Suspicious testimony from a ... man in black?

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Fantastic research! Two things stood put, William cooper was William S Cooper, and William cooper and his comments have been proven true over time, William was set up for execution under the guise of tax evasion, he died in a shoot out with police but he knew when he released that book he was a done man, the video was even more powerful.

Let's remember also Phillip scheider and his horrific death, hopefully his family will get justice.

The pen, taser.. now that is interesting and plausible, most whistle blowers are reported to die off natural causes/ heart attack or suicide, then usually they are4 cremated very quickly, eg, bill scheider who's blood samples magically disappeared before the family got a hold of them.

I want to thank the people who actually research names and places and fact check, you are the key to solving the world's biggest coverup in humanity, very well done.
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