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A Disturbance in the Force
I read somewhere that time is vertical, is it?
Also that the Universe is a hologram and is created by Mind.
Just wondering

Approaching Infinity

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I read somewhere that time is vertical, is it?
Vertical as opposed to what, horizontal? In some spacetime diagrams, time is represented vertically, but that's just a graphical representation - it doesn't imply anything about time being in some way "vertical" in nature.

Also that the Universe is a hologram and is created by Mind.
Just wondering
A 'yes' or 'no' answer would be pretty meaningless, given the lack of context. Maybe you could share what you think, and what led you to ask the question.
This subject of time is something that has me trapped and I can not be clear that it is time. I understand that there is a "subjective" perception of time in the practical sense of time measurement. It is a measure external to us. And then I believe that there is a more "objective" perception of time and it depends on the internal perception of us. I mean by "objective perception" when we have experiences that we feel that "time" passed differently according to the degree of enjoyment or suffering in daily living.

If we are experiencing something pleasant the time seems to "fly" and if it is unpleasant it seems to go slower or if we are waiting for something. I get the impression that in these circumstances we have access to states of being outside linear perception. A more real time outside of what clocks measure...

It is probable that we have access to time/space where we have connection to states of being that escape from this linear space/time that is the third density. But here we enter into the multidimensionality of being.

In this third density we have the perception of the passage of time and this makes it difficult for us to understand the present infinite. How can our mind deal with that concept?

When we sleep, during sleep, our mind has access to that non-linear time/space state. I've been thinking about this for "some time" and it really escapes my understanding...

The Cs say that "time is an illusion that works for you because of your altered DNA state" and...

C: "Remember, your consciousness operates in four
levels, not just one! Physical body,
Consciousness, Genetic Body and Spirit Body-
L: Are these the four components of the
human manifestation in third density?
C: Third and fourth. One carries oneself, by
of physical shares, as well as shares of the
to develop these "problems".
when you're getting ready to "get up" from

It comes to mind if the way in which we perceive time has to do with what the cs mention with the "variability of physicality" because they speak of "The linear approach and unidimensionality" as an Illusion too... I don't know, they are all questions for further reflection!:huh:🤔

Este tema del tiempo es algo que me tiene atrapada y no logro tener claro que es el tiempo. Entiendo que hay una percepción del tiempo "subjetiva" en el sentido práctico de la medición del mismo. Es una medida externa a nosotros. Y luego creo que hay una percepción del tiempo más "objetiva" y depende de la percepción interna de nosotros. Me refiero con " percepción objetiva" cuando tenemos experiencias que sentimos que el "tiempo" transcurrió de manera diferente según el grado de disfrute o sufrimiento en la vivencia cotidiana.

Sí estamos experimentando algo agradable el tiempo parece "volar" y si es desagradable parece ir más lento o si estamos esperando algo. Me dá la impresión que en estas circunstancias tenemos acceso a estados del ser fuera de la percepción lineal. Un tiempo más real fuera de lo que miden los relojes...

Es probable que tengamos acceso al tiempo/espacio donde tenemos conexión a estados del ser que se escapa de este espacio/tiempo lineal que es la tercera densidad. Pero aquí entramos en la multidimensionalidad del ser.

En ésta tercera densidad tenemos la percepción del paso del tiempo y esto hace que sea difícil para nosotros entender el infinito presente. ¿Cómo puede lidiar nuestra mente con ese concepto?

Cuando dormimos, durante el sueño, nuestra mente tiene acceso a ese estado del tiempo/espacio no lineal. Hace "tiempo" que estoy pensando en ésto y realmente se escapa de mi entendimiento...

Los Cs dicen que " el tiempo es una ilusión que funciona para ustedes debido a su estado alterado de ADN" y...

C: "Recuerden, su conciencia opera en cuatro
niveles, no sólo en uno! Cuerpo físico,
Conciencia, Cuerpo genético y Cuerpo espíritu-
L: ¿Son esos los cuatro componentes de la
manifestación humana en tercera densidad?
C: Tercera y cuarta. Uno se lleva a sí mismo, por
medio de acciones físicas, así como acciones
psíquicas, a desarrollar estos "problemas"
cuando uno se está preparando para "subir" de

Me viene a la mente si la forma en que percibimos el tiempo tiene que ver con lo que mencionan los cs con la "variabilidad de la fisicalidad" porque hablan de "El enfoque lineal y unidimensionalidad" como una Ilusión también... No sé, son todas preguntas para seguir reflexionando!
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