Stories of Covid vaccination side effects or worse

Just found out my 7 year old niece got her first j@b relatively recently 😔.

It is sad but not unexpected...I was somewhat hopeful they would have at least waited a little bit, but it seems my intuition that they have thoroughly assimilated the koolaid is correct...:::sigh:::
I feel this sadness with you as well😞
I saw a Facebook post made by my adult niece a few days ago.
She holds a masters degree in education, teaches at an elementary school, considers herself “woke”.
I wrote a tirade about her advocating for gender mutilation for “woke” children, in one of the Transgender threads.
When she visited here this past July, I was delighted to see that both her sons were pants wearing, frog catching adventuresome boys.
I took them to the beach, and they searched for pirate treasure, had seaweed fights, hooted and hollered, and I had a blast with them.

She posted a picture of her two sons, my two delightful, beloved grand-nephews, aged 7 and 11, sitting in a clinic, shoulders bared, a bandaid and holding a sheet of paper, probably consent forms.
Her message above the picture was:
“Nobody cried!!!”
“Only needed to promise 6 different bribes.”

Somebody did
Stevan Jelovac, forward at AEK Athens passed away on 05.12.2021, after having stroke on 14.11.2021, aged 32
"Neka ti je zemlja laka, Stevan!" - may the soil be easy for you, Stevan!


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Before the entrance of the tiny clinic / office of the family doctor I'm standing maskless. Outside, a sickly looking a masked man goes back and forth before the closed entrance - which is an automatic glass slide-door. Entrance possible by appointment only. He is wearing a small-size N95 mask, which looks like a comical chicken-beak on his face. The side-window is opened by the masked assistant. Man asks for the doctor. Doctor appears in her big white mask, which has orange respirator valves and fancy orange technical-bits all over it.
- My lungs are making a gurgling/slurping sound when I breathe and I have weakness in the legs.
- You can have a ten day self-isolation.
- But I have to continue drive, have to work.

There was not a word over any test. Probably the man was vaxxed. All health workers and doctors have mandatory vaccination in Hungary. Critically thinking doctors and nurses left the profession already in July.
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What is certain is that this matter is extremely important to those who "rule" in the world.

So, I remembered this.

Q: (L) Okay. Transmarginal inhibition is when an organism is stressed or pushed to the point where they break. It's like they become blank slates, and then they can be easily reprogrammed. Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Yes. Now think of the superimportant bit of data we sought to get through to you some years ago regarding parasitic infestations preventing a "quantum leap in awareness."

Q: (L) So you're saying that awareness is the key to the Great Work, work on the self, graduating to 4D, or whatever. Awareness involves knowledge, and quantum leaps in awareness can be prevented by parasitic infestations, which is somehow related to transmarginal inhibition.

(Pierre) How does it relate?

(Perceval) It makes people easy prey. Like toxoplasmosis in cats.

(L) So, okay... Continue.

A: The recent discoveries you have made in terms of the causation of chronic and other deadly diseases is the gathering together of the keys to the opening of a door to greater awareness!!!!
The father of my partner's boss died within 2 weeks of the booster. Straight up kicked the bucket. His surviving wife is raging. The daughter (partner's boss) is in "doubt" whether to get her booster.

Just another day on planet Earth...
My God, do they put cocaine in these vaccines or something?

My partner's boss went on ahead and took her booster yesterday. Not feeling well today but she now thinks that is normal.

Since her second shot she had pneumonia and got to see her father die within 2 weeks of taking his booster. None of these convinced her not to take the 3rd shot though. Are they putting something addictive in these shots? 🥴
Sorry. This was deaths per rapported cases of side effects.
Absolute numbers: 32.652 overall. estimated real figure 544.750, europe until 4 dec.
(my guess is) these fell under 240 mil vaxxed Europeans, yielding 0.2% risk of quick deaths per vaxxed.
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