Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a Fraud?


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?


Phoenix Resources Plc together with international oil and gas companies, are actively exploring for Oil and Gas in the Canning basin and Carnavon basin, in Western Australia.

Gin Gin Gas Field

Home Page

Mr Adrian J. Eyre (Chairman)

Bruno Denantes (Managing Director), ENSIC, ENSPM, Ph.D.

William A. Fucilla (Executive Director)

Francesco Fucilla (Chief Scientist & Development Advisor)

Riaz Ahmad Saddique (Consultant Geophysicist)

Mike Goodrich (General Manager)

Anya Edwards (Secretary)

William A. Fucilla

William Alexander Fucilla

William was born in Croydon, Surrey. He is the son of Francesco Fucilla;
Oil & Gas Entrepreneur, Businessman, Inventor, Writer, Philosopher, Scientist and Founder of the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science.

He obtained a Degree in Psychology from Brunel University in 2009
and a Diploma in Law from BPP Law School in 2010.

William Fucilla is also a Director of
Allied Gold Resources Plc, Allied Oil & Gas Plc,
Dome Petroleum Resources Plc, Global Energy Technology Plc, Global Energy Kleangas Ltd, Phoenix Resources Plc, Jurassica Oil & Gas Plc,
The Steriwave Group, Steriwave Quantum Computer,
Steriwave-GDT-TEK, Steriwave-Terraforming Ltd,
Steriwave-DNI Ltd, Steriwave Property Ltd,
Steriwave Startec Ltd, United Oil Ltd
Yellow Energy Plc, YouAncestry Ltd
and Wharf Resources Plc
In addition he is an
Executive Director of the French based Group DNI
In charge of Business Development

William is the Author of the Books
"And Then There Was Man"
"Fields of Gold"
Arima Publishers. ISBN 978-1-84549-499-5

William (with his two Brothers Anthony and Robert Fucilla), founded the Film production company 21st Century Filmworks Ltd. They soon after produced three scientific films being;
The Universe of Myron Evans, The Science and Faith of Larry Horwitz and The World of Hadronic Physics.

William is the associate producer of the feature film, "The Big I Am”.

He has completed the screenplay, script and the directorial guide, to the film, "And then there was man"

William Fucilla's Psychology Practice is in Association with LiUM University, Psychologist Professor Orlando Del Don


Prof. Francesco Fucilla

United Kingdom

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Fucilla, Prof. Francesco (Easy Link:
Geophysicist, Author, Philosopher, Inventor, Oil Entrepreneur, Businessman, Film Producer

Interests: Unification, Field Theory, Cosmology
Nationality: Italian
Age: 60
Born: Wednesday, August 1, 1951

Francesco Fucilla was awarded The 2012 Toulouse University Gold Medal. eNTHRONED ON THE 20.3.2012 "Chevalier De La Dive Bouteille De Gaillac " together with Luc Ferry, Max Karoubi. (2012-02-14 17:19:20)

Awards: Francesco Fucilla was appointed in Feb 2012 Co-Chairman of the INSTITUTE OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS AND ADVANCED MATHEMATICS ( IFM ) Einstein Galileo. (2012-03-14 16:44:00)

Related Websites:

Telesio Galilei

2003 The Universe Of History and Fairytales 3
2002 The Universe Of History and Fairytales 2
2001 The Universe Of History and Fairytales 1
1993 Geology and Strategraphy of the Turkish Iranian Microplates and its Hydrocarbon Evolution

Media Online:
2009-03-16 Video The Science And Faith Of Lawrence Horwitz - Part 1
2009 Video Ruggero Santilli World Of Hadronic Physics
2009 Video The Universe Of Myron Evans

