What's Your Name's Meaning??? Etymology and history of Names

Luminita = Little light (Romanian)
Ina = Almost every nationality claims its origin. Apparently, very popular in the 1920s.
I always loved the name Luminita. It has such a warmth to it.

My name means either "of Laurentum"
masc. proper name, from Old French Lorenz (French Laurent), from Latin Laurentius, literally "of Laurentum," a maritime town in Latium, the name of which means literally "town of bay trees," from laurus
or also "the one crowned with laurel"
My name is Asa. Its a Hebrew name meaning healer and/or physician (Ase). Amusingly, its a polyglottal pun on a Swedish name related to one of the most ancient Norse names, referencing Æsir, which means "goddess" (I'm a man).

Not convinced that I've manifested healing or goddess properties particularly well, so far.

I'm from a working class east end of London family, and my father was 'inspired' to use that name. Strange tale, as he was a hard working, hard drinking and hard fighting carpenter lol
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