The time machine will be created

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On that fateful day, I was four years old. I was drawing, playing a little red piano and thinking that I liked the sounds more or less depending on what sound was followed.

I started talking to my grandmother about it and I told her that music is somewhat different from the picture. The picture exists in space and the music exists in time. It is time that this music can exist at all, without it no sound would sound.

And then I began to tire my grandmother with questions that I still remember today. I asked her what one hour is. She replied that it was 60 minutes. So what is a minute, what is a second, and half a second, and is there a shortest unit of time (that's what I asked then, today I would say "interval").

She said it was difficult for her to answer this question. So I asked another one that stayed with me forever: "Grandma, what is time?". And she had different answers, scientific ones, but she really didn't tell me anything. That evening, I couldn't sleep and wondered what this time really was. I thought to myself that I had to find an answer to this question, because it is the most important of all questions for me.

Then I started looking at the Sun, at people and thinking about passing. This time intrigued me. I felt sad that the Sun that I was looking at at that time is to die out in 5 billion years, and all those who surround me are to pass away in some form.

Transience began to affect me in a special way when I was 14 years old. Everything was changing, I missed my childhood, I experienced the deaths of my loved ones, I experienced the fact that time is passing, that up to certain moments you have no return, that the people who accompanied us sometimes do not exist in this world physically anymore.

The pain was so dramatic that, as a result, I suffered from severe depression.

Me and my sensitivity have been severely tested. Time was then my greatest fascination, the love of my life, but it was also a curse. I felt that I would like to keep so much forever, while everything around me was susceptible to change.

So I came up with a crazy idea. I decided to become a theoretical physicist and that one day I would build a time machine. I thought about it every day since then. It has not changed until today.

I have fulfilled my decision to become a theoretical physicist. I wrote my master's thesis on the time operator in quantum mechanics. During the consultation on this thesis, I met Ark.

Today I am still going to deal with the topic of time, currently I am going to deal with teleparallelism. We are currently working on it together with Ark.

Why is the time machine so important to me? I would love to understand what time is. I would like to understand time as deeply as possible. Moreover, there are things in this world that I would like to keep for eternity. I would like to travel back in time, experience the structure of time in an empirical way, visit Ancient Egypt someday... Besides, for many years I have felt that this is what I live for.

With all this, I do not know what a hypothetical time machine would look like, how exactly would it work. This would probably be something very different from the time machine we see in science fiction movies.

Nevertheless, I am very curious about your opinions, your ideas, your thoughts on the concept of time machine.

The title of the thread comes from the fact that during my studies in theoretical physics, I was often in a certain room, in which I was usually alone. At that time, I wrote the sentence "the time machine will be created" on the blackboard.


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I Was just talking to my son he's 11 about time and time travel. Its a very interesting subject. I was telling him that some scientists think time is an illusion. I couldn't explain it to him then out of nowhere I said that our now is the same as the Romans now if that makes sense. He was like yea it does make sense.

Cleopatre VII

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I Was just talking to my son he's 11 about time and time travel. Its a very interesting subject. I was telling him that some scientists think time is an illusion. I couldn't explain it to him then out of nowhere I said that our now is the same as the Romans now if that makes sense. He was like yea it does make sense.
In the context of general relativity, we do not know what "now" is. Time flows differently at each point in space. Depending on the frame of reference, given events may be simultaneous, event A may precede B, and event B may precede event A.

Time is very complicated! There is nothing more mysterious in physics. Sometimes I think that through all my incarnations and forever I have waited to know this secret.

And this time I feel it is close. Everything is conducive to it. But I started this thread because I need additional inspiration and motivation.

I know one thing. I can't die without knowing it. I wish I could suffer. But I will find out what time is. All circumstances push me in this direction.


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Interesting regarding a work of art vs. a song. How do you record a song without something electronic? Make it resonate in stones or crystals? Or can consciousness can record it itself?

I'd think that time is movement. If you had no time, would everything just be stuck in suspended animation? And it's our perception that things come about linearly, and in 4D and beyond, everything is happening at once. It's a sort of sieve for us here, so we can focus on just a few things and learn our lessons.