Event Attendence:
2011-11-26 Unified Field Theory: Report on Boscovich International Conference 2011 Video Conference
2011-10-01 The Organizational Structure of Physics Video Conference
2011-09-03 The Electric Force of a Current Video Conference
2011-08-27 The Contributions of Einstein Video Conference
2011-07-16 Motions of Observable Structures Ruled by Hierarchical Two-body Gravitation in the Universe Video Conference
2011-05-07 The Future of Science under an Electric Universe Paradigm Video Conference
2011-04-09 Experiment of the Biefield-Brown Effect using Symmetric Plate Capacitors Charged below 35kV Video Conference
2011-01-15 Are Space and Time of Archetypal Design?: Introduction into the Physics of Mandala Video Conference
2010-12-04 On the Frame Indifferent Formulation of the Governing Equations of the Electromagnetic Field Video Conference
2010-09-11 Planetary Scarring in an Electric Universe Video Conference
2010-08-07 An Introduction to Electric Universe Theory Video Conference
2010-07-31 The Ten Assumptions of Science, Part 3 Video Conference
2010-07-24 Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism Video Conference
2010-07-17 A Solution for the Dark Matter Mystery Based on Euclidean Relativity Video Conference
2010-06-19 Time, Space, Motion, Metaphysics, and Natural Philosophy Video Conference
2010-05-15 Introduction to the Theory Of Despace Video Conference
2010-05-01 The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations, Part 1: Gauss D Law Video Conference
2010-04-24 Introduction and Acceptance of a Classical Charge Fiber Model (CFM) of Elementary Particles Evaluated by Means of an Online Tutorial-Based Survey Video Conference
2010-04-17 The Generalization of Mechanics and Electrodynamics Video Conference
2010-04-10 Antigravity, the Missing Force is Discovered! Video Conference
2010-03-13 Fundamental Problems in Electrodynamics and Gravidynamics, Part I Video Conference
2010-02-27 The Mole Hill Effect Video Conference
2010-02-06 The Origin of the Universe and Its Subsequent Evolution Video Conference
2010-01-23 A Reality-Based Replacement for Quantum Mechanics Video Conference
2009-12-26 Relativity Groupoid Instead of Relativity Group Video Conference
2009-12-19 Charactering Brown's Gas Video Conference
2009-11-21 Expansion Tectonics Group Video Conference
2009-11-07 The Electrodynamic Origin of the Force of Inertia (F = ma) Video Conference
2009-11-06 Gravity Group Video Conference will attend
2009-10-24 Relational Mechanics Video Conference
2009-10-23 Relativity Group Video Conference
2009-10-10 What's Wrong with Relativity Video Conference
2009-09-26 The Birth of Elements Video Conference
2009-08-29 Unified Theory Replaces Relativity Theories Video Conference
2009-08-22 Improved Relativity Theory and Doppler Theory of Gravity Video Conference
2009-08-15 From Aristotle to Einstein to Date: The Same Folly Rules the Paradigm of Special Relativity Video Conference
2009-08-08 Debate Einsteins Special Relativity Postulates True or False Video Conference
2009-08-02 The Nature of Light: What Are Photons? Conference
2009-07-25 Room Temp Superconductivity and Magnetic Monopoles Video Conference
2009-07-18 An Approach to Gravity Modification as a Propulsion Technology Video Conference


Francesco Fucilla is the founding father of the Telesio - Galilei Academy of Science.

Francesco Fucilla (Director) – is the co-chairman of ( IFM ), Professor at Lium University, Professor at the Noetic Institute of Advanced Studies, founding father of the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, Geoscientist, Author, Philosopher, Inventor, serving the said institutes as a philosopher of science, cosmologist, and logician. He is an Oil Entrepreneur, a Businessman, a commercial legal advisor to dozens of companies and a Film Director and Producer.

Francesco Fucilla is the inventor of the Microwave linear heater and related invention, is the author of books of satires on the philosophy of everything known as “The Universe of History and Fairytales”, the founding father of the Telesio - Galilei Academy of Science, and the Director and producer of The scientific Films known as The Universe of Myron Evans, The Science and faith of Larry Horwitz, The World of Hadronic Physics, and the Science and Art of Robert Pope. Since the 1970s Fucilla has worked in the energy sector all over the world, a consultant to Sefel Geophysical, Merlin Geophysical, Sonangol, Limex Bau Geco, Horizon Exploration, GSI, Wharf , Dome, Phoenix, Steriwave Group, Jurassica, Yellow Energy, Allied Gold and Allid Oil and Gas, and many other international companies. He has lectured around the world to post graduates in applied Geophysics, and philosophy of science (mainly acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data). In the 80s and 90s Fucilla devised several methods for interpreting seismic data.

