; difficult to detect but which grows over the skin, produces a film, odd hair and particles, and functions as a dirty circuit board. This shell or infection ought to be able to be cracked off or killed, using some methods like dense epsom salt baths, oral-ingestion of saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI; utilized as though you had sporotrichosis) and borax, and borax and palmolive l-lactic acid soap on the skin, amongst other methods. This should theoretically lessen the effects.

There is a man who goes by the web alias, "Lookoutfa Charlie", who has worked on audio recordings to parse out the robotic, non-stop, and, bafflingly, seemingly tailor-made monologue. This could be used as a "psychic driving" device to drive people to commit violent acts: there is documentation of this audio found alongside and within the din (noise) of recordings of recent mass shootings. A person perhaps cognizant of this was A.A., who had marked his gun with an inscription referring to Extremely Low Frequency weapons. Conversely, this audio is present on recordings taken by persons alone in the woods, as even the wind blowing over the microphone is able to document its presence, piggybacking on the noise. It could be used generally to create chaotic or irrational behavior. Which is liable to reduce quality of life. It is seemingly active 24/7, and a prime function seems to be sleep deprivation or reduced quality thereof.

There is a discussion forum called Zero Echo Nine forum where this topic is discussed, and which can be found here:
(*Note this is NOT a secure link; I don't know why)
Also, Lookoutfa Charlie's youtube channel documents some of the audio forensic investigations that've uncovered this, and discusses related topics. I'll also provide a link to an old write-up he authored about his Particle Expulsion Treatment (PET) which is geared toward removing the sensitizer.
Youtube channel:
Targeted Individuals: How to Stop Electronic Harassment via Nano Fungal Infection (Dec. 21, 2017)

Mr. Charlie had asked that something akin to 4chan or an investigative body of motivated persons take up testing this theory, to gather evidence, devise methods of detection or countermeasures, and share information, to somehow convince people at large, I imagine. Hence with this posting I hope to both create a bridge between the groups here and there and help anyone here who comes across the information mitigate its effects in their lives.
Here's the link to the thread on the other forum where a research group was requested, and I proposed to bring it to the attention of the forum here:

Okay, that forum is "swamped", in my estimation, and has little board moderation, following further interactions. I would delete the links to it if I saw the function to do so. Avoid or proceed with caution.

Here is a better link to hosting of the video archive: Lookoutfa Charlie

Still Life With Woodpecker is a book I recommend for reading, a love story. I apologize.
I did an internet search on this and someone on a site called Educate Yourself explains what you are talking about a little more clearly:
This info could also benefit anyone who is suffering from Morgellons. I just discovered the videos yesterday of a Youtuber named "Lookoutfa Charlie." I don't know his name. People call him "Charlie" most of the time. If you are a Targeted Individual (TI) suffering any of the typical electronic harassment symptoms of tinnitis, voice to skull transmisisons, hearing voices from any sort of electronic or electical devices or appliances, bodily sensations of pain, itching, zapping, sexual stimulation, etc., you want to pay attention to what this fellow is recommending and FOLLOW HIS PROTOCOLS to break down and remove what he is identifying as a skin fungal condition called sporotrichosis. I'm not going to second guess this guy since he seems very intelligent and thinks logically and - most importantly - has freed himself completely from ALL symptoms of electronic harassment. This ALONE deserves a Nobel Prize Nomination!

A lot of unthinking people are giving this guy a hard time over THEORY minutia in the Youtube comments and he's understandably upset by such unnescessary time wasting. You can't argue with success, so it doesn't mattter what name he wishes to use to identify the condition. His protocols have worked to free him and apparently others who are following his info -- so that's what's important to remember; and to not get bogged down in theory.

The condition is being CAUSED by the Nano particles (metals, Smart Dust, Fullerenes, Quantum Dots, polymers, more) which we are all ingesting via contaminated food (anything grown outdoors is LOADED with Nano particles) and breathing in these particles from chemtrail fallout. The people who FEEL the symptoms and those who don't are dependent of how much of these Nano particles have been activated inside your body (by microwave radiation fields that you are being exposed to) which cause these Nano particles to self assemble into networks within the body and produce many strange things including fibers, crystals, a fungal skin coating and neural assemblies inside your body which wrap around your DNA, and your nerve cells, neurons, etc.
I'm not a fan of his "he's smart so just take his word for it and don't ask questions" approach as a fungal infection of this severity is something that should be treated by a doctor. It reminded me of another thread where the member had similar symptoms. I strongly urge anyone experiencing this to see a competent doctor and read that thread.

I'll post some of the advice here so readers can see the seriousness of the issue.
Don't try to get lost in supernatural explanations that are actually an obstacle to healing this condition in practical terms.

Have you seen a dermatologist recently? If not, do so right away. It looks like you have an infection or superinfection that needs treatment right away.

I think that's a bit presumptuous at this point. We don't mess around with members medical issues. As nature said, the symptoms are of a systemic fungal infection that could be life threatening if not treated with IV antibiotics.

Go to the emergency room. Now. Tell them your symptoms and sensations.
I did an internet search on this and someone on a site called Educate Yourself explains what you are talking about a little more clearly: ... -Lainey
I'm not a fan of his "he's smart so just take his word for it and don't ask questions" approach as a fungal infection of this severity is something that should be treated by a doctor. -Lainey
Thank you for the link to the applicable thread. I've read studiously through 10 pages so far.

Here is a link to a comment I posted on a SOTT article that is relevant, please read it? Maybe the article, too.

