The Killers' irreligious experience in Georgia

So her evil has touched you and your work? Perhaps it's time you renounced Marina.
Evil is always around ... hardder you try to renounce it, more persistent it folows you.

Artist role is to "talk" and work with evil, to cast light on it, when normal people can't.
Now I am even more curious to meet her again and ask that directly.

"We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” - JFK

JFK is the one who inaugurated "Art in Embassies Program". And I sill don't know if he was a pedophile or a part of human trafficking and spiritist, and was that the main reason for establishing the organization?

And I will for sure consider how to research more deep into that, as that is my task, and that is why I meet her.

It is also interesting to know how the people see my work because she is part of it. It helps me to renounce those who are bringing conclusions without doing the work.

My work is known to been very potent, and to inspired people to think with their heads on a level that it inspired my government to order for all my work to be destroyed last year and I lost all commissions and I know my government is evil ....

And now I am even more curious to see how it will be attractive to ordinary folks to attack me for no reason, for somehting they don't know what it is, as no one who think I am the same as her, and she is pedo, taht one for sure never look at my work.

And the most interesting for me is how I will respond to the various coments and reaciotns, and what knew I will learn from that.
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