In the past 30 years, Fucilla could arguably claim a greater contribution than any other individual to the industrial and scientific development of oil and gas exploration projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Fucilla's strategic input to government bodies, American, European and Canadian research centres and industries, was crucial to the development of gas and oil fields in the 80s and 90s in the west coast of Africa, and the Mediterranean basins, and in recent years he has headed the discovery of new oil and gas fields and a number of new state of the art scientific technological developments, and important business ventures, and has a portfolio of 18 new scientific films ready to be made as finance will become available.

His experience in international politics and economics, complemented by his deep understanding of international business law, designed, promoted, and gave birth to the largest seismic, gravity-mag projects ever undertaken in the West African and Mediterranean basins, and in recent years he paved the success and survival of many international companies to ride the recessions by way of strategic planning and logistics.

Francesco Fucilla Films
Francesco Fucilla Inventions
Francesco Fucilla Books
Francesco Fucilla Academy


The Science and faith of Larry Horwitz
The universe of myron Evans
The world of Hadronic Physics


Senior Fellow Noetic Institute Of Advanced Studies 2010
co-chairman of IFM
founding father telesio galilei academy of science
Visiting Professor at LIUM University 2010
Author of "The Universe of History and Fairytales" (books 1, 2, and 3).
Inventor of the Microwave Linear Heater. and other energy related inventions.
AIAS ( The Institute of Advanced Studies ) Honorary Chairman 2008=2009
Honorary Professor at IBR ( Institute for Basic Research ), 2007-2008.
Managing Director of Global Energy Technology Plc
Managing Director of 21st Century Filmworks Ltd
Managing Director of Steriwave Plc.
Producer, Director and co-Writer of " The Universe of Myron Evans " " The World of Hadronic Physics " and " The science and Faith of Larry Horwitz ".
Chief Scientist, Wharf resources Plc
Chief Scientist, Dome Petroleum Plc
Chief Scientist, Allied oil and gas Plc
Chief Scientist, Jurassica Plc
Chief Scientist, Phoenix resources Plc


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

They appear to be connected to big pharma too...what a surprise :rolleyes:


"Steriwave QC Plc--AltiMed" is a JOINT VENTURE between Steriwave Plc, AltiMed, Global and DNI. The Joint Venture offers the UK market the latest medical technologies thanks to a wide spectrum of innovative medical equipment developed by a group of highly skilled Doctors.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

They've applied for several patents in the UK

21 September 2011
(Journal 6383) GB1113399.8 Applicants: Fucilla, Francesco and Caza, John and Steriwave Startec Limited-DNI
Title: Piezo-nuclear cascade ultrasonic reactor. Piezo-nuclear hazardous liquid waste treatment
Date Lodged: 3 August 2011

21 December 2011
(Journal 6396) GB1119303.4 Applicants: Fucilla, Francesco and Global Energy Technology Plc
Title: Internal combustion engine efficiency increase
Date Lodged: 9 November 2011

19 November 2008
(Journal 6235) GB0818870.8 Applicants: Steriwave Plc and Fucilla, Francesco
Title: Low pressure biohazard decontamination by microwaves
Date Lodged: 15 October 2008

He's getting financing in the US too


In 2010 Steriwave Plc finally obtained EC Licences and has made the final preparation to enter production by way of sourcing financial assistance, which has recently been made available by DNI of France with a loan agreement of US $720,000 to US $750,000.

Distributors in Europe are in place and we are now ready to enter industrial production as soon as the funds are in our bank accounts in early 2011.

In 2010 Steriwave Plc acquired a huge wealth of intellectual property and is actively sourcing financial partners for the development of Atomic Batteries Geothermal energy production projects, and construction of a Quantum Computer among other acquired intellectual properties and projects.

The industrial environment in the heating and energy sector is still in financial difficulties but it should not pose a threat to our strategic plan to produce and distribute our products.
The strategy for 2011 has been to keep costs and wages to a minimum.
Francesco Fucilla
Managing Director


Steriwave Global DNI

Established in 1990 by international oil/ gas experts, Dni provides consulting services (engineering and OM) and drilling operation support to oil and gas companies worldwide. In 2006 Dni Group’s, turnover in oil & gas reached up to 29 million Euro and employed 280 consulting engineers. I n 2007 the company had grown to 1250 consulting engineers and by 2011 Steriwave Group entered into a joint venture with DNI and formed Steriwave DNI Ltd. The new
company has taken control of DNI’'s present and future activities.

