Unable to access SOTT from my web browser

Hi there,

When trying to connect to SOTT, I was unable to access the webpage, as I usually do, through Firefox. It says, server not found :huh:

Then, I tried with Internet Explorer and it went fine.

Didi someone experienced the similar scenario, which would point me to the settings in Firefox that I have to edit, maybe? Everything was working fine yesterday night. That is rather strange, as I spotted in Firefox some popup telling me about "the website was blocked...". After disabling the "block following the popup "unblock", I still can't access it through Firefox.

I can normally access the forum through Firefox.

Well, it does not really matter as I can still access SOTT with another type of browser, but if someone knows where the hidden security parameters regarding site blocking in Firefox are, I would thank you much :)

Anyway, thank you very much, have a great Sunday :)
On my end it works fine. Did you try accessing Sott with a new private window already? With that you could rule out if any add-on is blocking sott.
You can try this:


In short: Disable Add-Ons one by one, and see which one is causing the problem.

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