What Funny Video Are You Watching?

One of the funniest movie cameos of all time from "Hot Shots! Part Deux". The movie spoofs scenes and ideas from numerous other movies (Rambo II and III being the most obvious inspirations), but this joke/cameo was on another level. The rest of the movie is pretty funny overall, but this scene has several layers to it and is a true laugh out loud moment, if you know the context! 🤣

A little background:
The main character "Topper Harley" is played by Charlie Sheen, who previously starred in "Platoon", a movie about the Vietnam war. His father, Martin Sheen, had the leading role in "Apocalypse Now", maybe the most well-known (and best?) movie about the same war. Later, they acted together in "Wall Street", playing father and son.

In the scene, Charlie puts down his thoughts in a notebook, using the very lines as in Platoon. Then another "voiceover" takes over, as Martin Sheen repeats his lines from Apocalypse Now, while being in a boat, reading a dossier (similar way as in that movie). The boats then pass each other: "I loved you in Wall Street"!
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