Nathalie B. Petro-Denantes. Executive Director

William A. Fucilla. Executive Director

Adrian J. Eyre. Executive Director

Mike Goddard. Executive Director

Dr, Bruno E. Denantes. Senior Consultant Steriwave-DNI Ltd


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

Among Members of the "Academy" we can find Vladimir Guglinski. Well .... we see cold fusion there as well as ""


An email was sent to Pamela Mosier-Boss in 11 April 2009, suggesting to use an oscillator in her experiment.

The email is ahead.

From: Wladimir Guglinski (

Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2009 3:46:25 PM


Cc:; David Hestenes (; EDEL PONS (

Dear Pamela

My theory can be tested by your experiment.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

Guardian said:
I haven't looked at the other info yet, but I can tell you that "Mindspring" is a large Internet Provider that merged and/or was bought by Earthlink years ago. At one point Mindspring was the only Internet Provider available in some parts of the rural Eastern US if you wanted a local number. I and many folks I know had Mindspring accounts back when we were using dial-ups, so Vincent Bridges having a Mindspring account too really doesn't mean anything.

That was my first thought on mindspring as well (I used to have an account) - but then I did a google search for mindspring and NC and it came up with some 'personal development' organizations, one attached to yoga. So, there may be more to it than that.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

ark said:

I saw that name in several places...they even wrote a letter to Obama :rolleyes:



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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

anart said:
That was my first thought on mindspring as well (I used to have an account) - but then I did a google search for mindspring and NC and it came up with some 'personal development' organizations, one attached to yoga. So, there may be more to it than that.

Yeah, there's lots of Mindspring's but only one ""

Whois Server Version 2.0

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with many different competing registrars. Go to
for detailed information.

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
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Creation Date: 21-apr-1994
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>>> Last update of whois database: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:18:50 UTC <<<

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 1994-04-21
Registration Date.... 2003-02-23
Expiry Date.......... 2013-04-22
Organisation Name.... Earthlink, Inc.
Organisation Address. 1375 Peachtree St.
Organisation Address. Level A
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Admin Name........... Earthlink Hostmaster
Admin Address........ 1375 Peachtree St.
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Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... +1.4048150770
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Tech Name............ Earthlink Hostmaster
Tech Address......... 1375 Peachtree St.
Tech Address......... Level A
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Tech Email...........
Tech Phone........... +1.4048150770
Tech Fax.............
Name Server..........
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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

ark said:

They've got papers and reports all over the place that I only half understand, but the general gist appears to be that they financially support the bad guy version of the kind of stuff you do Ark.

John G

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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

Back in 2006 I was in a very brief discussion about Reginald Cahill on a yahoo group made up of a few people who attended the Quantum Mind 2003 conference at the University of Arizona. The guy I was talking to was interested in Cahill cause his ideas seemed similar to those of an advisor of his, John Moffat (who has a Wikipedia page). Moffat's early ideas weren't bad, being related to Einstein's antisymmetric tensor stuff but the later stuff is likely not good. Cahill is cited by Horst Eckardt in a gravity paper and Eckardt is in Myron Evans' Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS).


The above paper also says Eckardt is part of the Telesio-Galilei Association (TGA).


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

My, oh my! Laura is very good at tugging on
threads that shine the light in dark places!

It seems that the consortium are trying to gather
groups of smart people to aide towards some kind
of agenda, similar to that of the Manhattan project?

What is interesting is that in the PB letters, "they"
are using plasma (glass-bubble-discharge/laser)
to "trigger" energy release, similar to that as described
or shown in "The Electric Sky/Universe?" To me, it
seems to have an "As above, so below" feel to it.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

dant said:
My, oh my! Laura is very good at tugging on
threads that shine the light in dark places!

