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this article has prompted me to search the sessions for stonehenge
and i found the following
ooo219 A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the
other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically
through crown chakra transceiving system.
and this
961208 A: Why have you not brought up Stonehenge?
Q: (L) Well, we talked about Stonehenge before, that it was
an energy transducer, so to speak. So, was Stonehenge put
there because of the location, or did Stonehenge create... (T)
Why don't you just ask what it is about Stonehenge? (L)
Okay, what is it about Stonehenge?
A: Location attracted those spirit types on the proper
frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to
receive the coded communications in code telepathically, in
order not to have to chase around the countryside reading
encoded pictographs.
Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to
receive the information telepathically? [Planchette spiraled in,
and spiraled out.]
A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation.
Q: (L) OK, so that you're saying that moving in a spiral...
A: The spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the
wave and focusing thought wave transference energy. Utilizes
/transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit, by breaking
down signal from universal language of intent into language of
phonetic profile. This is for multiple user necessity.
Q: (L) Multiple user necessity implies that a number of people
must do the spiral. Is that correct?
A: No. Must hear and feel and understand precisely the same
thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when properly
sculpted sing to you.
funny that the C s talk about tonal rill and the guy who researched it is called Rupert Till (R. Till/t.rill) they have such a way with words ;D

and it also reminded me of a story i read a while ago about stonehenge having a roof- in wich is says
A BBC sound engineer saw the model on display in Bristol. He did not know what it was for, but exclaimed "This is the best building for sound and acoustics I've ever seen. The shape of the roof would be perfect to reflect sound. Stand in the middle of Stonehenge and speak, and the sound will be amplified by the conical shape of the roof."
and googeling stonehenge acoustic gave me, besides lots of versions of the article carried by sott ,this one on acoustic anomalies--
Acoustic Properties of "megalithic" edifices
This from the Sunday Times, Irish Edition, 15th July 2001:

NEWGRANGE, [north of Dublin] Ireland's world-renowned neolithic burial
chamber, may
been used as a prehistoric "echo chamber" in religious ceremonies,
according to two scientists who have discovered that the
5,000-year-old grave has the ability to alter sound
Aaron Watson, an archeologist, and David Keating, an acoustic expert,
carried out up to 10 hours of sound tests at Newgrange last month in
conjunction with the BBC. The tests, including humming, bursting
balloons, banging drums and playing "standing waves" to the stones,
The University of Reading scientists have conducted similar tests at
Stonehenge and other neolithic sites. "We had a loudspeaker making a
humming tone and as you moved towards the sound, it got quieter. It
was very unusual," said Keating
"However, if you moved away towards the side chambers, the sound got
louder. Even with modern knowledge of acoustics, it is quite an eerie
and odd effect."
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

I guess, we can call this hit too:


regarding what C's have sad in session 960803:

Q: (L) Okay, we have the 3600 year comet cluster cycle, the
Sun twin is another cycle altogether, and then we have the
wave, which is a Grand Cycle. So, we have three things
causing a transition in nature?
A: Like "biorhythms."
Q: (T) And we have a triple bad day coming up! Or a good
day, depending on which way you look at it.
A: Bad day if you are John C. Rockefeller, good day if you
are Mahatma Gandhi.

So bad days for John C. Rockefeller and alike are here! It could be then, that The Wave is even closer!?
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

This story today on SotT ( Go East Young Man - Californians Look for the Exit ) brought to mind the 'predictions' session from 1994:

12-03-94 said:
A: Ukraine explosion; chemical or nuclear. Hawaii crash; aviation, possibly involving military. More California seismic activity after 1st of year: San Diego, San Bernardino, North Bakersfield, Barstow: all are fracture points. Hollister, Palo Alto, Imperial, Ukiah, Eureka, Point Mendocino, Monterrey, Offshore San Luis Obispo, Capistrano, Carmel: these are all stress points of fracture in sequence. "Time" is indefinite. Expect gradual destruction of California economy as people begin mass exodus. Also, Shasta erupts; Lassen activity. Ocean floor begins to subside. Queen Elizabeth serious illness; blood related. Princess Diana suicide attempt. Gas explosions in NE United States, Texas and other. Supernova and unusual weather all over. Memphis feels tremors. Minneapolis banking scandal relates to mysterious Nordic covenant. Evangelical sexual tryst exposed. Gold is discovered in California after one of the quakes. UFOs dramatic increase and Gulf Breeze gets swarmed, becomes massive "Mecca". Laura sees much more UFO activity. Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning. Just you wait "Henry Higgins," just you wait!

