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Very interesting Cleopatra VII thread and interesting discussion.
I will share how I envision the present.
Imagine a rubber band pulling down a loose hanging curtain.
The rubber band symbolizes awareness in the present. It is the sum total of all past and future. The bottom (past) tapers to the elastic band and the top (future) of the curtain expands from the elastic band.
Consciousness traveling through time.
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Other stories that happened to me concerned, among others, clocks. I remember driving my car and listening to the news at 8:00 am. A moment later the clock read 7:57... After 3 minutes I was listening to the morning news again. They were almost identical to the previous ones, but not much different.

I've had a lot of these kinds of stories.
I had an experience with time too. I still think about it. I don't have the explanation yet. I was at work. I was recording a file on my computer. When I looked closer, the file had been saved 1 minute in the future because the clock on my computer did not show that time yet or was not further ahead in time. For example, it was 3:00pm on the computer clock but the file said it was saved at 3:01pm. I asked a colleague who had a lot of computer knowledge and he could not explain. Marc.


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For example, it was 3:00pm on the computer clock but the file said it was saved at 3:01pm. I asked a colleague who had a lot of computer knowledge and he could not explain.

Amazing! And this comment comes just in time! (no pun intended.)

A few moments ago I arrived home from the ATM. I went to withdraw cash and decided to do a time dilation experiment.

I thought about what would happen if I imagine that time in my house slows down, and as I go to the ATM I do things at high speed. The ATM is not far from home, and I took the same route both there and back.

To be exact, I withdraw money with a withdrawal order from a virtual bank account, which notifies the account owner when the transaction is completed. In this case the notice would reach my mother on her phone.

When I came back she asked what happened because I had a serious face, I told her it was my normal face haha. (I was concentrating on the experiment) Well it turns out that usually the notice of the transaction is immediate, and she tells me: How strange the notice still does not arrive, and when it does I already know that you are back.

It could be that there is a flaw with the application, but just when I think of doing the experiment, it turns out that I was faster in doing the task and that the electronic notice?


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I am curious about your opinion on the concepts presented in the attached article: Article 112: Physics - Aether, Space & Time - Part 2 - Dewey Larson & 3D Time - Cosmic Core

@dennis recommended it to me in a thread Some comments on information theory
Reading this article is fun to trigger the imagination.
I imagined the central sun Absolute (the one from Gurdjieff) sending out its particles of consciousness in the form of photons, to create a universe in which they will experience a multitude of wonderful adventures before returning home.


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I am curious about your opinion on the concepts presented in the attached article: Article 112: Physics - Aether, Space & Time - Part 2 - Dewey Larson & 3D Time - Cosmic Core

@dennis recommended it to me in a thread Some comments on information theory
I would say that the article is not reliable. It states that Larson was a theoretical physicist that he was not. A better source of information about Devey Larson and his views can be found here.
But I did not do the going through the ideas there (New Physics, New Math) yet:


Based on my experience with time-altering, I have some questions:
When we alter time, we use our intention to do it. ie: 'I want to move faster than regular time, in order to get more things done.'
The time we 'use' could belong to us? Belong to our energy field? If so, we have two times effectively: one in our energy field and one outside our energy field. What could be the boundaries? Could we manipulate time backward? ie: 'I want to move slower than the regular time?' If we can do that, what could be a practical application of such skill? Could we make it stronger with more than one person focusing on a time alteration? Could we create an anomaly that could open up the door to time travel?


I am getting ready to embark on my adventure in mirror scrying. I have done a ton of research over the last ten years or so and I feel that I am ready at this point.

One of the effects described in mirror scrying is time travel, both backwards and forwards. At least the type of time travel that is available to us in this density.

I will more than likely create a new thread to describe my experiences. If anything happens at all, that is.