It sounds cool to make a time machine, but aren't our souls time machines? "Past" lives can be "future" lives, and vice versa. It seems like the experiments with time machines were catastrophic at first, but maybe they've refined things? And I'm not sure what the limits are in 3D, such that such technology would require some 4D input. Just my two cents.


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Nevertheless, I am very curious about your opinions, your ideas, your thoughts on the concept of time machine.
Well, ever since I came across works of fiction where time travel was possible, I have always wondered about the idea.

And for years I remember feeling like I wish I had a time machine, so that I could go back and re do certain things, make different decisions, or simply go back to moments of history that I am curious about. But after a while of seriously considering the question, I reached a point today where I am not sure I would change anything from my past, not after careful study, I would not be who I am today without all these life events, the good ones and the bad ones.

Then I remember thinking too that if I were to go to a distant place in time, I would probably be interfering with something at some point, I'd be the ghost or alien showing up in a fascinating device. But my purpose, if I were honest with myself, would be mostly to satiate my curiosity.

And as such, I think I might've lost some interest in the idea of a time machine.

As a development of physics and technology, it sounds like a fascinating idea, a device that allows us to transverse through time as we do streets, incredible! The purpose of it though, I am not sure I can, as of yet, find one beyond historical exploration for the sake of clarifying its obscurity perhaps.

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And I'm not sure what the limits are in 3D, such that such technology would require some 4D input. Just my two cents.
Well, I have long believed that the time machine is a kind of boundary. Unraveling the mystery of time is something like a breakthrough for me. Once this limit is reached, the physics we know today is gone. After crossing the time limit, the spiritual world, the 4D reality, is revealed. Time, in turn, is a limitation that prevents us from fully seeing this other reality. Actually, it is not a different reality. It is as if we see today only the shore behind which is hidden what is epistemologically transcendent for us today, due to the fact that we are limited by time.


Reincarnation is a time machine. If you know how your consciousness can be in multiple locations in a time illusion, you will experience all the parameters or scenarios of life lessons. If time is an illusion, it is because of consciousness in a certain space or place on the scale of existence. The absolute time machine is 7d when you are in all parts of the movie!
4d STS, manipulates time and opens the lateral dimensions of density and creates time loops for their interests.
I think that then 5d is timeless because in that part it is selective in all directions of existence.
In the deeper subconscious of the soul, all sequences of time are available, and those sequences can be opened by hypnosis, by switching to 5d or 6d. What is available to us here in the physical world is limited by that material barrier called the body, while in the higher densities of existence it is more accessible to perceive the sequences of time.

Reinkarnacija je vremenska mašina.Ako znate kako vaša svest može biti na više lokacija u vremenskoj iluziji, iskusićete sve parametre ili scenarije životnih lekcija. Ako je vreme iluzija to je onda zbog svesti u određenom prostoru ili mestu na skali postojanja. Apsolutna vremenska mašina je 7d kada ste u svim delovima filma!
4d OPS, manipuliše vremenom i otvara bočne dimenzije denziteta i stvara vremenske petlje za njihove interese.
Ja mislim da je onda 5d vanvremenski zato što je u tom delu selektivan u svim pravcima postojanja.
U dubljoj podsvesti duše sve sekvence vremena su dostupne, i te sekvence mogu da se otvore hipnozom, prelaskom u 5d ili 6d. Ono što je nama ovde u fizičkom svetu dostupno je limitirano tom materijalnom barijerom zvanom telo, dok je u višim gustoćama postojanja dostupnije sagledavanje sekvenci vremena.


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Yes, time and consciousness are certainly related. Perception is a very important issue here, but what exactly is the nature of this relationship between time and consciousness? No one knows this...
I read something from the umites, they mentioned that time for us is gain of information, so to speak for consciousness.
But time as for physics is a different thing. But the C's say, there is no souch thing as time, so I think that the concept of gain of information as the thing we feel as time is a good description.


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If time, as has already been said countless times, does not exist, we are left with only space. So far something simple to reason.