There has also been quite a bit of seismic activity in CA since the 1st of the year with San Bernadino as a fracture point:

USGS said:
- 3.0 or higher

MAP 3.6 2009/01/11 01:05:59 34.309 -116.915 5.9 7 km ( 5 mi) N of town of Big Bear Lake, CA

MAP 3.3 2009/01/09 04:47:40 34.098 -117.306 15.1 4 km ( 2 mi) SSW of San Bernardino, CA

MAP 4.5 2009/01/09 03:49:46 34.107 -117.304 14.1 3 km ( 2 mi) SSW of San Bernardino, CA

full list at:
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

I don't if it means much I've had the USGS's realtime seismographic displays running for a long time now an the past month has been more active all over the world than I've ever seen it. North of Parkfield Ca. the fault is creeping along normally but getting more active. from San Bernardino south it's been the same. But the stretch in the middle is stuck. When it breaks loose it's gonna be a one helluva ride.
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

Here's another interesting tidbit that is not necessarily a "hit" but is something that was talked about in the sessions and is happening now in several places.

I was looking at the C's transcripts for the ones referring to the merkabah stone and came across this here:

Session 951202 said:
Q: (L) I saw a film at RC's house last month where very
strange UFO's were seen, and she called them Merkabahs.
They were like gigantic, translucent, living creatures - sort of
like jelly fish
- and they would appear and fade... what were
these things?
A: 6th density manifestations through realm precursor wave
influence pockets.

Q: (L) It seemed that the person who was filming these things
could literally call them up. How was he able to do that?
A: Magnetic trine of loco points on grid matrix interact with
thought form projections.
Q: (L) Does this mean that there is something extraordinary
about the person?
A: Just from subconscious parallel transformation standpoint.
Q: (L) Is there some way we could manifest one of these
critters if we wanted to?
A: Would be exceedingly difficult, as loco-matrix is not
currently in your favor.
Q: (L) So, it is partly a function of location, a grid, if you will?
A: Yes.

I remembered I had just recently read an article on UFOs on the Sott page where they were discussing people seeing a translucent, organic, jelly-fish (or octopus) type ufo at several different locations.

UFO in UK resembles Texas, Ohio sightings

The following is just the first portion of the article.

A county law enforcement constable in Stephenville, Texas, who watched
a UFO recorded on another officer's "dashcam" police videotape camera
in January 2008 said, "And then this thing, right in front of my eyes,
changes and it looks almost like a jellyfish. I compare it maybe even
to a parachute - and now a very bright white."

In November 2008, an Ohio woman says she saw a "very large,
orange-yellow-white-colored orb" just over the tree line near her
house. She said it reminded her of an amoeba under a microscope that
changed shape and moved.

Near the Ohio River in eastern Ohio in October, witnesses say they saw
an orange glowing object at a low altitude. One man said it had "a
biological shape." "It didn't look like anything mechanical by any
means." He said his impression was "that it was organic. That's the
feeling that I got. I didn't think it could be anything else. It just
came across as something organic."

And now, witnesses near Conisholme, England, have used the term
"octopus" and "tentacles" to describe something they saw in the sky
Jan. 4, 2009, that may have had something to do with damage to a wind

The article goes on to each sighting more extensively.

To me this could be indicative of some very interesting changes taking place according to what the C's said in that session.

I remember somewhere in the sessions that it was said by the C's that soon we'd be able to see them too as the bleedthrough became stronger or the Wave was closer or something to that effect. I can't seem to find it now, though.
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

Regarding Californian earthquakes and economy troubles I had a dream few nights ago of California being hit with meteors or some flying stones, volcanic maybe. In this dream I was actually standing on side of some hill overlooking Californian shore and watching ground beneath me. Sky was covered with thick clouds of ash and ground as well. Me and some other people were trying to escape climbing up in the woods. But since it was futile attempt, we've turned back and saw how surrounding hills ware red heated allover the place, like everything was molten, lava like. It was very disturbing dream! :(
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Anyone wanna help dig a hole to hide in?
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

It look's like hits are piling up, this one is interesting:

From: _
Large quantities of the gas - which on Earth is mostly produced by living things - were recorded by three huge telescopes during a seven year study.

The level of activity was so great that at times it equalled the amount of the gas released at some of the most methane-rich locations on Earth.

Scientists say that further investigation is necessary to determine whether the gas - spotted in 2003 - was created by the biological processes of creatures such as microbes, or from volcanic activity.

"Living systems produce more than 90 per cent of Earth's atmospheric methane; the balance is of geochemical origin. On Mars, methane could be a signature of either," Nasa said in a statement.

Europe's Mars Express probe picked up possible evidence of methane on Mars in 2004, but Nasa's latest discovery has been heralded as the strongest indicator yet that the planet is able to support simple organisms.

The methane, which was detected alongside water vapour, could have been a waste product from organisms called methanogens living in water beneath underground ice, experts believe.

Professor Colin Pillinger, whose Beagle 2 craft crashed on Mars in 2003 while on a mission to seek signs of life, said the discovery could prove important.

"Methane is a product of biology. For methane to be in Mars' atmosphere, there has to be a replenishable source," he told The Sun.

"The most obvious source of methane is organisms. So if you find methane in an atmosphere, you can suspect there is life.