Who, Laura? Naaaa, she's just a "poor 60 year old mother of five who just wants to live a peaceful life and grow roses and read books"

OK, I'm still cackling over that one. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

Guardian said:
anart said:
That was my first thought on mindspring as well (I used to have an account) - but then I did a google search for mindspring and NC and it came up with some 'personal development' organizations, one attached to yoga. So, there may be more to it than that.

Yeah, there's lots of Mindspring's but only one ""

Laura's original post didn't say anything about - just mindspring. As I said, I also thought it was just his ISP, as it was mine, but perhaps she has reason to think it's more than that. I'm sure she'll chime in.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

There was this curious ceremony in 2008:

Science is Golden

Last updated: 16 July 2008
The first Santilli-Galilei gold medal ceremony was held in the Patti Private Theatre at Craig y Nos Castle, Abercraf in July 2008.The conference was attended by distinguished scientists from all over the world, hosted and funded by Prof. Francesco Fucilla on behalf of the Santilli Galilei Association. Here, Prof Myron Evans tells us more about the event:

There is a link to Prof Myron Evans who has a long ancestry back to Sir Walter Harvard of Defynnog – he is not on the list but curious.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

Guardian said:
I haven't looked at the other info yet, but I can tell you that "Mindspring" is a large Internet Provider that merged and/or was bought by Earthlink years ago. At one point Mindspring was the only Internet Provider available in some parts of the rural Eastern US if you wanted a local number. I and many folks I know had Mindspring accounts back when we were using dial-ups, so Vincent Bridges having a Mindspring account too really doesn't mean anything.

Ooops. I meant "wellspring". See the following emails sent to me anonymously some years back:

1st email:

Are you still interested in info ref Vincent Bridges? It has been several years since I have looked into what he was up to; I find that he is still playing games.

This is the most disturbed person that you can imagine; he will stop at nothing to get his way and he will destroy anyone in his way. I know, I am one of his victims.

It seems (from your site dates) that things have cooled off between you and him; it might be in your best interest to keep it that way. The choice is yours.

In any even, my name and all info I may give you must be kept in 100% confidence. All I an do is to tell my story and give you a couple of names that you can follow up on. If one of them talks, you should have enough to bring him to his knees. He was driven out of this area!

{VB wrote} "1990 - my practice exploded, - I was gaining credibility with the Bowman Gray Me School's MD clinic, and all was looking bright. "

All untrue; he was on poverty row with no know connections to Baptist (Bowman Gray). Lived in WS with Mary (name could be off but not likely) then Darleen. She just showed up on his doorstep after a meeting in a Northern book store where she worked. He was there to buy for a friends store in NC. Some kind of help in setting it up. But, Darleen could freelance and bring in money so she stayed. Talk about a confused soul? She was mentally and physically ill; too ill to work. But, to quote Vincent "she has to work!" She also brought with her a sizeable inheritance. Guess you know where that went. Today, Darleen is Vincent's creation; but I have no pity for her.

2nd email

There is not much of real use in the following info, but it will start to give you an idea of his tme here.

I don't hold the type of legal documentation that you are looking for. I hold one piece but that involves a legal issue I have with Bridges. In 93-94, I looked into his assets and found nothing but the house he now owns and I was after money not a judgement on junk property.

However, there are a few people that may help you, if they can be located. The 1st is Rev. M. R. (Rebecca) B***. She is located in NC and I believe I have narrowed it to somewhere in the area near Hendersonville. I have the name of a local Dr here that is friends with and treats her. I know you can send a letter, phone call... to him and it will be relayed to Rebecca. Email if you wish his info. Note: It was Rebecca's contacts that Bridges pulled on when he discussed relationships with Baptist Hospital.

Rebecca will be a great source for you, as she even lived in a room rented from Bridges in his 1st rental house in Winston. They were friends, worked together, socialized and then fell out. She was a part of his inner circle. When I knew Rebecca, she was always broke and the one thing that talked was money. I know you are not willing to pay but it might be worth an investment of a couple hundred to someone you know. Note: Rebecca is a healer, reads cards and works with the pendulum. She is not black magic. She is very good, intelligent and has a big heart despite her need for funds. Her info would be worth a mint and she has names of people Vincent hurt here, if she will give out. I know she would not give my name out for almost any thing but I don't know about others. I think she will give out some, if inspired.

