UFO sightings in decline: Good or bad sign?!


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WASHINGTON DC – Although the U.S. government-funded UFO sighting program has come to an end, the US military continues to search for and investigate such cases, according to Fox News.

The secret program received government funding of millions of dollars from 2007 to 2012, but interest in controlling the sightings only grew, especially after a series of previously classified state archives were published.

One of the documents on display reveals a sighting in the Pacific in 2017, until now unenlightened, when an unidentified flying object flew in the direction opposite to the 200-km-per-hour gusts. At the end of the video, the object began to spin on itself.

In addition, the media also recalled that former Nevada State Senator Harry Reid had set up a $1 million investigation based on Pentagon documents since 2007.

The former US senator even hired a company to outfit some facilities in Las Vegas where he could store remains of metals and other materials allegedly collected where sightings had occurred.

The people who came in contact [with the UFOs] underwent some tests to see if anything had changed in their bodies and the military were interrogated to find out what they had seen, said a part of the report in summary.

What the US Army discovered in the sky in 2017 is not in the public domain, but according to Fox News, what is known is that every month there are recorded several of these strange and mysterious sightings.

In shared video shared on Facebook last month, it is possible to notice a supposed UFO changing shape and emitting luminous signals.

Jeff Woolvine, who shared the video on the social network, is debating the subject between conspiracy theorists and enthusiasts about extraterrestrial life.

This is due to the emergence of an unidentified, diamond-shaped and luminous flying object in the North American sky. In addition, the object sometimes changes strangely in a way without emitting any kind of sound.

Woolvine revealed that the signals were captured from the balcony of his apartment, and after posting the video, suggested that the unidentified object could be a spaceship or even a living being capable of flying.

Conspiracists claim that the presence of the object during the day is an indisputable proof of extraterrestrial existence, according to the International Business Times portal .

However, skeptics believe the strange light may be flying plastic, not an unidentified flying object.

Jeff Woolvine is a well-known UFO hunter in Arizona and has published several videos with unidentified flying objects in the skies, including a few months ago, he shared images of bright flying objects, stating that the Phoenix lights are rising again in the heavens .

Previously, another unidentified flying object was found in Canada. At the time, a bizarre video was shared on YouTube, where it showed a triangular object moving across the sky.
Conspiracists claim that the presence of the object during the day is an indisputable proof of extraterrestrial existence......

However, skeptics believe the strange light may be flying plastic, not an unidentified flying object.
That's forever going to be a problem. Are sceptics predispositioned to explain rationally everything they see, even if it's an irrational occurrence?

Many people in this forum will explain experiences they've had in person. Some may have witnesses who can back them up, some not - doesn't mean they are lying. A sceptic though who wasn't even there, or know the person, will definitely have an explanation no matter what.

The sadness of the situation though is almost a forfeiture of the circumstances. If the attack dogs bark loud enough, people will be quiet. I really think that's at the heart of the decline in sightings.


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2019, according to many UFO researchers and those who claim to be close to both official and unofficial sources, is to be a year of increased UFO activity and further disclosure of information regarding the UFO and alien question. While only time will tell if this proves to be the case, 2018 certainly ended with a flurry of bizarre UFO sightings, and so far as 2019 unfolds, we have been privy to many more. In fact, one forum user recently asked whether we were “experiencing the beginnings of another UFO wave”.
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