When will Croatia stop shaking?


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Threads to help you figure that out:
Good luck with your research!

My current location is not immune to the coming Earth Changes.
Add as well that the global seismic activity will be compounded with the onset of the Grand Solar Minimum.

GEOMAGNETIC UNREST PREDICTED: Today, Jan. 10th, Earth is expected to cross through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet-- a "solar sector boundary crossing." Shortly thereafter, a minor stream of solar wind will likely hit Earth's magnetic field. The one-two punch could cause geomagnetic unrest and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.



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Probably not how this works, but man would I like an answer to this:cry:
I don't think that anyone can answer that question, the climate is chaotic all around. But there are things we can do to prepare, which can lessen the fear and anguish we might feel about the changes we see around us. After all, there is little use in stressing about when or if an earthquake is going to happen, but we can use our energy to become more resilient. At the most basic level, it helps to have a framework from which to view these drastic changes, and in that regard the C's cosmology is extremely helpful (see The Wave series). Apart from providing meaning, the C's cosmology also provides hope and purpose, and by that I mean a sort of knowing or faith that there's more to life and the universe than what happens on our little planet and in our personal lives, that there is a higher intelligence active in creation.

Other than that, there's EE, diet, prepping and so much more.
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