The 2nd is Lynn H***. She use to own Wellsprings in Forsyth Co. She is very, very wealthy and I believe her family were the ones that funded what was Charter Hospital (a private psy hospital) in Winston. Charter has now been taken over by Bowman Grey Hospital and Lynn sold Wellsprings years ago. I have no info on her location but understand she is still in the Forsyth County area. Lynn hates Bridges with a passion. Bridges and her were friends and worked together on Wellsprings (a new age type of retreat) on many, many acres. There was again a falling out and Bridges sat some type of fire... on her land and destroyed some things... I do not have exact details. She could be traced from the (I think) 93 sale of Wellsprings, but I just don't have the time to invest at the moment. Oh, Wellsprings was sold due to community opposition and problems with a tax free lic...

I'll email later with the info I have on Bridges and a pic of his 2nd rental house (apartment - duplex) he lived in here. Want the details of his sex life LOL- it does make for a good laugh. No, I was not his lover, but word travels. Ref. property he owns, to date I still know of none except for the house he acquired in (I think 93). I'm sure you have info on it - note: it was given to him and is a real piece of junk imo. I have not checked to see if it is clear or not; my guess would be that it hold at least a 2nd by now. You might want to get one of your members in his area to do a drive by and get a pic of it for you. Ref. arrests - I know of none but would be suprised if there were not a few drug or violence related. He did tell me that he spent time in a psy hospital. I feel this is probably true as he has a major, major fear of even walking into a hospital. I know this 1st hand from my hospilization, due to him. His fear seems to be of the large major hospitals not a small walk in psy or rest home type.


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Re: Telesio Galilei Academy of Science a CIA Front?

Diego Lucio Rapoport

Translated from Hungarian in Wikipieda:

Career A Ph.D. mathematician at the University of Harvard prof. Shlomo Sternberg acquired by mentoring. A Ph.D. in physics at the University of Texas-Austin reached prof. Yuval Ne'eman help.Thereafter it continued his studies in Mexico City, the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana University, and several universities in Argentina and Brazil as well. Inaugurated in 1991, professor at the University of Quilmes. Diego Lucio Rapoport is also a member of the alpító Telesio - Galileo Academy of Science has also Fucilla Francesco, Ruggero Maria SANTILLAN, Myron W. Evans, Jeremy Dunning Davies, Alwyn van der Merwe and Lawrence Paul Horwitz al. Also received several awards for contributions to science for example. In 2009, Telesio - Galileo Academy of Sciences Gold Medal Award.MembershipsOfficial member of the Chicago, Denver, Cambridge, Pisa and universities in Sao Paulo.
  • Life member and advisor to the Telesio - Galileo Academy of Science 's Alpha and The Institute of Advanced Study in the body. In addition, several international journals matemaikai active editor.
  • Area of research His research focused on the following areas: space-time theory, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, Brownie movement, Torsion tensor.His books (selection) Diego S. & Rapoport Sternberg, Classical Mechanics, nor without lagrangians hamiltoneans , Nuovo Cimento 80A (1984), p. 371-383
  • Diego S. & Rapoport Sternberg, On the Interactions of spin with Torsion , Annals of Physics vol. 158, No.11, (1984), p. 447-475
  • Diego Rapoport, On the derivation of the Stochastic Processes associated to Lie isotopic gauge theory , pags. 359-374, in Hadronic Mechanics and Nonpotential Sun Interactions , Vol II, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference, University of Iowa, August 1990, Hyo Myung (ed.), Nova Science Publs., New York / Budapest, 1992.
  • Diego Rapoport, Riemann-Cartan-Weyl, The Quantum Geometries II: The Cartan Stochastic copying method, Fokker-Planck operator and Maxwell's equations de Rham , 2115-2152., International Journal of Theoretical Physics Vol. 36, No. 10, 1997
  • Diego Rapoport, Stochastic Processes in Riemann-Cartan-Weyl Conformal Gravitation , Intern. Journal of Theoretical Physics Vol. 30, no. 11, (1991), 1497-1515.
  • Diego Rapoport, Covariant Thermodynamics and the Ergodic Theory of Stochastic and Quantum Flows , in Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures VI , pags. 359-370, Proceedings of the VI th. International Conference on Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures, Valparaiso 1995, E. Tirapegui and W. Celery (edts.), Nonlinear and Complex Systems Phenomenae V Series Kluwer, Dordrecht / Boston, 2000.
Diego Rapoport, On the unification of geometric and Random Structures through Torsion fields: Brownie motions, and magnetic Viscous fluid dynamics , Foundations of Physics vol.35, No.7, pags. 1205-1244, 2005.

