Thinking and Living Outside the BOX . . . literally!

Stella Marys

Padawan Learner

Hello, what a good topic is construction! Specifically the Bioconstruction is opening more and more way, either for its reduced cost, economically speaking, and for its elaboration through materials that are in the natural environment.
This requires to have some knowledge of ancestral technology, because it is evident the intelligence applied in the works. For example, they know what type of clay is convenient to apply and where they can find it, this evidences a great knowledge of the nature and properties of the elements they use. They also have skills in design, plan and then translate the idea into concrete. Construction is an activity that requires a lot of knowledge, it is complex.
I heard about construction called Geodesy, also called green roofs, and bioconstruction, mud houses... Well, there's a lot to explore on this topic! Greetings
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