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Just wanted to chime in here with a semi-related experience. Don't remember my dreams very often, but had one within a year ago where I was in my girlfriends house, walking through the 3 rooms on the bottom floor except in the middle room I saw (where the wall should have been) the grim reaper peering into the window of a house. Thinking oh shit, I went into the bedroom and laid down, and as I did the reaper peaked into the room and stared directly into me. Creepy! This one had a skeletal face instead of a void, however.
Hi Scarlet

I have met a similar figure twice a long time ago.

The first time was when I was around 15 years of age and I had read tiny a bit in a book about shamans and how they had OBE's. I found it quite interesting and wanted to give it a try. All it was, was to breathe heavily (kind of like EE, which I of course didn't know at the time) and then will the leaving of the body. The second time I tried having an OBE, I was flying over a city where I met this figure who was waiting. I didn't know what he was waiting for, but I slowed down and joined him. I think he kind of nodded to me to show me that he had been waiting for me. A short time afterwards an old lady still in her nightie came out of the roof below us. We all went upwards and when we reached the destination, the old lady had gone and I was shown a waiting room with loads of doors and benches. I was told that this was the place where people would have to find out where to go when having died and that it was my job to help them find the right way out. I told him that I wasn't ready for it and was sent back to my body.
I have never had nor tried having an OBE since.
I didn't get to see his face since it was hidden in his cloak all the time.

The second time I saw him, was 10-11 years ago on the morning after me and my husband had been physical for the first time. The hooded figure came to the end of my bed and smiled (don't really know how a skeletal face can smile - but he did....)

It never seemed like he tried sucking energy out of me and both times he seemed friendly to me.


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Thanks for sharing your stories, sludgeco and the_hammer! They sound really scary and especially when he smiled, the_hammer! I am glad to have this forum where we can share these stories and not be thought of as crazy for having such experiences.

I had a few sleep paralysis episodes today and a lot of ringing in my ears. The sound for me during SP is kind of like a lawn mower is in my head, but there was a very quick thumping sound too. It's the weirdest thing. I had all this vibrating energy in my groin area and then it moved to my stomach, up my chest and into my head, making my head feel so full of pressure/energy! I just laid there staring at my arm and feeling like my head was going to explode! When I came out of it (moved my little toe and the grip was immediately released) I thought of the chakra centers and wondered if there was a connection. I've had pressure on my body before and a feeling of pressing, vibrating energy, but its never moved from the root chakra area all the way up. Very strange, indeed!
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