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I wrote this earlier in the thread and found one place in the sessions where what I was describing was described.
One route may be considered the STS route that entails actually building a machine, inducing an EM field, which breaches the realm boarder in some way, and using consciousness/thought in some way in relation to this to direct the machine and or experience, and the machine taking a person either physically or psychically to a different time and place that may or may not correspond exactly with the timeline we as a collective of humanity experience or know. I’m not really interested in this route to time travel. These thoughts come from looking at the C’s material for years. I’d actually have to go back and look at specific quotes in the sessions to make sure I have the components right.
: (L) Is something going to happen in terms of interacting with this antimatter in order to bring about some sort of transition?

A: No. Realm Border is traveling wave.

Q: (L) Okay, you say "traveling wave," and then you say that antimatter is the highway. Does this mean moving through antimatter or interacting in some way with antimatter via the impetus of the traveling wave, or realm border?

A: Bends space/time, this is where your unstable gravity waves can be utilized.

Q: (L) Utilizing antimatter by creating an EM field, which destabilizes the gravity wave, allows antimatter to unite with matter, creating a portal through which space/time can be bent, or traveled through via this "bending." In other words, producing an EM field, bringing in the antimatter, IS the bending of space/time? Is that it?

A: Yes.

: Does the recharging of the souled being come from a similar pool, only maybe the "human" pool?

A: No - it recharges from the so-called sexual center which is a higher center of creative energy. During sleep, the emotional center, not being blocked by the lower intellectual center and the moving center, transduces the energy from the sexual center. It is also the time during which the higher emotional and intellectual centers can rest from the "drain" of the lower centers' interaction with those pesky organic portals so much loved by the lower centers. This respite alone is sufficient to make a difference. But, more than that, the energy of the sexual center is also more available to the other higher centers.

Q: (L) Well, the next logical question was: where does the so-called "sexual center" get ITS energy?

A: The sexual center is in direct contact with 7th density in its "feminine" creative thought of "Thou, I Love." The "outbreath" of "God" in the relief of constriction. Pulsation. Unstable Gravity Waves.

Q: Do the "centers" as described by Mouravieff relate at all to the idea of "chakras?"

A: Quite closely. In an individual of the organic variety, the so-called higher chakras are "produced in effect" by stealing that energy from souled beings. This is what gives them the ability to emulate souled beings. The souled being is, in effect, perceiving a mirror of their own soul when they ascribe "soul qualities" to such beings.

Q: Is this a correspondence that starts at the basal chakra which relates to the sexual center as described by Mouravieff?

A: No. The "sexual center" corresponds to the solar plexus.

Lower moving center - basal chakra

Lower emotional - sexual chakra

Lower intellectual - throat chakra

Higher emotional - heart chakra

Higher intellectual - crown chakra

Q: (L) What about the so-called seventh, or "third eye" chakra?

A: Seer. The union of the heart and intellectual higher centers.

{Laura's note: This would "close the circuit" in the "shepherd's crook"


Q: (Pierre) During a past session, it was mentioned that a few minutes after death, there is a burst in genetic transcription that's related to the genetic body disconnecting from the information field. Also it has been noted by several witnesses that before people die, they have a sudden burst of energy. They're not sick anymore, and then they die. Why?

A: A shift in the internal EM field releasing bonds that constrict.

Q: (L) Ya know, it's funny. I noticed that same phenomenon before having each one of my babies. I would be suffering horribly during the pregnancy, and then all of a sudden I'd feel really, really good. Twelve hours later, BOOM!

(Pierre) Because on an informational level, it was done. It took a bit of time on the material level to translate into giving birth. Maybe.

(L) I dunno if it happens to all women, but it happened to me.

One hint I will give at this point is this: the books are designed to stir up the sex center; to engage some emotional suffering (Cs said suffering can modify DNA and that might be even more the case with some sexual energy fuelling the process); and then bring the two (sex center, emotional center energy) up into the heart/mind with appropriate resolution toward true love, giving, devotion, etc.

Once I saw this pattern, I realized that a substantial number of repetitions of this process, all within the body/mind could quite easily bring about some kind of reset of emotional energy at a higher level.
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