"It's not proof, but it makes it worth a much closer look."

Nasa will announce the full results of the study at a briefing in Washington today.

Relating to session 960811:
Q: (T) What is the purpose of these probes?
A: Excavation to display living organisms.
Q: (T) Display? (L) Yes, for public consumption. In other words, not only do we have a rock now, that shows evidence
that there was... (T) Oh, display, as when they find it and dig it up, they're going to show it on camera! (L) Yes! (T)
Connie Kourek will interview it! (L) Right! (F) First they said they found no evidence, then they said it was
inconclusive... Now, who the hell knows what they found! In revealing things, we'll start with fossilized life, and then
move on... (L) So, they're going to display the discovery of living organisms on Mars to take the next step to acclimate...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, in other words, this process is going to be something of an on-going thing, and that all of these people who
are cranking around about, you know, alien landings...
A: No faces, though.
Q: (T) I have a question. They're going to display live organisms, like, how did they put that 'Living organisms'? How big
are these living organisms going to be? How advanced?
A: Teeny-tiny.
Q: (T) So, we're still talking about microscopic organisms here?
A: Yes.

Q: (J) So, they won't wave at us!
A: But these will be alive. Can't you see the progression here? "Don't want to scare Grandma Sally Bible Thumper/Stock
Market Investor!"

Well, all they have to do now is just to dig it up!
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

I think we should count this one as a hit too. The article says:

Nature turned against one of America's early civilizations 3,600 years ago, when researchers say earthquakes and floods, followed by blowing sand, drove away residents of an area that is now in Peru. "This maritime farming community had been successful for over 2,000 years, they had no incentive to change, and then all of a sudden, boom, they just got the props knocked out from under them," anthropologist Mike Moseley of the University of Florida said in a statement.

Earthquakes, floods and winds... comets?

Notice the 3,600 years.


Q: (L) Is there any regular periodicity or cycle to this comet
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is the period?
A: 3600 years roughly.


Q: (L) Now, this cluster of comets, when was the last time it
came into the solar system?
A: 3582 yrs ago?
Q: (L) What is the cycle?
A: 3600 yrs.
Q: (L) So, when is this cluster expected to hit the plane of the
ecliptic again?
A: 12 to 18 years.

Which means we're in trouble.
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

FWIW--this quote from an earlier session comes to mind as an answer to BassMann22's question. Sorry I did not record the Session number but I think it was from the 03+- time frame.

Q: (A) Taking into account the decreasing of the period, I came to the conclusion from all the data, that the
coming visit of THE COMET CLUSTER WILL BE, MOST PROBABLY IN THE MIDDLE OF 2009, with possible plus or minus 6 months. So, it will come 2009. Are these calculations correct?


Q: (A) Is the comet cluster going to come in 2009?

A: We refrain here...

And in Session 3 Jan 09:
Q: (L) Unprepared in what sense?

A: 2009 is going to be a "smashing" year.

Q: (L) Swell. (J) Comets.

But also remember " the future is open . . ."

Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

BassMann22 said:
How much time do you think we have left? :shock:

Question is: left for what? All depends on what you're gonna do with your time, whatever time you have left.
IMO, it will be different for everyone.
And anyway as the C's say: There's no such thing as time!
It doesn't mean that it's not useful to consider the possibility that we may very well die today or tomorrow, or any minute now – as an alarm clock to wake ourselves up.
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

Prayers for rain said:
There's no such thing as time!
Yes, maybe it is a matter of being rather then doing, no?
We all are here in these "interresting times". These "signs" are reminders to Work is it?
Re: yet another hit for the Cs?

Could this be considered a "hit"?

Of the many things in Kanjorski's comments sticking out like the proverbial -jezebel--in-a-red-dress-at-a-first-communion-ceremony, obviously the most prominent is the date on which the hemorrhaging is said to have taken place, none other than on September 11th, the same date America's financial headquarters (and by extension, the financial headquarters of the world) were attacked 7 years earlier and the starting gun as it were for the current "war on terror" benefiting a certain ethno-theocratic state in the Middle East. The other thing equally important (and yet hiding in plain sight) is the time frame this monetary hemorrhaging is said to have taken place:between 9 and 11 am, which also coincides closely with the time frame of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, with the first tower being struck by an airliner shortly before 9 am and the 2nd tower collapsing at roughly 10:30 am.

Session 020914

Sept. 14, 2002

Q: (A) I want really to know what kind of mechanism is
behind this 911 number coming up in the NY lottery. (V)
Yeah, me too, and it wasn't only that it was something
with the...
A: Warning. It ain't over!!!
Q: (A) Who was warning?
A: Mass consciousness signals to self about clear and
present danger.
Q: (A) Makes sense. (C) That we created it our own
selves? (L) No, that mass consciousness is sending
itself a signal about a clear and present danger...clear
and present danger of what?
A: Wait and see.

Or am I taking this piece too far out of context?
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