The Afterlife Investigations - Movie Feature - The Scole Experiments


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SeekinTruth said:
Definitely all "paranormal" phenomena are full of dangers and deception. I mean the Gray in the film was a dead give away that all is NOT what is seems and what everyone was assuming. But what I found really remarkable was the amount of documentary evidence collected of all the types of "paranormal" phenomena -- audio, photo film, video, etc. It's really hard to deny that something really strange was going on. I like having the pseudo-skeptics have to bend over backwards to try to deny that anything outside the standard debunking explanations is going on here.

Yeah, for me the interest of this documentary is the presentation of scientific evidence, and the fact that independent researchers (scientists as serious as R. Sheldrake) scrutinized the investigation. As to the interpretations of the evidence, that's another story.

The rabbit

Dagobah Resident
Giving it a little bit more thought today.Although there was a lot of whizz and bangs in this production , fantastic fire work dispay in the cellar , images , writings and so on materializing on film , there does not in my mind seem to be any point to it.

No mention of what communications did come through , if anything other than the images and manifestations.

You know , anything worth showing mankind that may be of interest to us.

There was one mention of an astronomy question session which was used as strong evidence to say all was genuine and supernatural , but it was all aimed at telling us the materializations etc were from dead dudes / humans

Only there was that damned vision of the grey!

So lots of thrills and spills on the outside , but with no essence .

No need to think anything more than hey you survive death is all i got from this.
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