Now what I think is that whenever you go backwards or forwards you do it in pure space. General relativity introduces spacetime, but I dare say with my limited knowledge that the focus is perhaps space-energy.

Now going backwards or forwards I don't think is subject to a temporal linearity (the arrow of time). When you travel you travel between different paths or branches of possible or potential universes.

After all each universe is the effect of a decision in a direction or course of action that changes the spatial arrangement. Whether you decide to cross the street or not, or turn left or right, it all involves a change in space. If you turn right a certain air molecule will not impact your body and if you turn left the molecule will collide. This is the butterfly effect. In that sense, even the smallest change can generate a new branch or universe.

And assuming that you can indeed go to specific spatial coordinates and make yourself present there, two things are ALREADY altering and creating a new universe. The trip itself, and that by being there where you were not before, that already generates the butterfly effect resulting in a new branch.

That is to say, if you travel to the past, it is no longer the past you knew because with the intention of the trip you changed it and with it you automatically change the future from which you come. The synchronization is instantaneous: Zero time = Zero space.

This is the reason why as the Cs say when you ask them a question that involves some future eventuality as OPEN.

Now, space-energy travel does not necessarily involve physical displacement for a change if in the equation we insert the information factor.

In another thread I had written something about this but I will try to summarize it as I recall.

Suppose you have documented 2000 years of history, of events and facts that are archeologically verifiable. But you happen to be a revisionist historian and you find anachronisms and gaps of periods, say 10 or 40 years where there is missing or false information.

You do your detective work and finally find and successfully prove what the missing or false information was, replacing it with the truth. When you do that, your perception of history changes, and you see that you are actually NO LONGER LIVING IN THE SAME UNIVERSE. Think well about this, because this is the great task assigned to a few. If you manage to find that missing information or discover the lie in relation to history, what you are doing is CORRECTING THE TIMELINE. YOU ARE TRAVELING IN TIME.

Thought generates waves like a stone hitting the lake from the center to the edge and back to the center...

My 2 cents. :-D


I particularly like the C's analogy of a slide viewer carousel in relation to "time".

At any particular "time" you have one slide showing on the screen, this is where your perception has placed you. This is where you are currently learning your lessons.

At all times, however, all the other slides still exist in another space on the carousel. Is it possible that we do "time travel"? Maybe constantly?

Could it be that our awareness/perception spares us the ultimate realization that we are doing this in order to maintain an order to the lessons we are currently receiving? It would seem like cheating the system if we could be able to return to a previous "time" and correct perceived errors. That concept also raises the question, "How can we make errors when all there is is lessons?"

Perhaps when we are reviewing "past" events we are actually moving our perception to that place? Possibly when we envision "future" events we are also moving our perceptions to a potential future? (This is why I believe that anticipation of future events is self-defeating, our anticipation locks our perception into a limited mode of understanding and attempts to control the outcome)

Our 3D bodies retain a memory of where our current lessons are being taught and locks our physicality into the familiar place of the "now"?

More on point to what I believe the OP is wondering. Can we PHYSICALLY move ourselves to another slide on the carousel? The C's have stated that this is impossible for beings in 3rd Density due to the almost total physicality inherent to this level. Also, why would we want to do that? If all there is is lessons, then to believe that something in the past occurred in error and needs to be corrected is analogous to discrediting the lessons that were being learned at that "time".

So far as the 4D STS beings' ability to move back and forth through "time" and modify what occurred to suit their own purposes is a negation of the lessons that they have been slated to learn. My understanding is that that type of manipulation of the Cosmic School creates a very powerful karmic deficit and is one of the reasons that the Lizzies' species is dying. They are incapable of further karmic development because they have negated most of the lessons that they were slated to learn.


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maybe we move through different parallel universes all the time through our moods. Castaneda wrote about shape shifting where the fellow literally became someone else in another place. He was there physically. As far as I can see he didn't use any device just his mind or heart. I cant think of anything else he could of used maybe shrooms but that would of driven his mind but the end result was what it was. Did this really happen and it begs the question how did he do it and could he shape shift into another time.
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