  • Diego Rapoport, Cartan-Weyl Dirac and Laplacian Operators, Brownie motions, The Quantum Potential and Scalar Curvature, Dirac-Hestenes equations and supersymmetric systems, Foundations of Physics, vol. 35, no. 8, pags. 1383-1431, 2005
  • Diego Rapoport, Random Diffeomorphisms and integration of the classical Navier-Stokes equations , Reports on Mathematical Physics, vol. 49, no. 1, p. 1-27, 2002.
  • Diego Rapoport, Stochastic Differential Geometry Approach to Viscous Fluids and the Remarkable Representation pure noise , Reports on Mathematical Physics vol. 50, no.2, 211-250, 2002.
  • Diego Rapoport, Martingale Approach to the problem with the Navier-Stokes equations on smooth and semi-space boundary Manifolds , Random Operators and Stochastic Equations, vol. 11, no.2, 109-150, 2003.
  • Diego Rapoport, Random Symplectic Geometry and the realizations of the random representations of the Navier-Stokes equations by ordinary differential equations , Random Operators and Stochastic Equations, vol. 11, no.4, 351-382, 2003.
Diego Rapoport, Torsion Fields, Cartan-Weyl Space-Time and State-Space Quantum Geometries, Their Motions brownies, and the Time Variables , Foundations of Physics vol. 37, no. 4-5, 813-854, 2007.

See also:

  • Diego Lucio Rapoport[/q]
  • Diego Lucio Rapoport was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in May 28, 1952.
    He is a Jewish Argentinian Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician.
    After Obtaining his PhD in mathematical-physics under Prof. Shlomo Sternberg of Harvard and Tel Aviv universities and that of Prof. Yuval Ne’eman of Tel Aviv and Austin-Texas universities, he did postdoctoral work at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana of Mexico City, the Instituto Balseiro of the National Atomic Commission of Argentina at Bariloche, Argentina, the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio.
    He became a full professor at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, in 1991
  • Memberships
  • Rapoport has been a visiting fellow at the University of Harvard, Denver, International Centre for Theoretical Physics at Trieste, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge, University of Pisa, University of Campinas and the University of Sao Paulo.He is a senior member of the Telesio - Galilei Academy of Science Advisory Board and head of its Natural Philosophy Department, as well as member of The Alpha Institute of Advanced Study , and of the standing committee of the International Association for Relativistic Dynamics (IARD). He has been a member of the editorial committee of several international mathematics and mathematical-physics journals.
  • Contributions
    His research work has focused in developing a unified geometrical theory of spacetime, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, Brownian motion, non-equilibrium and equilibrium thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, in terms of geometries with torsion. As an example of this approach, closed forms representations for the Navier-Stokes equations on manifolds with and without smooth boundaries were derived from this approach.

Here is an amazon review that he did:
Diego Lucio Rapoport

This review is from: The Moon of Hoa Binh : A Novel (Hardcover)
  • This is no common text nor hypertext, but one of the most intrepid and consistent thought-soul-world exploration written in centuries. The wealth and depth of insight reflects embodied knowledge, far from the academic dance-parlance, currently staggering as a consequence of the inertia of centuries of dualism. It nurtures, provokes, urges, pledges, creates, challenges, intuites, lays out, smacks and hard, ultimately repulsing the reader that has been hiding under the cover of social commentary-adoctrination. To me, as a (re)searcher, it meant bringing me to live the surmountal of the Janus faces of dualism, to face the neo-Cartesian Cut, and I am nothing but thankful to the authors for their work. For sure, there are issues here that require the works and lifes of generations of wo-men. Be it, who can claim to be able to stop Time? It is Time and its logophysics one of the central issues that the authors, unmatched in the literature on the issue, bring to the fore. [/l][/l]
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