To quote kinyash,

I recall when back in the day I worked with hospital diagnostic equipment (blood cell counters), it was very common to suddenly get EM interference which would cause the machine to give astronomical counts and drive the lab techs bananas! At the end of the day, the equipment would be working perfectly, but a poor contact on a thermocouple in one of the numerous older refrigera- tors located in the Hospital was frequently the cause this problem. Arcing at the contacts of the thermocouple would generate pu- lses that would be picked up by the cell counter and distort the readings. The first time I encountered this type of fault it took me hours to finally realize that the problem was external to the equipment. One needs to be very open and objective, have a broad idea of what the possibilities are and then have the patience to persevere as you test the various theories.​

Speaking as a fellow lab technician, I appreciate your input into the thread. How about most tech revolves around big magnets and copper. Later on into that page, I gained an appreciation for the actio et distans, or, action at a distance, that seems to be in play here! Wow!

However, I take issue with the approach early on to appeal to authority for help. There are technicians around, but the likelihood of meeting one in an American E.R.?

Turpentine is looking very very interesting as a solvent. Boiled out of trees, kind of like DMSO? I'm not actually sure how it's made.
Slogging through here:
Thanks to the participants there,here, and elsewhere on the board.
Follow-up summation of my link to post on shewanella:
If shewanella had a border between anoxic and oxygenated zones it should then be able to shuttle manganese back and forth across this zone, alternately drawing electrons in oxidation of metal (Oxidation Is Loss; here, the metal oxidizes, the organism is "reduced"), moving the metal ion across the boundary, then reducing it back, transporting it back, ad nauseum.
That's my theory, but Lord knows I've been wrong before, so don't take my word for it!!
Ah, this could very well be Boron Nitride crystal structures.

Apparently it is hexagonal like graphene, and needs to be investigated.

Hold off on the borax/boron.
Boron nitride seems to require special conditions for production.

Further scrutiny of this theory is warranted. I now doubt that graphene production could be energetically favorable with normal carbon sources.

"I'm not a fan of his "he's smart so just take his word for it and don't ask questions" approach". :flowers: Good to be skeptical.
...and, that deal I've been pointing to looks like a limited hang-out. I'm off that board.

The SOTT article cited has speculation that these metal reducing organisms produced the polymetallic nodules that've been found on the ocean and sea floor:

The finding helps researchers better understand the geochemistry of groundwater. It is known that bacteria can degrade pollutants in groundwater, a process called bioremediation. When doing this, several key organisms will "reduce" manganese oxide, which means they donate electrons to it, in a manner similar to how humans use oxygen in the air. Scientists have wondered where the manganese oxide comes from in the first place.

"The bacteria we have discovered can produce it, thus they enjoy a lifestyle that also serves to supply the other microbes with what they need to perform reactions that we consider to be beneficial and desirable," says Leadbetter.

The research findings also have possible relevance to understanding manganese nodules that dot much of the seafloor. These round metallic balls, which can be as large as grapefruit, were known to marine researchers as early as the cruises of the HMS Challenger in the 1870s. Since then, such nodules have been found to line the bottom of many of Earth's oceans."
--Whitney Clavin in "Bacteria with metal diet discovered by microbiologists"

The topic is also discussed here:
Did Earth 'Steal' Martian Water?
Described therein as ferromanganese concretions that range in size from a pea to 3-ft. in diameter, and are naturally radioactive. But it is still uncertain how these nodules came to be there, hence the mention above.
My closing exchange at the Zero Echo Nine forum, and the new (despite the timestamp, which is fitting; if resistivity is an intrinsic property) forum rules. Tip-o-the-cap to Forum Moderators here.

L-R screenshots:
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Lastly, I claim the patent on the boron nitride glass house.

No more replies to my own posts will occur in this thread.
Reply to question asking about whether electromagnetic waveform generators, in contrast to to sonic/acoustic, were being deployed as counter-measures:

-A guy who knows a lot about audio and Fourier transformations


And not much ethanol -- but much more soluble than in water.
I document this here to emphasize melatonin, and cite the Cassiopaea Forum for the information. Thanks for the hosting, it's like a French salon? Uh, sorry for spamming the e-mail title, but je souis, je roman.

No word yet on whether signals intelligence besides us is on it, but seems plausible. I think "Marc Polymeropoulous" and his (much different than reported) encounter, un-invited, with Russian FSB would be something to hear about.
Good day to you all.
Again, I'd recommend treating your skin. Now in an experiment as follows:

Using your shower room, douse your head and skin with 3% hydrogen peroxide and wait a little while (I'd recommended 5-10'). Then start the shower and rinse off.
Next, standing out from under the water, use some Borax (.5cups to 1c.) to scrub the skin and scalp thoroughly and remove material. Then rinse off thoroughly.

I think this is a safe approach and should give some results.
This site needs to be seen:
  1. Functionalizing graphene by embedded boron clusters
    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
    Quandt, Alexander; Kunstmann, Jens; Ozdogan, Cem; Fehske, Holger
    We present results from an ab initio study of B7 clusters implanted into graphene [1,2]. Our model system consists of an alternating chain of quasiplanar B7 clusters. We show that graphene easily accepts these alternating B7-C6 chains and that the implanted boron components may dramatically modify the electronic properties. This suggests that our model system might serve as a blueprint for the controlled layout of graphene based nanodevices, where the semiconducting properties are supplemented by parts of the graphene matrix itself, and the basic metallic wiring is provided by alternating chains of implanted boron clusters. [1] A. Quandt, C. "Ozdogan, J. Kunstmann, and H. Fehske, Nanotechnology 19, 335707 (2008). [2] A. Quandt, C. "Ozdogan, J. Kunstmann, and H. Fehske, phys. stat. solidi (b) 245, 2077 (2008).

So this ties together boron and graphene... I still hold that applying boron crystal salts after (or without) oxidizer will peel off rather than help this film.
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