Why can't I be Hypnotized?


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Sirius said:
What does actually happen if an OP is under hypnosis, and say, a life regression is performed? What do they experience?
I mean, they are so different in soul composition, charging system and anything else "under the surface" or "hood". Do OPs experience hypnosis the same way as souled beings?

Well, it is an interesting question, Sirius. I'd hypothesize that an OP would see what he/she has been exposed to in their lives, as in e.g. movies, stories, which could be all mixed together with their imagination and their beliefs, thus producing internal images fitted to the hypnotist's expectation (and maybe to their own) that something will turn up in his/her client. On the other hand, it could be that such a life regression turned up a "blank", or simply produced a dozing off into sleep in the OP, as in where there is nothing, nothing can be seen.
I think we can hardly do more than speculate, especially concerning the fact that it's very hard to even 100% determine somebody to be an OP, much less gather together lots of OPs for study purposes.
I'd always thought that it was because I was hypervigilant and couldn't surrender but that experience pointed to something else.
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